grew up in london for the first three years of my life then moved to a small town on the coast which i kinda hate, prefere the noise and everything of the cityHappy but i have many friends and my current school is quite enjoyable (i have moved schools hence current) and well yeah, i live with the youngest of my two brothers, my mom and my dad does live here but works in london most of the time. my older brother and his wife usually visit so yay happy dance. Happy

i love:
photography, random bright coloured objects, any thing that is just plain wacky (eg alice in wonderland the movie, i admit to liking twilgiht,) art, anime, manga, kawaii and all that kinda stuff

i am currently in love with paramore, framing hanley, bring me the horizon, 30 seconds to mars, MCR(total move for them) and enter shikari. Happy

i do really hate many things apart from stereotypes and big girls who think they are it and that kinda thing also peev me off or put me in a cruddy mood and hell you better be prepaired Happy only the truth :L.

admittingly i have made some serious mistakes but other than that i have a healthy vegetarian life Happy so woo.Happy
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Cat Morley
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Thanks for adding me xo
HIGHFIVE · Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA · 5 projects
...no-no , all the burnt skateboards were broken as far as skateboarding with them was concerned . but rather than just toss them out i wanted to take some unusual pictures and a pile of custom-painted decks burning was something i thought would be neat and a conversation starter.
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
hi Happy
i used latex wall paint :p we were out of textile paint, and i was like well...that's latex too right? and it worked out okay. the panted bits are very stiff though, and crack a lot when the tee is worn. it gets softer after the shirt's been washed a couple of times.
hope this helps Happy