I'm 50, happily married to G, mom of 13year old Than and am insanely addicted to crafting/arts/etc. I'm not good at them, but that doesn't stop me. I say craft anyway! Doesn't matter if it's not perfect, just have fun creating. It feeds the soul. The journey is the best part for me because in the end, I know that I'll notice a missed stitch (or 10), the wrong color used at the wrong time, or any other millions of things that can and do go wrong. So I just enjoy the creating process and happily share my bad crafts with everyone. I'm the person out there that won't get a tv show or be featured on a website or in a craft magazine. But I am the one have a load of fun sharing the journey with others all the while cracking myself up and making my kid wonder which nursing home he'll put me in as soon as he possibly can.

Currently (1/2016) I've begun crocheting blankets for the homeless around Seattle. There are many, many homeless here and I think every little bit can make a difference.

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