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stella r.
stella r. · 1 project
i love the bag i bet it can hold alot of groceries beacouse its so well made.
Govinda R.
Govinda R. · Portland, Oregon, US · 6 projects
You're very sweet to be so considerate. I hope your move goes well. I have an uncle from Holland who lives in San Francisco now.

I live in Portland, Oregon, USA, which is covered with trees. I can't make the buttons because I can't use a drill or a saw because I have epilepsy (seizures).

Anyway, I really hope your move goes well. Your buttons are beautiful.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Covinda, welcome to co&k , hope you're like it here alot and having m uch fun with all the crafting projects and... finding some friends as well;-D
Thank you very much of your sweet words on the comment of my branch beads and buttons.
you asked for making some for you, now i can't do that, i'm waiting for my moving so i only must make projects finished and wrapping all my materials, so mayby when i'm seatled i will think of it.
Then i will let you know to make them, but perhaps you can make them yourselfs in the same time, Or ...
i don't know if you have around your house trees.
i live in a green envirement with a lot of trees in the public gardens, and i thought suddenly oooh perhaps you don't live in such a country with a lot of trees.
i always must reminding myself that the things in holland don't have to be commen in other countries.
so be patiencend.
by the way my new home , is postponed for 5 times they th ink now i can move to it august.
I'm waiting for this particulair home for 1,5 years but the waiting list was almost nine.LOL
it's a special appartment, in holland it's called Fokus appartments.
you live freely on you're own but the care and help which you need can be given on 24 hours daily the whole week so i will got a normal live again.LOL
like when i don't want to stay up early i don't have to sett the alarm clock because the people will stay in front of my door.
and i go out very very late like normal people does.LOL
so.... i'm sooo excithing for this moving.
hey if you find an other solution that's okay, but just let me know;-D
have a great fine creative crafting weekend with much fun;-D
Essex Debs
Essex Debs · Bellevue, Washington, US · 32 projects
Welcome to Cut Out and Keep ;0)