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Zombiella x.
Zombiella x. · London, GB · 49 projects
Thanks for faving my macaroon ring Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi and goodmorning;-D
wooow that's really awesome.XD!!!!!
i have great news my pink wheels is finely allright. hummm i must aked an other adjustment to my dealer in front of my moving but.... that's okay.
so i can use him now finelly.
it took to long time, i spoke of my neck problems and the magainic man told me they had good springs wheels, but that's not the solution.
and ... then i must ask for a new wheelchair.
don't like that. i'm glad when i will have some adjustments on this one, i think that's a better and cheaper solution.
And for my cats i have bought a water well, i read on some sites that cats love it.
Wolfje does, she drunk directly, but Muis, don't like t he sound of it.LOL
and i think the movement isn't here kind of thing. she can't see too well, so i think she must more adjust to it, i saw this morning that when he wasn't turned on she drunk out of it.LOL
Wolfje love all new toys , so when i had cleaned it and had connected the thing again she came directly and when i showed her it was just water she felt in love with this stupid thing.LOL
i had bought it for muis i saw she was drinken out of the toilet again.
i don't like that.
okay they are clean but... it's not a good sign. so i must switch it on and off for them both.LOL
i was crocjhet thing last eve mushrooms and tomorrow Wolfje was playing with the small object allready.LOL i'm a great hider but she is tooo clever, she always finds everthing, only not the felted muschrooms which i made months ago, they aren't back yet.LOL
the ones that sitting on the branches are still in place, i must think more of cat safe places for some object of mine.LOL
and it's almost weekend huraay, i'm worn out , so after my weekly shoppings it's time for me.LOL
hey wish you have a fun good creative crafty weekend and much love and hugs of me;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you very much my friend of your sweet big complement and your fave of my kitschy ring made of med lids project.
i like those jewelry myself as well.
but now can make everybody them.LOL
so i wish you a fun crafting time to make yours;-D
yeaaah i love owls , but not as pets.LOL i have seen them in the zoo and sometimes in the wood when they flly above and... of course in movies.LOL
Did you know that they can turn there h ead almost 180 grades?
stunning, i wish i had such a neck.LOL
mine is still moveable but lesser then before.
and i must watch out sometimes suddenly i can't move myself , i have had this before so i'm not scared , but driving on the street by the traffic and suddenly you're stucked can be dangerous.LOL
those birds are sooo beautiful, and those claws perfect.-D
do you have them nearby you?
about waiting and patience, i' m totally impatiencend. but i think it's my live lesson for now, and yeaah it was a long time.
but the hardest was the last view months.
Not all of my new house was great , some stupid mistakes are made.
In the store closet of that new house , stands all kind of machines allready. Heathing and air and water installations, soo where i needed to use it, isn't possible , and the washing machine must be set in the toilet?!!!!
That toilet is at the side of the galery and has from the ceiling till the floor a window soooooo everybody can see what you're doing on there.LOL
they told me why that is happened, but i found it silly.LOL
and the kitschen is beautiful but far tooo big , the small bedroom is really small and the big one is like a ballroom.LOL
strange but, i must do it with this.
i'll see when i'm moved how i must sett all the furniture of mine.
i love the seccond balcany it's 7 meters and 1,2 meter soo it's great.
i can see the whole store street, on the other side is a big terras made, it's on the south side and on the galery side as well, but i can't stand the sun, i'm allergic.LOL
and on that side they have made it driveable for me, sooo strange. the other balcony isn't.
but i saw yesterday too that some parts of my house must be made more driveable and all the doors which i would been promised missed the hitting boards. i'll have doors that you can drive open with your wheels.
so that's why i need those plates in front the doors.
and some stips on the edges.
ugh i hate that , angain more fighting, the woman of the house cooperation told me that the other appartments have them.
and i ll think they have made a mistake because those neighbours have ellectric doors i'm not, i didn't need them but i needed those hitting plates.LOL
and the pans with my coocker wasn't arreived as well.
must call them.
they are special appartments and it will be the last project that is build of fokus in holland because of our coverment.-S
but i'm glad that i have the last one.LOL
hey i must hurry now , i 'm still sitting in pj's and... a montanic gay will come to fix my pink wheels soooo , this is it for now.
have a nice fun good day and happy crafting, hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaah it's really excithing, i have moved more times, but on my almost old adress i have been living for 25 years. When i came into this house the atmosphere was much better, we were all very socialble, on every level there is apart from the appartments were you live alone, a living group room.
so it was fun , all the kids on my floor were playing in my house sometimes as well and neighbours came in because we left our frontdoors on the same level open.
Some years ago they have sold the appartments and the sharing and living groups are on some level almost dissapaired.-S
I'm with my a few others the only renters. My house isn't good anymore for me, it's too undriveable for me, soo i have to strugle everyday in the house-S
so they told me to move, but i had to wait for nine years on a waitinglist to go to this fokus appartment. A fokus appartment is like other free living appartments but this is totally driveable (hummmm mine not totally, almost, one of the sliding window doors for the balcony isn't adjust for me) and an other great fact is that the hours for care and help that i need daily will provide from fokus on 24 hour daily basis.
Now i must make with all my helping people appointments so i'll never go out or can sleep so long as possible. ,so i'll get an almost normaly live back.LOL
Gerard told me Jet we will go out much times together.
i liked it.
it's just on the next street of my new house.
Yesterday i saw it for the first time inside some points were a little dissapointing but others were great, and living in an old centre is great as well , i saw yesterday that the store that will sell artist paint is just on the corner.
and all the museons and theatres as well. Now i can't travel anymore because my neck is too damaged inside so in utrecht i can't go to the theatre and museons in haarlem i can.;-D
i'ts a very light house much big windows and all the comfort you need.
only the kichen not my fave part of the house is tooo big. i know that of other fokus projects, so i must do something with it, that isn't kitschen like.LOL
and i need soon as possible curtains and glass curtains, i saw i could look inside the other side house too well, it's all nearly those streets so i could see people sleeping in there beds and what they will eat.LOL
they can watch me too.LOL
And they have made a mistake the toilet is situated on the gallery side and.... has a big large window from the top till the roof so everybody that walks aside will see you sitting or standing.LOL
my friend was chocking, it was the talking subject of weeks. LOL
yesterday i heard the reason, so they must glue some vinyl against it.
i will do later on a funnier thing on it.
I was suprised about my bathroom a hand shower by the sink and a well adjust toilet and shower, awesome, now i have one that i can't go in myself because it's too nearestly here. so i always must make a transfer to my bathroomwheels.
but i saw that some closuring was allready broken so i must call for that.
and....i must work on my curtains.
I like the countryside but just for a couple of days, i'm toooooooooo much a city girl, LOL
i think both ways of live can be great, i heard of other people that lived in small villages that the can't beare the crowedness of the cities and those nearely streets.
In holland that's comment in old cities, holland had many people living on the same places, this is always have been that way soo all the streets are very small and the houses standing close to each other.
ONly in the subburbs it's roomier and in Rotterdam , but that has a sad story.
In World War II the whole city is bumbed and deystroyed so nothing of the old centre (only a tiny part) was left over.
i love that city it's very driveable for my wheels, Haarlem? Haarlem is much worse.LOL
but that's often in holland.
so i'm used to knock on windows to help me outside the shop.LOL
and i'll see more strange places in old buildings then the walking people.LOL
I like that.LOL
so it's not too bad using wheels.LOL
hey have a nice good day, till soon. love and hugs .XD
doom kitty
doom kitty · Roma, Queensland, AU · 5 projects
Thank you for your friend request Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
your horses have strong beautiful names too.
Reubens of the painter? i love his work, he was great!!! Venus of the Venus of milo?
and... lady , lady's are beautiful almost.
wooow i like that , i think your cat too, mine uses theirs for 4 weeks now and i'm stund of the dureableness of it.
i must hurry, i'm still half in pj's and must back my things, must take always many extra things soo i'm allready in my daily live a sort of small mover.LOL
Before that i didn't wrap so many things for traveling. but after some accidents i thought this isn't smart any more.
so i uses those big backsacks .LOL
i must take things like my special cup and knife and spoon and fork. they are adjust to me. so i'll spoil less.
Some day i was on a birhtday party and my friend told me i hope you are well inscurend for all your spoiling on my floor.LOL She was teasing but... i 'll realized that i had to do something on that. so i bought those suplies .
and later i found much cheaper solutions that were better designed.LOL
my first cup had the colour of a dirty skin-S i didn't like to use him.LOL
now i have transparent ones much better.LOL
And sometimes about those scratching...on fournitures you must train them to stop with it, with a water pistol, when you see it , shoot with the water.
Humm Wolfje love water sooo by her i need other things.LOL
hey i must go, till soon, love and hugs and greetings of a windy Utrecht;-XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
yes i have two cats, one blue birmees, (its more grey.LOl) and she is very tiny so we called her muis. Translated in english it means Mouse.XD
and a black silver shaded Birmilla of two, I have called her Wolfje because her fur looks like a husky dog.LOL and she thinks she is a doggy.LOL
Those cats love people and are well known of their great good character.
but they are climbers as well so you must provide them with high climbing tools.
By me they have climbing cords and shelfs nearby the ceiling.
they often are sitting and playing there together.
Wolfje is a big talker, it's okay because she has a nice voice, Muis has the lower voice of a siamees sooo i'm not sooooooooo fond when she started to talk.LOL
I can't resisted wolfje easily, she can be tooo adorable.LOL
Well they are great compions.
woooow three horses!!!!
my sis her daughter has a horse, but my sis must care for her horse-S
when they had a horse all together i was in the stable of the manage, but most horses are afraid of wheelchairs so my sis had to help me to be safe.
so... i like horses on a distance.LOL
Hey i'm excitthing i will go in the afternoon to my n ew home inside to take a look for the first time, after that i have an appointment to meet the caring and helping organisation-S
so i have less time for myself -S
but.... i like to see my new home not from the outside but inside as well.
and i will travel with Gerard so it will be fun , he is an old rocker sooo often he has great music to listen.
Now i'm really fond of Elbow, but that depends on which mood i'm at the moment.LOL
i like many styles and of course rock music and alternative styles.
and you?
i live in a city in a subburb but my new home is in the m iddle of the old centre.
It's in Haarlem , that's the capittle city of the provincie North Holland, it's nearby Amsterdam, where i was born and raised and nearby the seashore.
i love the strange sence of humour of the people there, and all the years i lived in Utrecht i missed it really.
so that was the mean reason as well why i wanted to study on the art academy in Amsterdam to go back to my roots.
but now i'm going back for real.
it felt good.
and finely after sooo many years waiting it will happening. For me a big adventure.LOL
Do you live in a town or a village. I think in a village because of your three horses.
hey have a great good fun creative day and give your cat and horses some gentle strokes of me. Love and hugs of me for you.XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, agian.LOL
aaaw thank you for your sweet big complements, love them.!!!XD
i had a busy sunday but it was good, i'm working on a hugh glass curtain that i make of all kinds of paper scraps and the sewing machine to make all those scraps in a piece of fabric.
it's going slowly but... i like how it looks so far.
and i did some cleaning and sorting things out today, i'm moving very soon to an other city and my new home to be;-D
i have standing for this type of appartment on a waitinglist for 9 years.
and it took them when they started to built the appartments 1 year and nine months.LOL much too long.
sooo i 'm sooo glad that i finely will move, i 'm talking on cok only i'll move, and sorting things out, so i thought humm this is not funny more, but boring for you all.
but now it's happening.LOL very excithing about it.
and much too do still.;-D
hey have a nice good eve and ... sleep well and have a great fun week , with lots of new creative idea's
hugs and kisses , jet
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi alexandra, thank you very much of your friend request.;-D
I like to be your friend.!!!
and..... yeaaaaaah we're now friends.LOL
hey welcome to this site as well.
hope you like it here alot, and have much fun with all the p roctjects and got some inspiration by your self of them. and ... finding some friends as well.
Where are you living? i'm a dutch girl, hummm not really a girl anymore.LOL
watch my about then ... don't be frightend, because i'm really free of spirit.LOL
and what's about age???!!!
it's all of how young you're inside i think;XD
I love your creepy style, awesome.
i always wants to make such things too, but it always end with bright colours.LOL
hey wish you will have a funny lazy crafty sunday afternoon , much greetings , love and hugs of your brand new friend.XD