I can be crafty and creative, and I tend to have 20 ideas in my head at once but I'm too impatient to do them. I prefer the color black, I LOVE Goth, Victorian, Lolita, or Oriental styles in clothing and home stuff(furniture,decor, and stuff like that). I have 2 black cats, Salem and Sabrina, and they love craft too, but for all the wrong reasons...Happy they love it when I'm sewing something because they walk right all over it, get the white fabric black, and then they'll sit down and snore, or fart, depends on the day of the week. I love painting with acrylics, unless it's because I have to, and I like sewing, but I can't wait until my friend shows me how to work a sewing machine without somehow making the thing smoke(no it wasn't on fire, it just didn't like me Happy )
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