Hello!! I am in my early thirties and am engaged to the most wonderful woman I've ever met. The countdown ends this summer, 2011, yay Happy. I basically consider myself to have a quasi split personality. I do love manly things like sports, gory video games, grilling, working out and drinking a pop or two. While the "other" me can't get enough of romantic comedies, slow jams, shopping and making little love notes to leave in her car or lunch.

I decided to join this site not because I am an avid crafter but because on those special occasions I prefer to make her gifts from the heart instead of buying them. And of course to make some like minded new friends. I would say that I feel more comfortable with a pair of scissors in my hand than a drill, lol.

I do not have any projects that I feel worthy of posting without questioning the integrity of the site Happy Most look like they were made by a 5th grader although I may be giving myself too much credit, ha. But I do have many ideas floating around my head and really could use some advice and help. I look forward to getting started!