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Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
Well, thank you for your compliment on my Goblin headdress.
After I finished the whole look I told my hubby that it is definitely being worn at Scarborough. ^_^ We go every year and every year I try to one up myself from the previous year. ^_^
Btw, I love your profile picture. It's very 1950's pinup which I <3 so dearly. ^_^
aneniine · 58 projects
Thanks for the fave! Happy
Hannahble · Thomaston, Georgia, US · 4 projects
Thanks for the comment and favorite! I wouldn't recommend this for prom, as it rips so easily that dancing in it would not turn out well. However, for a grand entrance to prom before changing into a second dress, this would be perfect. ;)