I am a (hidden) BETA on AO3 and wattpad. I live for editing. Being that I edit fanfiction pieces, I am unable to gain compensation for such editing. That is illegal. After COVID-19, I will be taking courses at a local university to become a certified editor. Then I will be able to edit papers and documents for colleges and newspapers - my dream come true!

I love crafting, photography, D.I.Y., altering images, magnet piece designs, and water colouring. As to fine art, I am a beginner. I need to learn and experience the basics to move ahead with such skill. I would adore learning how to move forward with my basic skills in blending with coloured pencils. I love the fact that my finished pieces, in such, look like I have painted them instead of blending such pigments into and onto paper and wood. D.I.Y. in organizing and display are, yet, another impulse I want to expand with. Skills. I need to learn more of such skills.

I am unique, and I love it. As I love to say, "I would rather be an endangered species than be a road sign." Yes. This is my quote. No stealing or using!! Thank you, much. =) Keep on crafting, y'all!!

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