Only got to see a picture of a great craft project, that's it, I'm off down a new road. I get so absorbed, I suddenly look up and realise it's gone dark! Like to dabble in collage, polymer clay, air dry clay, decoupage, sugarcraft, quilling, stamping, scrapbooking, calligraphy etc. You name it, I'll give it a go.
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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi , woooow thank you very much to ask me as your friend
love it.
because i love your work as well sooo creative and sooo differend of the most things on here, it's feeling like new blood.
Yeaaaah it's good to see more of others and sharing your own things, and getting new idea's or just new methodes, i was glad that i found some project on here of metling plastic, and what was working and not.
it helped me to do my own experiments.
and sometimes it's only good to share new idea's or recepies;-D
Yeaaaah that's me.LOL
you can find my comics and cartoons on my website, but it's all in dutch, they are published in dutch magazines and sites, sooooo some where very hard to translate because some issues are very dutch.
but you can use google to translate some of them.
You find my site underneat my avatar on my own page and by my how to projects next to my avatar;-D
Yeaaah i'm just a poor girl and an old real hippy so i'm used to recycle.LOL
and it's better for the envirment as well.
other reason i 'm moving in may this year to on other city so i must recyle, safing money but too to use my scraps .LOL
but thank you of your big complements,
About my avatar at first it was just me, but you will see i have used her for one of my comics. So often people thinks t hat that are mine stories.
A tiny bit, not all, sometimes somebody is telling me a story and then i think of it if you lll blow it up this is a great story to use.LOL
i never had thought of drawing real comic stories, i have made a comic book for my self of my own story to give some not great issues a better place in my life.
but not for real. A friend the friend which is just gone asked me when i joined a group of fitghers to change the policy for disabled persons in better things if i could draw.
i had to laught because i had just finished the art academy. so.... i showed them some of my work and so i got the new job .LOL
I loved it, and too because i couldn't worked on my own art work because i had to care for my partner, and this work can you do everywhere;-D
It all start by Jeroen and later the avatar by a question of a therapist to draw yourself and so the avatar came but, the therapist was upset of it.LOL
i had to do it over -S
so i did but that wasn't really me,
only for her it was me.
i drew a lot comics with John insteade off letters it was fun to do and it was every time a hughe suprise because the next drawing could change the whole story as well.
i have those drawings still.
i like to talk about my work and to s h are new methodes of working, i have found out that i know a lot of them allready.
so it's normal to share that with others.
think that will make every body nice and kind to each other.
this morning my friend Karin was with me to help me sorting things out.
we did the kitchen , i had to laught because i said of plastic plate humm throw that away and she said noooo they have faces jet.LOL
i said okay you may have them so she took with her a lot of plates too for her daughter.LOL what h ave i done i have change her and her daughter in crafters like me.LOL
its always fun to work with each other.
hey thank you too for the lovelly comment of yours on my shawdowbox.
wish you lots of crafting fun with the making of yours.
hope to see them some day.;-D
hey have a great awesome nice good crafting week
hugs and kisses
Janie R.
Janie R. · Eastern, Kentucky, US · 25 projects
Thank you for adding my donuts and gourds crafts to your favs. Your things make me smile, keep on showing your stuff!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Mabel Syrup. funny avatar nameLOL hey welcome to this site , hope you like it here a lof and having much fun with all the projects and your inspration and .... making some friends as well.
LOL must laught of you about i'm having the same i see something and it's running away with me;-D
I often try to make just what the other did and always it changes in something differents.;-D
That's why i don't like to following a course , because i'm always ended with differents things. and i know not all those teachers loving that.LOL
You are making awesome projects as well, love them, sooo differently from the most things you will see on here.
like that;-D
You're very talented as well.
And thank you very much of your big complements, i'm very blossing now;-D
hey have a great fun creative day and i hope to see more work of you very soon;-D
for tomorrow have an awesome fun weekend as well;-D xxx
Maria S.
Maria S. · Melbourne, Florida, US · 8 projects
you're welcome Happy