OhHey! I am a resident of Northern Ohio, USA. Almost 22yrs old and I like to go out with my friends or stay in with the boyfriend. I love my 2 kitties!! I am a bit of a tomboy but I do like to get all dolled up too and go out on the town with the ladies =]

I've got my share of health problems but they have made me the strong little person I am today =]
This also means that I spend some days at home, doing quiet activities, always looking for a new cute little crafty project to work on.

I enjoy all things crafty: Scrapbooking, sewing, felt, polymer clay, painting, photography, quilting, cooking.. you name it!
I am into old school gaming- Zelda + Mario <3
My favorite TV show is Supernatural <3 I also love Moonlight & Project Runway!

LIKES: Wizard of Oz, Tinkerbell, classic muscle cars, Wicked, hippos, Chinese/Asian themes, pokadots, wizards, puppets, cute robots, old movies