Hi Crafty Peoples. My name is Brianna.
If you wanna know a little bit of my history: I am an "air force brat" so i've moved around my whole life. I have 4 brothers, but I love them to death. Their chaos is quite peaceful to me. I am an Art major in college and love every and all kinds of art... except painting, just not my thing. I actually want to be an art teacher in a high school.
Things i love to do:
- crochet
- draw, mostly graphite for convenience issues
- artsy stuff with little kids i babysit, like felt and what nots
- I also love to cook, mostly baking... i've got a killer sweet tooth
- Music is another big passion of mine. Piano and drums.
My favorite thing to do is reconstruction of clothing. I've been doing it for... well forever, and thrift stores are my favorite outlets.

I love bright colors and crazy patterns. Stripes are my latest obsession, next to polka dots. I grew up around the beach(actually a few of them) so sea creatures, and birds are an automatic like. I'm a little more preppy than most, but I also have a thing for the cute gloomy stuff too. Put lace or bows on anything, and it my new favorite.

Hope this helps you get to know me a little Happy Wanna know more, then shoot me a message Happy

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Just finished my first project page Happy
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no problem! and yes, my house is complete insanity but that's what makes it feel like home(: I only have one sibling though, I don't know if I could take 3 more sisters lol. So, your family is in the air force? Very cool(: My grandfather was in the marine's and my half grandfather was a dirt sailor.

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Lol,I have 3 well older brothers(no sisters)
and grew up with them and all their guy friends, so I know exactly what you mean... Also, I love your name, the little girl in my photo (my daughter) is named Brianna. Tongue

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I'm looking forward to seeing some of your projects. Happy Hope you have a good day.