Hi, Im new to this site.. Im an avid crafter and hairdresser by trade. Ive done this for over 30 years and work part time in a small hair salon and I love it. Its a great creative outlet. Im originally from Ky and moved to Pa. 4 years ago with my husband who is native to this area. I love my new life and find it very relaxing in this rural area that I know live in. My husband and I make Native American style pipes from Catlinite and also catlinite jewelry. He carves the stone and I do all the beading. We share the making of the pipe stems. I hope to be able to post some of our work soon. Im the type of crafter that goes full steam on a new project and then look for something else. Im not an expert at any craft but can do a lot of different things. I love Native American items as well. Look for my post often
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