After some considerable time away from the site due to illness I'm back and will be posting projects soon.
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Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
I'm quite glad to see you back again
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hello fellow crafters. I've slowly been losing my mobility following an injury. So many medical visits and treatments to undergo have taken much of my time. I will be posting most of my old projects again and some new ones x
photoshop_addict · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 4 projects
I know that we don't know each other, but are you okay? It seems you haven't been on for months and your projects have disappeared... You had some really great ones.
If you ever need anyone to talk to, my inbox should be open.
Hoping you'll come back to the community soon!
Scully-Anne M.
Scully-Anne M.
your projects are gone Happy
Mildred C.
Mildred C. · Albany, New York, US · 5 projects
I think something happened to your projects. I'm very interested in checking them out, but they seem to have disappeared!
jessica c.
jessica c.
wat happened to ur mad hatter hat tutorial
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my though cookie friend
i 'm missing you !!! hope you're okay.
i'm busy at the moment with the moving it's really going to happen t his time.LOL
still stucked to home, but the idea of moving soon is helping me to going on.
muis must go to the specialist for skin deseases the leazy don't dissapair, it's less and she looks better, but... when i forgot the prednison she suddenly stops with eating-S
hey i hope you're okay, i'm worring about you.
so i gave you all my nice good sweet thoughts and many more gentle hugs and kisses.;-D
love you xxxxxxxxxx
Alf · Puerto Rico, Misiones Province, AR · 17 projects
Thanks for the comment on my protect your cast project sorry to thank you now my pc die a while back lol but its all beter now lol
Lil Gaga
Lil Gaga · 27 projects
Where did you go?!!!??
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my fave vip vip vip yummie cookie friend;-D
i saw suddenly you had left a mail in my other proper mail account.
and i was sooo happy that i could read between the lines you were doing better;-D
I had to laught about the picts , specially mine package.LOl they didn't made it careful open. aaaw . i had done sooo my best to make it pretty.LOL
but okay it was great to found out you've got it soo soon.LOL
i specailly does a lot of effords on my 8's .
aaw loved the cat in the bag picure loved the robot of spud, sooo cute!!!
and the flower head thing, (don't know how you call such a thing) but... beautiful and soooo pretty.
about haarlem and fokus-S
only i have been invited to look in my new house for measuring things.
but... Gerard couldn't that date so i have asked for a new appointment.
Hummm had this week a quarrel with Gerard, so... -S and just that moment i got the appointment date for the showing.
but i had written a mail with my apolizes so... it was not soo bad.
all things are okay now with us.
Muis is still on the prednidson, the leasy is now almost flat again, but she looks like a real birmees after sooo many years that i think i must give her them a while longer.LOL
she had more body weight and all covered up with hair.LOL
wolfje didn't like her at all because she must now be the lower cat , muis is the boss in house.LOL
so i must give wolfje m ore attention, she is still funny and a little bit tooo heavy.LOL
it's about muis she is eating sooooo slowly and often when i 'm sitting in the middle on the floor to keep them in sight they noticed when i don't take much attention or fallen asleep so they do the changing trick.
so wolfje eats still too much.-S
My sis is coming tomorrow, so i can give her the tiny pocket boxs to her.
i think she is doing better, but her daughters still not.
the youngest is still in the hospital and the oldest is still fighting with her dad and mum and her little sister.
Judith is soooo angry on her sis and i think she is right about that so she had made a lot of cloths of her sis damaged for ever and some parts she had taken with her.
so the oldest asked if Karin my sis would asked the left overs back because she needed them for her vacation.
so after a big quarrel Karin said okay i will ask her, but you must wait in the car, you know Judith don't want to see you.
she promised it and Karin was with judith in the hospital and suddenly the oldest came as well.
Judith was sooo hurt again i could amagine this , didn't like it . so i told Karin you know that you can trust her she is always doing the opposite .
Karin was agree with me and she told me that she didn't passed the examinations because she hadn't received the post of her dad.
i said that's her problem she has left there with a big fight about the baby boy, so she must learn those things that somebody don't like you anymore you must change the adress. but alot others had told her the same .
it's always the other to blame and not her.-S
Sad. the parents of her bf are still telling her that she is stupid because she hasn't a degree-S
i know that must be horrible for her , she has a big complex about that.
I had the same when i was her age but .... i was more like Judith so i had the guts to fight for my degrees till t he end.
Karin has a friend now that's living with her in the house, i like that.
so she isn't left alone . that's better for her.
And Katja does do alot for Karin, awesome.
so... i'm glad only she has again lost her job, always during the summer vacation it's the same-S I know this from Gerard as well.
Karin my friend told me it's always during those summer vacation months that we are out of money of his wages.
so after three years Gerard got now a permanent job.
aaaw it's still not good with Karin , she knows now what the problem is.
her muscle or the tendon that must keep the ankle keep in place is broken.
Sad ... i have seen her tiny feets and all the damage of it. not fine.
the revalidation md told her to go to the surgeon md so she is now waiting for that.
but.... it's almost vacation time, so she told me i don't want to go on holiday.
i told her why not you have lent a river boat this year to fload throught holland.
so you can sit and watch.LOL
she said yeaah you're right, have tried again to got permission for a disabled parking card, but.... she told me after this .
that's stupid but.... okay.
i'm with an other friend of her a step forwards.LOL
because she always said no to those things.LOL

we still have fun every week,
and we have sorting out almost my balcony. like that..
suddenly ther is sooo much space.LOL
All the other things of haarlem of which suplies i'm alowed to move with me isn't clear and the balcony door adjustments and the normal doors still not.
not fine-S
but the pink chair of mine isn't still good at all either.
it's my daily problem of taking a deep breath and be patience.LOL
okay not my fave part;-D
always try to keep in mind that it's just a part of my daily live.
i have lots of new idea's for making the big glass balcony window doors curtains.
I found some pictures of very blond small girls and thought i can edit them so i can print the body parts with out the cloths on fabric and then make with the sewing machine their cloths like lace.
the body part i will stuff them a little.
i told my sis about this idea and she was falllen in love of this idea.
my sis has the same big slinding window wall on only one side of the house.
So i know how heavy they are, by watching my sis.LOL
And the coverment is still worse to disabled persones so it will be all less, not fine and good it will give all those people and me, towards the normal healthy ones just the idea of your lesser so you can have less care and help.-S
like we are not the same and not having the same rights , like we are a lower kind of peole .-S
when i'm tellling this in responding to people they don't how they must give an answer back.
i have spoken to Bert one of the board members and we will make plans for disability affairs to try to make idea's for fighting back.
but i had agian a lot of problems with my arms and hands, still but now i know this is it. the pain is now normal in my neck.
and yeaaah you're right about that, that it's better then some weeks ago with handling the pain. I understood it very well.LOL
i'm glad that you are adjust again to your normal pain level for now.
don't forget this is always the same i think by ups and downs because when we're adjust to it we think we can do more and then we falling down again.
and then we must mourn again. uuugh hate that.
and getting angry uggh as well.
but mouring about lost of health is always this , it never stops-S
so like i told you before thats why i always promised my self you only are alowed to be sad for one or two day and they you must kick your self on the back to find out the solutions or ...what ever;-D
try to finishe now as well projects but... i have started some new ones as well.LOL
o, oooh.LOL
hey i must take my break.
i'm glad i have heard from you again.
still hoping that some day we can see each other in real.
hey my dear friend from just across the pond, be gentle to yourself, sending you all my love and blessings and all warmth and good and kind thoughts and other things you love to have fill them in the ...... here.LOL
gentle hugs and thousend tons of kisses.( less waschings)LOL
say hello to Spud and Terry and some strokes towards your furries.

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, thought i must send you from here a comment, i'm thinking alot of you.
but don't know if you have still problems with the computer.
so don't think i have forgotten you;-D
hope your feeling less angry about the whole situation.
iknow it's normal with mouring periods but hope you're feeling less angry or sad.
it's here not great the weather, windy and it' looks like it's autumn in the beginning.
were is the summer.LOL
still don't know any thing how it's going with the moving, must still wait and see,
have made some upgreades.
hey i had to say hello and give you much greetings of Karin and Gerard.
and from my furries so bumbings with their heads.
and from me all my love hugs and kisses and all my suports and blessings as well
you're still my vip vip vip cookie friend, don't forget that;-D
Sarah D
Sarah D · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 31 projects
Oh! I noticed I hadn't seen you around in awhile (uh, posting that is ... Tongue) Thanks a lot for the link. I hope things work out for you.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my dearest favest and vip vip vip cookie friend
i hoped it was just an ordinaire computer problem, but i had thought allready i will send a normal card as well, i had send you ecards;-D
humm with muis it's gotting better, still it's not disappaired but she eats better and play and make a lot of noices.LOL
she is more like before, and not that weak and silences cat anymore.
wolfje must adjust to that.LOL
she is still on the prednison though , it' helps against her itchyness as well so suddenly her behind is getting hair.LOL
and she becoming some weitght, like that.
not so scarry to give her strokes,
humm i'm not doing well , i'm tiered of the usless waiting of all the things that must be done of those cities and it's not going well-S
still havent' find a good mover firm, and i still don't know which firm i must choosen for the linoleum.
i have got two offerts but i don't think they are right.
and i have noticed that something is going wrong in my new home to be of my driveable adjustments as well.
but i couldn't speak the real worker about that because he was like the rest of the half dutch people on may vacation-S
gerard and Karin as well, Karin can't suddenly not walk anymore-S
she must go like i will to the revalidation centre.
because she is an a vacation in Germany i have given her new elles of food , i got them for free by my subscribtion of elle design, i love the picture and gave her candy it's drop in powder in tiny jars. we call them zwart of wit.LOL
so my mind is working too hard (hallucinations again)
scarry , not fine. i'm working on the project for the goodbye gifts for the man.
i have almost one the first done. it's funny.LOL
send you a funny picture of wolfje in the dutch cathouse.
on the proper mail.
so it's too much and it's all too of John again. it was the 30april , t hen it's queensday on holland and all is orange of colour normally i like it, but now it was tooo much for me and i was inside and watch for an h our in a book of a trip we made together had to cry but it was much better after wards.
it was an idea of Gerard
still not good on my meds back of the adhd, i'm tooo jumpy still.
gerard n oticed it as well,
can't understand that.
and my neck is given me more problems then ever suddenly , my hands and arms don't work to well-S Like i'm clumpsy, so i do less then i wanted to do-S
but i'm finely started on the red knitting yarn which i had hide for Karin for months.
humm and i will got that neckbrace but it will cost me another 6 weeks to wait.
not fine-S i wanted so badly to go out this spring-S
but okay ...
it's a long process and the hardest thing ever is that i have got a letter of Fokus that they must stop from the coverment it's all about money and saving for other things-S
like economic things-aargh.
okay fokus and the renters have started all kinds of actions , just wait and see-S
so there is here much going on.
hey good news is that i had finely the conversation of the pink wheels , they will fixed it all , 7 points the builder and the last one the dealer of mine.
awesome and a relieve i still hope they will do it before i 'm moved.
still don't know when i can get that appartment.
all is very insecure.
but i love the weather it's not good for the hayfever of mine but inside i can enjoy it as well;-D
hey my friend i hope you will got soon that course of painmanagement i think you need it quickly.
so don't forget when i don't hear anything of you, i'm still thinking of you, you're still tooooooooo importend,
love you the most, send you all my love , blessings many gentle and soft hugs and kisses , greetings as well for Terry and Spud and to your sweet furries;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm hello m y sweet awesome nice yummie cookie friend
cok have made my mixed up by suddenly sending tooo much comments at once-S
i had suddenly 60 mails in my mailbox not funny anymore.
so here is a late responding of me.
thank you sweetie for your fave and your awesome nice kind words.
i think you're right i have spend ot much time in them.
Karin told me they weren't all so nice for you you've done too much for free for the choire,
told her that John would have told me the same , she said oooh i think i like John when he was alive.LOL
it's a strange weekend.
i'm the whole time working to filling holes in the walls and sanding and trying to do some cleaning and in between answering all the cok mail.
i'm stilll need some more day.
got an answer of that shrink stupid cow. she didn't read my letter.
she asked explain all of it, and it was all written down allready.-S
don't think it will help.
mayby i must send a copy to the man that have helped me to got a answer.
she gave her apolicy but i t hought i don't have any help of that, if she had helped me to send me to a new clinic then i had believed her.
this isn't great.
must think some more about it.
Gladly i wll have one new kitchen insteade off 11 .
it was a week of kitchen offers
and problems, mhummm my cats are typing too.
they are hungry.
hey thank you for your suport the fave and the comment you have made me smile
hey hope you had a nice weekend.
have thought of you. love you sweetie and i send you all my love , greetings and a lot of hugs and thousends of kisses
jet x0x00x0x0x00x0x0x00x0x0
No problem Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet yummie friend
humm have thought of your last mail on the proper one a lot.
thought i must tell you one thing more of that.
Gerard have learned me that not all people are kind and nice so we don't have to be nice to them. Still have problems with that, but i'm learning like you all new things.;-D
and... he told me you're the boss in your own house if they are nasthy and so on kick them out your house.
so i'm doing that more and more.
told him last time do you know i have a coat reck in the hall, and he said yeaaah i know .LOL later on he asked do you mind if i lay my jack on your table. and then... i said yeaah you may , because he is soo kind.LOL
but i told h im too Karin must hang him.LOL
i don't understand this strange notification system very well.
so i'm mixing things up -S
And oftenly i see on it and .... more have fave it.
then i only thing aaaarghhhhhh.
the doggy is almost finished now , i 'm working on his face and it became tooo hard so i have found out to softened a tiny bit.
i was glueing chenille wire on it and wolfje tried to steal them.LOL cheaky pus.LOL
wolfje lay on the balcony to try to become brown by the sun , muis i think was very relieved of that because she stay in the house to lay in the sun without her monster niece.LOL
poor muis she is getting tooo thin, i think it's her mouth i will go to check the thing on her lip and to let Ed my vet to check her more.
i don't think she is doing well. so i have bought soft food and then she eat more a few days and then she wants the hard food again=S
but she loves now her soft food.LOl
funny animals.
oooh have a strange story. i din't know that it was summer time.
so i thought huhhh my computer told me it was time for my afternoon meds and i watch on the other clocks and saw it was still 11 hours am.
sooo. i had to think of it a long time.
but later i got the light and had to laught of it.
good that i have noticed today, tomorrow Karin will come and she would have stand on a closed door.LOL
humm the alarm clock rangt l must wash my hair again. i have painted it super bright red.LOL
it's hannah. messy , so i must clean more things later again.-S
i hope it is done well every time it's a big adventure when you must do it yourself. i'm not sooo handy by those things .
oooh about the electrich brooche i know of a person that had problems like you by lifting up your arms she had hang him on the wall so she could put her mouth on it , and she could change the position of it.
i heard of that by my dentist because i had problems with brushing my teeths and so he told me that.
mayby you can ask about those things too of your occupation worker.
and... i have bought something it was looking handy , i will make a picture of it, if you think it's smart for you as well i will buy it and send it to you.
i 'm using it allready to try it out and i was a very happy girl.;-D
okay now i must go, hey love you and... try to rest 3 times a day, write it in a shedule you will see it will help you.
i must do that too. but i''m allready proud of myself when i have done it two times aday.LOL
and forgetting things you know we must use our brains more then normally and we have less energy so that's very normal and i have as well my jumpilng brains.LOL
so i'm worse.LOL
so i have won of you.Yeaaaaah .LOL
i told Gerard okay you have much worse longs so you'are the winner.LOL
he said i wish i could win of nicer things of you. so i said you are the winner by running. and walking b ut he couldn't laught.LOL
later on i said something and he said touche. LOL
didn't know that anymore.
i was too jumpy and to chaotic.LOL
okay now i muct really go .bleugh don't have the energy-S
hey say hello to the rest and gentel storkes for the furries and for you m ore then thousend gentle hugs and kisses.
you may choose wish the wet or normal ones.LOL
don't know what you like or which one is now more smarter.LOL
hey all my love my sweet yummie ginger cookie and thank you too for your fave on my kitshcy tearyearking heart brooch.;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, hope you're doing better.
hey i have made some progress with my costume made brace for my neck.
the md called me and told me that he loved to send me that letter.
so now waiting for the letter and making the appointment.
hope you have swimt nicly.
it's warm here , i like it.
tomorrow comes Gerard again. happpy about that.
hey thank you too for your fave on my paperbunny doll
working still on the doll i'm making of yarn a furr
will making a tute of it. it's easy to make, think it's looking very funny.
hey love you and blessing you and send you all my love and hugs and kisses and nice good thoughts
too for the furries and the family members( the good ones.LOL)
till soon
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi , i'm feeling a little bit better, have slept and my terorizing girls have waked me up for theire feed-S
so i thought i will give it a try to answer the cok mails.
LOL i thought of you when i wrote those lines on the tute of the paper bunny doll
still working on the dog.
it's lot more work, think because i'm inpatience.LOL
have send you a proper mail so i don't have to tell much more on here.
think i must go to bed again. can't see properly and thinking isn't going too not very well.LOL
hey thank you for your lovely sweet words a nd the fave of yours;-D
always sooo glad to read that you're such a great suporter for me;-D
thank you.
hey have a great lazy sunday afternoon, till later sweetie
fond of you;-D lots of hugs and love and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, congreatulations!!!! awesome , have you seen him allready.?
i love their feets, must always smiles of them, i have a card with baby feets on it and always when i'm depressed i will watch the picture.LOL
just to feel me better.
humm about those wheels had called today again and my dealer and the firm will come to me end of this month to talk things out. must have more patience-S
but i'm a step further, and .... got help.
nooo Gerard is still ill.
i have breathing problems a tiny bit as well it's t he cold and the hayfever it think that's making the asthma worse.
i'm glad have found my inspiration of my newest tute, it 's not approaveld yet.
i saw on a website how you can searh of your artist sources to thank them it was a great piece so i thought oooh i can search of it, but stupid a lot of blogs had her work with out telling it was from whom-S
so i found her link to add it on my new project to give her the credit and honour of being an inspiration ;-D
i had search a whole week where i could find her name.-S
so i'm glad of the tute they made on there.
have made the design of the tool but must try it out m yself for i can send it to you.
Yeaah it will be again an hard tough time for you to adjust again.
give yourself some time and don't forget that small good things can help you forget the pain.
like smiling and laughing and doing nice funny things you like, and warmth;-D all kind of them.
too human suport LOL
hummm for now i wish you a great fun nice good weekend wish i good watch you;-D
don't forget meds and suplies to get with you and ask for help.
don't blame for it. Hey and about the things you must sort out , be patience for doing first the painmanage ment lessons they will give you great tips i hope.
or make just a shedule like we had on school with only nice things that you love to do filled in.
normal live things cost allready to much. it will be mayby boring but it has helped me and see it not as lesser but just like you are now free to do the things that are great to do.
and please ask for more help in house for the normal living things like dressing and so on. you have reich that point allready, or just take Terry with you to asked for it.
but for now enjoy all the fun , will think of you, my sweet vip vip vip friend.
one good thing in my new home you are still be able to come with all your suplies lOL
hey love you till soon lots of hugs and kisses after my moove i will safe money too to visiting you in your own country. it will be strange to see each other in real life.LOL
hey thinking for being safe today of Terry as well , hey lots of hugs and kisses and greetings;'-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi tough cookie from me;-D
thank you for your sweet encouragement words, Ha ha ha, funny i hate donderdag sounds like thunder day.LOL i love vrijdag like a free day een vrije dag.LOL
yeaah i have the same dairy and it's making me cheering up as well, colours helping me to be laught and smile, I had a teacher on the art academy that was figthing for more colours in the old center of amsterdam.
i didn't like it because he was a little bit exsteme but now i'm often think he was right, he found me nice but strange as well.
i stood one day on an excursion we had to made on a class room her feet and she said softly in my ears aaaauw jet.LOL
i turned to her and whispered i will give you a kiss to eas the pain, so i did and the brave man thought we where just lesbians.LOL
we had to laughed a lot.
yeaaah it isn't going well i think with Gerard, he don't write back i have seen he opened my ecards only , he loves that idea.
but when Karin didn't mentioned i didn't know about it.
humm i have fixed the problem with Emile yesterday he told me that he was proud on me and i give him such more trust about our relationship.
i was able to speak about it with other words so it was much better, and now we are okay again.
because i used other words i could more explain what i meanted and he could more listening what was the problem.
and we are agree that he will do the interview in haarlem when i have m oved to the city and i told him so i can show you my new house as well.
and watch my furrie friends.LOL
must sms Gerard as well for tomorrow i can't go on my own to the vet.
i need his help.
hey, and i will call about my wheels i have thought that this isn't exceptable because i know i can only change the battery when i 'm having a good day that's wrong to do because i knew about the first talk and solution i could do it myself when they had listen to me.
but i think because of the change of the wheelchair dealer person it went wrong he didn't talk it good enough and they must be shortening the 5th wheel behind me it's a safety wheel to gatch me when i'm keeping backwords, it's too long so i can't turn in the elevator now so i can't go out the elevator my self-S
so it's going on, and good news only much to late this afternoon i will got my new front wheels an battery for my broken wheels.LOL
thought wooow that 's fast after 4 months.LOL
i'm glad i have less to deal with that dealer anymore.
they makes soooo much mistakes.
but ... that's there problem i think.
i don't call them anymore ,.
told Karin of the arch suplies for my feets and she said you must go in haarlem but i have spend allready the money for them for some years, so i must wait to fix the problem for again three years-S
don't like to go back to that strange persone, i found it sooo strange and not going well and durty-S
he hadn't had my helped because he had knew directly i had to go to an other company that was better in those things because i can't stand good,
so they had made a 3d model of my feets so i had less problems.
but ...
it's has happened so i must deal with this.
oooh i have uploaded the new tute yesterday afternoon but still waiting for the approaval , strange.
saw yesterday a sort of same tute elsewhere i thought humm musn't wait anylonger becaus then i did it all for nothing, but i like the idea that some one else had the same idea's.LOL
and she did it in the same way, but i think my directions are just better.LOL
humm it will be a busy day but that's good i th ink.
hey i love the idea you will be on tele and like it that you will be having fun.
awesome. Humm tricky and dangerous about that bomb i will keep my fingers cross for the both of you.
i know Terry is a specialist but ... always ;-D
but i love that you're will having fun as well.
to bad i can't watch it.
i will thinking of you.
hey sweety don't stop with the excersizes in your own house because illness got lot 's more energy when we stop our excersizes.
and eating we must to be healty.LOL
and hope you will got soon to the pain managment lessons i'm worried about you , i have noticed that you sounding like me sooo tired out again.
about your job it's sad news but don't forget your still the same persone , only you must make again your own daily job for yourself.
so you don't get the feeling you will be unuseless and just a disabled ill weak persone. Hope you understand those words .
i had some problems with it for my own and made the wrong dicisions then because i felt my unworthy and thought i must do something back for the community to feel less quilty of taking money.
and suplies. so i did the volonteer work , which wasn't good after all , only for a small time.
now i'm much better of i think by making only my art work and doing some small duties for the community when the need somebody to spring by.
we will talk about it.
but first you need to learn how to deal about your pain with energy, it's still sounding you are doing too much and then it makes you more tired out then ever and so on and so on.
but from the other side of the pond i can't figured out what 's going wrong.
and... it's not good when you have only pj's day of being dressed of your own., you must asked for daily suport with those things, not of your members but of an other persone, asked for it.
it will help you feeling less tired as well, don't wait to long with it.
okay this was your dutch mum talking.LOL
hey don't be worried about m e i think i having problems still with my asthma as well again. it's not healthy with all t hose boxes in my house too much dust and hayfever allready, so ...
i uses my inhalaters more oftenly .LOL
but they are for using them.LOL
hey i'm back for the new fight for my new wheels getting in order.
love you thinking of you and don't forget to make pill boxes in more purses then ever so you will kept them everywhere when you needed them;-D
love the idea that the diary will helps you.LOL it's a strange thought , i use oftenly english diaries and thought suddenly heyyy you must deal suddenly with dutch words.LOL that must be strange.LOL
but you're learning the words in dutch.LOL proud of you!!!!.LOL
hey love you send you much gentle hugs to ease all the problems send you all my greetings and smiles to Charlotte and Terry will t hink of them as well.
and some strokes for you furries and, for you the most biggest part of my love hugs and kisses and don't forget it to smile and having fun that will ease our pain as well;_D
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
lol, cats are so silly. When I used to have dogs, they would do the same. Except one of them tried eating a bird one time, lol. Poor little bird, we kinda saved it, we still had trouble getting the dog away though. Don't know why she was craving bird meat, but after that, she never pulled a wing off a flying rat... ever, lol.

Yay, we get to eat out on Saturday! Gonna get me some orange chicken. Happy
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
I'll make the best of my spring break, although it's been boring for a while, lol.
Thats just a little odd, having the person who ripped you off live in the city right next to you.

lol, there's some annoying bug thats been in my house for days now, it will die eventually, or I could just open the door and let it outside. But the next person who murders it better not leave it on the stair step.
My mom was choking last night, then she started faking it towards the end, lol. But the way she was coughing, I don't know, it sounded funny to me. I know, I'm mean...

Hope your hands heal and get better soon!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, humm we having the same but we got less for it.LOL
i must pay for those suplies, only wheels, oooh i'm sooo disapointed, have tried some other things today to let it work but ,it's not good the pink wheels-S
when he brought him i saw it directly that it wasn't like i had order.
saw some new things as well today.
think i must call for it tomorrow.
on both firms , saw yesterday that the first person had took several pictures so this is not good.-S
still tired today, when it was 17 hours Haarlem called me to speak about disabled solutions, it was worse then in Utrecht.LOL
thought okay must say nothing, and those people are nice but...
she thought still she didn't had to phone about my wheels chairs, Haarlem must buy them from Utrecht, it sounds like an emigration,LOL
and suddenly i spoke of something else and what was the matter Haarlem has an other policy of Utrecht i asked her please ring to Utrecht and asked for an solution because otherwise i will got in hughe problems
so after all i don't know still anything.
she talked to me till 19 hours , it wasn't feeling great.
my sis called me yesterday as well have told her a lot times before that i don't need a van for the moving it's not helping and she don't hear that-S
i was very tired of the fitting of the new chair so when she had to hang up the phone for a person that had to do in her house something and called me later i didn't picked it up.
but... that's live.
humm i hope that Gerard will be okay before friday. Noo wolfje needs medication for her eye and muis has that hard thing on her lip so it's not good.
i washed out everyday three times wolfjes eye she hates it, she don't bite or do other things but she tries to creeps backwards and closed her eyes tightly.LOL
but i'm talking to her gentle so she will be mixed up.LOL
poor puss.
humm yesterday i have drilled all my holes, i have made of brenches beads i will make a tute of it.
i having always the same problems i know my drill very well and always having the same scarness of it, so after the first three holes it 's over, but i don't like this.
i know why , my mum told always only about danger and to make it worse on our school they did the same the gave us a visited to the safety museon and it was all of h orrible excidents i did n't dare to sleep for a month after that visiting-S
think that 's not right.
so i will have those strange scareness , but i can overwin it, LOL
after all i 'm always proud of my self.
Saw Gerard doing a men trick with my drill and thought woooow that is stupid. and yeaaah suddenly it went wrong , gladly not harmfull for him self.
but don't think he is more careful.LOL noooo way. you must show your guts as a man.LOL
disapointed about cok have complained as well, we don't get any notification by mail of faves and i'm working on a too low update of my system so i can't read them on here.aargh, but they told me i wans't the only one so they will do it later on again.LOL
so i will be happy. like to thanks everybody and to learn the people that has suported me.
okay a long story of complains, it will be ugly i think when i have the phone appointment with Emile-S
but i have words writtendown to tell him;-D
oooh got a mail that the shrink will give me an answer she was writting the helping man that she had to find the letter still she has put it in my file-S
whom is now crazy.????LOL
the community worker told me that i can't get the same working hours , but i can asked for a meal service, it 's not fine, i think i will hate it , i have had those meals.
i eat a lot of the same vegetables the whole week .and you don't have to shew at all, john said i was complaining so i have given him them as well and after a month he told me you're sooo right this is ugly.LOL
so i t hink i must asked Karin to help me with my coocking someday.
she will love that, and with the wrapping on monday she said to me oooh we will sit late in the evening on your balcony and eating from this plates with cocacola.LOL
so yesterday i saw a recipy of green popcorn and send it to her with the message or this.LOL
in real Karin must have less sized feets i think she don't walks like normal people she can use only her toots so she is tip toing the whole time, but it's nice to watch very elegant.
told her that. then she had to smile.
and gerard must be very ill because when he has those problems he almost choked when he must chuffing, i have had seen that as well, it wasn't great and you can't do anything and after a while Gerard said suddenly oooh oooh, and then he starting over.LOL
so this is better.
okay i don't know what to tell you more , hey have a nice day with less pain sweetie
love you and say hello to your other family members and give the furries some storkes for you all my love , and hugs and kisses;-D
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Oh, you are taking drugs! lol, wasn't expecting that. Thought you might have gone crazy when you took off all your projects. I was wondering why you changed your username but I knew it was you because the last time you left a comment it was still in the same spot. So when I clicked on your profile, all your projects were gone! But I know why... GRRR, I don't have any how to's yet but I would be ticked off too if someone claimed one of them as their's. And your projects were nice too. Happy Are you still going to post how to's? Maybe you should keep leaving messages and she'll just give in and stop selling your designs. Or you could make new designs, don't give up!

Anyway, it's spring break for me, so keep crafting! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my dearest ginger cookie.LOL
aaaaw thank you very much of your suport sweetie for the fave and the lovely fun words on the comment,
yeaaah i have tried that out too, and ... had holes in my fabric-S and a bended knitting needle.LOL
but this is much harmless.LOL
i wans't suprised about your trick because i know how smart and creative you are with your knitting needles in a way that wasn't to be.LOL
Karin and Gerard had to laugh of it as well;-D
Hope you can use this trick a long long time ;-D
today i will got my bright pink chair. soooo excithing.LOL
yesterday Karin was with me and we did the half of my kitchen, and i suddenly reconized what was happening. Karin is soooo enthousiastic that i follow her blindly and suddenly i thought oooooh nooow i need those things still.
so i have asked them back.LOL
she had to laugh as well.
she showed me her shoes and her braches , i had the worst thoughts of them, but i saw they were good and well done, totally not sooo harmfull.
it was a big step for her, she don't like to be noticed by them.
i love her tooo tiny feets, sooo sweet like those japanese old ladies feets.
okay hers aren't sooo tiny bit for a women feet they really are.
and we had a lot of fun.
heard of Karin that Gerard is again ill , his longs -S
hope he will be beter on friday, he had promised me to go with the ladies to the vet, Muis her lip and wolfje her eye .
hey must do some thing still so i will write you later more
have a great nice day my dearest friend
till soon lots of kisses and genle hugs to ease the pain and eat something!!!!!
love you
LiMi · Norfolk, Virginia, US · 5 projects
lol Lucretia... I'm sorry to hear about your illness and hope you're doing well. When I wrote that (about 3 yrs ago), people were driving me crazy labeling me that way. Not exactly relevant today but it's better than having me go off on someone innocent, know what I mean?
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Hey, it's been a while, how is it going? Oh, and what happened to your projects?! You on drugs? lol...
I fell while jumping the hurdles, but it wasn't that bad. And I still haven't made it to the meet. Happy I'll just try harder. Didn't get to pole vault because they already started cutting athletes. I should have went earlier, but there were a bunch of boys, lol. I'm a dope. Happy
We're going through a fundamental crisis over here in the U.S... not so good, it's a pretty long story.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i'm sooo proud of you both that you were saying goodbye to her in your special cloths , i think she would love it.
it was a sunny day here as well, i was relieved to hear that you came home without more problems with the car.
I think health isn't to buy so it's sad to lost a car but it's only material stuf-S
Mayby sometime later you will got a new one or ...
Humm about wisedom i have learned it by the hardway myself as well;-D
but it's smart to have spare meds in every bag you always use or just sometimes;-D
it will cost some time to be yourself again ,so i 'm thinking of you my sweet friend
mayby it's helping a tiny bit ,
i had opened the balcony door this afternoon for some fresh air , the cats were loving it, Wolfje is changing of fur so there are every where hair of her-S
my longs don't like it.LOL
so i had to vacuum clean as well today.
still not clean my mess. Last night i sleep four hours so i was feeling a little bit beter today.
and from an other friend i've got a drawing because it was women day.
i had just send her a e card. i love the idea that all countries celebreath the women day , so i hope you had that feelling a tiny bit as well.
it's good to celebreath the strenght that women has, i'm still not a power girl but i hope i will be one ever.....LOL
my mouse it ready, i think she need a dress she is just sooo bold, , poor one;-D
i think i will knit something for her.LOL
And i have saw a brench in tiny pieces to make beads of it.
i had bring it in the spring at home and now i thought i must do something with it because this isn't smart in a living room all the dust and ....
so now he is in the oven to let die all t he bugs.
Thanks to you i have found out with your link how heat the oven must be seat.
in celsius it's 40 degrees in a hot air oven.
and then 15 minutes or a tiny bit longer.
and then let it rest an hour.
i have done it with all my nature findings to craft with it later.
YOu're here allready by all our sharings and talking , like that.
still not have taken that shower.
mayby i will try it today some bit later.
but my bed is clean again. that's great it was dusty of hair of the cats and my own strange things.
so i think that will help for my longs as well;-D
wish you a nice eve with Terry glad that you're soo good together and sharing your grieve with some dearone is great and will helps too.
from me some more comfortings thoughts and good words.
i'm glad that she had a nice service , some times there isn't nothing at all.
i had to think of a ceremony for John on my own.
and was glad that i had some time for that, so it was good .
i had thinking of putting no flowers on the cofin but stones , John loved stones and no talking, and no crossed arms for him.
He was afraid for that.
i was glad that he had shared some thoughts of it, so i knew a little bit what to do.
and those breaks still glad that you're sooo lucky.
i think you have a great gardian angle both.;-D
hey sweetie take some rest and wish you a nice good comfortable cozy sheila time with Terry;-D
lots of hugs my sweet friend
and eat more ginger cookies.LOL
till soon
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi, nooo she wolf was mistunderstooding that i was telling her of Indi the sis of Muis. So Muis is okay, she has only something little ;-D
i must go to the vet, she needs i think a surgery on here mouth , the lip .
think canger but don't know that for sure, and ... it's skin so th ats not to worry , she is getting an elderly cat so those things are happening.
but still not strong enough to drive to the vet with her.
Oooooh poor you!!! don't leave every your home without meds!!!!
i 'm having always extra meds with me in case off.
John was always angry on me when i didn't had anything with me.
so i have learnd my lesson.;-D
alwways a tiny box with meds with me.
And other extra things like a deaper and so on.;-D
wooow you're really lucky that you weren't killed as well in that trip back-S
It wasn't a only the bearial but more troubles.
Glad that they gave you a car to drive back and that you're able to drive your selfs safely at home , thanks !!!!!;-D
you must be very tired out now.
so have a resting day my sweet friend.
and think of the goodbye of yesterday, i hope that the ceremonial was nice and a real celebreathing of her life;-D
it will cost more time to mourn of your lost.
i know that , when you are able make something for her a drawing or whatever to remember her it will help or just write a poem.;-D
most at the time we don't have the real words to tell about our grieve.
Your british are just like us dutch ones.LOL
so mayby this is helping, or lay , sit on your sheila fave time place and i'm in my toughts sitting next to you and holding you to comforting you.;-D
and for Terry as well.;-D
It was a terrible day send you tons of resting and peace and other warmth and kind thoughts and of course tons of pagan blessings
love you sweety !!!!;-D xxxxxxxxxxx
Ice · 1 project
I have that fruit bat! Happy awesome picture, makes me happy.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
You're fruit bat is awesome, when i told youabout the zoo where you could walk in a fake cave between the bats, that where fruit bats as well.
i had last night sleep neither, but i had slept some cat naps , Gerard have told me that they are called power naps.LOL
i'm careful , and take good care of myself, do the same sweet friend
till soon , i'm with you today in my thoughts;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi i will think of you today, in my mind i'm with you.
hope it will helps to say goodbye m y friend;-D
lots of strenght for the both of you, take good care of you both and be gentle to yourself;-D
lots of comforting and supports;-D xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh and thank you for your sweet words;-D
i was forgotten to say that, not sooo polite.LOL
hey will think of you all today;-D
much pagan blessings;-D xxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet friend
yeaaah she really love it.LOL must be carefull with both of them.;-D
i have made on other of three bags so i could use the plastic zippers for longer tools, the new clover mini flat iron.
i'm proud of it. and..... i had used a button of you on the top;-D
i love your new avatar, i saw it and thought oooooh that's a sweetie.
and now i know it's you.LOL
Good choice!!!!;-D
send you a proper mail , didn't slept this night so i think i must try first to slep my head is feeling strange.
i was tooo much out of breath -S
still not going very well-S
hey my condolences!!!
wish you lots of strenght and comforting and love and warmth.
till soon on teh proper mail;-D
lots of hugs and kisses
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Totally thought u disappeared and I was like oh nooo!
She Wolf
She Wolf · 3 projects
Hey there,
Thank you for the loverly comment Happy and your very welcome! Its so adorable and I have been wanting to make one for a few years now and yours is the cutest I have ever seen ;)
Claire J
Claire J · Prestatyn, Wales, GB · 97 projects
What happened!!I was looking for you and got confused, then figured out this really was you when i searched your email address in here!!
Was just wanting to see how you are really haha x
LastKoalaBear · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 33 projects
D: where did you gooo!!!!??! where did you hid all you're fancy projects? nooo! :C
Kitsuné · Glasgow, Scotland, GB
Oh no! You've removed all your projects!!! >.<

I was just going to make the mad hatter headband, and now I can't. It was sooo pretty. ;.;
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi again.LOL
aaaw thank you for your sweet comment and the fave of my plushie kitschy heart;-D
Yeaaah i will keep one for my own as well
the choire hearts are much more work, but.... i must still make the wrong side and the pins on the.
and then i will be finished with that part as well, and i can start with the van project.
but first i must rest a little while.;-D
mayby my cleverness comes with my ages .LOL
i hope soo;-LOL
till soon love you my vip vip vip friend;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my ginger cookie friend.
ooooh don't worry i have just problems like you , suddenly my mailprogramme doens't work any more-aaargh.
don't know what is wrong.
so i think i must use my gmail account but i don't know if that will work.
and i had written an message on here and then the computer crashed.-aaargh/
so it's great when they worked but they are a crime when they having strange behaviours.LOL
at first i thought hummm that's strange it's sooo silence on the mail.
But i didn't thought of it really.
so suddely when i had made an uploading on cok i thought i had have got a mail from cok allready so then i started what's the matter.
Ithink i must call the server tomorrow.
humm i have got cold i think thuesday, i was feeling my self soooooo tired out and thought it would be of the neck problems, but it felt differently.
thought of all things but not of my longs.-S
and of course when i thought it is my longs i thought noooh it's just hayfever.LOL
but not, it's serious again.
must call Afke about my meds don't work properly for them-S
but it makes me slow down so it's good for my breath.LOL
and i was glad to have a reason to call of Karin.LOL
sometimes it's sooo handy to be not healthy.LOL
you know me i always see the bright side of everything.LOL

thursday was too much. at first the pain md, and he told me oooh please be careful , this isn't going well , i know you will forgot to be calm and easy by your jumping brains but it 's not good.
so i told my self i really must do that.
but on Wensday Emile told me that i had to travel on my own by the interview in haarlem for the mental care where he would be there as well-S
the reason was that he don't take a client with him -S so i had to travel by taxi.
That's not good at first i thought okay , but i felt my self sooooo disapointed and of more small things, so ... i thought i will give it more thoughts.
When i had left the md i thought i don't must do that long drive in those horrible bumby vans for wheelies.-S
so i thought mayby i must ask Gerard, he must work with them later as well.
mayby that's smarter.
must asked Gerard about that'
and then i had to go late that afternoon to the meeting.
they where started allready ?!!!! because they were all too early at that adress.
So i came in the middle of the speech of my friend Job.LOL
he told them my name and suddenly i was a voluteer again at the platform.LOL
they had asked me for this meeting, because nobody couldn't come-D
it was funny and i liked to say some idea's there was a blind man as well, liked him.
saw this time the whole building love it, it's the Amsterdamse school style from the early 1925-30 ths.
In Amsterdam it was a building style from the community to make the envirment much beautifuller with only stones it's a great style i lived in that soroundings so it's feeling coming home.LOL
and friday i was falling apart and suddenly my ipod was lost-SSSSS
so i t hought after a whole day of searching in my house humm i have been lost him, so i called my anssurance to send me a form, but ... I 'm a lucky lady you know i have found him back. it was laying on a very very strange places LOL
i'm tooo chaotic at the moment.
today my mum is celebreathing her birthday she is becomed 85 years!!!!
such an age!!!
have send her the plushie heart keyring, she loved it.
and the special stamp with i had used for her as well;-D

Hey you have changed your name and your projects are gone?
At first i thought is it still you?LOL
but of all my comment i knew for curtain i t must be you.LOL
So now you don't have to worry anymore send on you a proper mail too for the other account, i hope that it is working;-D
hey love you sweet friend, and yeaah some md's are bad and not patiends friendly.LOL
and some knows too well that we have more knowledge of our own illness;-D
And yeaaah illness cost a lot of money so if you can get some help just take it.;-D
I will go to my fave place to rest a short while or read some book or whatever, my ladies are laying there allready.
hey love you , say hi to Terry and Charlotte and tell them that i love them too but you have still a hughe place in my heart not one but four chambers.LOL
hey give the furries some gentle strokes and be gentle to yourself.
i keep you posted of the mail problems of me;-D
lots of genle hugs to ease all the problems and pain and worries and ... and much more pagan blessings (some day they must i think will work for you.;-)) and be gentle to yourself wish you a comfy cozy couch sheila time and till soon
your dutch choclate cookie.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my yummie ginger cookie.;-D
there was falling snow yesterday eve here, i got stressed of it so i closed directly the curtains.LOL
like children what you can't see insn't happening.LOL
but then it stared to rain and now there is fog, can't see the flat nearby.
must go like you to serveral t hings.

Had to hold yesterday the arch suplies , hummm they aren't helping at all, i got suddely a lot of pain in my hip so .... and later in my feets as well.
so i have taken those things out of my shoes-S
the woman was the opposite of her man she said horrible things of disabled people but i thought don't say anything.
so i was glad to leave there.LOL
Had to wrap my hip last night with the heating scarf to ease the pain a little bit.
and then i started to got sick , last night wasn't a great succes at all in bed.LOL

must go to the pain md and then to the shops and later in the afteroon i must go to the meeting ,
but that will be fun.

noooo you're not a mum , thank you for your wise advice i did my best, have rest and took some breaks !!!!
and was just brave.LOL
i thought i was making a quick gift for my mum but it's still not finished-S
didn't like the looks of it so i have added some paint on it.
thought i must hang some more on it, and okay it will cost me more time.
think i will send her a card.LOL
and then this later.
i was making years ago somthing for her , but still it 'sn't finished yet.LOL
hey i'm proud of charlotte too, and too of yours.
hey must now go have to dress myself a little better and till soon sweetie , have a great fun time with the therapist.;-D
and be brave as well.LOL
love you give the ladies and billy some strokes and your daughter my congreatulations;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest cookie friend;-D
that's good that they work together, that's soooo importend.!!!
glad with the news.
yesterday i got a new adventure , i didn't received my voting ticket and had called and they told me to hold up a new one at the town hall.
Thats normally a ride of 3 quaters but my batteries couldn't stand the cold and they stoped the whole time i think 5 times so everytime i felled almost out my wheels-S
so it' took me more then an i, 5 hour i think to areived at the town hall, , the lady wasn't sooo helpfull had to ride the chairs in front of the desk away by my own and had to fill in the from.
but i couldn't hold the pen good enough in my hand because my limbs were frozen.LOL
so it looked like i was a 6 year old child that had learned to write just yet.LOL
and then the same drive backwards .
Normally i have those stupid things too but this time it was very bad, my toots where allready white and it took a long time to get the red and then the pink colour back.
they aren't still okay.
Had to hold op the arch suplies but i think they aren't okay, my toots are slipping in the front and my right hip is hurting like hell again.
so i have hold them out of my shoes.;-D
will talk about it with gerard.
i m feeling much better.
so don't worry.LOL
the woman was strange to of that therapist .LOL
it was very very strange.LOL
hey hope you had a good day;, good of you to have a lazy day that's really awesome of you, i'm proud of you.;-D
ooooh noww i see there is falling snow here-SSSS
not fine Is the snow by you gone?
i hope so.
it's sooo cold here-S
Muis and wolfje are laying the whole time on the central heating, wish i could join them>LOL
hey have a nice lazy sheila time this eve as well and sleep well;-D
love , hugs and greeting more then ever it will help you for tomorrow with the washing.;-D
say hi to the rest and give the furries some strokes;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
HI Hi my tough ginger cookie friend
woooow that's great that she loved the directions i gave you, but you following them up, so all my honour i gave to you backwards;-D
sometimes i'm telling something and people don't wanat to do something with it, because they like to complain.
Yessss you're right when i met you a year ago on cok you where okay and suddenly all those bad things happenend-S
so i'm still worried about it.
but finely you have got the help you need -D
Have called yesterday too to some organisations for help because the md that i have send a month ago the letter, didn't have made contact with me-aaaaargh
Emile don't want to help me so he send me to the organisation-S
i know them, sometimes they are great help but often ..... , it's depending of how they are and reacts to those md.
I had one ever and it was such a strong touch cookie, we loved each other directly and she knew that shrink allready so she knew that i was right , It was again a thing of she wanted to be mighty i was just lesser.LOL
so the persone asked her okay where are you prove of it, and she couldn't find them so she said now you must listen to Jet , and she did.LOL
Yes it's confusing when things are happening soooo fast with chances. you must try to do the normal things too and try to coop with it, That's almost impossible.
i know that too.
but that's why we must take some break times and doing just fun things to make our brains just seatling down and we can seatle down in our own situation.
When you are having sooo less energy level and doing all the things you must do for getting sorting out and filling forms and doing the normal daily t hings as well and keeping a household there isn't time for us selfs.
so i hope you will take more time for you.
Gerard always tells me Jet we getting old too.LOL
He is right getting older and having less energy is getting worse when we don't make time for our selfs.
and helping others we can only do that when we are taking our selfs seriously and strong ;-D
You knew that allready.LOL
Yesterday eve Wouter called me again for his problems but .... it was only one hour.LOL and i knew to stay out of troubles he was doing the talking.LOL
proud of me the next time i must do more with the time.
must go today to the centre again, i havent' got my vote ticket received and this is a importend voting. It can efflect the sitting parlement.;-D
so i must hold it up-aaaargh.
it's very far almost an hour to traffel-S
and the new building isn't really driveable.-S
Have been cald yesterday of the person which i will do t he talking of the aldermen meeting, it was funny liked it.
He told me where i had to go, he was the friend that had m ade the theatre in my neighbourhood driveable and i was his testing.LOL
but i'm bad in names to remember i know the images and pictures so when he told me it's in the Vorstelijk complex , i asked him where is that.
silence... then he told me we where there for the play.;-D
We talk about what we wanted to say.
i think he is right about it, and i will help him.
Talked about the speacher architect and he knew him as well, we were agree that he wasn't sooo great and kind and nice persone.
Yes it's going a tiny bit better Glad of.
and yeah it will cost more time to recover-S
hey must go to my job.
have to do too much-S
hey wish you much luck with the school problems and much luck and succes with your new lessons of therapy.
and remember the badge isn't you , it's only a badge you can take off;-D
inside you're still the same, and give directions of how you want the help.
i had often help and at home my groceries where stamped bananas/LOL
and more of that.-S
And not all the help without giving directions are great so give them , tell how you and what you want.
So your ginger cookies aren't at home mashed.LOL
hey love you my sweet vip vip vip friend
still we don't have the snow. sooo glad of.
but we have had in march often some snow as well.-S
keep my fingers crossed for both of us, that it will melted soon away for you;-D
lots of gentle hugs and thousend washable kisses of me;-DLOL
hey have a nice good day, sweetie;-D
Elizabathory · Frankston, Victoria, AU · 5 projects
Thanks for favouriting my Modified Fan tutorial!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh that is awesome but i don't see it anymore, i think i'm allready out the top 20 , but thank you love that, it was the first time!!!!!
i have been some times been tiped of the tip of the week my birdcage and the mitten heating pillows, and then i was proud too.
Now i understand why i got suddenly sooo many faves.LOL
Thank you for beeing proud of me;-D
it' means to me a lot;-D
have made some brooches , i have figured out that i have still to make more fronts i think 5 more
and some new prints for the other goodbyes and one of them i will give to my mum to her birthday, she can use it then as a keyring.
strange we call them keyholders.LOL
so i have used once that word on here but suddenly i thought oooh you translate it differend.LOL
hope you have a better day today isn't great -S
i'm feeling still cold and badly but when i'm working it's better i think i do today more.LOL
still not to the proper first mail.LOL
i having tooo many proper emails and they are still growing.LOL
but a lot can be answered later;-D
hey i really hope i don't become 85 with my body it will be not pleasent.
my mum was 16 during the the hungry winter in the IIworld war.-S
so that's the problem of many other people of my age with health problems , that's why karin has those feets, Her parents were sooo early died.
she was only in the beginning of the 30ths when she died Karin was then 3 years old. when she got Kai at the age of 28 her dad died. tooo early-S
But karin is a great adoptive persone she has found in the first mother in law a great replacement. That one is for all of them the real nanna. soo sweet;-D
it's very silent today, like that.
still couldn't sleep well of my allergic reaction, Gerard is worried about it, so mayby i must phone Afke about it and send me to the allergic md again.
i can't eat lesser things-S it's not so fine anymore.
Was talking of that with Emile and he said call the dietist of Rintveld, i told him that she has dumpted me at my last appointment , she said that i could asked some issues but i knew it was really over between the both of us.
she didn't answer my 6 months sooo i don't trusth her anymore.
-S i had send a complain to that shrink of that clinic but she has given me still no answer it's more then 3 weeks, i'm not suprised.
Emile told me to ask help about this problem of no answers i think i must call that persone -S don't like it.
i hate those people when they treathen you like dirt-S
it's a tiny bit to blame emile as well-S
He was agree with that, with Gerard they have tried it too , but Gerard reconized that and told the dietist to stop with it because it wasn't his job to do but them.
so an other fitghting issue again.-Saaaaaargh
oooh the new housecooperation told me to be patiencend, i told her , that you don't must tell that too wheelies, because they always have to be patiencend.
she said we all do, and then i told her, i know you think it's the same but that's not the real view you have , and i told her of all the thinks i had to wait on and all the obstacles which i had to take for granted and that all the people allways telling b e patiencend-S
so i told her very polite don't start with this issue anymore..LOL
then she understood the differents between the normal healthies and the wheelies.LOL
don't think she really got it but ... i give her the honour of the doubt.LOL
hey i will go back to my work,
have a great lazy afternoon my sweet ginger cookie
lots of hugs and kisses , pagan blessings and other nice warmth thoughts ofme;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my tough coockie friend
brrr it's cold here, and because i'm feeling still teririble tired out i don't get my self on temperture -S
so i'm covered with lots of sweater layers.LOL
thank you for your great comment;-D and your fave, i'm glad it's for this year over, have worked today an all the working pictures
and wil make a tute for myself for the next ones;-D
must make a present this weekend for my mum she will become 85 , such an age!!!
Have hold today one shelf from the wall, i thought i could do the other too in the same day, but i saw they i must do a lot of electra things at first and i'm not in the mood today for that, so i will try it tomorrow.
glad that i have a week off from my helping friends.LOL
i will miss them but this is a resting week.LOL
can do other things .
so .....
don't have to tell a lot , i'm still working on the goodbye presents the image of the men is almost done.
i like the it, it's funny you will see it some day.
when i'm further in the proces;-D
still can't move my neck properly-S and still hurting a lot, but i htink i will use to t hat. i noticed today that my left arm is not good and i'm trying to do all the lifting with my shoulder, which isn't working.LOL
but that will be beter some day;-D
thinking of a lot things and thoughts, it will be a pj day again;-D
my ladies are laying on top of the heating now, i think i must do some of that too.
i will i think sit on the floor in front of it to work on the brooches.
almost done all the fronts;-D
Still glad and proud that i made the torch lamp , had wraped it great , but th e winner didn't saw the work i had hve on the flower i made on top.
he ripped it of in pieces, thought okay glad i didn't bought one , ;-D
I didn't was agree that they got the prize, both Bert and i couldn't ride in the building without help of others-S
told that, and they said they will work on it. the speach of the architect was i have told you some about it allready was not very polite to the invitors,
told Gerard it and he said too , humm that's very rude to the hostes;-S
but... okay;D
i thought this isn't a real talk about driveable buildings tooo tecnical and with an driveable building it's not done with the problems.
i will tell this on my next meeting with alll those men.
i hope there will be some ladies too.
don't like to be the only woman.-S
and i must go to the pain md. it will be the last time i will see him.
or the once again, must think of it.
still some months to go, i have heard that they will give the appartments free to the house cooperation at the end of this month and then they must make all the fittings to the appartments some are much work so they think it will cost them 2,5 months so i think it's not the first week of may.
i have told Gerard you can go to your free vacation.;-D
hey have a nice day sweetie and be brave and gentle to yours self.
love you lots of hugs to ease all your troubles and worries and pain.
and kisses so you don't have to wash yourself.LOL
hey i'm fond of you my my vip vip vip friend;-Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
I had to laugh at your's too. I'd probably scare a few birds, lol. Maybe, I'll do pole vault. It looks fun yet dangerous at the same time. Plus the guy who demonstrated was cute.... lol. I just looked up CRPS, it sounds painful.
lol, my sister wants me to play with her, yeah she's 20...
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my sweet ginger cookie friend
saw today on tele that they where translated tough in strict, found it very strange translation into the dutch langues.
but often it's bad translated, we always must read the translation underneat the movies and what so ever.LOL
but i liked that beter then to hear always the same voices of other people that must speak in dutch, i prefer the real voices of the actors;-D
and my english is getting better.LOL

now it's in holland very strange . I've you have work they can't set you out of it, but often it's happening because of strange reasons , often the money.
and they don't are alowed to say no about age, gender and disabledness but they will find some reason to don't give you the job.
but the law said they must, it's i think now for less then 7 years, and by sport is the same, but disabled sport is very expensive because you need often an other wheels and the transport is very bad-S
and study but often people can't study of the same strange reasons but they still may do other things to discriminates you because the rights we have since some years is only of sport , jobs and study, so when people are telling me i don't be alawed to go in a building or chase me away because some people don't want to watch wheelies i can't do anything, i have had those issues.
when i had an other skin i could do something because the law will help me.-S
but i'm a white persone so .... long live the discrimination.LOL

but i'm glad that they will help you.
but i think be carefull because you're still not okay and the illness is still in progress sweetie;-S
and you're still not strong enough, i wish i could tell you okay now you're ready to go back.
some day some how you will;-D
i had to go this morning to the feet specialist at ten o'clock in the morning, it was in my neighbourhood but it was freezing still, i did't liked it.
outside the building there was a strange man with a strange look if he was just jumped out of his bed -S and that was the man which i had the appointment with.LOL
at first when i saw him i thought it looks like a homeless person, not fine for him.LOL but it was my specialist.LOL
i need arch support because i don't use my feets they get worse, i have some other problems with my bloodvezels but they don't do anything about that, sometimes it's a mess.
i think i have got splinter in my foot-S it's going wrong-S
hate it that i can't see very well at the moment.
have worked today on the images of the goodbye present for the men.
have found a picture of my new wheels that will comes about 14 days.
so i can use that too , have made behind the windows the cats and myself in the van.LOL and on top a lot of mess , LOL
but it's lots of work.
I have this week free of Karin and Gerard.LOL
like t hat, but must do lots of other things this week too to go to an meeting with aldermen about driveable issues.LOL
Job the friend that has asked me to check how driveable the theatre in my neigbourhood was will be t here as well.
like that, he is powerfull and like to fight.LOL
today i didn't like to work on the hearts so i worked only on this

love it that you had great news, can you use of this title too the transport?
I hope so , in holland all the people can use that but when you have a card it' will cost you less like t he normal public transport.
but i hate it. really.LOL
it's very bad because they will only look to how less it may cost so often they don't come or came too late,
the stephmum of Karin came to the wedding of her son only soooo late that they where allready at the dining table and started on the desert , she got the desert and wanted to start and then the tranport came allready to bring her back.LOL
I know many of those stories, i have had some problems with those things too.-S
and never the drive safely.=S
but okay. that's something else.lOL
he will write you next morning , i'm still sick of the migraine and the neck problems-S
so i will lay down on my fave place and take my jet time.
hope you can do the same;-D
but i'm very very glad and pleased of your good news;-D
so sometimes the pagan blessings will help us.LOL
send you tons of hugs and kisses your choclate cookie friend.LOL till soon
my vip vip vip friend;-D XOXOXOOXXOXOOXOXOXO
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Don't worry, I've been busy too!
Wait, what did you say? lol, at least I'm being challenged.
Track and field starts next Monday. I'm going to seriously stop eating sweets... and maybe I'll work out more often, so I can get back in shape, lol. I want to be able to make at least one of the events for track, but I don't think I'll make it because I'm not as fast as I used to be. Happy Just gotta keep practicing.
Happy Crafting!! Happy
Carla  T.
Carla T. · Alesund, Møre og Romsdal, NO
Hei Sheila, do hope you are well. Thanks for the message and advice regarding the can stack. The part in question is a group of cams that decide the patterns selected. I googled the part and found the price (in the US) and also found a run down on how to change the part, feel quite confident tackling the job but think the machine isn't worth the effort to be honest. We used to have three shops that serviced sewing machines but they have all gone, we live in a time of use it and dispose of it... never found a scrap machine yet that is similar to ours.

The idea to find a used part and repair the machine is viable and I will think of this if I get over to the UK in a few weeks time Happy

Thanks again.

Hugs from Carla
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my ginger cookie friend.LOL
hey i'm not good of yesterday still problems with my neck and head and again major sight problems
we were sent to the worng adress.LOL
and then we had to drove too fast throught the old centre to the old townhall, so it' was a tooo bumby ride for my poor neck. almost hit by a bike-S
but it was great , didn't like the speeches but... okay , loved to see my friends and Akkie and Jitske (brother and sis of Jeroen and some other family of him and....
the politician people,
strange again a year is past-S
it was feeling yesterday the other goodbye meeting -S
but it was good to see them and talk about personel things and to speak of some problems we have had .
so i was glad
the alderman that had to give the prize to the winner didn't know that i was the maker of it. and hold the whole time the box wrong,so i called out of the audiance you must keep it horizontal, the others helped me the accaustic was very bad.LOL
and i can shout hard.LOL but that wasn't helping so i had to give the right directions and then... we had to laught of the winner because he started a story that never ended and didn't wrapped the box out.LOL
so some people told him do you do this on purpose to keep us curious ,LOL
i saw when the prize winner hold it up to show it to the audicance he didn't reconized that it was a lamp.LOL
so i had to tell him that, and then he loved it even more.
it was good . everybody was stunned and loved the idea and how it was becomming and they asked me fot the other years as well, liked that. was very happy,
but now i'm still not okay migraine and sick and all the problems are back-S
Gerard had to read all my mail.LOL
and filled some forms for me , he will go this eve to skyvacation with his friends and Kai.
told him don't come back with broken bones he answered no only with broken hearts.LOL he was jumpy and i was tooo slow with my thought and thinking so he had to explean every joke of him.LOL
when i have taken those migraine meds i can't think and like to sleep and do nothing , i had to do some shoppings and couldn't m ove my n eck so it was a strange shopping day.LOL
so i will take my morphine again-S
big news my new wheels will come 3 maart.
then i will drive in a pink red bright chair.LOL awesome
my friends loved my wheels the yellow pimped one too , and had to laught of it.
hey now i will go lay down.
i h ope you have had a good first meeting with the occupation worker , i have thought of you.
he it will be a busy day two day of trafeling so have a nice lazy comfy couchy sheila time , we will speak soon
love you my dearest sweet friend from accros the pond, had to laugh of your story will tell you some more of that.
lots of gentle hugs and more kisses so you don't have to wash your self,LOL
Carla  T.
Carla T. · Alesund, Møre og Romsdal, NO
Thanks for the tips Sheila Happy The two sewing machines that I have are both Singer. One was mumin laws that we took over when she passed away, I repaired the motor on that but I prefer the Singer 1212 that we purchased new over 33 years ago. The camstack is deformed and the machine doesn't sew waffle seam very well at the moment. The part is relativly expensive and a bit of a chore to change, it needs timing in to the rest of the machine. I think I can manage it but weight the parts cost against a newer and hopefully better machine. These days there are so few sewing shops left here that trying a machine out is nigh impossible.
Congrats to your bruv regarding the trike, its a good feeling winning or even getting placed high up in a contest. The blue Mini was placed second with just one point between mine and the winning car, I voted for the winning car ;-) it was every bit as good or perhaps surpassing mine in several ways. Hugs Carla.
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Hi! I've been doing a lot of homework lately. Today I had to stay after school and finish my test. I got kinda lazy towards the end and just wrote down random answers, lol. But I tried... Pre AP Alegbra is hard, lol. My teacher only tells us the basics and leaves the rest up to us, so then I end up missing a question because I didn't know how to do it. Like, find base 2 if the area is 100, with a height of 20 and a short base of 6... I don't know how. 0_o
Anyway... camping and listening to rock music sounds fun! Did I already say that? Maybe I'll check those bands out, they sound cool. Happy
Carla  T.
Carla T. · Alesund, Møre og Romsdal, NO
Thanks for the kind message Sheila. The eldest of the Minis has a 1293 engine with the Cooper S type transmission and disc brakes. It has been used in Auto slalom racing quite sucessfully as long as I don't drive it ;-) The best times have been turned by the daughter (Vibekke) of one of my friends in the auto trade. She was just 3 second behind the winner of the finals because she knocked down 2 (two) cones... Not bad for her first attempt in an untried car. Btw my mum was a qualified tool maker so I have my mechanical interests from her?
Regarding corsets, I would like to try and develope the patterns first and make a trial corset to see what the finished item might look like. Perhaps making adjustments to the patterns if necessary.
Next is to purchase a "cam stack" for the sewing machine because this is defect I have found out.
Will try and keep you updated, I don't do much sewing that often these days ;-) Hugs from Carla.
RainbowIce · Chicago, Illinois, US · 38 projects
You have lots of cool projects ヾ(^∇^) your rights, I do really like your parasol (*≧▽≦) Looks like it would be fun to make~ I might try it sometime if I can find material that I'd like to use ~ Thankies ヾ(´・ω・`)
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
That'd definitely be a good idea. I have peasant shirts, it's finding cinchers that'd be hard
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
That'd definitely be a good idea. I have peasant shirts, it's finding cinchers that'd be hard
Delphine J-B
Delphine J-B · 2 projects
Dear Sheila!! Thanks for the lovely message I will most certainly use your advices, in fact will soon post some work I did which involved transforming socks and old shirt found in charity socks into puppets... I am familiar with the treasures that can be found in charity shops!!

Have I seen you at Whitby by any chance?

And Beware, I might well send you a message if I need help with some sewing tasks...
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
I have a bigger head and chest and longer legs, so ive had to tailor and make my own stuff. ^^
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
oh my boyfriend is the same way. im not always the fasionable type, but i like getting international fashion books/magazines. gives me something consistent to look at so i can get some costume inspiration
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
oh my boyfriend is the same way. im not always the fasionable type, but i like getting international fashion books/magazines. gives me something consistent to look at so i can get some costume inspiration
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
Oh That's very true! I think that's why me knowing how to knit and crOchet helps, as a friend told me "the big difference between yarncrafting and sewing is you're making your own garment" it's fun to eye the detail in clothes and shape it from that.
danni meringue
danni meringue · 1 project
the parasol is beautiful and a lovely idea! think i may use your insturctuion to make a summer parasol Happy thank you for the tutorial
Anya N.
Anya N. · Austin, Texas, US · 18 projects
Thanks for accepting me :3
I wish I had slightly better sewing skills ^^ I just don't always have the means. I do alot of no sew and hand sew stuff or convert it into a knit/crochet project which I've gotten better at transcribing!
But all of your projects are absolutely lovely Happy
CountessAudronasha · Vilnius, Vilnius County, LT · 52 projects
Thanks for faving my tie ;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
lol ooooh that was funny i didn't know you like those ones.
i prefere choco's LOL
yeaaah i knew that, in those time the dutch where big sailors.LOL
and that's why they bring other things with them too to made the storage much heavier back. they brought backwards ofthe chinaweare with them it was easy to store in the wood to made the ship stabilazing.
and fabric.
And in those times in your country you had the dutch king William. LOL
and because of his interestings the english had the indistrial revolution a age earlier. !!!! and so the tea too.LOL
we often had a big fight with the english people but we are all in a kind of way family. LOL
but families often fight as well.-S
did i mentioned that the baby boy is watch now more carefully?
Have told my sis that she don't must tell me those stories , i can''t do anything and it makes me sick .
told Gerard that and he was proud,
Oooh i think i will add on my name bord for to hang out side the title of yours. Green Queen.LOL at first i thought of the names of my cats, but they aren't living soo long,-S and chaning things isn't sooo funny.
so it htought then i will add my name often on it too.
I found a wheel covering thing of a car, don't know how you call them.
and i have spend a lot of time to clean it, now i have primed it and thought i will use him for my name tag.
i will make the letters of fabric scraps. and the number of my new home.
oooh i have bought the not so valentine paper , wooow it was hard to find normal wrapping paper.
yeaaah i think we must do more with our old things. mayby it 's the old hippie thoughts and too of b eing poor-=S
don't know, but in my childhood we had to do the same, my sis is been raised in a richer time then i 'm so she don't does this.
but she have chosen for an other way of live. -D
don't know which was better, i think i'm doing okay. (hummm not always.LOL)
but i think i'm often happier and satisfied because i try to live now.
i have runned tooo long , don't want to do that anymore, i think that 's the problem at the moment. i must do a lot because of others are asking me.-S
i must search for a lot of paperwork for the forms i have to fill in-S
too much work and some of them i don't have them yet.-S

Oooh yesterday when i was riding to the shops i saw one of my busy neighbours and she said that she was happy for me that i have found the new home.
suddenly everybody knows Haarlem.LOL
okay it's a city , but some cities are much more populair then Haarlem.
But Haarlem is winning more field of populairity of Amsterdam, Amsterdam is toooo big, and Haarlem is smaller and friendlyer.
but the same strange humour, and the same friendly and kind look to others-D
i have missed that tooo much in my utrecht period.-S
I'm not the only one that have found this out.
so i must start today.yuck.
yesterday i was upset i had made a lot of answers and had sent them and they everytime i got the massage there is got something wrong-S
so i couldn't send a message to thank and so on-S
the whole morning for nothing typed-S
i 'm crumpy today, i have done something stupid, i thought it was okay. i had bought some specail glutenfree cook you can eat by your meal and had bought a small bottle with peanuts cheese those with cashews but i think they were too sald, i can't stand no more salt and no more sugar and lots of more food-S
so i was very ill last night and today my poor bowels.LOL
must help them a little stranges things.LOL
and must clean because Karin will comes to morrow.
humm have found some links for you. will send them on the proper mail today.
i found it very interesting.
so neighbour we are more look a likes then we thought we were.LOL
Gerard brought a new phone on friday with him they couldn't fixed the old one.
so it looked that i had again a new present .LOL
still not installed it. sooo much to do, and then i don't do nothing.LOL
have learned to do things in tiny steps but i was forgotten that trick.LOL
the breaks don't work. i t hink of it and then i'm sooo glad of the proces of that moment so i prosponed it and then i forgot it to do.
mayby i don't like it.LOL
that's the real reason.LOL
but remembering is the first step.;-D
hey my lovely sweet ginger tough cookie friend be gentle enjooy your meal of ginger cookies and take your time today for the things you really love, it will be a hard week again of sorting out and of new troubles.-S
but i'm your big suporter and friend,;-D you're for myself too importend as well;-D
be gentle to yourself
gave them all hugs and the furries some gentle strokes and the most hugs and kisses (gentle ones of course) are for you;-D
till soon;-D x0x0x00x0x0x0x0x0x00x0x
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
that sounds amazing! you should try that i would say!! your bustle skirt looks so great, i have to make one for me too! (the week should have some more days for sewing...) i like the idea with the corseted back, it always have some kind of ancient but sexy touch Happy and i have to say i fell in love with cuffs, i don´t know exactly why, maybe it´s the thing that you can fold them down when it´s cold and still look cool or that they´re military style... so, i will definitely be the one who regards you for that coat!!
oh my, now i´m thinking about the fabrics for the bustle skirt i wanna make... i should finish my other projects first but who cares... Happy there´s a huge market for fabric in my town in three weeks, i really looking forward to that, it´s always a special event for me, because you can find tons of exravagant fabric for less Happy and meet lots of nice and scary people Happy)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw thank you for your support my sweet ginger cookie friend.LOL
humm must laughed of the ginger.LOL
hey hope you have had some rest today. i'm bounching the whole day around.
have made today ten hearts on the front side finished.
must do still more-S
but not today.
have made the box for the art gift that i will bring to the appointment thursday , i have heard of Akkie today that he found it awesome and from Gerard too.
glad so i don't have to be tooooo nervous.
have bought some wrapping paper it's a box of deapers for myself.LOL
Not all people will like that.LOL
but i had to make a box in the right shape.
so for that i had to have wrapping paper that was naturel and not toooooo kitschy.LOL
it was a grey raining day.
not fine my ladies didn't liked it either they are sleeping tightly together the whole time i think they found it cold too.
so thank you for your fave and your sweet comment.
yes this is the one i made for Karin and a bead for your ring.
Have thought of you today, don't know why , sometimes people are in my head and then i think it's good to think of them to send them good warmth thoughts.
hoped it worked ;-D
hey must still eat something have forgotten the whole day to eat-S and take my m eds wish you al my love and goods and betters and blessing the pagan ones.LOL
and .... lots of kisses and gentle hugs ;-D
Leslie E.
Leslie E. · Prosperity, South Carolina, US
Thanks for the welcome to the site ^_^ I've become addicted to browsing through all the tutorials! You'll be seeing some versions up soon <3 You've got some great how to's.
Stargirlphotography · Blackpool, England, GB
You're welcome hun =)

Oh god! I studied art and design at lincoln for a year - at christ hospital terrace (which is just down from the top of steep hill) XD That was an entertaining time in winter lmao

And how I miss Sugarcubes <3 Blackpool has the Tache but I've not even bothered going. I only go out when I go to lincoln LOL

btw I have a friend who lived in boston most of her life - she was Naomi Matheson until she married a few years ago. Would be hilarous coincidence if you knew her or her family XD

And yeah I feel at home here in blackpool but they're already stripping away the things that I loved - like the old victorian sea shelters and there was an old 1930s bus shelter near here. They tore it down and built a crappy plastic one nearer the road T_T I was going to do a shoot in it too >_<

But still, the kinda delapidated grungyness that's always inherent in blackpool due to the seasalt and crappy economy, has definately got a huge place in my heart =)
aluciana · Kostenets, Sofia Province, BG
You are welcome! Your projects are awesome. Happy
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Be My Valentine Bustier Happy
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi sheila!! thank you for the fave and the comment on my count coat!! haha, i had to look up what you mean with big bird... but i got it now!! yeah, i think that will be a "huge" problem Happy actually, the pattern wasn´t that difficult (i have to say that i LOVE patternmaking) except from the raglan sleeves, these were a bit annoying, they always tended to bulk under the armpit or had these bumps at the shoulder that made me look like a wrestler...
have a nice evening!!!
Stargirlphotography · Blackpool, England, GB
hey thanks for the comment! ^_^
Yeah I haven't lived in Lincolnd in like 4 years or more and I hardly get back there anymore - It kinda makes me sad when I go back because it's changed SO much. It's kinda lost it's kooky historical charm and it's not 'lincoln city' anymore - it's 'lincoln uni' cause the uni has just taken over the whole place and it's just full of bars and preppy coffee shops.

My FAVOURITE thing about lincoln that I was just talking to a friend about last night was like november/december time when it would get dark early and we'd go xmas shopping and end up in what was then Ottikars Bookstore in the tiny Coffee shop drinking hot chocolate and sitting there talking in that awesome atmosphere with the xmas lights shining right in the windows. It kinda had a magical charm that I miss - Waterstones spoiled it =(
I do also miss the craploads of snow we'd get in lincoln XD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw thank you for remembering that i have the better meds.LOL
i was forgotten them because i only use them when the others don't work and by more neck pain-D
lol must laught of your making notes, aaaw yes those pain and the meds aren't good for our brians and don't forget you have to found out new things as well that cost us a lot of energy which we don't have.
so thank you for remembering those meds, i will take directly one so i have a better eve.
and i loved your pictures , that's great that you've used a longer time.
the pictures of my torch hanging on the wall i have used the longer time as well, i had used the stative for the camera, John used always it, i don't like it to use him because it cost a lot of time to have the great hight and so on but for those long setting times you can't with out , i don't,LOL
;humm said i had talked with m y friend Bert the other board member h ow things are going with DA , and he was agreed with me that it's going not well and asked Akkie to talk about it, but he written me back that he don't have the time.
disapointed, so must think what to do now,
mayby this is the point of telling okay afte rmy move i will think of saying goodbye.
this isn't okay anymore.
I think that Akkie has thought too easily of going one and he had to grieve and mourn this year of his mother and Jeroen as well.
so it's too much , he written m e that he has some other board membership as well, all by all tooo much .
humm mmust think some more about this.
and if i will send this to Bert?
not sure.
LOL i had some weeks ago with my woollen yarn a kitschy watch, yesterday suddenly i remmembered it and now i 'm wearing him .
i had allready a watch but this was for the fun it was only 6 euro's LOL
soooo that's cheap t he other was more expensive but that was my own birthday present years ago.
have changed the wirstband allready and a new battery, this one humm i think when its done it's done then i will make something funny of it.LOL
hey will go to the couch , wish you the same cozy couch comfy time too;-D
love you my sweet friend;-D
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and gentle hugs;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest cookie friend
Karin is just went to her own house, she has helped me this morning with the packing and wrapping, it was fine and good and we throw a lot away as well.
I'm working allready on the heartsgifts for the choire, I thought my design which i made some months ago was okay, but i didn't like it when i had printed it on fabric, so it was a day work again to get him right and satified .
showed it today to Karin she loved it too.
but still lots today.
tired and this morning some shelfes felt on my rightside arm so it's hurting like hell, -S i can't bend him really good, think i will when it's not getting better call for an appointment for the gp.
it's suddenly too much , so ...-S
but.... told that too to Karin she was kind an nice, but now i'm feeling worse again.
must rest a while i think.;-D
i must go for the first time tomorrow to the logopedic therapist-S
don't like that.LOL
it's about my breathing problems , but i will give it a try.
When i made the appointment i didn't dare tooo speak because she is a talking specialist.LOL but i heard how she was talking and thought humm you're doing too that sooo well.LOL
we had fun a lot of fun together Karin and i , always the same;-D
Don't have to tell sooo much today,
awesome that you had fun with that celebreating party, sounds very specail, like those ceremonies;-D
mayby it helps so the spring will coming soon;_D
so sadly that in holland we don't do those things, only the cothic people but you can't join them soooo easily in holland.
i have bought some books but i can't understand it really.
sad... like to learn those things because they are sooo old and wise and good .
Years ago a girl where i was with in therapy was doing those things too, but she didn't want to talk about it.-S
She told me one day when i told her that i loved her cloths that she was in her own village much else more gothic then when she was in the group.
she told me she had cloths to weare for this sort things to do.LOL very brave.
she told me that some people young ones had called her names because of her cloths , told her next time you must tell that they are tooo boring and commen to watch them, she was suprised to get them back.LOL
so ... i had promised to write you a long letter,
but it will be next time i hope.
now the energy is all gone and up
loved your sweet comments and thank you for your faves as well.
He love you;-D
hope you had a better day and had have that not fine appoointment
sad to hear that they have made those dicisions but mayby better then trying to work less hours.
this is sooo final for you-S
don't like that for you,
now you must really start over with a new live and new periode.-S
but on the other hand , it's better for your healht i think it will help you to don't overdo it with things that aren't good for you.
but it's an other lost again-S
humm sorry this isn't a cheering up mail for you.
but we don't let the boot sunk!LOL
i will let him flowed too, and try to make you smile next time;_D
he have a good afternoon and take a bakkie troost;-D
or hot coco that 's working too ;-D
It's still stormy here, and grey, don't like it when i was working in the working room of mine with Karin i saw the sun was shining but we where on the wrong side of my house-S so i have saw the sunlight only outside of the window.LOL
My arms is hurting a lot so i must rest now ,
hey don't worry i will be okay soon again and my arm too;-D
much love hugs and kisses , thinking of you and love you
very curious about your knitting;-D
say everybody hi and hugs and for you the most and thank you for being my vip vip vip vipest and dearest sweetest cookie friend.;-D
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Sorry for the late reply. Thank you, I'll try to keep in mind what you said. There's ice outside, so we have no school today. Happy
What band did you see? Was it fun? I've never seen a band perform live, but I'd like to. I want to be in a band when I grow up, my mom wants me to be a doctor though, lol.
My friend came over on Saturday and bought me a makeup kit... I don't wear a lot of makeup but I'll try to use it, lol! That day was extra special because I cooked for my first time! I made burgers, they were yummy. Happy
Hope you have fun crafting!! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw thank you for your sweet comment, i had hoped that you did this to put it in your bag for bad days,
thank you that you did that on your own. and of yourfave.
humm i had followed Gerard idea to make the torch on the plank but it was sooo stupid and totally not working.LOL
i thought it's a man solution so mayby it looks awesome
i had made allready a much smarter solution , but ... of Gerards idea i had spend the whole afternoon with sawing and sanding for nothing.LOL
now i hav emade a small piece of tine strip that i can add on it.
but i think i have messed up the ring allready i think my torch won't be fitting soo nicely in it.-S
but today i have finished the embroidery and tought i must iron it and add some fuseable webbing which was wrong again>LOL
i have had difficulties to take it away.
it's not my day.LOL
Have found out last night why i making soo less hours, i'm every night really ill , it's a allergic reaction but still don't know of what or which?
so i was achting today like a real carpenter girl agian.LOl only not the singing ones.LOL
hey hope you're feeling a little bit better. it will cost some time to heal of the sadness and the mouring
much blessings and comforting for both of you;-D
love you my dearest sweet friend!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my cookie friend, i was sooooo busy with my adminstration sending all things to the other board members of disability affairs,
and in between i had to work at the embroidery and doing the normal house keeping and...
i was running the whole week out of time, and slept too less hours.
Gerard saw that on my behaviour yesterday i wasn't the jumpy jet he knows.LOL
so we did a lot of work yesterday together and i found a smart solution for my meds. i had to go to the chemistry with some new subcriptions , i thought ooooh now must i drive two times or wait tooo long , there was a large bag with other meds allready to pick up. so i have asked can i pay for the meds and then do you want to bring them in the late afternoon.
they will i was glad and very pleased, i had to laught when they call me when i was back to tell me that it was okay that the morphine meds will be come later , i said oooh that 's not the problem.LOL
i heard it was a big relieve for her. LOL
It was cold here yesterday , the sun was shining but .... brrrrr.
Gerard had told me when i had to go out that i had to wrapped myself more .LOL
Glad he did.

wooow what a sad sad news , my condolenses to you both.
Not fine and good. Good that you was with Spud to stay with her, that is awesome . You're a really good mum!!!
Yeaaah some people can say at those moments stupids stupids words, i have had some too when John was just dead and i had to call off his appointments.
One told me oooh you must be glad. aaargh.
and an other told me when i brought his meds back to the chemistry soooo that is a big bag that you didn't used, i told her that it was just new ones because John was just dead, she was upset and later on she was very nice and kind to me.
but i was still upset of her because one day before his dead she told me that John wasn't sooo ill after all.
Because she saw him walking outside .aaaargh i know that people don't can look to the inside of other body's and really don't know how the other is feeling him selfs . Karin my friend is telling me the same when other people tells her that's he is okay , she tells them when it's not good you don't see me so shut your mouth.

but this is very very sad , i send you both my comforting and hope you both can talk about this, It will cost some time to grieve and mourn and setling down again.
send you too my support.
sorry that i was only busy with my own.-S
But a wise decision of yours that you made up your mind to only go to the school and not to therapy as well.
You're fast learner.!!!;-D
or must i say quick?

Nooo i 'm not such a quickly knitter at the moment i will not in time ready when Karin will be back from Germany.
Gerard told that boemer and Kai and Karin were safely areived by Ellen.
will send you soon more mail my dearest friend.
thank you for your nice sweet wishes, you know i have like you the whole 24 hours pain.
so ... we must adjust to it.LOl and take the better moments.
Have spoken off my problems with wouter with Gerard and we made a plan
i must tell directly to wouter that he will only a 15minutes of me to talk of his problems and then i must go back to rest.
or 30 minutes.LOL
and telling him what to do hasn't effect because he can't hear it. We talk a lot of Wouter and of that Karin has said that i must give him the money which i have to give on one of my helping people, but Gerard was agree that wouter isn't a helping people for me, okay he helps but only on "friend" basis.
and it always give me a lot of problems.LOL
it's all of his problems of his brains. he can't feel the things like others and emotions... what's that.!.LOL
so when i told him of the wrong kind of therapy over and over he had choosen and why he didn't understand that his ex would wanted him more with going to her family , Gerard told me he don't understand that, he don't hear the real message . he only will think of his self and try to be social like the norm .LOL
and don't understand the rest because he had asked and she said it's okay and when she told him later that it would be much better to go with her, he don't understand it.
pfff this is soooo tyring out.LOL Gerard has some clients with autistic syndromes so he know the problems.LOL When a client called him ( he was just by me ) to tell h is nanna was died, Gerard i saw that was flabber gasthed that it didn't reflect the client at all. He was only practical .LOl
Mayby it seams easy not feeling emotions but i think this is a big big problem for those people , feeling tooo much like i have with my brians isn't fun but... this isn't it neither.;-D
hey will thing of you both this weekend and will send you problably more mails on here or on the proper m ail;-D
hey hope you feeling soon some better , and wish you much comforting and support will think of you both,
hey have a nice day , much hugs for your sad feeling and kisses ;-D
Diamond Sight Creations
Diamond Sight Creations · Charleston, South Carolina, US · 2 projects
Happy thank you for the tips I'll be sure to do that
J D Licious
J D Licious · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US
Your welcome! I have recently learned to knit I hope to make some for next winter. Out here in the desert we don't see much use for mittons, but even when there are freezes or cold fronts I hope to use them! I'll let you know how they turn out!
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Cool! Unfortunately I had to rearrange the party to this Saturday because not a lot of people could come. But I'm patient. Happy
I'm having a bad week. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my friends. My friend asked me if I wanted to sit with her even though I had an empty table. So whenever I go up to her table, it was all filled up! The reason why I didn't sit with her in the first place was because I was waiting for my other friend.
Today, I made my friend a sandwich but I couldn't find her so I just gave it to one of her other friends. When we were in the gym, I asked her if she liked it, but she said "it was gross so I threw it away." GRRR!!! Why do I care, I didn't make the sandwich for her I made it for my other friend! >Happy I feel discouraged, now I don't want to make a sandwich anymore. If my friend were there, she would understand.
Then I see the guy that I like, grab his girlfriend's waist, and playing with her hair. lol, I find that kinda funny. I'm not jealous, I'm actually happy for him. We went to the same elementary school, but I don't think he remembers me. He's so quiet now.
Anyway... the same friend that sat with her other friends, asked me if she wanted to go back to the cafeteria so she could talk with her friends. But I didn't want to so I stayed in the gym. Then when she comes back with her girlfriends, she doesn't even bother looking for me and sits on the other side of the bleacher! She doesn't even talk to me that often... ever since she got back with her other friends.
Sorry, I complain a lot. Theres just some drama I need to get off my chest.
Happy Crafting! lol, I'm eating my brother's gummy worms!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL you're right i don't have solved the problem of the wool yet.LOL
but Karin will go to germany to her twin sister.LOl so i have more time to figured out this new problem.LOL
aaah that's great of the mach box that was just what i had thought too for you.
have worked on that tute today some more so i can upload it but must do a little thing still.
was a lot of things lost and my computer was not good by the creen settings of m y jumping cats-S
have costed me the whole afternoon to restore it,-D
but now i 'm proud of m yself.
ooooh .LOL now i understand the elephant story i thought huuuh did i told you something of elephants.LOL
yeaaah LOL that's funny i was forgotten that allready.
didn't had a great talk with my therapist-S humm i think he don't get it what i really mean-S
so i felt sorry for my self and was glad when it was over and then i was working and the phone rang and oooh nooo it was that lady that wasn't good in her job and that wanted to hear again what i don't liked of how she did her job-S
I think she love SM LOL of my voice she had heard i was busy with other things and she asked must i call you back i thought an hour later .LOL
so i told her nooo i'm still busy for some hours more.LOL
then she said noo i mean i will call you some day's later.
such a relief i have told her over and over what i found of her doing her job, she didn't she only came to drink tea.LOL
i told her that i love to drink tea with friends but not with a persone that don't do her job.
oooh don't bother of saying thanks but i was curious. now i 'm glad.
i think i will upload the brooch for the choire later on when it's done.
still lots of letters to embroidering.LOL
Jeroen has a lot of letters and his family name as well.LOL
i'm much handier to do.LOL
Have primed the plank again , it wasn\t looking well.-S
and i written some letters today which i still must printed to send .
hey that's bad that your mailman hasn't got glasses to read the 8 i do sooooo my best to make a real 8 .LOL
mayby i must send you cheap reading classes for him.LOL
hummm sooo sad and ashamed Natalia had send me a package and i didnt now that it was a package i thought a letter and at that time i got more packages but we had the mailstike as well , so i have got a package for the first time and they had allready put a note on it.? so i thought that will be the note of the package i have had, but it was hers, and they had send it back.-S
with the note it's not picked up.-S
have told Gerard that he must help me with my mail i got problems with it, still having problems with reading and i have to fill in a lot of forms so i have told him that we must do it together.LOL
Hey i'm proud of you of your new way of thinking of living with the CPRS . it's the only way to go on but it's a major step!!!
not all people made such major steps.

Yeaaah some people are having a boring life with out all the changes.
but i have too many .LOL hey must laught a lot of your compairing of the blue and red period of picasso.lol
like it.LOL
i really change often of one colour of cloths i have had a brown periode , my ex hubby loved that colour and we could weare each cloths so it was smart to have brown ones.
then i wear purple and blue and
then green and blue
and then for my student years again black
and after the art academy i weare red with orange and now there is pink with the red and orange.LOL
i have been in therapy by the antroposfy and i know that the use colours to heal people , but i didn't fit in there they told me i was tooooo difficult for them-S
but that's there problem i think they were afraid that they didn't got tooo much results and so they only told me it's you.
A friend of mine had the same and we where thinking the same that it was only for a little few people because they had toooooooo high standarts.lOL
I didn't had their brand i suppose.LOL
i think i'm now much better of;-D
Okay i will stop , thank you for writing me glad that you don't have those problems;-D
hey love you my sweet friend are you counting off the nights allready of your going out day?
hope so;-D
hey much hughe hugs and giant kisses (don't know how that must look.)LOL
And a comfy cozy couch time;-D
Billie Munk
Billie Munk · Gainsborough, England, GB · 4 projects
Hey, check out my hooded corset inspired by ur underbust corset when its published.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thank you my sweet very importend cookie friend for your anoucement of my package arreivel.LOL
sooooooo relieved , it has been way to long on the way to you.
don't understand it.
but glad that you are soooooo happy with all my gifts i love the story how you told of all the unwrapping.LOL
Had spend a whole day of wrapping them nicely.LOl it was almost a crafting project.LOL
Yeaaah those hoera candles are funny he?!!! saw more but those letters were more dutch. and the dutch tea. Have asked a worker to pick them for me for you.LOL
it's a very soft tea, most dutch people love it. i think you don't because you're much stronger tea adjust too.
but its dutch. did you love the tiney machbox with the tiny letter too?
i have made a tute of that one, the ring will come later.
yeaaah i knew you loves those cakes they are sooo pretty i always buy them for everyone, too for myself but always sending him aways.LOL
they are very inspiring of design for other crafts.
I have made the ring of a lid of a med tube. LOL
oooh the med box wrapping i have learned that from you.LOL
some of t he paperclip were in those boxes , Gerard have read them too he was very interested of your meds.LOL
it's british so he would try if he know them as well.LOL
Had done too less for the art gift today had to do a lot of other adminstration.
written a letter with a big complain and had to fill in forms and had to make a list of prescribtions for my m eds for the gp , so i have been out, it was cold , but it was dry. and the sun was shining;-D
It's far to drive to the gp health center a half hour , saw my neighbour and told her that i will leave ,she was very glad for me and told that it was awesome for me that i will go to the old centre of Haarlem. Strange suddenly there are a lot of people that knows Haarlem well.LOL
told her that i will live on the top floor so i don't have eliphants above my head no more, she is a friend of my above neighbours so she didn't react on it.LOL
soooo... did a lot of other things and the laundry and some priming must do that one time more.
then its okay, the embroidering with gold floss is hard the floss is too hard -S
sitll not done with Jeroens name, must do all the text too.
still glad that you love all the silly package i have made such a ring in pink for my own performances on stage with the choire.LOL
Mine looks like a cake;-D
John found it beautifull too.
Nice you will go out and will wearing him, don't know if you can stand those rings of metal, i always put a layer of nailpolish inside so i can weare them too.
mayby a smart advice for you too.;-D
when i'm here i'm looking to your face and to the tiny hat and things that's mine;_DLOL
Karin and i loves him;-D

hummm i have bought yarn for a sweater.LOL thought poor Karin you don't like this.LOL she will come again about 14 days so i have time to hide it for her.
pink and red. bright colours. think it will be looking greate.
Have thought too of my present to say goodbuy to my special care people.
something with a heart i have made a new design for the choire i will make heart of them so they can weare it during their performances.
will send them too the choire , still not fit to drive to the choire.-S
and with out the text i will make the other ones for the ladies for the men i will make something like that but then with a vw van.LOL
Gerard said that it will be fun for them.LOL
i think i will give him one as well, he will move with me but ... it's ending here for both of us. ;-D
hey must take meds and some thing to eat the grils had eaten allready.
Muis feel more better, still tooo small, wolfje must move more and eat less.LOL
i'm given her gymnastic exercizes at the moment.LOL
hey till soon my sweet friend, have a nice eve and lots of gentle hugs and kisses
for the others lesser, you're the importend one;-D
love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
melissa s.
melissa s. · 1 project
thank you =3
was it your birthday to ?
did you got allot of presents?
have a nice today ~Xx Melissa
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Oh, it's your Birthday too, Happy Birthday!! I didn't have any internet but somehow it's back, lol. I'm going to eat out with my family. Maybe I'll invite my friends over tomorrow, since they really wanted to come.
Cool that you got to see My Chemical Romance! Maybe I'll start my own band... yeah, I've been playing too much Rockband, lol. Maybe I'll get Rockband 3! HAHA, you probably think I'm nuts!
PIN-UP ^alex^
PIN-UP ^alex^ · 20 projects
aww! thank you so much <3!!! well happy birthday to you aswell!!! haha i feel the same lol, well i hope you are enjoying your day Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi birthday girl great that you have a slumber party.LOL
i'm doing well, for my own.LOL don't worry when this is not quickly over i will call for advice of Afke.
Got today again of a very big envlope to fill forms in of the intake of the revalidation centre in Utrecht. must first call them, think this isn't in time for my moving and they atmosphere is there very stickly and not fine with those md's
but ... i don't will mentioned, only the time of waiting.LOL
i think i have got a cold my sis called me and told me she was ill as well
Good for you to tell that you must wait after you have found out how they can help you by the pain md, and then finding out what that will means with the pain in daily live and your energy level.
But , you allways can think in others ways as well.
i have made today the print on fabric with the name for the prize on the torch shape and have started with golden embroidery floss the embroidery.
i think that it will the solution.
Have given some pictures too Akkie and he was enthousiastic of how the gift is looking.
glad because it 's alll for his little brother.
had planned a lot but did only some shoppings , had to think today a lot of all the words and other things,
and changed the meds that was brought to me, they were wrong, i knew i could better go to the chemistry my self, and i was right so i got the right ones and was glad.;-D
and found some new poetry images, in the craft store;-D
i have bought one page to celebreathe my victory.LOL
hey have a nice slumber party in your pj's and take it easy and calm.
love you my sweet girl,
much more happy birthday greetings kisses and hugs from me;-D xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm not fine, but it's an honest answer and i'm glad that she warned you for it. but don't now more to say.
you must now try other ways Gerard said that to me as well.
i'm now very tired of all the traveling but not sooo bad as other times because i have lay down by the traveling.
was very tired and have got an cold, so i'm tired of not having too much air in my longs.LOL
that's making me tired out and emotional as well. don't like that. -S
but i tried to smile and loved now even more the move because i will got some help too mentally because i can ride towards it by my own, it's almost next to my house.LOL
humm happely not really.LOL they had offered to give other people master classes as teacher, told Gerard that that wasn't sooo smart to do.
he told me the same.
he was yesterday tired too, told me that too.
must tell you a funny thing, Karin has got of Gerard an laptop, it's here first own computer, she has discovered a site where you can buy cheap tickets for theatre , now she have bought many of them and they will go two times in a short periode to the theatre.
Gerard told me humm i'm afraid how much this will cost me, i told him they were cheap lesser money then normal.LOL
she had dicovered the big new world of internet.LOL
like it, sooo excithing she is telling me.LOL

don't worry about not reading all the mail, i have those problems as well.
hey it's good that Terry will help you and go with you.
so you can't be too tough anymore, and he can remember other things that we have allready forgot or excepted.
i was forgotten that i had the breathing problems of my longs so at first i told ooooh i'm very healthy LOL Gerard told me Jet you have had some problems .LOL
and other things.
and too what it's doing for him, sometimes that's good for an gp to hear as well.
hey wish you lot's of strenght and hope you have an nice and fun birthday tomorrow.
hope you will got my package soon;-D
or just in time.LOL
hey wish you all my love, comforting and strenght and all the pagan blessings and other nice good thoughts and hughe gentle hugs and kisses
love you and lots of normal hugs and kisses as well.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL must laught because i had just read the proper last mail and had written you back so i'm now have read them all and we did it again, talking on differend places at the same time.LOL
hey sleep well, till soon, much hugs and greetings
i didn't forgot it of friday.LOL laughting and crying is funny poor you.;-D
hey it's a big thing but you will be some day adjust to this.and having less more difficults , really. so take it easy like you told me my dearest mum.LOL
so you've got it back.LOL
hey do only nice fun things and things you like that will help you to distract you of the bad pains;-D
and try to meditate and use heatings , send you all my comfortings and suport
now , now i must stop , till soon and lot 's of hugs and kisses much one as well for easing the pain and problems;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Helllo my vip vip vip cookie friend from across the pond;-D
aaaw LOL thats' a smart handy present. humm if he don't does the laundry tell him that the arm isn't long enough for to do them.LOL
Yust got back from Wijk aan Zee, have seen the sea, it was beautiful and love to hear him and wach him and smells him. salt
love the sky as well, it was a great gift.
the appointment was i think good but i was allready too tired so i couldn't heard everything only afraid that they would tell me that i'm a faker-S
but that 's not what was happening. but he must talk to others to think what will be the best for me.
so i will hear that on the phone.
i had to cry a lot of tieringness and too of talking about John. and that i stil stucked to home like you.
it was a very friendly md , very young, Gerard has explained a lot later of the conversation to me.
and .... i was glad with his help soooo sweet and nice and kind.
so i must wait, still hopefull, and still loving the view of the sea.
the laying down driving in a car is less problematic for me, still hurts but i'm lesser sick afterwards, still have allready eyemigraine.
i couldn't check the form that the lady on the desk had made at her desk in the compoter on the screen so she had to read it for me.LOL
still in a strange mood, Gerard had thought of some option of to do , only to ease the problems the true of not getting better is sad but i can live with it when things are a little better/.
Told Gerard what i wanted to make for Emile and he said he will love it, the idea of knitting a VW van is tooo much work so i will make a picture of it and print it on fabric and like it did with the keyholder of Karin the flying heart to give him.
and for the ladies i make a more ktischy look fairy tale version.LOL
a tough one and a kitsch one ;-D
i thought of making my own moving cards but Gerard said noo you can make a card when you're seatled down in Haarlem no only use the normal bought ones.
it's tooo much work and i must wrap as well;-D
Gerard told me that i had made soooo much improvement and that he is proud of me of the adhd couching, i'm agree with him.
very glad of it. and it made me smile;_D
i will try to make the right colour of paint to day to add to the blank pieces on the torch. Have tried if i had the right acrylic sharpies, but they weren't the right ones.-S
and i think i mus tmake a design for the embroidery.
Will tell you later more, i hope last night i wasn't able to do soo
but you are allways in my mind specially when you have a hard time my sweet friend.
so i will take in my mind a bakkie troost with you;-D
hope you are having a better day, and some rest say hi to everyone and give your furries some hugs and strokes from me.
for you all my love an d h ope your packages will come soon now. You must sign for it. sorry for that, but then i think you will got it.
give you much gentle larges hugs and kisses
till later.;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Syl · Bayamón, Bayamón, PR · 15 projects
Oh' Im a cat lover to I once have a cat named Buffy - (The chazing mouse) I made a tutu and a dress for cats you can see them on my website on the Customer Reviews part... My dream cat is a Sphynx ...nice to meet you!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooh this is good news, that you have a lesser pain day. soooooo glad to hear.
must think of all the news of today, or not news.LOL
don't know what to think or to do with it, my neck is hurting now of the traveling the morphine didn't worked great so i know i will have soon migraine its' feeling allready .
have worked a little bit i have printed on fabric all the green pictures and have glued them on the torch , but the not covered white part must be painted green as well i think, must do that in dail light.
now must think how big i will make the text on the torch that i will embroidering.
with cold. (fake one gold, i\m just a poor girl.LOL)
Had made for Gerard a accordion of paper with a calender of 2011 in site, he loved it, saw when i gave it to him t hat i hadn't gllued it very well, so i said that to Gerard and he said oooh lucky me i have glue at home my self,LOL
he told me that he just discovered that he loved the most the accordion , he's playing in his first rock band , hummm which is rest off .
a friend of him is died last year suddenly, so the boy of that member will drumm in the band and kai Gerards son will do along with them.
like it.
will see him tomorrow again.
then i will see the sea. strange like the idea.
cheering me up.;-D
about your other comment glad that we can choose our one ways or think of ...
don't know but i'm glad that we are both creative and that we are surfivers.
not always but often.
and that i have you to share my thoughts it's very helping,
mayby i must cry next week.LOL
i'll keep you posted my dearest friend
i've i can do something else just let me know for now again a bakkie troost my dare.LOL A bakkie is a cup it's dialect amsterdams.LOL
hey take it easy do things you only want to do the rest let it rest for the others, you need to rest and i think they will do the laundry for you as well when you are willing to ask for it.;-D
hey much comforting and love and greetings and kisses and hugs a lot of them, i'm thinking of you;-D xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
good afternoon
my friend
just got back of the hospital the neurologic can't do anything had thought all ready of that, so it's okay , gerard said to me up to the next step.
he said to me Jet you have still problems so don't declare your self healthy.
the damaging in my neck are still in it.
and i said to the neurolog when he told me i can't help you , soo sorry , that i liked it tha the was h onest with me and said that's very cool.LOL
he had to laught Gerard too . didn't does that on purpose
i must only take my migraine meds.
i have layed in the car and that's working better but it feels very strange.LOL
will write you later on a longer piece.
hope you're a little better of your mood.
if not it's okay crying is okay for you, you must adjust to tooo much new things -S
hey thinking of you , don't forget you.;-D
lots of hugs and kisses to eas your pain and problems ;-D
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
I'm glad to b part of ur game. I find myself using the some same basic materials but I'm always finding odds and ends
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi my cookie friend,
have tried to make pictures for you but still not uploaded, didn't have eat anything so i must do that at first, i think i will send you them tomorrow
because.... i have covered the flame shape with the webbing.
had tried it yesterday in a too speedy way it was looking horrible.LOL
so i had to try it again.LOL
so i have spend the whole day to make it neat and cool, had to cut in it, and didn't like it but that was the only possible way, because it's too tiny and fracile to sew it on the shape.
and have tried out how the pictures are becoming when i have printed them on fabric, must now make them all on the right sizes.
but still proud of it, because i was a little bit afraid for this step
i had to be tough , so i told my self you running out of time my dear so do it, don't wait any longer so i had finely the guts.LOL
and now proud of my work.
i was afraid if the fabric woould make it bold but it's okay still , when the torch is covered up with the fabric green pictures it will be again in proportions.
i was sick but didn't had a real migraine it was against it.
had a strange eye , it's hurting behind my eye so i must be careful

woooow proud of you my friend!!! you're a my fave student.LOL
Glad that my words are helping you, And when they buy more it will be there reward, for you it was normally to do , but for them,....LOL
so try to look at it that way and tell you need the same rewards as well.LOL
My sis called ooooh again more problems will tell you about them tomorrow i'm getting sooo tired of that.-S
tomorrow Karin will comes and i must still clean my mess only made it worse.LOL
but she will come some bit later so i have some time;-D
have cleaned myself properly because i must travel to md appoinments.
so i don't smell.LOL
mayby to patouchilli so they will think oooh she have used a joint.LOL
and then i will tell them noo i have migraine and have sight problems.LOL
hey till tomorrow i think it will be in the afternoon because of Karins help.
have said to Gerard and Karin thanks for the lids for you.
and they liked it that you were sooo happy with them.LOL
hey my sweet vip vip vip friend have a nice cozy sheila time and sleep well
and to the others hugs or strokes.LOL you can choose wich one will got them.LOL
hey love you , lots of gentle hugs and normal kisses
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Lol I may just post the trike as a project. I used to be big into chopper style bicycles, guess it's the Hispanic in me.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL have send you just yet a proper mail as well.
we did it agian.LOl
hey you're very brave girl!!! proud of you i must take you as my rollmodel.LOL
have an nice lazy comfy couch sheila time eve and sleep well, much better then last night.
love you much hugs and kisses;-D
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
That really sucks, I had to strip my hair to put the pink and blue in, then ended up making it purple when that washed out. My hair is really damaged now so i want to dye it a permanent colour now so I only need to dye it every two months. My hair grows really slowly
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
I saw Loreal's bright red today, I think I'm gonna try it when my purple has washed out completely. I love red hair!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my cookie friend
hummm yes not good news, but don't forget you can still move your arms.!!!
Have seen a lot of patients with the same without treadment and they couldn't move anymore.
so ,.... hope you can think this way. I know this is not fine and good news so cry and as well be after that glad of your movement you have still.
mayby it's not great to hear from me , but i try this always by my self, sob a lot of tears on my fave couch one day and then told me but.... you can do ...still that and that so lives is going on.
I know you're strenght and now that i'm sometimes very angry when people tell me to stay positieve. because i must still cry about it and adjust to the new situation so ... mayby this is too early.
Wish you a lot of strenght, hummm can i write to you on the proper mail way?
don't know if you can read my proper ones?
just let me know;-D
But it helped me always when Gerard tell me look to the things which you can do still.

show Gerard the webbing and he found it beautiful we talk about the hanging thing but was agree with me that i must make him less importend then the torch because that's the importend one.
but was afraid that it would be too busy as a whole thing.
i'm too so i think i must made the pictures first without a colour and then in a very soft colour green and very light.
Green , bright one green is the colour of our logo.
thought already that i must stamp or brush some soft yello on it or gold because the name is in gold embroidered too.
i must start this weekend, have bought some transfer printing paper for fabric
this steps are tricky ;-D
so i try to do nothing.LOL but i know i must work on it now much harder.
because next week i have to travel-S So i will be the whole week sick of t hat and ill.
must think what i can do about that. Have thought of a small present for all my caring people , like that to do. I have always given small presents for people mostly small pictures but i think i will do something else.
so lot to thing off.LOL
Have found some links for you that mayby are interesting for you:

under neat this article you can find other interesting links;-D

about the new treatment Gerard and Karin have had much profite of that.
With not all people it will work out but by the most of it.
the first time it will last a short time but after some more you will have much more profit of it.
i liked it, hey must write a lot comments so i will send you later one as well;-D
have an nice pj day my sweet friend , be gentle to yourselfs and much gentle hugs for ease the pain and the normal hugs and kisses because i 'm fond of you;-D
till later;-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
What an interesting life u've led I must say. Alas my Trike isn't as fancy, it is the pedaling kind lol. Its sort of a deep red with extra long forks and a banana seat I upholstered. I need to get a hold of a lathe so I can make an extension for the brakes cuz well... my breaks have been my feet and I almost died on the thing a few years back. It sits in a basement corner like a chrome and rusty dragon.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL we allways do the strange thing to send a proper mail and one too on cok.LOL
saw that you had given me a fave but thought first i must answer your last proper one.
and then i w ill hop to your page.
thank you of your sweet nice comment and your fave on the ... webbing project.
much to long title.LOL
did it again.
always telling me shorter once to make.
but you know me like others that i always must use a lot more words.LOL
my therapist found my letter to the shrink too long as well.
found him only short.LOL
have send him too to Geard . and then i will post him to her.
don't think she will answer me but this is better for me.
hey till soon my dearest neighbour and be gentle to yourself;-D
lots of love kisses and hugs and fun as well;_D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PixyStix6 · 5 projects
I love the jabot you made it's soo pretty! I'm trying to make one, but I don't quite understand the pattern :C but we'll see how it turns out haha
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Happy kindred spirits from across this great pond
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Oh and while it's fresh in my mind I must say gallows humor is a club we're both members of lol. Reminds me of one of my rhyming fits I'm prone to.
Hung by the neck til dead
was the sentance wrought upon his head
Boots, sized thirteen the hangman would have gained had he the courage to pry them from his cold feet
But his fears were well founded, so down the creaky gallows stair he did retreat
I forget the rest it was supposed to go in Halloween cards but I never got around to it lol
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Huzzah, I very much appreciate the comments I feel that much more accomplished. I am pleased that the little beings that frolic in my imagination are so well recieved especially by people with tremendous talent like yours Happy
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
I've never heard of that brand of dye, I don't think we get it here. I want to dye my hair red again as soon as my purple washes out completely so I'm just looking for a nice red that's not too dark
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL we did it again.LOL i have just send you a proper mail so i will be short on this one.;-D (humm i hope.LOL)
aaaw thank you of thinking of an helpfull idea, sooo sweet in your tought times!!!
i use the whole time the collar sometimes as well in my house because my head is sometimes too heavy to stay straight up the whole day.LOL
i know i must do it still. and then its some bit easier to stay straight.LOL
thank you for your sweet thoughts and helpfull advice.
hey till soon , love you my vip vip vip vip vip friend;-D
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
Hi Sheila, as a matter of curiosity, what hair dye do you use? I love your hair colour
CraftyFox · 11 projects
Hi Shelia! Thanks for your message - I had tried to leave a message on your Folly photographs page, but I was having difficulty early today and none of my messages or favourites were showing! ... it seems the gremlins have been all sorted out now though. =-)
The Folly looks amazing and a very peaceful, spiritual spot. Hopefully if (when) I make it over to the UK one day I can look at sites like this in person.
How wonderful that you got to meet Rowan Atkinson! What a hoot! I love that dry sense of humour. =-)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL had just send you a proper mail!!!LOL
we do it agian.LOl must laught of it, i could know it .LOL
aaaaw i wish you saw him lesser.LOl so you were sleeping and not the bird.LOL
still glad that i have given him to you.
thank you of your comment and your fave , love that.
glad that one fave is on him/her, don't know which gender it has.LOL
but by birds it's hard to see.LOL
my first mum in law had a lot of difficults with it as well with her birds.
she had always singing birds in a cage and when i met her she had a couple but later she didnt know what the next generation of them was.LOL
humm must go now really, sooo jumpy.LOL
hey sleep well my dear friend and have a nice comfy cozy couch eve ;-D

CO + K User

We had a thick frost last night but it was gone by this morning. I've been checking the weather and we *may* get away with it, the sky is looking very dark at the moment though. I hope it's just rain. Luckily I went shopping a couple of days ago so should be okHappy
Still haven't started on the Welsh heart yet lol, I think embroidery is def the way to go though and I reckon if I can cut a space invader out then I should be able to cut a dragon outHappy

CO + K User

Ugh being in hopsital over the festive sucks:/ We had major snow and were cut off for a bit which was a nuisance but heigh hoHappy
Thank you for the kind wordsHappy I am a bit obsessed with heart shapes at the mo, I made a new pincushion and that's heart-shaped too lol. I'm thinking of doing a Welsh version of the flag heart but I think the dragon may be troublesome, still gotta try these thingsHappy
Weezie · Blackburn, England, GB · 4 projects
Yes, Jet seems very sweet. And also very talented. I've saved a few of her how-to's in my lists.

Well I'm on the wrong side of 25 now (I'm an "older-than-her-years 26) and come from a very crafty family. My family has always been working class and so had to be creative and good with their hands. I guess it rubbed off on my generation.

My sister Lucy is on this site too. She's mainly into sewing, though like myself, is not sure about the technicalities yet. I should get my sister Laura to join as well. She likes any craft medium so long as she can give it a Gothic or kitsch twist.

I've been saving recipes like mad from this site. I'm such a foodie, which is why I love Twinkie Chan's stuff. The craft I make the most time for is crochet so I get a lot of inspiration from her. If I can't eat my cake then I'll wear it! =)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL must laught of your story in the shop , aaaw poor you.
proud of you to ask for help!!! congreatulations!!!
i will do today a little on Jeroens project too, bit by bit.
and must still send wouter a card-/
Yeaaah muis is a real cat instead of wolfje.LOL
she is a real wolf, always must keep an eye on her.LOL
have finely change and cleand my sheets and blankets of my bed.
after weeks.LOL filty huh.LOL
now must Jet still cleand up.LOL
must save some energy for that.
tomorrow i was too impatience and thought the fabric is dried enough it wasn't;-/
i can restore it.
have layed it on the central heating.LOL
will make today the elektric wire , that must do it. i think.
saw yesterday a great tute of how you can use too photo's on things, and thought that is what i 'm looking for.
i know this allready so i can do my own thing differend with fotoshop.
i love it though.
Got a mail of my community worker they will give me the money for the bill, so i can finely pay the money for the occupation hours for the fitting of my new chair.
strange that i still don't have him.
she wished me a nice fun good exithing year she know that i will move.LOL
like that, i have seen her in real live often when i was working for the community for disabled persons and they have asked me often to do some jobs for them too.
but in Haarlem i will be the unknown person again, i like that.
a fresh new brand start.
mayby an other colour in my hair, hummm the rest of it.LOL
purple ?
must think of it.
don't have nice cheerfull stories , for this moment, Gerard was shocked of my damaging and aked me if it was wise to ride to the coast for the interview in the revalidation centre. he thought it would be next week, it isn't
i will asked this Afke.
hey wish you a nice pj day and a cozy comfy day as well
hey love you my sweetie and must think a lot of you.
lots of love , fun , lots of gentle hugs and kisses, take lots of rest too;-D xxxxxxxxxx

Nana · Turku, FI · 1 project
Did I use a wrong word? Is there a difference between upcycling and recycling? (I'm from Finland.)

CO + K User

Hey up, thank you for favouriting my woven heartsHappy

Hope you had a good Yule and New Year etcHappy
Weezie · Blackburn, England, GB · 4 projects
Thanks for the lovely welcome, Sheila. Yes, you're not so far away at all really.

I have made quite a few resolutions of my own so far. I'm intrigued to find out how long they will last. The first one I made was to craft more. There's always so many things I'd like to do and create but I never seem to have the time (stressful job & battling eating habits). So I'm going to try and make more of an effort. I'm going to a rag rug making class this Wednesday. I think it's a one-off class but I'm looking forward to it.

Your projects are mighty impressive by the way. I'm jealous of your talent!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaw poor you;-/
yes mum.LOL i have listen too you.
i have only made the fabric, and it's now drying , i hadn't energy for more, so i will go later to my couch.lOL
Muis is growing a tiny bit glad off.
or i have told you that allready.
i can feel it when i gave her gentle strokes on her back it's not so scary anymore.
first i felt only bones structure of her.
now i can feel her hair too.;-D
it will cost more time.
but the beginning is started. Smart of you that you will go to mrs the wig.LOL
Gerard told me to ring Afke my gp but i know it would be t he first day of her this year so she will be very busy and i was tooo late this morning.
the ladies had awaked me , i hadn't set my alarm clock.LOL
must eat something and take my meds.
and will use my heating pillows.
tomorrow there is an other day to work;-D
thank you for telling me your wise words.
hey sweetie hope that with my blessings and my big hugde hugs your pain will ease down a little bit.
take good care of your self and be gentle to yourself.
love you, don't forget that, and you're a very very very vip vip vip vip friend of mine and you have a large place in my heart.;-D
blessings and lots of greetings and laugh and smile too, that will help too.
much comfortings for you.
hugs greetings and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my cookie friend.
hope your better today. i'm still not.
but i'm slowly today and thats better for my neck i think.
hey thank you of your sweet words on the comment and your fave as well!!!
on my tiny shadow box project.
much crafting fun with this idea.LOL
Have made today an other step of Jeroens art gift. I have made some fabric of fibres with glue for the shade.
I have made a tute so you can see later on how i have done this.
have seen it somewhere at a demonstration , the woman who showed it was very unproffesional she showed it wihtout knowledge and she acted like a real houskeeper mum. so sad when people does that.
so i told my own classroom the tute and they were happy about it, and they were agree with me that it was sad when people make such a foul of their selfs when they are sooo unproffesional.
i knew allready that it was much smarter to use other glue too.
some persons were asking of that, and she said noo i don't know .
so i give the answer.LOL
it's now drying.
it's feeling better that i have done some progress.
sooooo tired at the moment the feeling of the whole time crying is there.;/
strange. i know i'm now tooo vulnerable so i must rest more.
i have used the morphine that can be cause it too.
so i have decided i have done enough for today.;-D
hey hope you had a better day wish you all my love and gentle hugs with lots of kisses to ease your pain a little bit.
give everbody else less hugs and some strokes to the furries of yours.
Billy must be glad that the snow is gone as well;-D
love you.
till soon
jet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
RetroCraft by Retroagate
RetroCraft by Retroagate · Bangor, Wales, GB · 2 projects
I think the hatter idea is fantastic a saw the threadbanger one but think yours is alot more classic and practical aka you can wear yours out without looking slightly to fanatically.

Happy New Year
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL oooh that's is calling it. they told me that too of crossed arms and then you must up and down lifting them during the song and they hated it.LOL
becaus much people are too drunk.LOL
must laught of all the complains of them. the kissing too.
i didn't like the kissing too. but ... from John of course i loved it.
hey t hank you for your understanding of my sickness.
love you for that, , have a nice eve sleep well till soon;-D
lots of kisses and gentle hugs my coockie friend.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL now i have forgotten to thank you of your fave on my ecard.LOL
thank you. my brains don't work very well not of the meds but of the damaging.
strange tough.
hummm i 'm very sleepy still after the last bumb of Gerard, so my head isn't clearly thinking;-D
hey lots of love and for your other family too and ... too for your furies were they very frightend? hope not. lots of XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi cookie friend, happy new year and all the others wishes i have send you.LOL
Have seen yesterday your tele must laught of what some people told of the song the alqueentes.... don't know what they were singing.
but must laught of the sillyness of that and how unpleasent some found that.LOL
still not recouverd of gerards stupid bumby drive-S sooo sick of migraine juck-S
but i can hold up today my head a little bit better.
only my sight problems are back-S
yesterday i have given the ladies some bach rescue so they were sleepy to be frighten of the firework.
we have the last time some people that only loved the big bangs things of them.
sometimes it felt if a building was crashing down-S
thye were sleeping on my on the couch, i know that when i have the light everywhere on and the tele very loudly it help too.LOL
but i couldn't sleep only when i wanted to watch the tele.
I'm reading today all my mail, but don't know i've i can read and answering them all, so i will see perhaps more of you.LOL
Hey hope you had a nice celebreathing and wish you all the good and so on ;-D
he have a rest full day love you my sweetie;-D
lots of love , greetings and kisses and hugs of a pj girl of across the pond.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw poor girl does she have now a new one, or only the first appointment to show the damaging?
LOL yes when they are sedating it cost a lot of time for untill you can use your mouth for the normal things like eating.
good that you was with her, you're a great loving mum!!!!
he till soon i must go now really, lots of hugs and kisses love you!!! xxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw so sweet of you to take Charlotte to the dentist, i hope it's okay with her teeths , poor girl. tell her that i'm thinking of her.;-D
much hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL have just send you a proper mail and thought now i will look to the cok mail.
and thought funny we did it again.LOL
I think that we all love those kitschy gnoms deep down in our hearts because they will let us think of fairy tails and our childhood.
My mum found those gnoms in gardens not done.LOL i think she is thinking it still.LOL it was on the forbidden list and not done list of hers.LOL
glad that i have dropped those idea's and can enjoy those strange things, mayby the inner child in me.LOL
now i must really go to take my meds.;-D
hey my dearest friend thank you for your nice comment and all your lovely beautifull and adorable pictures!!!!
lots of hugs and kisses and fun too, as well;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my funny coockie friend
had to laugh of your movie.LOL
but i think i must watch it on the other computer then i can see it much better,
on here the movie had problems with running .LOL
so it was problebly much funnier.LOL
had done some things that you allways must do , like meds in boxes for two weeks and cleaning the bathroom , still working on it, trying to phone Wouter, because he never haven't let me know how things were going on with his mum.
mayby she is allready dead?
strange. but he is nice but sometimes a little bit strange.LOL
and worked on my new tute and on my other things, but it didn't worked great, feeling not fine of my bowels.-S
hey great to hear that this is working better.!!! Glad!!!
Glad too that you have first tried this out and not got the pump in your body , you had then much bigger problems.
You're a smart clever handsome girl.LOL
For me this combination and sometimes for the bad and worse day's i have the morphine pills. try to swollow them less.
Glad to hear that you had an swell time with your new family, and n ot to confusioud afer all?LOL
hope so.
tiered brains aren't fun to have.
humm jumping brains neither.LOL
thuesday Gerard comes to go with me to the hospital, like to see him again, i hve missed those two friends
Karin had called me when i was for the first time on the street, so sweet of her.
so i must try to do some cleaning, but it's allready 17.30 pm so i think i must do it an other time;-D
Had hoped i was ready with my sweater, but still problems to sew him properly.
think i'm to tiered.LOL
and watching tele on the same time isn't so smart either.LOLmy lady's are fitghting they are hungry.
I'm trying to give muis more food she is like us tooo skinny at the moment.
think she has problems with her gums.
read in an article that middle and old aged cats has often those problems with hard food so i have bought some soft food for her, she eat then better, but wolfje would have then hers , so it's not so funny at the moment.
for wolfje isn't the soft food very good she got then problems with her teeths and has to be more to go to the vet for dental problems-S
must find an other solution.
must to think in this old year.LOL
ooow and there is still more snow fallen-S
boring , and boring cold too.LOL
but i think i adjust to it.LOL
okay have an nice resting day and glad that those meds are working better.
and that you will have lesser pain.
hey thinking of you and hope you have a fun eve, say to Charlotte that i loved the movy!!!
hi to everyone too to the cats and till soon]\
hugs and kisses and lots of love and fun;-D xxxxxxxx
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M.
Absolutely! I hope I have time to make them sometime soon. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dearest cookie friend merry merry xmas to you all as well;-D
LOL have just read you're proper mail wish you a nice day, don't say to often Marc.LOL so you stay out of those confusion times.LOL
We had two people in my old living group too with the same name, so we called them little Janne and large Janne. that was okay with them, when they were alone then we dropped the first name and they were again just Janne.
Glad that you stay in house , it's still cold some more snow is fallen on here, but lesser then i had expected.
Hey thank you for your sweet comment and the fave of my angle doggy.LOL
Didn't know how he was looking i was suprised that i had done some more on it.
didn't want to made a version because it wasn't here tute she used-aaaargh.
so i thought then it looks like i'm steeling too-S
so this is an solution, and i had allready made this when she had uploaded it.
so much thoughts to think of. but glad that it's feeling now okay.
hey wrap your self too very warm , love you
and lots of gentle hugs and kisses and have an nice cozy day with your family;-D
lots of more XO's
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
Aw honey, what a lovely message. Thank you, it really brought the biggest smile to my face. Merry Christmas to you too darling <3 have a lovely and peaceful day too, a nice quiet one with minimum fuss Tongue
Kitty C.
Kitty C.
Ooooh! Haha, well my knitting skills leave much to be desired frankly...XP But hey, I'm working on it! XD DURING THE DAY?! o.O I don't think it's that cold over here in Oxfordshire...although to me it feels like antarctica...DX (I can't stand the cold, that's why I was born in the summer...XP) Meh, anyways the quicker I get my knitting skills up to scratch the less chance of my hands falling off... Happy
Kitty C.
Kitty C.
Teehee, that's alright! Loved the colour and they just looked really cozy too! XD As soon as I have the time I'll definatley be making them! ;D
Rianne S.
Rianne S.
aawww ur welcome Happy btw i also love ur victorian mittons Happy so awesome and cute Happy and ofc warmish ;D
EVEnl · Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 319 projects
^^, Hiya Sheila! How are you, you okay? I wanted to send you a Christmas card but the postal service was striking so the card wouldn't get to your home in time. I would've loved to send you one... MERRY CHRISTMAS and THE BEST OF WISHES FOR 2011. Love, Yvonne
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL , glad you could here my worrying, and that you have told me that you use the right side of it.LOL
smart of you.LOL
i have only slept on the couch later on i have tryed it in my bed, but hgummm didn't slep well to less really comfy resting sleep.
still tired of the asthma -S but it's m y own to blame
i'm trying to call my sis off, there is soooooooo much snow on ther road and on everything, beautiful but no more fun for me , i will stucked at home again, probebly like last year through the whole xmas time-S humm not so worse but i don't like the idea of it.
i have seen that the n eigbours made a path but only to the cars , and not on the others sides, so i can't go out, because the have made very high hiles beside the path and my wheels are much larger-S
so i must be patiencend.
i hope Karin my friend doesn't come too tomorrow , too tired.
so i hope i can reach my sis soon and having again a nice pj day.LOL
i hope you too, my dearest friend and.... be gentle to yourself, hope too that you have a painfree or lesspain day.
think of you and lots of love, hugs and kisses
jet xxxxxxxxxxx oooh and have a lazy sunday afternoon;_D LOL
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Yes that place was quite beautiful, I'd love to visit Europe. A friend of mine is going to college in London I'm very jealous. Most of the places around me are decaying industrial zones, I love derelict factories and buildings. I love in Bridgeport, we catch a lot of flak for being the "Ghetto" but it used to be a booming industrial center and hit hard times in the de-industrialization of the 1960's/70's lol like I said I love that type of thing.
I just turned an old gas mask into a type of lamp I think I just may post that tonight Happy Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaw poor you don't scraths them too much it'will damaged your skin too much only rubbing,
told the mum.LOL
i had those things for my tens , soooo bad, and knitting needles.LOL hey you have a nice sweet hubby. LOL
itschy it the hardest thing to stand.
muis makes her skin always of that broken too because hurting is much finer to stand.but i don't like that, all the blood ,it's like i'm a bat.LOL but she does do it herself and wolfje too.
okay tell your family to help you , mayby you hurting your self tooo much again like last time . okay you're very creative, mayby a tute of what other thinks to do with knitting needles.???LOL
hey now i will really go,
sleep well and rest well , thinking of you ,
the pond isn't closed still other wise we could come together.LOL
hey love you hugs and kisses don't forget it!!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL we doing the same like allways.LOL
hey thanks of your comment on my profile , lol
funny that we have the same feelings of fairy tales, like that.
but i think because we still are in a kind of way kiddo's
don't lose that, !!!
Hey good that you will go to Dr the Wig.LOL
if you didn't told me how she really was named i din't had made those jokes. my own name is strange too. i will tell you that in a proper mail. okay.LOL
hey much more gentle hugs for you to ease a tiny bit the pain.
resting is the only thing now.
you're really brave!!! proud of you but it must be cozy too in bed not those boring resting times.
i told my painmd that, i had to lay still and didn't do anything the last time i was in the revalidation centre, ,He had to laugh of it, he said ooooh nooo that 's impossible for you , like punishing !
poor brains of you.LOL
so i have inside my bed always a lot of things not only furrie friends but too books and drawing books and pencils and other things
and my ipod.
can't without him, hey now i must go really.
till soon i will send you tomorrow more mail;-D
sleep well and have a comfy cozy good resting time my dearest friend from across the pond;-D
love you!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello my own and only cookie friend. You're t he reall!!!!;-DLOL
hey thank you of your comment , like it, and the fave on both of the toadstools projects.
still loving yours much more, hummm told you that too in the proper mail i have just send you.,LOL
again sort of criss crossing .LOL
hey lots of love and hugs, be gentle to your self, hope that the soar is over, do you do something on it? do, it will heal better and quicker. but i know you know this too.
only mum talk.LOL
hey have a nice sheila comfy couch time;-D
lots of gentle hugs and kisses;-D
Crimson · Malé, Male, MV · 1 project
Welcome! It was absolutely adorable. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey have a very fun time!!!!!!
love and gentle hugs have fun and enjoying your self !!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL awesome smart of you.LOl and thanks for your concreatulations on here as well. my pink piggy is laying beside my keyboard so he looks the whole time to me.
he is a garduan piggy.LOL
and when i 'm on my fave couch (hummm i have only one.LOL so it's stupid to call it my fave,LOL)
i see your card my sis had called yesterday and i had too jumping brains LOL so it became a strang jumping talk of us.LOL
she promised to come next sunday.
tomorrow Karin comes to help me clean the mess.
i made a new project but now i have so much ideas of how to use them that i don't no where to start.LOL
i think i'm too hyper , called yesterday about this, but i got a person that didn't understand it and she was very predjudiced.-S
so i must asked Gerard but it can wait for the evening. It's his weekend off as well.
Got a mail letter of Karin too, i was afraid that they where too late for their doggy but ... Karin had called her sun and he got to Boemer to let her out . sweet of him
must laught of her kitscchy xmastree, she told me that her sun has two of them in his house.LOL
hey send you a proper mail as well but i can't say on here only hi to you.LOL
hey love you have a lazy sunday afternoon till soon
love and fun and gentle hugs;-D xxxxxxxxxxxx
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my Snow White Prom Dress and for the comment Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Its to warm here during the day to wear winter stuff..at lest for all the people I know that have lived her most of their lives, it was in the high 70''s yesterday.So I send all I make back east..lol..where its colder..dont forget to post..love seeing your stuff..huggs xoxo
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL , i had could now that yuo had written an other comment and fave to the ribbon bookmark.
thank you , my dearest friend;-D i'm proud to be your friend;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey you didn't told me that you had new porject on here.-S
i will jump to them.LOL
must laught because i send you a proper mail just yet.LOL
so we do the same like allways.LOL
thank you of your sweet and kind words, they are for me today very special.LOL
and of course too of your fave. there will coming some more things that you will reconize.LOL
hey thank you for being sooo great for me this day, you've helped me very well. Lots of gentle hugs and much more of kisses
and love;-D till soon XOXOXOXO
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Be comforted in that many people carry you in their heart and thoughts each day that you can keep going.Your such a sweet person and full of life and hope.I admire your spirit.smile.
You are making lemonade our of lemons as they say.Your carft's are so nice and you do such good work.For me they help me keep my sanity.
I have a daughter in 'Virgina USA that loves every thing I do, I send most of it to her.lol.She is thrilled with each pkg she gets.I am now going to try to get some stuff to my new great grand daughter In South Carolina USA she is almost 3 mos.I don't leave the house very often, but I do like contact from outside and internet helps me very much.
Your in my prayers,I hope you don't mind.My thoughts are with you..huggs xoxoxo
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
it's a really cool bag Happy
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Thinking of you and sending wonderful thoughts your way.huggs
Andry S.
Andry S. · Saltillo, Coahuila de Zaragoza, MX
=) don't even mention it... they're just extremely awesome!! Thank u for sharing n-n!!
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
cool Happy
I've got my paintings and other things done so i might put a couple of them up (:
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
Heyy (:
I love all of his work. I've been making some stuff from Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride resently (:
Have an amazing day
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Oh yes, seems we're a lot alike in that sense. I've got boxes full of odds and ends. I'm a firm believer that everything has a multitude of uses. I've got friends that save me weird things like oh jon would love this so I'm rich in "useless" treasure lol. U've got me all geared up for a treasure hunt.
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Thank you for all the positive comments it's brought a genuine smile to my face Happy
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
No problem (: they look awesome!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i saw in my mailbox a cok mail and the one of you.
so i thought i will first look at cok and then of yours;-D
have thought of you a lot today.
but for all the good things and have send you some suport thoughts as well, hope they have arreived , because the real mail is not working fine.LOL
happely we are digi girls as well, works far better.
tell you more after your reading your proper mail.
send you tons of warmth thoughts and gentle hugs and wish you a good cozy couch sheila time;-D
gentle hugs for easing the pain and troubles and lots of normal ones with kisses;-D
strokes for the furrie, and hi's for the rest;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thank you for your sweet words on the comment and your fave on my tealight angel.
you must do it now at the moment with my tute-S
don't like that, i hope it come soon still to you, but when the stikes are over and the snow i gone i send you a new one.
because cheering up by a kitschy angel is working still in other times as well.LOL
but like the idea that you had to smile.
Karin has got one too, and now they want to learn how you must make them. LOL
that 's why i uploaded the tute by your permission;-D
have send you an new mail so now i must stop, because i make otherwise again here a long letter as well.LOL
much love and have an awesome lazy crafting weekend, lots of gentle kisses an dhugs;-D
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
Thanks Sheila! Will check it out =]
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOLyeaaah i thought yesterday eve okay befor i go to sleep i will look on cok and i saw my gift.Jipieee!!!
and of course i had add this to my fave list.LOL
Gerard saw them laying and had to laught as well he said oooh my gosh i have forgotten my sunglasses,
Jet you never will lose them.LOL
but he loved them as well.
i could ride on the snow but it was hard work, so later on i ride only on the mainroad, gerard told me to do that.LOL
it was all ice snow.
but i saw i become worse and there will be more strikes of the mailmen-S
i had heard from the persons yesterday that they had send it by on other mail busines because of those striking problems but havent heard anything yet.-S
tired not fine.
but still smiling of my present.
hey till soon lots of kisses and hugs
krissalee · Williamsport, Pennsylvania, US
Hi! I really love all of your projects Happy super cool stuff!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL next time i will make a eskimo doll for you.LOL
or a eskimo bat that is trying to stay awake with out hibernation.LOL
Karin said hi to you and told that you were very a powerful tough coockie of how you are cooping and a really great friend.;-D
I was very tiered and then i must search the whole time to find the right dutch words, not fine.
we wrapped some of my art work togehter in boxes. had a lot of fun i'm sitten then on the floor so Karin had to look and search and walk a lotl
told her that i can pimp her old shoes but she told me why they allways the same boring blue ones. they don't must be take some notitions of others.LOL
i said sorry but we can do the same with your bag.
she told me that she loved that.
her zipper was just broken and it's her only wintercoat poor girl, i told her i will put a new zipper in it but she said nooo i can't go out without a coat. told her use some buttons she had tought of that.
i told her the story of the read writting and she was more proudly of you then ever.
that you understand it and.... act on it .
send a letter to Haarlem to tell them i have a new suply and some questions of my bathwheels i'ts a costume made one, so i don't like when i got a to big one again.
Gerard like my homework. and see me tomorroe.
we had lots of fun Karin and me and it was very cozy told her of your package and karin said jet there are some strikes with the mail so mayby that's the problem and the cold as well.
I had made one for her as well, she loved it.still hope your's coming soon though.!;-D
she thought too that my card for Terry isn't on time.
sorry for that.
Karin didn't like the idea of a made card of me, because she said you need your own energy for yourself. you had promised me that you would bought them.LOL
i told her but then i send him to Gerard and she said but i open all the mail.LOL
so i said then i give gerard his card by my self.LOl i think i will buy one for her specially.LOL
she goes to her sis friday in Germany so i will see her not next week.
she helped me to cut of the long nails of muis Muis is sooo stressed out that i can't do it alone anymore.
and my sight is still not like before-S
she loves muis and is nice to her, wolfje too but wolfje don't want to sit on her lap, only by Gerard.LOL
must wash my self for tomorrow, yesterday i was to tired, today i'm too but/.//....
i must go to the pharmacy for new adhd meds, poor wallet of mine.LOL
Gerard told me that there is a new med that 's working the same like concerta and is for free, hope that i can change this is to much money for my wallet i give the money back later but still must pay in front of it. it's 80.-- euro . that's a lot of money-D
and some resting time , my sis will mayby come to me, she will heard of her md what the next steps are of her cancer treatment.
poor sis.
hey mayby you must make for Billie a wrapping coat.LOL
poor tomcat sooo cold outside. but your a nice good caring person for him.
My sis had a cat that was living on four houses he got a lot of feed in every home. LOL had to laugh of that story.
told yesterday the song of Flekkie = spot inyour langues.
it' was a bunny and the pet of a boy and on christmas time he was searching of flekkie but nobody knew were flekkie was.
his dad was doing something in the barn with closed doors and window but he cryed back that he had seen him too.
then the mail was coming . the boy asked what that for kind of meat and his mum said something adorable yummie its rabbit and suddenly he knew there was flekkie in front of him on the table , he ran away.
next morning his mother was lookin gfor his dad, nobody had seen dad but th eboy was in the barn with closed window and doors.
then the meal came.LOL
it' s from a dutch comedian and only you hear it on the radio on xmas time, love it, first time i was chocked but had to laugh must still laughing even more.
black humour.LOL
My friend Marijke had killed the rabbit of her daughters for xmas meal-S couldn't understand that.
but i'm a vegan sooo don't understand that never.LOL
okay will send you an mail late ron too.
now some things to do.
lots of love much hugs and kisses and still proud of you and of being your friend
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi coockie friend ;-D
still waiting but , ready for Karin. tooo tired but i will be have fun i will send her your greetings.
still asking of you, but still forgot to bring the lids.LOL
hey thank you for being so sweet to give me your fave and the nice words.
love them. it's looking a little bit gothic though,
Azraels Requiem
Azraels Requiem · Bridgeport, Connecticut, US · 47 projects
Y thank u for the comment Happy I love making odd dolls
Katrina S.
Katrina S. · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 1 project
How do you think the Victorian Mittons would look with chucky yarn, I have two balls of really nice chucky yarn that I want to use.
Laura · Haarlem, North Holland, NL
Hi Sheila!

Thank you for your message Happy It's my first one, I'm new here. I'm really happy I found your victorian mittens so you're welcome! Hope I'll find the time to make them myself as well ^^
Camz L.
Camz L. · Hong Kong, HK
No problem at all! I absolutely love your style, it's incredible. I genuinely have no words to describe it. Happy
Also, happy Thanksgiving! (:
felisdormeus · Leeds, England, GB · 1 project
Ooh I've seen them many times! I used to know one of the members - Kerry? - we were part of the same webgroup many moons ago! I haven't been to Santiagos in aaaages but I really should start going out more Happy
felisdormeus · Leeds, England, GB · 1 project
Why hello, nice to meet you! Is it snowing for you as well? Yeah I go to the Uni - I'm in my final year. Do you? I used to go to Wendyhouse many years ago when I was less of a grouchy old lady! I still go to Flock and various gig nights though!
Tracey M.
Tracey M. · Darlington, England, GB · 6 projects
Lol, very true, we have lots of snow here with more on the way - could be snowed in tomorrow!! Eeek! Hmmm, 2 pairs then! Happy
Tracey M.
Tracey M. · Darlington, England, GB · 6 projects
I have 2 scarves to knit for Christmas but the next thing I will be knitting is a pair of these mittens for myself to go under the tree - I will post my version asap. Happy This is the first thing to make me feel happy in days, thank you. x
Beara C.
Beara C. · 14 projects
Absolutely! Those mittens are to die for! 8)
Leana L.
Leana L.
Merry Meet Sheila,

Thanks for the message Happy I just love the mittens, gonna try and make 'm, hope my knitting skills are well enough ;)

pauline · 14 projects
Thanks for the tip! Can't wait to try it again Happy
Billie Munk
Billie Munk · Gainsborough, England, GB · 4 projects
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, ;-D have send you just a normale mail, oooh that's great to hear, that they were much more detailed the picts.
That's why it have send you the large files and not small ones so you can print them too.
Hy thanks that it wasn't me that caused you those problems.LOL
such a relieve.LOL
i have caused it by others once time LOl They didn't appriciate it.LOl soooo strange don't you think?!!! LOL
still trying to do two things at the same time, i can't , other people can, i'm n ot soooo it's not smart.
Hummm my neighbours are awake above me and they are angry nice, -S
gladly they talk in their own langues so i don't know what they are screaming.LOL
hey have a lazy sunday afternoon;-D lots of gentle hugs and kisses;-D
pauline · 14 projects
You're welcome! I tried doing it, but I failed Happy But I'll try again when I get better materials Happy
Ur welcome darling! I have crotched a blanket n shawl but never got.around the craving to make mittens since i dunno how. I love that mitten u created, beautiful!
Miss Scissors
Miss Scissors · Portland, Oregon, US · 10 projects
Hello! I'm only recently getting back into CutOut+Keep, but wanted to say I love coming back and seeing all the wonderful things you've been making.

I think the pimped sling and the Samhain hat are two of my most favorites!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooh my gosh i think that's to blame on me, problable i have send you toooooo much pictures.LOl
really sorry.
i have done some more for my own later, but didn't vacuum cleaning , now i must rest i think lazy on the couch i've there is a little space left over for me with my girls.LOL
but i 'm glad that you loved them and had some help of it.
i didn't thought that the text was sooo importend for you, because you have studing this periode all self allready.
on the historical the first ones they are from more countries then only the uk.
i have bought that book when i was in your country. LOL
hey i have scanend the book of the drawings of my next home but they were very large so i must connect them to each other and make them smaller and send you them , that will be much later, i must do some more because i have asked Karin my friend to come to visite me.LOL and it's here off all those weeks illness very messy-S
I have spoken with my sis , she was very tired out, she had worked allready, and sometimes i heard that she snorred suddenly and i knew she was fallen in sleep at the phone.LOL
so i told her, i had to wake her, you must go to your bed.LOL
she had to laught too, she was sad of the chirurg that did the procedure, i told her you must complain about it,
Tell you more later next day;-D
hey must eat some food-S and all my meds, yummie.LOL
sleep well have a nice Sheila eve and lots of kisses greetings hugs and what so ever that is friendly.LOL
love you!!!!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i had done that mum.LOL
but the furry's had captured the couch-S
so i had to hang in an other chair.
aaaah sooo sweet, on one of the pages that i will scan are a picture of how to make the old pattern.
and you're welcome for the comment and the fave, you had deserved it.LOL
There was happy for me an other lady in the shop to post your mail, and she didn't crumped at all when i asked her to send it and stamped it for me.
i have tried to make a really good 8 and 5 .
found just now when i was coming home a packages that was allready opened-S with out a note.
hate that, i allways write on the envelope that it was me and that i'm sorry, but others don't do that.
Hummm one of the chairmembers of our coverment is just left.Yesssss . i was very happy with that news,
but ... don't know what will hapened now, i have wirtten my sis a card and hope she like it.
i must eat something and take my meds, my furries are sitting beside me she haven allready got some food, always trying to get more.LOL
hey will send you tomorrow more and some answers , now i'm too tired out, i had a nice paydesk helping woman, one of the older ones, they are allways very nice to me, so it's feeling a little bit coming home. I asked her about her sun, she has a very handsome boy, and she told a lot of him. like that.
it's a sweetie, of charlotte ages.
Got some mails from Gerard he told me to rest some more, but i will start next week with him, he don't believe that.LOL
he would stop our appointment for the neurologic md, i told please let my go with you, when you will pick me up it must can.
but the storages we both were believing that must be changed
Karin will come to me on monday not for helping but just for the fun.
we are both still sooo happy with our tiny hat.;-D
hey till tomorow hope you will have an nice visted by your parents in law. and be brave and gentle with yourself.
hey much love and gentle hugs for you and lots of dry kisses.
did you know that we dutch people kiss 3 times on the cheek.
Awefull much he.LOL somethings i think that too.LOL
only when i love the person very much you can never be having enough of them.LOL
hey love you, sleep well
jet xxxxxxxxx


CO + K User

Hello Sheila, Thanks for your comment. It is awesome that your daughter was born on Halloween, I was close with my daughter but she decided she wanted out early (Oct 19) haha Although we are still able to have a Halloween themed party every year which she loves. Happy You and your family sound amazing. Too bad we can't hang out. I hope her 18th was lovely. I have to run my little monsters to their bus now but I hope to talk to you more soon. Take Care and Be Well.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello coockie friend;-D
must jump to the projects to see what you told me , i'm far behind with my mail in box.LOL
i had a lot of problems today, so we all had to bare the cold of outside because i thought mayby it's helping me breathing much better the fresh air, not. the lady's didn't love me for that.LOL
send you next day more, sleep well tonight and lots of gentle hugs and kisses.
your neigbour from across the pond.LOL xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Danielle H.
Danielle H.
No problem! They're so cute, I can't wait to make a pair Happy And the link back to the original page is REALLY cool.
Anne K.
Anne K. · Chicago, Illinois, US · 2 projects
Thanks for the nice welcome! You've got such cool projects! I might have to pick your brain when I start working on some. >^.^<
Take care!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi coockie friend
i saw there was a new comment and saw as well a real message from you so i thought it must be you.LOL and yeaaaaaah i was right.LOL
send you after this a real one back.;-D
just called to Karin and Gerards was answering then i always shy and onhandy.LOL he will Karin telling not to come i told him i will call Karin tomorrow.
hey thank you for your sweet words on the comment love it.
and yes because of you i came up with this idea.
at first i thought i will only uploaded this as a version but now i'm glad i didn't
didn't expected any faves strange, don't understand that.
mayby because it's a cat and a brand cat and ... made of shrinky dinks and quick to make.
Glad that you still love yours.
the other one was for Tine , i have mentioned you a lot on here in many tutes you becoming populairy.LOL
only in the good meaning;-D
okay now i send you a real one until later.;-D
lots of gentle hugs and xxxxxxxxx
Create&Destroy · Chicago, Illinois, US · 2 projects
Hey. =]
I don't know if I ever replied to your comment.
Thanks for the help and answering my questions.
I really love your work.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i will mumLOL
noooo you're right , i feel i need it too.
whem i'm laying i think okay this is good i'm better but when i'm sitting behind the screen i think ooooh i'm still very ill-S
i 'll call tomorrow the gp this isn't good.
hey write you later on m ore.
no i haven't painted him, this is a real fused plastic bag.LOL
that was like Gerard etui too the ones i had saved for so long times.LOL
and didn't know what to do with them because they were so beautiful;-D
Karin told me to send a picture to the store were the bag where from;-D
like the idea, but mayby later.;-D
hey i' m going to give the ladys some food they are too much becking ;-D
much love ,and untill later, love you, gentle hugs an dkisses

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hi, hi agian;-D
aaaaw sooo sweet all the faves of yours, of the sunglasses and the bracelet , funny and sweet the comments, it made my laught too.
specailly the sunglasses.LOL
hey i have had my shots but i was to early for the labrairy so i boutght to much in my fave s hops and went home with a vistite their too-S It's now raining and i don't like to go wet again, tooo much washing today.LOL
hey much love and kindness and gentle hugs with a lot of kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooooh so sweet the comment and yeaaaah only 6 month more those smelly ugly neighbours of mine.LOL
soooo glad and such a relieve to think this.LOL
i 'm in a hurry i must holding my flu shots, they are for me for free because of my very healthy condition.LOL
but i 'm only out of my pj coat and done my hari-S
so till later, love you and thanks too for your fave and suport, you've made my day.LOL
be gentle to yourself, and try to rest have an awesome sheila time!!!
i must have some Jet time too.;-D
lot's of hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hello my dearest friend i'll write you on the real mail, but Karin told me to say Hello and that's she is thinking of you too and lot's of thanks for her hat and blessings. till later on the real mail;-D
love hugs, fun and a lot of kisses.
kellbear · 12 projects
Heyy (:
No problemm
Your crafts are so damn cute!Lovem!
Lacey P.
Lacey P. · 1 project
Thank you for accepting my friend request. You have some great projects. and you are right, I'm a hat mad person, stark raving even. ;) I wish we still lived in a time where fancy hats were common place and people still wore gloves. I really love the tail coat and wish I had a coat to start with so I could use your design instead of having to make one from scratch. Thanks for being my first friend on here.
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
That's alright honey, it's nice to see a project from you!! And anyway you know I love all the stuff you make, your gothic styled stuff is beautiful!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey you, and goodmoring.LOL
i have send you a normal mail hope it will be helpful.
Hey i see you have changed your about part on this page.
It's the opposite of the first one.LOL
thank you very much of your fave of my swinging to the top and the sweet words on the comment. love it, thanks it 's always a relieve that it got some faves.
hey will think of you a lot all my good and warmth thoughs lot of strengths too and support.
have a good painfree week, lots of hugs and kisses;-D,
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dearest coockie friend
i'm still not in my bed;-D still cleaning for tomorrow????
stupid, but... i thought it would be great to find for you the mail of Gerard, but he hasn't write me back yet-S
Sure he will tomorrow (excuse me it's now too monday.LOL)
i must go to my bed.LOL
hey thanks for your sweet words, you've made me happy too too with your project thanks too for your fave, it's always a relieve when i had the first fave.
he hope you are sleeping, will think of you , lot of strength and suport for you, lots of hugs, kisses and blessings
till soon, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
Thank you
Fléance · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 6 projects
Hey Sheila!

Thanx for the offer! You´re great! If I ever need some help, I am coming back to it.

Keep on doing your crazy+nice projects! I♥ them!

Lunatix24 · Philippine, Zeeland, NL · 9 projects
hi! yay to new friends! ^_^ i don't get on line that much too. I had to keep up with my blogging so I seldom come here. anyways, your projects are all awesome! and yes, you were right! I do lurrrve hats! Happy thanks for the friend accept! ~hugs~
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi my tough coockie friend, glad with your sweet words on the comment and your fave. both of them like it.
muis is still a little afraid of crumpy monster wolfje.LOL
so she is playing hide and seek underneat my sweater on my lap too and too in the cathouse.
it is getting better though so i'm relieved. got allready the bill of her special vet-S
it was a expensive visite .LOL her driver was way to cheap;-D
Wouter was her driver.it is still to far for me, i'm still not enough better to ride on the street-S
hey Gerard told me to thank you for the present of his Karin.
They are gone, gerard told me that they were back on sunday.
i will let you know when i have the words of Karin;-D
i've got some shecule of Gerard to help me do more cleaning work for the big move.
finely i got the order for the replacement of the little wheels, it was too tiny to read it online so i must printed it out-S
the real one comes next week-S
but i had made a deal with the community worker to may email it to her and to give this a lot of priority;-D she will;-D
she is a very nice woman.;-D
i have made her on some meetings of getting the money on paper to are alowed to buy your own suplies, and it was after all a great succes, not all persons love to do this, but it makes it posible to buy a more fitting and personal chair.
like the yellow i have now.
did i told you that he will become bright pink and red, with some black, it looks like t he choire colours.LOL
so it will be kitshy;LOL
still not fine i got the whole week a lot of migraine and sight problems, yesterday i couldn't pay my shoppings by my self, i couldn't see the differends of the money, i was crumpy said Gerard-S
but i'm not cheerful of the idea to be stucked an other half year to my house. okay there are some days over but....
so i must do more things to cheer my self up i think.
Gerard had to laught about the wrapping box of the tiny hat.LOL
i think i know what to do with the new paperclips and with the buttons too, i got suddenly yesterday a lot of new ideas so thank you it helped me to be more jet like;-D
is charlotte okay?
i hope so.
i heard of Gerard that nikki had some problems too and she is now gone to Egypte i don't think it was a smart idea.
but okay... i hope she enjoy her vacation with her pain and don't become very more ill-S
i must buy some suplies for my feets, sooo stupid my feets are subsided on the front i can't do anything with my feets but i feel this , its hurting a lot, because the nerves are damaging of this.
so Afke told me to go to an feet md.
i will.
the occupation therapist will come next week, i hope she can help me to choose the right cooker for my new home and help me to learn a new lifting methode.
its beautiful soft weather looks like autumn but not the weather.LOL
i'm having a pj weekend. totally Jet time today;-D hope you do the same.
i loved your picture with the tiny hat too.
hey i must do some cleaning because now all the papers are laying around and too on my bed so i can't go sleep this night without some cleaning.LOL
did i told you muis got allready the long hair in her fur back it looks like she is on that part a kitten soooo plushie looking like baby furr of kittens.LOL
she is behaving like a kitten too.LOL
she loves her freedom, glad with it.
oooh i have found some fake bones with bone hands and fooths on them and on the top , they are the sticks of lollipops , soooo crazy i have eaten some allready not healty and smart to do, but i think of a funny project for it.LOL
hey hope you are okay and send you a lot of warmth , good thoughts and blessing, you can't have enough.LOL
and gentle hugs for easing the pain and a lot of kisses
hi to your homies and your furry friends.
lots of suportings and still fond of you my vip vip vip vip friend from across the pond.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, dearest coockie friend of mine;-D
i still forgot to tell you that i love you new avatar picture. sooo lovelly it made my smile when i see it.LOL
like the colours too.
i'm not having a great pj day, but like i written in the mail i have sweet nice memories of yesterday eve, i have migraine and i have slept allready a lot of hours on the couch.
muis is then feeling her self not so lonely because she can see me laying on the couch.LOL
she was today crumpy and yelt a lot, i know it's hard for her.
and she will be sick again this week of the xray's stupid because she didn't has to go asleep for that, i have done it without those sedation with my vet too.-S
but it cost more time, and that cost a lot of money too-S
hopefully it 's the last time that she had to go back to the vetof hers.
still feeling sick and sight problems so i must take my migraine meds.!
aaaah so sweet o fyou that you give me such a reward of all my effords on my wheelchair.
it took me a lot problems to find all the srews back that wolfje had took as toys' soooo kind of her.LOL
she does this with all my things-S little thief.LOL but she bring them back as a present to play with her as toy. such a sweet gril.LOL
i love her still but i 'm try ing to learn her that she din't hang on my trousers to get attention or the couch she can jump on laps and the couch too to get some attenion.
hard for both of us.LOL
now they are sleeping seperatlly, when muis would some food she will lay with me to tell me you must give me food.
Gerard liked it friday to sit next to her in the chair were she was asleep but Karin wanted to sit there it was her place. i was stunned of it. and he said okay but wolfje is mine and picked her up underneat his arm and wolfje cried out i don't like this. put me down.
but she had to be hugged with Gerard, liked it that he loves her too. and then she forgot to be crumpy to him.LOL
she adores Gerard so the whole weekend she was smelling after Gerards after shave.LOL
hey did you have made the flower beads?
hey hope you have an nice fun eve and some resting time,
have a great fun nice lovely week, without tooooo many moves and less problems and pain.
much hugs (gentle ones)love and kisses and have a lot of smile and laughts.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i had just written you a normal mail, and saw suddenly all the new mail of cok so i th ought mayby the uploaded projects are on the first page of cok .
and yeaaaah and of you the first fave and sweet words.LOL
love it, thank you very much i didn't acpected one fave, of my wheels because its a strange project for other persones.
ooo yesterday a lot of people loved my new chair too in the theatre so i was proud and glad with my wheels.;-D
love and lots of gentle hugs and kisses;-D
Trickypixie1208 P.
Trickypixie1208 P. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
I saw that you entered your flute into the contest and I think that you have a pretty good chance at being a winner. Its great and one of the only projects made with something/ things from a hardware store. Just thought I'd point that out LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear coockie friend
Yes.LOL it's an awefull smell, but it 's going fast the melting of the plastic so you're neighbours don't have to complain tooooo much.
Mine don't but they go inside.Yeaaaaah.
so i loved in this house all the smelly project i can think of.LOL
Thank you of the kind words of you and your fave!!!
Always exciting when you got a new project on here;-D
the first in months , stilll not out of problems but... i have managed.LOL
i will send on the normal way an other mail today, i hope ( still to do after a whole day Jet a lot of things-S )
hugs and kisses and have a lazy sunday ;-D
i love it
i've to try to do it
Asta F.
Asta F. · Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, DK · 3 projects
I absolutely love your projects. Keep going! Happy

CO + K User

thanks...this is an amazing site! i just bought an old umbrella for less than a buck, i'll let u know how it turns out!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi coockie friend;-D you're very welcome;-D
aaaaaw i love that you've made one for Karin, it's hard to have a sceret for her.LOL
i had almost told it.LOL
yes it is difficult oh i love the other picture of it too, soooooooo sweet and cute and adorable.
smart of you to lay it next to a theespoon, but i loved that too, because the first time i thought it's a thee sieve. we have those, some too of plastic, though.
so Gerard and Karin thought at first it was made of a theesieve.
i hope i use the right word, ;-D
so i think that's why i love the pictute soooo much.
i must take my meds , i'm tired of the appointment with the salesman for my new kitschen for my house to be-D
i will tell you later of it.;-D
hey hope you had a good interview by the consulant
and a good day too.
till later, lots of hugs and kisses ;-D
Mildred C.
Mildred C. · Albany, New York, US · 5 projects
Thank you for favoriting my skirt (and my first project)!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oooooow you're tooo sweet, she will love it, i will keep my mouth of it, so she will got it by suprise.
she is still saving lits with all her friends and neighbours for you.LOL
i must ask tomorrow for hers so i can send you some.LOL
o, ooo my the mailwoman don't like that. because she has sooo much troubles with her computer for checking the prize i have to pay for the stamps.LOL
hey i must still eat something i had eaten only drop .LOL
and meds yummie.LOL
but my pain md told me it's a real meal of meds.LOL
don't do like me, , i will check for the tiny hat and smart of you to add that one too to the contest, i'm still in love of him, so i have kept it away from my nauthy wolfje.;-D
little thief.LOL
but yours are the same LOL
hey coockie friend , have an lazy pj eve , sleep well and be not to tough! and have an funny fine week;-D
lots of love , greetings , hugs and kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
like it that you have entered the contest too, i have done it differend times but not a winner .LOL
yes i think that too. i think i will paint the cathouse with acryl wood paint it's less expensive and i don't have to use a lot of one clour to mixe the right colour, Wolfje is watching the procress ,LOL
i have given my self a big clean, now i must still clean my mess before Karin is coming.LOL
she told me that she is used of my mess and thinks it \s cozy and lovely.LOL most people like the mess, but not all, it deducted most people all the colours and all my work i have the same problem.LOL
so tuesday comes the salesman to talk about the new driveable kitchen i will got and i must talk i think in the big room of my floor .
i do that a lot too when dealers comes with wheelchairs, last time my neighbour said it looks more and more a garage.LOL
she does the same with her grandchild suplies the last time..
sooo, whatever, it's handy and smart.
so i didn't have took a jet time yet, and you???
hey hope you will have a lazy pj eve and a good sleep tonight and wish you lots of strenght this week and don't forget we must act like kiddo's we must take more breaks.LOL
and.... take it slowly, we most found out a lot though!
hey and have a lot fun too;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
ooooow pooor friend of mine;-S
i know this too well by my self, not fine and nothing to be glad with-S When you have an appointment with the painclinic, asked them to learn how to coop with the tiredness out, they have great lessons of that (in Holland) they trained you to do less and learn you were the borders of you will lay , i know i'm still not good at it, but i have my friend Gerard that will say to me Jet this isn't any longer good going so you must do less.LOL
then i'm really crumpy but he's right and because he has his own problems like mine we can too laugh about it.-D
i have cleaned the lady's and the bathroom and the two toilets and i would have done to the kitchen but i feeling toooo tired so ironing isn't a question of doing to day/LOL
i haven't ironing cloths , always wearing thirts and sweaters, easy does it.LOL
Wolfje lay's on my bed and muis is in her own place sleeping, it started to be colder the weather-S so her bed heating thing is the whole time on. so she is like a piece in a fryed pan.LOL
Gerard always asked Jet is she well roasted allready.LOL
sometimes i forgot to set it out and then she meowed because she had to sit in front of the bench because the pillow is to hot.LOL
Gerard had to laughted about that too.LOL
and i'm trying to make things finished, i had made a monkey of my paste floor figures and had some tiny fibres that i glued on some of his/her parts very nasty job to do-S
but it looks great.
and a lot of paintings to do, much work still layer after layer, but i must be patience;-D
still my not fave first lesson that i have to learn.
LOL i love the brush story, wolfje does the same. and chewed all the hair off, so i don't like it too much, i have those expensive brushes that she loved to pick out-D
and plastic, not to eat, but she knows i will react at the sound , toooo clever-S LOL and she had to be less smarter then the normal birmees.LOL
i think i had got the wrong cat.LOL
i love her talking, i know too well what she is telling and nobody can't recist that. she know that too.LOL
i have a lot of literature of pain management but all in dutch so that's not smart to send.
and asked for lessons to learn to do things in a differend way, because of your broken wing-S so you must asked to go to for the revalidation centre for that, other wise they only learn you to do your housekeeping.LOL i was at first by an occupation therapist in the hospital and i asked her to learn me how i could do things on a differend way so that i could finished my art study, but insteade off that she learned me how to do my housekeeping..LOL
so i told her everytime, i have learned that allready on the domestic science school to become a housemum , but i must finishing my study.!!!
she couldn't help me because she didn't got the glue.LOL
so after a year i was alowed to go to the real revalidation centre and learned all the things that helped to finishing my art study as well. i was glad by that, still, but i must go back for some other lessons, i can't till my self anylonger to make a proper transfer, so they must learn me that , i hope it cost me less energy as well and... that i will hold my arms strenght for my more importend things.
soooo cookie friend i will take now Jet time.LOL so t hank you mum for telling me .LOL yesterday i saw more things to m ake for my new home to be, i'm still searching for recycle projects for curtains and lights, i willl have tooooo much lights after all.LOL
but the curtains is still a problem, because i dont know any measures so i make a lot of little piece to make them in the new house all together. ;-D
The special care the last time , i had showed the curtains pieces of the milklids and she loved it too. she said woooow that's sooo beautiful how the lights shines throuh it, and lovely that you let some part open. i try to safe for you too.LOL
Gerard had to laught about karin because she would buy more plastic bubble wrapping, i have still a lot of my last big exibithion in Den Haag, so i had tryed to stoped her too to buy only one big packages, and later i thought i must asked Gerard to order by a special shop , he has his own busnis so he can't buy the things i can't buy there anymore-S With John i could do that too.
so i know all the things they still sell. LOL
and wrapping paper, but.... i think we can use old newspaper ass well but not for my artwork, but that is better in bubble plastic. and..... lighter in weigth.
strange that i will go away from this town-D i have lived here for more then 35 years in this city, strange thouh!
but ... it's good to move to go for the new fresh start.
in my mind i live there allready. strange too;-D
but it makes it more easy to stand all the noises of my above neigbours, i saw her last week and she asked how are you doing, but i know they don't listen really she only would tell me of her own health problems but i told her woooow good for you that you still go to therapy , and she was flabber gasted. LOL
sometimes i think it's good to share but it must be too of other things. like we do.
and too laughting a lot , that's why we can go further.
ooow one thing , when you told me others are having worse problems , i thought ooo, oo i know this one too well.
it's helping to cheer you up and to feel less sad, but it's not good too, i always make my body problems as one that give me a lot of new toys to play,LOL but i don't take it by this way of thinking seriously, Gerard knows this and it makes him worrying a lot so he always tell me jet you can't do that any longer , and i'm telling him, yes i can, because it's not fine to hear that.
it makes me upset, but sometimes i'm disagree really because i know with some suplies i can do it still.LOL
i told him that i will make some closets of wood i have in the house and gerard you can't do that and you can\t use a saw , you must give that all away, and i was reallly pissed off, i had bought a lot of elektric machines that i can handle still but i must be carefull and i cost a lot of strange solutions too to use them, so i don't must do that.-S i can't lifted them up but i can asked people to do that.
I have fixer it out to use an elektric sandmachine for felting large felting objects. but i must lay it on the floor so i can use the weigth of the machine on the fabric and not with lifting it up with my arms the whole time, sometimes i think its' all of be creative.
glad that we both are.
i don't know why i'm telling this now but mayby it will help you too.
and one of the most improtend lessons was don't bother what others think of you any more, they can't fully understand it and always have a strange opion so why not be a stronger more Jet persone.
oooooow i think you will laught about this.
there is an adverb on the tele that show us that a woman named Jet(LOL) don't can trow old things that still is working away.
and they tell what she is saving. some are yuck.LOL , but i thought ooooo nooo Gerard and Karin will be laughting at it when they see this, and they did. LOL
Karin told me the story too.LOL
the woman named jet isn't looking at me but the recycling issue .LOL i having an other problem , when i will trow old things away that are very large i can't set it with the normal trash like we could years ago, i must phone and look for willing helping persons to set the stuf outside, but they don't will come on all the day's so it's soooo hard to find people that will help and the to arrange all the other things-S
but karin will set it now in her car and take it with her, their trash holders aren't so difficult with large trash. Glad by that.!!!
but it is strange that my large trash has to move to trow it away.LOL
it's all about rules and saving money i think with the community ;-D
okay i must stop and go on my Jet time, i hope you had a nice Sheila time of your own, be gentle to yourself, you have deserved it!!!! I know a lot of people with the same like you that don't work any more, so i'm proud of you, but some less hours work will be better;-D
he sweet friend from across the pond , fond of you gave the furries of yours some strokes ,and hi to the humans
for you large gentle hugs and big kisses have a lazy couchy sheila time;-D
much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hello coockie friend, glad that you're online, this morning the server wasn't okay so i couldn't sent any mail or online-S
we have a lot of problems with this server, not fine, i'm always aware how funerable we then are .LOL
all is technic.LOL
i 'm having a better day, my other eyes is working a little better and i don't have migraine only pain in my neck hand and arms , they don't do their job properly.LOL
i must train them some more.LOL
i have just yet the favest tool i have at the moment of yours.LOL
and still soooo glad with it, sooo handy and great gift, the green bow is still on muis her bench she is this day for three times escaped, i'm okay with that, it's better for her, to feel it's here house too, and put wolfje still too with her, but she don't want to lay next to her aunt-S she only want to eat the food of muis.LOL
i'm ready with the roof of the cathouse looks funny and i had some tube over.!!!
i'm thinking of a great idea for xmas cards, mine aren't cards they are tiny gifts that symbolished the wishes for that year.LOL
they are always funny , but a lot of work too, so i must begin with the idea now.LOL
and i must do a lot of housework because tomorrow Karin comes to help me.LOL
i heard of Gerard that her shoulder is a little bit better , it's always fun and a lot of talking, i think that 'she is like me a big one.LOL
Gerard told that too, that it not all to blame on me the long phone calls of us, she does do that too with her other friends.LOL
wolfje is better she gave just now my knitting parts that she had stolen to play with.LOL so cute of her that she give t hem back for just a moment.LOL
they are not to use anymore.LOL
hey hope you have a nice lazy sunday with less problems and less pain, and don't forget to take some Sheila time.LOL
i must take it today too.;-D
lots of love and gentle hugs and kisses and greetings for all your furry's and family members ;-D
love you!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Thanks for the literature info. It's nice to know there was never a real answer to the question...it makes more sense for the mad hatter character to ask an unanswerable question......LOL
Krisandra Slye
Krisandra Slye · Dagsboro, Delaware, US · 15 projects
Hi, I'm responding to the comment you left me a few days ago. "Because Poe wrote on both" is one of the answers to Mad Hatter's riddle, but Lewis Carroll gave his answer:

"Enquiries have been so often addressed to me, as to whether any answer to the Hatter's Riddle can be imagined, that I may as well put on record here what seems to me to be a fairly appropriate answer, viz: 'Because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is never put with the wrong end in front!' This, however, is merely an afterthought; the Riddle, as originally invented, had no answer at all.:" --Lewis Carroll.

(I'm an English Education Major, so I know a lot of random facts about literature.)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i thought that it was a english word too.LOL
so i' m flabbergasthed of your knowlegde of langues;-D
good for you, i'm having a pj day too, still sleeping to less hours and the i had migraine during the night, i thought hummm that's great because i can sleep now.LOL but not.
Muis is during the day too quiet , she must , but when she know it's night she don't like to sitt whole a lone in her cage-S
so i 'm still glad wiht your scoop , in the middle of the night to do that with tissues insn't smart and handy.LOL
so it's still my fave.
thank you of mentioning the door of the cathouse to make him easily open and closed.LOL
the windows are now on the house andi'm working on the plantpots for the windows. and thought it must have from toilet cubes rooftiles , it's more work because i do a lot of other things inbetween, a friend of the disabled organisation was searching for me, he asked me to ride with the just made fitted busstops and busses, but i told him i will go in and out , but i don't want to ride alonge with you all because i'm still sick.
so he didn't had anyhelp from me, i saw it too the the fitting of the bussstops weren't so great either, so glad that he thought i must do something. i told him that i will move to Haarlem and he asked where and i told him Raaks and he said, heeey that's great because my sis is living there in the same neighbourhood so let me know and i will visited you too.LOL like that.
he i must take my meds because i will become crumpy and red headed of skin.LOL do you have that too, ooo, did you now you can have the tramadol too in froth tablets and in liquid shape that 's better for your stomage, i have those too, and i can't bare the one that are for the whole day. i have allready those pills in my stomage during a tooo long period of the concerta-S
so when you have troubles you must asked for that solution;-D
o, o i'm like your mum.LOL
hey i'm going for my luch or better for tv time with cholate milk and meds. yummy. hey love you , lots of love and gentle hugs and kisses and have a great lazy resting pj day, till later,
Mildred C.
Mildred C. · Albany, New York, US · 5 projects
I found Steampunk and burlesque in the past couple of years. I'm looking for all the ideas I can to make myself pretty. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i'm in pjees now too, i had to put cloths on because Gerard came to pick up the bag from Karin and later on i had th e last visit.yeaaaah they don't come anymore, i 'm free again.LOL
i didn' t had to much help of them.
and i like that you have stronger ones , be warned take them the whole time on the right time, the tramadols are addicting, i know that because i had to stoped with them of a stupid md so.... it was hard, not mentialy but for my body.
and john told me when i forget to take them in time, h e you are crumpy so please take your meds.LOL
now on my own i see it on my face my skin change in a red colour.LOL
but when it works then its soooo fine, i hope it will give your more energy, but don't do to much.
okay it was my turn to be your mum this time.LOL
yes it's here too windy and raining , like autumn. strange how the weather can change after one day.
wolfje was in the bench with muis under my supervisie and it went well but she don't want to lay with muis, poor lonely girl.-S
last night my night lamp said goodbye i have forgotten to bye to day a new one.
i had to laught about Gerard, he called me that he would be with me in 10 minutes so i went with the bag downstairs and i saw Gerard waiting by the frontdoor he didn't saw me , he looked very seriously and then he saw me and began to smile .LOL
then i can't be seriously either.LOL
i had got a box in the shape of a house and thought it will be a great play house for t he lady's but after a year still didn't do anything with it and i'm making now the playhouse. i like it , it will be one with plenty windows and some flower pots outside all of boardcarton.LOL and the door with a mailbox.LOL
john had made a villa for them but after two weeks they didn't play with it anymore, wolfje and muis do,
only muis has to wait , i didn;t sleep tonight so i'm tooo tired the whole time, so i must try to sleep a while this eve.
and finely found a box with fake flowers , sooo stupid when i got visitors i always clean my materials at the wrong methode away and then i can't find them any more.
but one of my curtains project was felt down and so i had clean it there too.
and i saw suddenly a green box and thought huuh what in there.
happy i have found him again.
hey i will give your blessings words towards Gerard and Karin, from you.
and yes mum i'm resting too.LOL i try to read a book, it's about woman and falling in love with the right or wrong man.LOL
like it. i have only two weeks so i must hurry.
i'm a bad reader of my reading problems.when i must pay with my card i can't read the pay screen because he is too high for me, so i always must asked what said the screen now and now...LOL
but i had seen too some advertising of people that make the same excuse because they can't really don't read.
so i t hought oooh my gosh they think i'm an anaflabete tooo.LOL
so i always tell them no the display is too h igh for me.
thats sooo stupid of being normal length but throught my wheels i'm the sizes of a child.LOL
hey sweety rest a lot too, i'm proud you are doing so well.LOL
And good that you had a Sheila day, sounds great and lovely.LOL
hey tons of love , gentle hugs and a lot of kisses and sleep well and get well soon. hope the meds are working great.LOL
love you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Charmander Rib Cage
Charmander Rib Cage · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
As they say laughter is the best medicine. Tell me more about your camp! I never really went to any camps (besides a pottery painting one I did every year when I was younger) so I'm very curious.
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
Probably yes. You are used to the country. And you know also the bad things about the country.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL goodmorning poor ill girl;-D
yes i thought the same when i was writing the comments, but some of our storys are only for oureyes so i try to use other words.LOL
i have the same strange things with time like you, always planning toooooo much because i'm afraid of gething bored.
but we forget that we have less energy then others. i'm having those problems a lot of years, and always forget them.LOL
sooo be prepaired about it, it's soooooo difficult to learn the real energy level and how you can put it in a good shedule in the correct time.LOL
but we try and we will learned.
yes tiring makes your much less restitand for illnesses but, it's too our stupid eating of the meds.LOL
and try to use more suplements in meds that you can buy by the chemist .
there are good homeopathic meds that helped very well too.
John used them always and it was working great, john had too ME an illnes that has the same influence on your immume system.
My sis is using them too because she has 3 of those immune illnesses.LOL we make a lot of joke about it, i always asked her when do you have a quartet.?LOL
yes has a quartet all ready so i ask now when she will have her seccond one, like the game.LOL
so be careful with your health and it's all around us ill people, Karin h ad got it too.
Yes Karin and Ellen are tough coockies too.LOL
We must know each other , When Gerard heard that i had done the Jelburg he know what it was. Nobody knows that anymore.
It was a special social academy that was trying to work with creative suplies insteade off using words.
it was an very interesting methode that i loved and still do, because not all of us has the right words to talk about their grieve and feelings, or can't talk .-S
so i don't like the normal talking procedings too, it's working much faster when people works with creative methods.
And later we found out that i had finished my study there in the same periode as Ellen and her hubby and later on her brother.LOL
Karin told me that she knew my name , there was a lot of romour in that time on me.LOL but on her brother too.LOL
but i can't remember that anymore.
so i must know Karin and Ellen of that time and the hubby and the brother as well. strange.
Karin is like us and has the same strange funny humour, we love each other very much, soooo great ;-D
she will love it , i'm sure i have made a lot of self made presents for them all ready and they are all very apreciating by them.
Karin has a special place were she kepts them and the whole family know only my name because of the gifts.LOL
i knew their daughter , only their sun not.only of pictures.
poor Karin had forgotten her bag so she will come today again only to hold him up, her best friend lives in this neigbourhood to and she helped her to stay with their dogs when she must work.
Karin love her dogs too and Boermer their tiny dog too.
soooo strange sweet doggy, he loves all the people so when their will come a thief i will help the thief to collect the things.LOL
he is soooo calme that sometimes they forgot her, when she is still outside the street. i love her too.
she is a very sweetie, loves everyone too much.LOL
About Ellen i know of both of Karin and Gerard that they have find a way to h andle with it, but it's not fine to know and life with this -S
so i understand them very well. but it is what they tells me too, lives go on too with this so don't be to dramatic. i have learned that of my sis too with her cancer. but normaly people has more troubles with it.-S
but like we know , it's a diagnose and not you as persone, so you have to find away to live with it and being your self still.
not everybody can do that. i have found that out too. i was always sure that what i had done, everybody could do the same , that's pitty not true.-S
Ellen hasn't still make an apointment i heard of Karin so it will cost some time more .LOL but Karin does the same.
She is like Karin it will be over some time. so why to go to the md.
a GP is a Md?
i didn't know that .
i'm still in pjees but i must put some cloths on because the special care will come this afternoon-S happely the last time.LOL
but i must try to work a little bit i has promised my self.
hey lots a good Sheila time for today, i will do it too;-D
and give the ladys and billie some strokes and the other ones a hug;-D and much better soons for you and much of gentle hugs and kisses and all my love.
till later;-D
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
Bad news is that they demolish so many beautiful buildings to replace them with ugly new modern stiff buildings. (like the beautiful castle in my town)
In fact, I don't understand why people like belgium Tongue
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi sick coockie friend.
i had to laugh about that we do the same like before sending all emails on here and the normal ones at the same time.LOL
oooooh i've you like she will be very pleased she is still saving with all her friends lids for you.
i must asked to bring them to me so i can mail them to you.
And yes mum, i will do .LOL
it\s helping me when she had come because i 'm then more motivated to clean my materials up.LOL
she saw that i did do a lot on my own during their vacation.
she is like you a touch cookie gril.LOL
she has the same strange relationship with Gerard , what i had with John , some times they don't see each other a week , and that in the living under the same roof.LOL
i understand that completly and know that its working very well for both of them. Her sis has to make an appointment for the scan and then she had make up her mind.
Ellen has a very long time , a lot of years the brain tumor, so they all are used to that. but by every surgery and big examnation Karin is beside her, she sleeps then near her sister in the same room and act llike her personel nurse.
she are very close , like i have with my sis.a strange family string;-D
yes the story's of Karin's (mine) are sooo kind but i think too because we have the same brain issues so we understand the strange way of thinking of them too.LOL
tomorrow i have a final visite of the special care, glad it's over, i had a lot of help of the man, but not of the womens and i know why so i must tell them, but found it very difficult that they couldn't told me any time they would come-S
the waiting makes me tired. i think you can understand that too.

sooo when you like to do that for Karin i think she will love it, we looked very good how you maked it, , first i thought you glued it, but Karin told no, she had did it with sewing little stiches and she loved the colour and the cameo and the idea but too the little flower and the ribbon, she said Jet good that you are sooo careful with it.
she had bought a vacation present not from the real please but at the first day in Germany when she was with her sis .LOL
It's a gardian angle girl soooo sweet and she had traveld to their vacation country and backwards in the car, love the idea of such a travel angel.LOL
she love all the story of me of you, i tell only the good ones.LOL
and the things that i know that you don't bother to share with others.
ooo i had bought a dollhouse book that you must pop up and i send a messages to t he artist that i loved it and was sooo glad with it, because there was real art in the house too of her famous family artist as well too of her little boy, and today she written me back that i had made her weekend. lovely though?!!!
strange thought that you can buy thinks from over the whole world and tell the artist that you loved it soo much.
like that.;-D
i have after Jet time myself washed the big one.LOL
so i'm refreshed and new.LOL
hey hope your tummy doen'st hurt to much and the fever is gone now.;-D
i go to my fave place for this eve.LOL
and hope i can sleep tonight a lot better.
i hope you too;-D
he have a lot lazy sheila time as well,!LOL and be gentle all t he little kiddo's do it slowly too with a lot of trying so we must do that too.LOL my neighbours told me that when i had to learn to drive my wheels out on the streets, i loved the idea of it, and when they saw i could come one street further they were proud of me.LOL
he hope you soon feeling better, hope you 'll have a nice lazy sheila week;-D
love greeting lots of gentle hugs and sleep well too;-D
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
In Belgium, we speak Dutch (Flemish), French and German (only a small part)
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
You are welcome! I like your stuff
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi coockie friend,
proud of you , of the smart solution of some day latter to get of the illness problems.LOL i did this too sometimes.LOL
Glad that in the meds are the things that Gerard told you. and now i must cross my fingers for you and hope it's helping much;-D
no i'm not okay, but this morning Karin was with me and i had migraine so we made only a plane and she would bring my letter for repeating subscriptions to the md.
she loved the little hat of yours and the little cameo on it.
it was a lot fun to see each other, and sharing all our story's so i had laught a lot. Karin is laughting like you, so i must always laught with her too.LOL
same strange humour.LOL
and then she forgot her backpack, so i had to phone her again,LOL
she had helped to shorten the nails of Muis.
she loves Muis and she knows how she had to pick her up, gerard is a little bit afraid of her leg problems so he is clumpsy with that.
and we talk about my desicion of which i must put on the floor in my new home, we were agree with the same solution.
but i must check still a lot o fthings before i make up my mind.
i'm still to tired, but lesser then this weekend.]
i must try to sleep more or more resting time-S
and yes computers-----SSSSS don't like it anymore!
only to chat with you.LOL
Karin was proud she had learned by Gerard how to make a document on the computer so she will make a list for me at home!
so i told her don't do that as an document attach in the mail because we don't have t he same brand computer or you must make a pdf so i told her you can do this in a normal mail too and she was glad and told me i had learned her a lot today.
so sweet.
She told me that gerard has put his etui present in his bag for today to go to school , he will be a cool teacher.LOL
Karin liked the long steel too of the bassgitar.
she had to see a lot in my house again. we missed each other for a to long time.
so i must go now to the couch and try to recouvering from my morning.lOL
hey sweetie glad that you're feeling a little bit better, and love it that you had solved some of the problems. There will come more, but that's then, so i'm glad for you for now.
Karin was asking of you so i told it, and she told me to give her you the best whishes and get well soons and lots of hugs;-D
sometimes i think we must act like little children they had to rest at the afternoon too because of their out of energy problems.LOL
not like an elderlly because it's not the same.;-D
and don't compare your self any more with "normal " persons.
i had teased Karin too of usen the word oooh you're almost invalid.LOL she hates that. i know but i may say it.LOL
karin has laught about the story of Gerards behaviour of Friday on his birthday. too, he was soooo jumpy.lOL
Yes Jeroen was a very bright smiling person but he was a great fighter too, he could very irritating repeating the same issue's when people didn't listen to it.LOL but he was right about it.
We were on the same level with creativity and performing issues' i still misses that the most.
sometimes they all forgot that i wasn't one of the gay's but a woman too.LOL so i had to tell them hey stop that's not funny anymore.-D
and they didn't believed it.LOL
Yes i thought that you loved the story of muis and meow too;-D
sjoanne the oldest when she was 9 told the busdriver that she one of the dogs of them had puppy's and the busdriver would love to have one, so he would love to see them first too.
Karin thought strange she is sooo early the whole week for the bus. and asked why but she didn't dare to tell about it.
so at the end of the week, Karin was just at home of her own school and she met the driver and he asked how old the puppys were at now and how they were doing .
Karin was flabber gasted puppy? and he told her that sjoanne had told that they had puppy's the whole week and how cute they were .
ooo said Karin yes that's right we had puppy's but no more at this moment. LOL they didn't had puppy's at all.
but Karin new her daughter to well so she thought i must help her out .LOL
Karin did the same when she was this age, she told that she had a horse and all sort of story's and she told it so that everybody believed it.LOL
When some friends were asking about her horse i told them always yes she has a horse called Furry.LOL
love those fantasy story's sooo great and funny.LOL

Karin loved the scoop too.
okay i go to the cough i have the whole time sight problems.
till to morrow, be a brave girl rest a lot and try to eat toast-D
lots of gentle hugs and suporting and better soons=D
strokes for your ladies and for Billie as well and hi to the others.;-D
love you sweet dear friend from the other site of the pond.LOL
till later;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi coockie friend,
i was afraid that your computers was broken , so that's why i thought i must look at your profile and what a relieve you're online;-D
so you have had my normal mail.
still flabbergasthed of how handy the cat litter scoop is.
it's my fave tool at the moment.LOL
i 'm to tired this weekend i only lay on the couch and try to read a book , and do to less in my home-S
tomorrow come Karin my friend we must work but i don't think i can-S
my arms and necks are a little bit better, mayby i'm used to the damaging of them already , i don't know.
i love the buttons and little hat , your card is standing in the bookcage so i can see him the whole time.
the little hat, i don't know but i will show him to Karin tomorrow.
Muis has made her walk outside today, so love to escape out her bench.LOL and i must be quickly to follow her so she don't can't jump. wofje is a little bit nicer to her, she isn't blowing at her anymore but, when she see muis eating, she try to hit her with her paws-S When i see it, i give her a yel to stop and she looks to me very quilty and look at me and tells me a meow backwards, she can do that on a special way so it's hard to be a good cat educator.LOL
i'm now with the backup over the half so i must do i thing two big parts.
and i have uploaded in the new phone all the importand phonenumbers. it's a handy phone, i still must adjust to the luxery of it.LOL
i have made up my mind to go out only to post a letter, all the others things is to much.
i hope you have a better day and less pain and less energy problems.
Gerard said jet you must take more morphine meds but i don't like that, and it's not good for my poor bowels.-S
i'm like you i must take lots of meds for that part too-S
i have made to day chewing gum beads of fimo, at first i had tryed out to make them of real chewing gum but that didn't work
so i thought i must make a mall of used chewing gums and that's what i did to day.LOL
i must still bake them.LOL
hey gald that you're still online , i hadn't sleep much hours and i had worked out the idea of the priize of Jeroen of driveable buildings. It will be a lamp in the shape of a torch with a lamp cap of the flame, at first i would make a stand for on the table, but it not so good for the shape of the torch that i will collage with the pictures of the exhibition of us in the wild.
all the picts of the normal live things of disabled persons will do too. and then with embroidery stiches the name of Jeroen.
and a stand for hanging it on the wall.
today i thought i can make the torch shape a little bit interesting.
so still lots to do.;-D
too of the cartoon-S i have the picture in my head but still must draw it.-S
but this week is a heavy one again-S
to much appointments-S one too by the painmd, but that's only fun.LOL he can't do anything for me because of my allergic reactions but he must laught always of my jumping brains.
He comes from Haarlem too, he told me, and he asked where i come to live and when i told him Raaks he said woooow that's a fine good neighbourhood.LOL
i know now that too. strange to live in a better envirent. this one is n't so great, i have told of the shooting and my strange neigbours.LOL
but it for a lot of years and it not getting better, Still afraid of which gouverment it will be-S Karin and some others are afraid of it too.
i don't get it that those politicains don't see his game he is playing-S
but... i can't do anything only to be myself and to be the opposite of this stupid thought;-D
hummm i 'm began to started real sick. so , this must be it, hope you will have an good awesome fine week, with less tireness and problems and other badthings and less pain, or better free of pain.LOL
hey give you all my suport , comfort and good warmth thoughts and blessings and all my love and lots of gentle hugs with more kisses.LOL
and for your furrie friend some strokes and hi's to your dearones;-D
PS tell Hellen not to work so hard, when she can't done the job they must take more people for that , to hard work isn't good for anyone and for her too not, not fair. give her my suporting too and greatings ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hi coockie friend of mine, i must laughted a lot today i saw on here a comment and in the mailbox and thought on which must i react???
so i thought i will write here too and then on the normal one.LOL
i'm still in pj's and having a very bad day again.
my arms and fingers don't work to well.
stupid neck and stupid Haarlem workers-S
and i lost a bill that i must send to the assurance company for Wolf and later on i found the card of her number of her ship with the right name and adress finaly. and i saw that both lady 's must be her shots, but they can't in the same cat bag together so, i had to cry about the mess.
and then the man of Fokus called me and asked me how are you.
It was the wrong question so there came a lot tears again.
i don't like that but i didn't sleep to well of the pain and Muis.
so i was sleeping tomorrow till 9 oclock i'm always much earlyer.
and t hen i had again some resting time.
but. ih ave written a card for Gerard and wrapped his birthday present. so i'm proud on my self though.LOL
the rest i will write you later on the real mail.LOL
i loved the story of your floor mop cat.LOL
Wolfje when she don't like to go with me inside of the hal and i pick her op screams that she don't like that and don't love me
and when she is inside she does the same but first she does make a somersault and try to hold me with her paws still to play.
i like her somersaults.LOL
so she had allready my attention.LOL she is toooooo clever for her brand.LOL
hey till later and i \m proud of you that you have felt sorry for yourself, it's a lot to deal with so , good of you!!!!
i know we are still tough ones but.... that's not always the best way;-D
much gentle hugs and all my love and a l ot of kisses.
hope you have a better day;-D
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
Hahahahaaha Tongue!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i had to laught about your comments in the tute's and the one of the flute, so you have done the first hole, time for tea.LOL
liked the pictures too.
awesome and well done , still loving your humour.lOL
hey love you, much gentel hugs with kisses
hey i have got an early birthday present of Gerard, he has bought a new phone for me, such a one that you can put on your lap with very big key's because of my hands.
and with awesome light on it.LOL
like it and you can you him free handing too.
so i was glad , and too of my made allready present for him.
and he bought for me i had asked for that a extra hard disk so i can upgreate this computer too.
i hope then i got less computer problems.
thinking of you the whole time, don't forget that, hope you have better news how to deal with all the problems;-D
hey dear coockie friend, much love and headstrokes from my girls, (sad and badly muis was ascaped out of her bench and she jumped toooooo high pooor leg-S she is the whole day very silence-S)
not wolfje she thinks she must give comments on me the whole time for two.LOL)

love hugs and kisses;-D
KraftyKonves · 2 projects
lol yea no prob ne time n yea i hit you up on dat offer not like i have ne thing else to do lol but yea ur plenty welcomeTongue
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
Hahaha. You're pretty much amazing!
Melissa H.
Melissa H. · 38 projects
no problem ^.^
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
Oh man! That's crazy. Thank goodness you guys were there and able to tend to her. Good job Happy! *Gold star for you* Haha.
I'm glad your outfit was a hit Happy!
Akuma K.
Akuma K.
[On favoriting two of your projects]]
You are very welcome! I'm planning on trying them out myself, so thank you for the ideas! ^-^
Becky M.
Becky M. · 68 projects
I love all your projects there so good!
Boo_its_Brittany · Long Beach, California, US · 182 projects
Hahaha. Sweeeetness Happy!
ale_corason · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 49 projects
Don't mention it! n_n
letsmakeascene131 · Erie, Pennsylvania, US · 1 project
Ohhhhh I see =) haha.
WitchArachne · Wollongong, New South Wales, AU · 3 projects
Ahahaha that's definitely something I would do! I'm nuts for hats too. Ever since I was little I used to pester Mum to buy me hats all the time and it's tradition whenever I go somewhere new I get to buy myself a hat Happy I'm not quite skilled at making them yet but I'm working on it Happy
I was so excited when I started researching my family and I found out my great grandmother was a milliner!
KraftyKonves · 2 projects
ur awesome lol plain n simple
Stephanie T.
Stephanie T. · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 2 projects
Hey no problem its a rocken hat!
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
love your pimped sling, rock that look
WitchArachne · Wollongong, New South Wales, AU · 3 projects
No worries as all man, it's an epic hat! I'm going to have to cut the sparkles off the one I bought at Big Day Out years back and ninja it into something similar Happy
Also, LOVE that poem. I'll be repeating that one next time someone at work says that to me Happy
Rose A.
Rose A.
Np, they are both really good Happy
letsmakeascene131 · Erie, Pennsylvania, US · 1 project
No problem =) and is your daughter's name Lauren perhaps? I think i know her haha
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
how are you feeling?
Charmander Rib Cage
Charmander Rib Cage · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
That's horrible. Are you feeling okay now, all considering? I really hope so. I'm so sorry. But at least you can still craft right now, right? Got to live in the moment, and I'm sure you've got a bunch of brilliant crafts up you sleeves for right now. And a life time of crafting for you seems to be twice the length of most. X3 Good to see you've got back to doing what you love right away. How was your camp? (I saw you mention it in your flute tutorial.)

CO + K User

How jealous am I! I have been to two shows worth mentioning: Gwar (2001) and Danzig (w/ Doyle) (2005). But I would LOVE to see SOAD. I really enjoy Serjs Solo stuff too. Well, I have to get ready to get my little one from the bus. take care. be well.

CO + K User

I've always been partial to a tall topper. I've had all the pieces cut out to make one for ages but they got packed up for when I evetually move house so I cant get going on it.
Carol S.
Carol S. · Indian Head, Maryland, US · 133 projects
Sheila, thanks for the kind comment. The top hats were really fun to make! Thanks for the fave on them as well!!
Klara · Stockholm, Stockholm County, SE
You have a lot of great ideás, of course you have to be in my favoriteslist! :0)

CO + K User

Love your Projects. Hope you have a great day. Be Well.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL oooooh sorry it's tooo long my chatting to read.LOL
much fun with reading keep it calmly , love you and much gentle hugs with kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hey dear coockie,
i thought when i saw in my mail box some new comment on here, that there was mabyby one from you too.
Yeaaaaaaah , it made my day, only it's still morning.LOL
Endly at 8 oclock i had finely do my hair-S
i didn't sleep this nicht too much pain in my leg, During the xmas holliday's i had the wrong wheels so i was sitting the whole time in a wrong way, so my back became worse and my main leg nerve is damaged permanet so sometimes i can't find the best sleeping position, i have a lot of stuffed animals that i'm using as a pillow underneat all the blankets.LOL
And Muis was whole the time asking for help.
I have cleaned all the mess of her, allready. i'm soooo disapointed because my fixed cumpoter is still chrashing-S
so i must find again an solution and i must make today a lot of calls for care money, for when i will move to be sure i'll will getting the same care help. Like you i have always find out and sorted a lot things out.LOL
But when i see it like buying a new toy it's a chellange to get the right beauty one.LOL
That's helping me, and think about you have no allready and it's a chellance to find out i've it could be a yesssssss!!!LOL
I have made up my mind i don't go back to the choire, tomorrow i must drive with Gerard to Haarlem and i can't travel still.
so it's soooooo stupid, i have asked for today to get a phone call of Afke my md to help me think how i can do it the best without to much more damaging-S
i will go there under all my meds, like a morphine queen.LOL
an other problem is my pain at the moment with sitting on a not special chair. but i must not take more morphine because then Gerard had do all the talking.LOL
He awesome that you have add your new things on here, let my posted when they are on here.;-D
i will suport you.LOL
Yes we will be very bright shiny coloured wheelies.LOL
That's the good part of it, i have seen a lot persons in the disabled moment in Holland that thought the same way.
One of my fave dutch writers.Karin Spaink, she has written a very helpfull book about how people think stupid of illness and will blame us, it help me to tackle the strange way of thinking in new age movement by it's because you're character is to blame;-S
Or you didn't lived to healty or you didn't wanted the medical help because they have megical techniks to blow all away;-S
I saw here once and she had bolded her head but only at the sides so her hair was a perfect bright coloured spillway splitter.LOL
but some people thought that she had cancer in her head and thought of her as pitty and sick and week.LOL
so be warned.LOL
Hey i loved your hippy bag. i saw him at the last pict you have send me awesome!!!
Hey give you all my warmthness , happiness , good thoughts and all my love and hope you hadn't a hard time at the office;-D
you must see others i think when you need help as only a body that has to do for you your things, i have learned that from a mother of a child with a lot of health problems so than you don't have to be tooooooo gratefull. and say thanks on a way that it is polite but not to bad for your self.LOL
okay i'm action like a mom.sorry but i can be helpfull to act like that and feel a lot more worthy by that.
don't be to tough and hard for your self others don't understand that. hey wish you a pain free day and use your mind to do so, you can fly away in your mind with your broken wing;-D
i do that a lot too.LOL
he love, you, send you all my love and gentle hugs , hey i must ask for physican too for learning to hug gentle for when you will come over the pond to meet me.LOL
give your furry smelly friends some strokes i 'm a little crumpy of mine so they will called to day, Miep and Piep , oooooh they are sleeping after the whole night.-S Not fare.LOL
have a great day, much fun and lots of kisses.;-D
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
Thank you!
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi sheila!! thank you for faving my uniform shrug and for the comment!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, again sweetie, i have just send you you're message back.
and just done some cleaning in the badroom , a part of the floor, all the cat litter made it sooo dusty.-S
muis and i having problems by that.-S
so i must beactin like i'm a very neat persone that love her household.LOL
i must wait a w hile till the floor is dried to do the last part. so i could see what was new in mu mailbox.LOL
Hey this is looking like old times we did the same thing we were mailing and given comments too on the same time.LOL
i think it will be the end of the day that i have washed my hair endly. i think it will be late this eve, muis is sleeping too well-S
Gerard told me that he was glad that in my n ext house to be, i can close my bedroomdoor, to keep all the noise from them out.
but then i will hearing some noise from the outside of the window of people that walks at the galery next to my bedroomwindows.LOL
there is allways to find a think to be woried about or to complain.LOL
but still glad that i will move and live a little nearby our pond.LOL
hey my fave vip vip friend, all my love and other good t hings that i have wiish you over and over again allready. and many gentle hugs with kisses and lot of fun, i'm curious of your new cloths of the new or the old sheila.;-D LOL
O, one story, when i had my first wheelchair i thought i must do all the things that i found not hippy like or jet like style.
so i go on style dancing with the wheelchair and later i did the same with an other wheelchair sport as well, i had to try out to be a hockey player, it was tooo expensive when i was little and only for rich children, my friend Debby had made a poem about a skirt and a stick its sound not great in english but in dutch i had to laught about her teasing.
i thought the same about the colours and my behaviour.LOL
you will get the story too.LOL
the stylish wheelchair dancing was sooooo stange and rarely.
it was looklike folklote dancing on the wrong music so i had to laugh a lot and i was one o f the youngest people , and then i was allready 40 !!!LOL
And hockey , was strange to do too in my wheelchair because i was the oldest and the youngest member in my team was only just 9 years, so i became all their mom. LOL
Some of the parents on the side of the field were much younger then i was.LOL
strange but i was good engough and i was the only wonan , it's always more boy's in those team wheelchair sports.
but we are tought.LOL
hey much love greetings and .... fun;-D xxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi coockie friend, don't forget to add your projects to the new contest!!!!
i was forgotten to tell you about it. ;-D
i will keep it shortly, i have written you back allready, but that's very hard for me to do.LOL
still din't took my meds, i must hurry now.
love , hugs with kisses, (gentle ones) and have fun!!!
Gilly E.
Gilly E. · 2 projects
that's so awesome! Keep on making great stuff. Happy
Charmander Rib Cage
Charmander Rib Cage · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Ouch, shoulder operation does not sound fun. Hope your not out of it too long, and don't forget to totally milk your family afterwards. ;3
I play whatever I can get my little hands on. I don't care for classical guitar but every so often I'll give it a try. Mostly I just play things from bands I like or try to make up something I would like to hear, mostly from the pop-punk genre, but like I said I'm open to anything. Every so often if I'm looking for a challenge I'll look up a hardcore riff with odd timing or a solo but I'm primarily a rhythm guitarist.
I love wind instruments, they seem like they take a lot of precision and patience since there are so many elements to make the sound smooth and clear, angles, pressure, and then finger possions. Same with the brass section. I could never manage it, I tried once and decided I enjoyed to listen to people who knew what they were doing better, ha ha. Do you play with other people or alone? How long have you been playing?
Charmander Rib Cage
Charmander Rib Cage · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Thanks for the welcome (Gosh, that sound odd). :3
Just need to get this out of the way real quick: I love all of your projects! There is so much attention to detail and your daughter is very lucky to have someone as skilled as you are! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
I'm enjoying this whole site very much so far, everyone is very creative and interesting. I have found my people, huzzah!
tamiatha · Woodbury, Minnesota, US · 18 projects
Yes, it's lovely to meet fellow hatters! I'm new to this, but loving it! Your Mad Hatter headband and Fascinator hats are such a great way to make a shape I've been trying to contemplate for weeks! Thanks for that! I'm going to get some stretch fabric before I try it, but I might not be able to wait ;-)

Cheers! Happy Hatting!
Bryony · Rochdale, England, GB · 2 projects
Oh goodness Alex does that too! Except he just voices his opinions in a painfull loud voice x
Bryony · Rochdale, England, GB · 2 projects
Oh so you've #met# my father in law?
Bryony · Rochdale, England, GB · 2 projects
Ha! I'd not heard that one before! Any more Oh Wise Woman? *grins* x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey sweet most fave VIP.VIP sweet coockie friend;-D
you're most welcome. i thought at first i had to write very but i saw an uk person wrote most. so i think that the correct word.LOL
you know i try to learn still more.LOL
yes sooo sweat of her but i like the idea that you will use them, and i like it to see you're back and its very awesome you were able to do again a little, that's more then nothing.!!!
you still make sweet cute awesome things. my sis was in love of your present but mayby you had read it in the other massage.
i'm tired i told you a half hour before this that but i'm still working behind the screen. so sleep well have a nice eve,
and have a better nice week i reallly hope so.
love and greetings and a lot of gentle hugs and kisses
from the other coockieLOL
xMia Mallow
xMia Mallow · Hirtshals, North Denmark Region, DK · 7 projects
Hi Sheila! Thanks for the fave on my cookie headband and your comment. I love your project too, especially the hat - I'm a big fan of Alice in wonderland! Happy
Leo R.
Leo R. · Thurso, Scotland, GB · 14 projects
My pleasure Happy x
Bryony · Rochdale, England, GB · 2 projects
Could be worse love, I was born in the south! And how true is the phrase 'tha can allus tell a Yorkshire man, but tha can't tell'im much'? xx
Bryony · Rochdale, England, GB · 2 projects
Hey Sheila, nice to know that I'm not the only person with a Yorkshire husband! How are you?

CahrazzyMe · Willard, Ohio, US · 16 projects
Oh my stars!!! Thanks so much for the tip! I will make one for sure now! ^^ You're my hero!
Lydia H.
Lydia H. · 20 projects
That is a really good one too!I like the stuff that appears in nursery rhymes and Dr Seuss a lot as well as the tongue twisters. They are a lot of fun to say and some of the themes are simply ridiculous.
Lydia H.
Lydia H. · 20 projects
I love alliteration!
CahrazzyMe · Willard, Ohio, US · 16 projects
Hey! Thanks so much for the fav on my mini-top hat how-to and the cute comment! (: I love your underbust corset tutorial, but I cant find boning at any of my local stores!
Ahh.. The pros and cons of a small town.. LOL! O.o
Once I find some though I will def. make it for sure though!! ^-^
Tainted Towey
Tainted Towey · Magnolia, Texas, US · 4 projects
^_^ Oh, I could never get her fringe. My hair says no to being straight especially with all this humidity here. Tongue
SymphonicTreble · 2 projects
thank you! i have actually started on the hat nowHappy instead of making the hat i am resurfacing an old cheap top hat from a couple of years backYes i tend to go mad with creativity but that is a good thingHappy, i am a big fan of stripes myself, i have many striped garments.
SymphonicTreble · 2 projects
I see exactly what you mean on the photo:]
I really like the shape of your hats; its very "dark carnival"! Yeah I was thinking of adding those! Instead of the hat pins I was thinking a conductor's baton, I have all kinds of little musical trinkets.:]
Natalie · Davis, California, US · 1 project
You're welcome! You have really great stuff posted. You've inspired me to go to my favorite craft store and stock up on supplies!
SymphonicTreble · 2 projects
No probalem!! I adore your projects! I am attempting a top hat in the form of your mad hatter hat because alot of hats dont fit because of my thick hair; so once I saw the headband idea i thought that would be perfect. I am a musician so I think I am going to make mine music theme:]. Wow! Goodwill shops? I have never thought of that! that is a great idea. I have become a regular in the ones around here, because I donate a lot of worn clothing that I can't even try to make anything with, so that would be a good thing for me to try.
MummyMiao · Melbourne, Florida, US · 4 projects
Awesome hun. Thanks for pointing me in the right directions=)
Takue A.
Takue A.
Hey, thanks for the comment the parasol looks awesome and wish me luck in using it for a goth loli cosplay ;D
Trickypixie1208 P.
Trickypixie1208 P. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 12 projects
your welcome! i love alot of your stuff
SymphonicTreble · 2 projects
I am avid about recycling fabrics myself; fabric can get really expensive, but I had some great fabric finds and my local thrift store; apparently they sell material that people have brought in and donated. I got a lot for not a lot of money.:]
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Thanks! Happy I have pictures on facebook atm, and when it's all finished I'm going to do a photo shoot in a forrest to get better pictures Happy
Awwwh, are you doing projects one-handed? :0 Seems like an awesome pun of some sort should be written across it! Even though I can't think of an example right now XD Hope it gets better soon! X
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Hellooo! Aaah, sorry I haven't replied in ages! >__<
Thank you! Happy Lots of people at the Expo liked it too, had lots of pictures taken of/with me! Thank you SOOO much for all your help! Happy
Aaah, *highfive* for shortness! ^__^ Lol I changed my alternate name on Facebook to "Too Much Phishsalver" (the drink that makes you shrink) haha Happy
Oh noes! Your shoulder Happy I hope it gets better soon! Happy xx
Gallivanette · 2 projects
your work on here is so great =D thanks for inspiring me
AluminaX · San Francisco, California, US · 10 projects
I adore your creations *______* -drools-
Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings · 1 project
Thank you so much! Happy i'll post pictures when im done
Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings · 1 project
hey i have a question... sewing the pieces together do you lay them flat? or fold them and sew them along the side?
Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings · 1 project
thanks Happy i think i might! i start my mid semester holidays on friday so i'll probably pester you soon Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, my dearest;-D
I had read that.LOL On the profile of Evenl. LOL
so not at all a secret. but i loved it when i read that.
awesome. and yes thats wise and a smart to thing to do, when you did something then after resting time.
but thats super that you are able to do again some crafting.
thats making me happy. sooo glad. but try to be gentle to your self not rushing.!!!!
You know me i must always telling this. because i have those problems to forget that.LOL
Yesterday Karin my friend was with me for an hour , cozy and laughting time. and we talked a lot too.
Uhmmm i talked.LOL
i try to stoped that, but i see to less people and then when i talk to someone i forgot to stop or i can't . Karin knows this, so she don't care about it. but i try to do my best.LOL
After that i ride with her to trow some paper and glass away, we have special container under the street for them, and i huged her and agian it was wrong._SSSSS
but i'm much stronger with this , so i thought okay that was wrong i must lay down and hoping it will healh after some weeks.
so i selpt a few hours on the couch with my furrys on my and not comfortal at all, and then i could read a little again for the taxes.LOL
but today i must do the rest of the list on the programme.LOl
i think after that Gerard can do the filling in of the form and make the mathes.LOL
today it must be a resting day too.
OOO i heard from Karin that her friend thats living a few villages next to my is saving them too.
I have maked a start for my project of the milklids and i think i can save a lot of them for you too.
i don't have to use them all. so i think i send you later on some.I have collected many too of orange lids. because we dutch people have something with orange.LOL Its just because of the family name of our queen its : oranje naussau. Oranje is orange. in your langues.
and in the wapon of the country and of many citys there are a lion.
so thats why all the supporting peoples are wearing those strange lion things and orange cloths.
Its soooo cooool i have maked all ready , i will send you a pict later on.;-D
i'm thinking of the open part that i must fill them with machine embrodery on plastic.
but thats for later.
Hey you've maked me curious.
have a good nice fun day and be a brave girl.LOL
much gentle hugs and kisses and hi's and strokes for the furry's
Is Ava better? hope she is.;-D

EVEnl · Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 319 projects
Thank for the comment and the fave Sheila! You inspired me to make the kitty ;)
Sweet Nothings
Sweet Nothings · 1 project
My pleasure Happy I love stripes on corsets too and your's is beautiful Happy
Ruby · 11 projects
Hey, I just saw the pirate comment on my Jack Sparrow costume! Very funny hehe. He actually lost his voice that night because so many people were asking him 'Why are pirates called pirates?' and so he was replying 'because they aaarrrr!' all night haha!
Kailyn Bray
Kailyn Bray · Cheltenham, England, GB · 2 projects
That was your daughter! I really liked what she wore to prom, I love gothic victorian. When i was at school it was a dress or nothing (i hate dresses!)I dont think my "visits" were that nice, I always had a uneasy feeling, and like when i used wake up with the feeling of cobwebs all over my face and my sister swears i woke up and spoke another language which really bugs me because i dont remember a thing LOL! alot of unexplainable things happened in that house.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Why thank you so much! ^_^ for wishing me a happy b-day! Yay! <3
I hope it goes well today too lol.
Twunks · 2 projects
Thank you for posting it! (the victorian jabot) I've always wanted one and now I can make it! ~
BelovedLillith · 12 projects
You saw Inkubus Sukubus last night?!!! O_O You lucky lady! T_T I LOVE them.
Kailyn Bray
Kailyn Bray · Cheltenham, England, GB · 2 projects
Thank you for commenting on my waistcoat and thanks for the links, they will be be very handy to me. You sound interesting, I used to live not far from a graveyard and alot of "strange" things used to happen where i lived.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL o i liked the picts you send me sooo much.
sad about the pup, and strange when you have done so much work their that they didn't said anything about it.
mayby they just forget it all. woow thats better that you can deal with those pain at the moment. me too.
Mayby i 'm adjust to them.LOL or the painkillers. i always forget them too.LOl So when others told me that i was addicted i couldn't believe it, only John told everytime when i took them too l ate.
Jet you're not nice , you're a bit crumpy.LOL so take them please.LOL
So i knew that it was true. I have stopted them all because they told me in the hospital in 6 weeks. not a funny time. But i was clean, there was a nurse that told me you can't do this.]
So i would like to show her that i was able.LOL only stupid of me because it wasn't sooo good after all, so after all i had to take them again. and under influence. LOL Gerard is of my age so he had done some influence things too.LOL so he always had to laugh about this storys.
You'r better then i'm with those filling things like taxes. Yak.
but i did found my first paper, only just now, in the afternoon, i had to do too much in the morning Now i'm feeling a little relieved.
The ladies like the sumbeams but it does given't them an other colour, LOL And she didn't like it either when i did some wet felting .LOL poor ladys. LOL
A very wise thing to go in pj'e again, i'm still, Gerard had asked about thuesday and asked didn't you washed your self, and i said no of course not.lOL i had a pjee day.LOL
He knows i do this a lot, he didn't understood the fun, but when he was a time ago too ill he mailed me that he understand it , its was sooo handy thing.LOL you can go to bed with out to much work. he told me. Suprising.LOL
I think i must mourn a little, Emile and Gerard are forgotten this at all, so i may and must do this, but have fun too. So i have sing a lot of tearyearking songs out loud with much laughter.LOl
thats h elping me a lot. But i have think too of how they can help me at this moment. Gerard has aked my for that.
so i have a answer.;-D
the monkey is ready , now the fun part the painting. i liked to make real hands and feets on it, so i have make them of carton scrabs and then with the paste flour , so simple and sooo great. like it.
And about the chair , yes its not understandeable at all. but its what it is, so i try to stay calm and try to not to much stressde of it.
because this helping me too not in my neck damaging at all.
I must do to much because the broken wheels.
to bad i can't upload any thing , i must asked Gerard to look with me to solved the problems, he don't like that. i know but i have search on the help function what can be the problem.
Yes i do the same of recylcling, or i do only very low expensive projects. We are smart girls.LOL
hey i thought when i saw you give me on two places answers i do it on here.LOL
so .... i like those chatting on differend adresses with you.LOL
hey hope you had a good nap and resting time, i liked the funny things with her eyelaces.LOL and your hubby is really handsome.LOL
hey give Ava some soft strokes, yes Terry has right Cats can cost you a lot of money like Muis of mine with her not normal broken leg, she needed in a half year time 3 operations. not funny and i'm still not happy how she walks, So i think i must go again to the vet with her, i t hink that when he does her teeths (they had to be cleaned ) that he can do some xray at the same time.
The specialist of muis had left some metal things in her leg just for because, i think thats the problem. she always bit in that leg , but she only has starting problems she rans and jumped on hights like a normal birmees. but i see its not too good.
so i like for the same reasons to recycle.LOL
okay i can't get my head up anylonger, and my hands aren't doing the right thing i want to do them, so i go to my fave place.LOL
hey say to charlotte get well for me and give her hi's and a hug.
and for you too and much more of that.LOL
till later.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi. uhm i don't like it for you. i had hoped that they could fixed it.-S And now more examinations and waiting. -S So sad for you.
i hope you can rest this weekend , i try this too. Yesterday Wouter called me again, he is still in deneing. -S So i try to talk about it to let him grieve a little bit. but all take their own time.
he would like to come , but i need to recouver. Gerard was very kind and gentle to me, not always.LOL
i k now sometimes i deserve that.LOL
He helped me with some advice and maked a lot of plans about the taxs.LOL
i don't have done anything yet but its still morning.LOL
the ladys are laying in the sun outside trying to get an other colour fur.LOL
Its really hot there, so i don't joint them. later perhaps to do some wet felting. for an other experiment.
And we have maked a list of what i must asked on my neurologic md. its went wrong with us together. Stupid, so when i'm outside the door i t hink oooo, i had asked this and this. ect.
O and some other big news about the indicator organisation, or did i tell you that allready. I always forget to much.LOL
jumpings brains.LOL
but she was agree with me to got a new replacement. but the commutiny can deside still n ot to give it.
so still waiting, i'm waiting now for a year. My chair is broken for a year. stupid , grr but i must laught about this too.
We are a richt country , so this is unbelieveable.LOL soooo strange, but i'm a seccond array citizenLOL
okay so i must wait longer, i think i must just learning to wait a little bit more.LOL
yesterday i spoke with her to tell her about the chair that isn't to get any more and she maked a stupid yoke about then you have work to do and don't get bored. I really got pissed of, this isn't funny any more. i let that very politly know her. So i was proud of myself
Ooo i'm sooo glad that you have received it, and that you are happy with it. I did my best, and have maked the closuring big because its more handy for you. I hope and i knew your love black , LOL
i've you like i will make a bracelet for you, but then give me the measuring of your wrist.
yes eight is a hard letter , could your read the card? i have learned it out of heart to type the words if you didn't could read it.LOL
Just let me know.LOL
so yesterday Gerard had write all the things for me down.
because he knew that i don't can't read it my self.LOL
and the first question are you under influence.LOL i wan't i thought i must leave them in the box this night because Gerard comes and i'm sure he will tease my by that.LOL
Okay hope you can smile a tiny bit, i send you all my love, good thoughts and lots of strenght and all good other things, lots of supporting. Hey mayby funny you have your paperclips back.LOL
kind of me huh? LOL
don't be a too tought coockie, you are still one but don't do it to much. please be gentle to your self.
much gentle hugs and kisses for easing the pain. i don't know what to say to cheer you up, but mayby it m akes you a little smiling.
till later, ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi , hi, i will write you tomorrow back , but i saw that you had given me a fave and a ;sweet comment, love you for that, Thank you very very much for the supporting.
its now almost 00.00 hour and i must go to bed, i was falling a sleep on the wrong place.LOL
and tomorrow early will come Gerard, and i have to do so much more at my house.LOL its always the same.LOL
but i have warned him, that will help both of us.LOL
hey hope you had good news but i will hopefully read that tomorrow, he sleep well and till tomorrow.
hugs (gentles ones) and lots of kisses;-D
Mickie · Grand Junction, Colorado, US · 43 projects
sorry i just got back from your comment my hats are both black. one look purple but it not. the cam took it that way. sorry for not much help.
Gilly E.
Gilly E. · 2 projects
wow, the mad hatter thing is awesome! I'm in love with the book and the movie. johney deep is one big mystery, cuz you never know what he really looks like. that's what makes him awesome. anyway, love all of your projects! The food was a creative touch-I haven't seen anyone do that before. All of your projects rock!
P.S: Harry the Horse will probably become my new boyfriend-he's better then most boys out there! (or at least the ones I have met!)
~Gilly E.
CoCoRayJ · 3 projects
PinkWeeds · Omaha, Nebraska, US · 207 projects
Thanks for favoring my vintage collar Happy
CoCoRayJ · 3 projects
i luved the movie! im kinda lame tho, cuz i havent read the whole book. i saw the movie with my friends on opening night. it was sooo cool! johnny depp was awesome!
CoCoRayJ · 3 projects
Yeah, I luv the mad hatter. Happy
the rat tailor
the rat tailor · Evrytania, Thessalia Sterea Ellada, GR · 30 projects
thanks for the fav.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi my friend;-D
LOL must always laugh about your jokes;-D
some advice, you can do that, bu t look i've its wet so you can change it, because it will be worse!
and you can use a hair dryer to blow it really dry you have them with cold air too. i have only the one with hot but , mayby you have a better one. ask for advice of mrs the hair.LOL you only has to call , please don't wait till next week, you must be carefull with those skin problems. i have skin problems too sooooo , take care, you're warned !!!!LOL
hey sleep well hope you have a good day tomorrow too, but then without sore of wet places!;-D
love you, and more love to you and lots of hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi dearest friend. glad to hear from you. okay you have done it again, you have made my day.;-D
its here warm too, i could feel it on the furr of the ladys. theye aren now inside to cool down.LOL like you.LOL
Yes i'm glad about that too, thats aweful, the story of the bird but i was glad that you had rescued him and he could fly away. Now you !
its nog good for me alll those day off i 'm glad for all the others but its nothing for me, i have to much troubles of less chaotic and having some shedules to be regulary , but i always lose them so after all i must train myself again -S i think you will understand that. Hey i see you have the same persons to visit your pages. Like that. ;-D But you do more then i do on cok.
thats kind of you. but you're !!!;-D
hope you have a restful day , i try to make some space free of my computer. He is tooo full .-S
to much warnings allready got.-S
not the pleasant job , but nobody else does do it. soooo thats why.-D
I like still your little green men.
O, my sis had the same with a bird, one of her 6 cats give a live bird on her bed as a early morning gift-S nice present.LOL
He was all bleading but still alive my sis isn't so fast afraid but that time she was, so she catch the bird and put him outside on the balcony, but he didn't live very long-S
In Johns flat there were birds in the winter that fly in the staircase and they didn't find the way out, so john was always their resucue hero. ;-D LOved that, soooo sweet how he gentle tread them to recover;-D
But mice was an other story for him.LOL
He like them but n ot freely in house.LOL
i try to some crafting work to finishing but i think i must stop hey my lovely sweet friend, hope still you will get my present from the mail. when you have it, i send you the other i 'm afraid this isn't go wrong too. so thats why i waite some time.
i have used again some paper cilps of yours in an other project, its so much fun to use yours its if ve you are here.;-D
hey gentle please with yourself and try to rest, i have got heard that message from Gerard too, he said jet when you move you must be in good shape. I think that you have the same job for the operation. when do you go to md de haar. or mrs the hair. LOL
okay this will do, give you alll m y love and much much hugs (gentle ones of course ) lots of kisses and hi to your dear ones and strokes for the furry's . ;-D
Lexy-sama · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 7 projects
Thank you for your tips! ;)
I will consider them!
And please keep up your great projects! I totally fall in love with them!
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
Awwwww I hope that one day your daughter will craft with you. It's a joy and I have taught both of my kids (my daughter and my son) how to do many things. My son is 17 and has been drafting and sewing for years, he also crochets.
Yes his friends pick on him about it but he will tell them "Hey, when the end of the world comes I'll be warm and you be begging me to make you a new shirt or scarf." lol
It makes it even more special when we make things for the holidays..(yes I have raised them pagan) and they take pride in making gifts for family and friends because 1 it takes a lot more thought and 2 it's always a one of a kind. lol I am also a old goth and remember back when we made everything ourselves.....and most of us still do because it's way cooler lol. I'm going to share the best advice that I ever have gotten, and it's from my dad. "Never stop looking at the world through the eyes of a child."
Blessed be Happy
Becky W.
Becky W.
Used my new parasol yesterday, works a treat. It was the cause of much swearing trying to get the fabric onto the frame when making it, and I think I made the sections too small so it is a little bent in place :s but as a first go I'm impressed. Will be making more!With hopefully less swearing!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi , LOL it always everything at the same time. I have written you back and now here too.LOL
poor you.LOL
much more words of me to read.

hey thanks for your lovely kind comment, yes that will work super too. but this is easy too much less expensive when you make little bit of it. i'm making a swing stand at the moment, for the little one but wolfje like it too, so i have see her ran away with some parts-S
so i must play hide an seek .LOL
hey have a funny restful some smiling day;-D lots a kisses and gentle hugs, i'm happy you're back;-D!!!! proud of you!!!! a medale ,only a light one!!!LOL
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
Thank you thank you and I will deff do so.
BTW I do have some projects to share and I hope to be able to post them soon. My daughter loves your projects too. We do a lot of this stuff together and some of the projects that I hope to post are her's...lol
Blessed be Happy

oh and I love ur dread falls...way way cool ^^
Charley H.
Charley H. · Peterborough, England, GB · 19 projects
You're welcome, thanks again for sharing Happy methinks it'll come especially in useful in the forthcoming hot weather. Fingers crossed we'll actually have a proper summer this year :- p
Becky W.
Becky W.
The mini umbrella is lovely, and I have made my own using your tutorial, thank you for posting it Happy
Krafty Kokatie
Krafty Kokatie · Orangeville, Pennsylvania, US · 20 projects
I wonder if the sign your discussing is the same in ASL??? I'm thinking, yes!! Let's see???? Female anatomy maybe, starts with a V???? I have to laugh when I see people gesture and make a sign that is totally inappropriate!!! Funny stuff!!
Lady Grim
Lady Grim · Whigham, Georgia, US · 5 projects
your welcome and thank you for posting it ^^
BTW it's always nice to meet another pagan <3
Have a blessed day
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Hiya! Wow, I read the comments on Twi-Fever's page; really good tips, thanks!
I've sort of re-desgined some of the costume, although in most ways I'm trying to make it as accurate as possible. I've made a necktie similar to the original, I've found a checkered pink pyjama shirt (lol!) that looks great with the white waistcoat I have, and I've used my PE skirt as a kilt. I'm not sure whether to make a sporran haha! XD I'm not so sure whether I should!
For the trousers, I've cut some high-waisted skinny jeans roughly, just on my knees as 3/4 lengths, and am about to spray them pinstripe as shown in the tutorial ^__^. I'm going to wear them with knee high odd socks.
I've made a bird brooch, have bought a jacket to dye and shrink, and I'm also partway through making the hat! I think it's going well; Although I've had to not make it quite so tall, as I'm very very petite! I'm about the size of a 12 year old and I'm almost sixteen LOL!, so unfortunately, a huge hat would have looked ridiculous :/ I also have some amazing makeup planned and tested. Just a few little things left to make! I'm so excited haha, thanks so much for all your help!
Are you making any projects at the moment? Happy x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi and goodmorning.
I have my big yellow one!!!!Yeahhh awesome he looks cool and great, and sits very good, i'm able to seat in a active sit , all the others of the same size have the problem of sitting not active.
so when i want to work i always must sit wrong and bend over to the table not so healty for my body.LOL
but now its over, only , of course i all went wrong.LOL i'm used to that, so when it was almost afternoon i have called the shop about the dilivery and they were kind and helpfull and very polite and they said sorry.
I was flabber gasted i was used to the rude behaviour of the other shop so , this is very fine. And about 2 o clock he arrived.
but then i was tooooooooo tired. I try to do when i must work small things because everytime they can ring the doorbell.
but i noticed that its not so calm to work like that. Untill afternoon i thought oooo i must rest but then i will fall in sleep so i have only try to hold my self together.
When the person was away i have disabled all the things i dont need to use at once from the chair.
i think i must make a picture this day and send you it.
Yes again dust, everytime i want to sent you something on the real mail there are air problems.LOL
And yess the other dust will be the next day here too.LOL
i have noticed that too.LOL You're really smart.!!!;-D
So i haven't vacuum clean at all, i have spend the whole evening and afternoon pon the couch sleeping.
Today Karin my friend will come to hold my discriptions for the md for me to put them in the mailbox by them. Its to far right now for me.
so kind of her, and i 've heard that i will got the appartment after all, they really were very kind and suporting for me and had think to of solutions for me to help me to fill all the questions.
I told her that i don't can come next week to look for colours, so she told me that fokus must call me, i have thank her for all her suportings , and that i was glad with her.
So ... i'm happy again. and i will cost still a year the moving so...
i have time to be more healty.
But Karin told me too, Jet please be careful everytime its more worse then the last time, i know it now too. i told her, and i have asked her to go mayby with me to Haarlem next week.
She told me she drives not bumby.LOL
Gerard told me the same LOL But i must think of that though ( did i used though now correctly?)
But today i hope i can get on my work again to make your gift ready for the mailbox.LOL
And i must rest more, you right about that too.
Hey i don't need no more a tens, i have those elektrich pulse right now from my neck.LOL Thats not okay, but i thoought awesome i have my own body tens.LOL
Aweful to hear that you have so much pain, i hope you can and will rest too, i hope you have a beautiful comfortable day withless pain , much kisses and hugs for ease the pain.;-D
and more of being my friend.;-D give your furrys some stroke and hi's to your family. Okay , till next time.;-D
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Hello again Sheila! Happy How are you?
I just thought I'd let you know that I'm in the process of making a full Mad Hatter costume! Happy Thanks so much for posting the threadbanger tutorial on my page; really helped with the hat so far! Happy x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL you've catch me, i have really work hard on your project, but , still not finished. but i hope this week i can post it again.
so i could work on the pictures from my outside , but that will come later,
So i have done to much again, i thought strange i think, i thought bleugh to chaotic my house, when i finished all the projects i can clean up my materials, but it works wrong.LOL
so the chaotic is very bad at the moment, i think i must do something about that befor i go to bed. because tomorrow the brand new big yellow chair will come.
Its a new store so i must try to look like a brave sweet person,LOL
i have do something on my swing too, to much at the same time-S
its time that Gerard will come back for me, i'm lost in my own appartment. but yesterday i have cleaned myself and the bathroom.
Ooooh i noticed now that i must clean the toilet of the ladys as well-S
Our trash will not be hold, the workers are striking for three weeks.
so all my trash is standing now on the balcony, i'm not glad with it, but i now they are right with their strike. I hope they will got more money after all. they really underpaid you know and they are very importand too. In all the three city's was the same, only in my city much longer!
but its for a good purpose, so i glad that i have such a large balcony.
I hope that when you got the new present you like it.;-D
Hope you having a nice fine comfortable week i think i must rest too now.
Hey much love and hi's to the others of yours and much gentle kisses and hugs;-D
k m.
k m. · Eastampton Township, New Jersey, US · 7 projects
your welcome its gorgeous
Prinz3ssDoku · Lake Wales, Florida, US · 16 projects
your welcome its a very lovely skirt ^-^
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi and goodmorning, hope you have a day off , some of us have that.;-D My too, onlly for a much longer periode.LOL
I know that you're so right and i try to do like you , but i 'm having the same problem. LOL so i keep the words of my homeopatic md in my mind Jet try to rest a lot in between. thats helping me, and i do only things that i can, not the heavy stuff.LOL
So i was glad that Gerard was still ill. o, o thats sounds not friendly. LOL but when he was coming i h ad to vacuum cleaning, and thats for now to heavy. i do that sitting on the ground. i have a large appartment of 100m2 so thats a big large piece of floor to clean.;-D
I had to laugh that you must nudge Just for his food, My cats ( like yours ) like to climb and i 'm having a shelf above my bed, and they will jump of it next to my head, that waking me too.
Not so fine and gentle, now they don't wait any longer the will fitght with each other, Muis makings then a growl and i always see Wolfje with four legs sitting and holding Muis her head.
But when i yell stop only wolfje ran away. she knows allready that i don't like that of her. Muis is too sweet, i'm working on your present again, and i have made a paperclip necklace. When i have upload it on cok. will you give it a look i will make a bracelet for you, but then you must give me the measures.
I know your are much better in that then i but i try to do my best.lol
You're very wize to be much resting. try to think of vacation time with sunshine and resting and sleepings on the beach, Or ...i do, i have maked a story of an island, were all my fave animals are living and that i 'm there save and we do lots of story tellings and game of loking on clowds , its so nice to be there.
Mayby the same for you too. its only a suggestion. Your furry friends will love you for that, mine do!LOL
Yesterday i had maked one of the things of the little figures done. and finished, but i had make a big mistake i had just foamballs and took the wrong glue so the foam was smelting away-S
At first i thought uhm i had taken the wrong whole, but i did it myself.LOL and i add more and more wrong glue in the whole and after all the whole foam was gone.LOL
so i tryed to filled with the paste, but it was too much so its still not dryed.LOL
I can speak dialec of Amsterdam, not the Utrechts one.
Amsterdam is much llike singing , Utrecht is more like a farmers talk.LOL I like that too, but not by myself.
My eyes are still bad, it will cost me a lot time again to recover again. I'm feeling still to dizzy and having much pain.
my arms too, and hands, but i always forget that i can think the pain to easily away, so thats not okay, i will make thing much worse.
And i'm used to not so good arms and hands. but this is not okay anymore. i must go out this day for shoppings i must try to do it veRY slowly and clame.
Yesterday Wouter called me, his ex and her mother were in his house, I had told Wouter don't talk with her mom , she don't listen to your side, and i was right. so sorry for him. so i told him over and over that he must try to feel save and comfortable again in his house that will be cost a lot of time, his sis had told him the same, so i noticed that he listen more what i 'm trying to tell him.
And he didn't got the key of the mother of cecile, so i told him don't wait , you must buy new clousure, his brother told the same, so i thing that he will do that. Its important to feel save at home. Without having like my sis a very big large dog at home.LOL
Gerard mailed me that i must call the institute of a letter to explain the situation of not filling the letter of them right now. Ihope they will understand it. Not all the people understands it. , i will try it but after a few linges its all dark and i see a lot of double letters.LOL
I think that i must call the occupation of at tuesday. inside its too not okay but going outside ismuch too heavy too. Gerard told me that i 'm acting like a elderly.LOL when somebody is here i must rest and take a nap to be fit again.LOL
i hope it will be soon over and feeling a bit better.
I will try to send you this weekend some sights of my outside of the window of the green. . Okay be nice and gentle and think that i'm thinking of you and act like you. and so on, and bussy heads must have rest moments too.LOL
and i think your back love your ball.LOL hey have a n ice fun and comfortable weekend, much love , lots of headstrokes from my ladys for you and a lot of gentle hugs and kisses.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
okay and good afternoon;-D
thought mayby its nice and good to have some more mail of me.LOL hope it works to cheer you up.
I understand it very well of were you afraid of when you will be to long sick but thats a other prolbem for later, healt is not with money to buy , so please take care of your self.
Okay a crumpy mom talk.LOL i have not a well day too. I thought at 5 oclock when my ladys woke me , ooooh no its a day of, today.
so i hide my head under neat the blankets, very hot.LOL to try to sleep again.
so at 6.30 i had to go out they were playing and jumping all over me.LOL
so ... i try to do calm en be brave like you i have make some pictures of the beads that i make of the paperclips of yours.
i saw when i was a youngster in our church a rich lady with such a necklace, and i have make it many times of commen ironwire.
Not at all so beautiful and pretty like the woman hers, but i had a cheap one too.LOL Now i thought of it, and try to make it of the red onces with the stipes onces.
i had promised to make a new one gift but i hope today that later this day. i did a lot of cleaning on the computer. to much i see what i want to keep.LOL
And i have experimented again with the recipe of the flour mache paste. i think i know now it completly.
okay i must took my meds, i don't know a nice story , but i loved yours , about the gold ball.LOL Hey thanks that you speaking not dialect to me.LOl i couldn't understand it, so thanks for the translation,LOL
awesome. i think that Gerard don't come tomorrow he,s ill too.
i 'm going to rest mayby some sleeping time too. hey be a good girl and keep you're self calm. and comfortable.
much love , greetings , kisses and hugs.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi and goodmoring girl:_D
i said to all woman here girl, much better then that old lady. And how older how younger all the others are,LOL
Fine to hear that you like the card. i thought when i saw him , awesome for Sheila.LOL
i have big big great news, they have called me yesterday afternoon (happily i was just awake,) my new yellow big one will areive monday next week in the morning. so happy and glad.
today i must change in real clothes.LOL my occupation therapist will come to visite me, hope she can help me. to make my situation a little more stabile. and i will go to the neurologic md. but thats during some weeks , they have it all the time too bussy.
I know he can't do nothing but i must tell this because the instition that give me my hours of help and care must will call all them for information on mine, silly, and strange that i must do this , it works stranges , i 'm still here for helping others to keep their job.LOL
Poor mds of mine.LOL they know it too, but they don't like this.;-D
i'm feeling a little bit better, but can't see to good still and have still dizzines when i moved my neck to quickly or try to pick up a thing from the ground, its always about the toys of Wolfje.
She doens't understand that still. LOL
i have spoiled her.LOL
I'm trying to do some work on the little figure things. my sis loved them too, and Gerard too. so thats why i'm working on the swing for one of them. when i have maked that one i will ad it on cok with a tute. i will try to work on your present thursday. , please be patiencend with me.;-D
hope you are still fine and not to uncomfortable, i thought are you sleeping well with your hard harnas on? I hope so.
i hope that everyone is now much nicer to you and help you the whole time and not those nasthy and ugly persons will come on your path on your work. We have about a month our own elections. i don't know if it will be better, i afraid it will be worse. i try to pay attention too of your country but i don't really understand it too well. You have other rules about that, then we have, so silly and you still haven't an new coverment ? We have the same old boring coverment but still we have problems with a ugly very ultra right party, its an aweful person that tryed other people filled with hate, He's looking awefull too outside, LOL so he's good to reconize about his strange behaviours . they think he will come in the next coverment. I'm afraid of that.
okay, i must do some washing myself. LOL
i still don't smell i think, but i know that i'm not able to smell that odeur.LOL i will add a lot parfume on me.LOL a hippie odeur.
my mom was always complaining about my parfume, she told me that she becomes migraine of it. Thats not right, because she have still migraine, and not from me.LOL
but i know that not all the persons like my parfume, some think its hash, stupid its not at all the same smell.
so when i must go to important interviews i always let those parfume away. LOL
my ladys don't like the cold but .... they will sleep more.LOL
so that was my new big great news.
hope you having a great fun day and some resting time too.
much stokes to your furry friends and hi 's and hugs for your dearonces and much more gentle hugs and kisses.( not wet onces.LOL)

Hi and thanks ^^
I think I will try it out soon :3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi again, i 'm resting, i' have sleep the whole day, i try to be awake but i can't.LOL
its not good at the moment, so i have agreeed with my own md Afke that i will go to the neuroloog.
but i must wait for that, the erconomic therapist will come this week to visit me at home. i know her allready so i like that.
i' try to do thinks but i noticed all t he time that i can't do it at all., so i think okay jet then you need to sleep , i try to watch tele, but thats so boring i suppose i felt the whole time too insleep.
so i try like you told me to be gentle with my selfs..LOL
and having still a staycation. only i have make plaster in a little cup for one of the little figures, i will make a swing for one of them i have planned.
but thats all. Gerard is too ill. and he write to me that he was sleepy too the whole day, and Karin told him thats okay so you must do that.LOL Gerard is just like me not so good in ito be ill. ;-D
thinking on work is okay i think for you.
much better then doing all those body work. with your broken wing. but tiring too. i suppose. You must do to much already with brain work.
hope you have a confortable day like yesterday.
i'm not to much on internet because my dizzynes is still worse. so i will only look to importand thinks like you and cok.LOL
hey try the same to be nice and gentle to yourself, and have fun too.
oooo thanks for the printing of your poems, awesome you're sooo sweet and kind for me.!!!;-D i didn't do anything on your craft but i hope when i see a lot better that i can make an other one! its not out my mind.;-D
much gentle hugs and kisses. and strokes for your furry friends. and hugs for the family;-D
Maria C.
Maria C. · Laredo, Texas, US · 11 projects
Hi! I really enjoy your projects.I am about to buy a sewing machine an was looking for a site to find some new ideas, and this place is great! ^_^
DrEaMeR · Palermo, Sicilia, IT · 20 projects
Hi! oh yes, climate is probably one of the best thing of my city...today is like a summer day, there's a wonderful shining sun; actually during summer it's too hot and I don't like it very much.
Anyway I hope one day I'll be able to come to England and visit those beautiful places you have photographed, they have something magic.

Wish you a wonderful week!!!
...and sorry for my English =)

DrEaMeR · Palermo, Sicilia, IT · 20 projects
Hi! thanks to you for accepting it! nice to meet you... I'm surely going to listen to Rezurex, I'll let you know what I think about!
Oh... I love your pics of those English landscapes... they're soooo beautiful!
bye Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hey you! i had to laugh about your comments of the hover chair.;-D
Hey like it that you had dogs too. my sis is more a dog person she is very good in training them. Her oldest one was a border colly so she must worked with her, she has won many prizes, and when Sjoanne her oldest was her 5 birthdayparty my sis give their limonade dranks in the prize cups.LOl Those kiddo's liked that.
So all her dogs are very well behaving, i don't need to be afraid, her bigist one, not just the size of a denish dog but a little tinyer. i still growing and when he stoods aside me he is at my face with his head. but he was very sweet to me.
Wolfje did liked karin to see again she blow to her, so i have put her on my shoulder for Karin she could see her.
I have sleep the whole day, i'm still having problems with my arms, they aren't doing want i want them to do.-S
still very strange things are happening, i have done it again, i think i have to bumbed to hard with Karin in her car i had to asked her over and over to be careful , and then she said, oooo i'm sorry thanks i try to do it more softly. ;-D
Yes it was awesome i not sorry for the tiring out at the moment because i have much wonderful memorys about yesterday, so i can think of them. and my sis was very kind and awesome to me.
No she had to ride on her horse rinding with her group i don't know how i must tell that, its like with a couple of horse ride figures in the same time on music.
they are very good, and my sis didn't want the big party of my mom.LOL
so i was soo glad that i had to join her yesterday to celebreate her birthday, but we are very close and having a special bonding, i think like twins are having. Its all because our youthood that we are so close.
so after a whole day sleeping its better, but i must be more careful i think when i can't see tomorrow again so well and having those strange arms and hands i must call the md again.
I have a season ticket on her.LOL
Glad to hear that you bare the plaster, and a little bit smelly hmmm the people that don't know you and don't know about your damagings are keeping their distances.LOL so no more further harm.LOL
and a well odeur i do the same often.LOL i have noticed that more people have strange smellys around them, but i smell a lot.-S
i have noticed that , wolfje smell after a lot of people when they have picked her up or give her storkes. I think that she didn't like my sis about the smells of the dogs, it was i noticed that too a very not well smelly odeur.LOL
the ladys has sleeped the whole day with me on the couch underneat a blanket. so sweet. only i couldn't move m y self. so i have now a lot of bedsores -D cats and my body aren't go to well in the same posititon to long.LOL
I hope my new yellow chair will come this week, i think that the payment this week is fine. so i will phone them on wensday.
Awesome that you like to do the same with the hairpieces. i thought i saw that on your last picture you've send me, very nice with the small hair braids. i have bought those clips too, i will asked Karin of the other Karin, i know to much Karins.LOL
to make some pictures of me.
I think too its lost the mail i send , so i will make it again and send again it to you, i had add on the envelope England , but it was the time that the jets didn't fly out.LOL Like me they had a staycation.LOL
to bad for you, but you will got a n ew one, i think much better and beautifull. and i will send it in a better more boring commen envelope. so they will know from the outside that its not some danger in it. LOL
I think i do a much prettyer one for you inside, so you will have the fun again from a strange envelope.LOL
When i was writting with John we make together drawings on the outside of the envelope too, and that was too a problem for the mail, because they liked them too much, they were too arty.LOL
O, o much to read for you, i had noticed just know that i have forgotten my 12 'o clock meds ,so i think i have at the moment turbo brains. yummy! LOL
I like the look of gothic, but i'm not gothic at all , more a old hippy.
but thats all of my ages. when they were here those flower people , some a tiny bit older i liked it , and share the same thoughts, but, my partens didn't like my looks at all. poor ones. My husband was having the same looks poor mom of mine, she didn't like those long hairs of him. it was clean but it maked him very poor loking, i having the same long hair picts of John but his hair was like black persons so it looks awesome , a friend of my mom called that hair sheep woollen hair. it was a brand of woollen knitten yarn, i love that name . it maked him not poorly , it was great and lovely to see.
John was white of skin but he had some of the looks of a black person. not in his face, others told me he was a beautiful handsome man, strange that i didn't see that at all, but thats the problem too with my furry cats, i know that the looks super cool , Wolfje too, because in holland she is very rare, but i don't see it myself anymore i know them to good of their character.
I saw that the dogs of Karin does the same behaviour like wolfje does towards Muis, silly, i know of Gerard, that Karin and he thinks she is more a doggy, but all my birmees cats did the same games, only they told me when i bought her that a birmilla was much calmly then the real birmees and she talks much more, and they are not so clever like the birmees. but she is that not at all.
she is far to clever , only her talking that the only point that they were right.LOL
but i 'm used to those birmees so its a costumized birmees really.LOL
i noticed a lot the use of the word though i understand the meaning, but i don't know how i must use the word by my self.
its awesome to writte with you i'm learning a lot of new words, and i don't have to be afraid of red coloured messages be back to me.LOL
so thanks for that.
and the label it was nice to see it, because there is printed on royal mail.LOl awesome to become royal mail.LOL
We don't have that anymore. we had that too for a long time, but now all those instutions must be commercial and free so , it doesn't go to well, and they have changed many times allreeady by name.
The telephone too, and the train too and so on. i thinks not always a glad and happy issue.
okay now i'm stopping really.LOL have a nice fun calm week , i hope you don't have to work to much, so you can be calm and do some resting too. i try to do the same. i think i will send you this week some pictures of my ladys which i have promised you.
so stupid when you live alone nobody takes pictures of my, only when i aske them . so i must asked this for you and myself.
take good care, say hi to the kiddo's and your sweet Terry. and much much gentle hugs for you and not wet bunch of kisses ;-D
Sarania · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 15 projects
Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your shoulder. I hope you get better soon. I love your projects, they're so inspiring. Hope everything else is well an you get better soon.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, hope your furrys were nice an calmly this night.;-D
i have the same problem i've wolfje hasn't been played enough to be tired out for the night she is still playing with her toys on my pillow.
Sometimes you know, she jumps then on my on excident., but most at the time i must go out of bed to hold some bandages.
It was tooooooo bumbsy yesterday. but it was awesome, i have had so much fun with my little birthday sis. 50 years, i was proud on her, she too, she have had such a horrible time this last year.
I saw her youngster big dog, wooow he is sooooo big, and he is soooo sweet only, he likes me to much. In the beginning, my sis has put him in the bench before she picked me up in Utrecht , he was afraid of my wheels.;-D
i understand that, so i started to talk to him, we have almost the same voice, so he became eased down.
And then he adored me LOL.
but he is tooo heavy, he put his big heavy head on my leap to rest. pffff.
Her other dog is sweet too, and she always give me her toys like wolfje likes to do. so sweet.
The movie was awesome, some parts weren't so great in 3d but i like the whole movies, we said at loud the same things and then we had to laught about it, the other people were sooooo silent.
I have maked some bad movement in the movie because i saw something what was in 3d was coming towards me-S LOL
i liked the acting , the story, and the costumes, awesome. the white queen too, so gothic but then in withe. awesome.
to much to see and it all goes to fast. i couldn't read the underlines sometimes Karin told what there was written.
i think its much more fun to watch a movie and you don't have to read too. The most movies of dutch movies aren't so nice to see. they are often vulgair. But this was a fun time,
Karin is living in a black neighbourhood so there were many hairshops i have bought with her some fake hair, to do something with it. Karin said it too , oooo its worse the bolding. I knew this too.
I told her that when i complain about it to care people they always disagree with me. but i know it, my md told me the same, i have to much manly hormones.LOL
We had in the movie popcorn, it was sooo dirty of taste, but i thought its not nice when i don't eat it for my sis., but she thought the same, LOL
it was too old, taste MUF!-S
i have showed her the planes in Haarlem , she was exciting, she didn't know i've Haarlem is nearby her then Utrecht, i think it is.
Hey i have had your packets, awesome again, i hope i 'm able to make my project with it finished. i'm feeling not so well lthis day.
dizzy , sick and sight problems and hurting are again to big.
stupid of me. but my sis is once upon her life becoming 50!LOL
I noticed again that the people their were much friendlyer to me, then in my own town.
strange, but i think its true what i always say out loud. And they don't look at me there as i'm a miricacle on the street.LOL
so i'm just a comment person, thats so nice!
When i was studying on the art academy i had to draw outside too. and sometimes i was sitting on a very difficult place to draw so that i could draw without shoulder peeking of others, when the try to do so, they almost felt .LOL
And i try to watch a lot too of people situations and colours , or looks how people are walking, and behaving and make a game off it, its fun to see that people almost wearing cloths that fitt them as a whole thing with their carachter. and behaviour.
Karin hasn't seen wolfje almost a half year, she told me that she liked the well chosen name of her, and her looks.
i told her too of the strange interview. and she didn't like it either.
i have maked an appointment to go out next saturday. but i don't must go, i noticed now.
i didn't take it too seriously i suppose ,-S but having fun is too importend too.
Hey i've you haven't had still the packets i will make something new for you and try to post it again.
Strange, i will use a normally envelope this time, ;-D
okay my eyes don't do it allright , i must stop, it was raining, but its what Terry always tell you , you can weare the right cloths.
Yes its very strange, but people think still of wheelies that they only go out in summertime in the sunshine and that they always has to push. okay yesterday because i just my other wheels i had some helping hands too on my back from my sister, Some years ago i could ride more without help, stupid neck-S LOL
or is it an ages problem;-D Gerard is teasing with that, about my sight problem.LOL
hey i go back to my cozy cough hpe you can stand it with the plaster. When i was nearby you i draw something too on your plaster.LOL
some fake tatoos is too awesome.LOL

when i was a kiddo plaster was sooo awesome i like to have some leg or arm, but i din't get it at all. Happily after all.LOL
hey have a nice comfortable day. i have asked my sis i've she hade saved some lits but she didn't yet, but she promised that she will.
When i'm feeling a less worse, i send you some picts i had promised you. have a fun lazy day, many love and good thougts and much much much gentle hugs and kisses.;-D
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
lolz thank you soooo much!!!!
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
Thank you xxxx
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
OMG!!!! Thank you sooooooo much Happy This is gonna look awesome Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi my dearest, ;-D
yes i thought about that too, to use him again, i have that pimed too.LOL Its of course bright red!LOL
Yes Wolfje had a swell time, but she still smell of Gerards after shave-S o. o she is a slut.LOL like her aunty. She loves men.LOL
i heard of her breeder about that her aunty was much to young pregnant. and was to fond of human men too.LOL
I think wolfje will becomes that too. LOL

My just gone birmees was the same, Indy loves all the men too much too, so when John was in here, she always bumbed on his lap to hugs-D Only when he wasn't here she was so polite to give me atttention too. so kind don't you thinks too?!.LOL

Yes it was a very strange interview. i let you know more when i heard about her discisions.
i will go to Amsterdam to my sis. i hope she isn't forget it.
so i must be clothting today. its not a very nice day clowded.
Yesterday it was raining so i was riding in the rain and a woman who lives here in the envirement said to me its raining!
very strange noticed because i was feeling the rain on my haid and legs too.LOL i know wheelys are alowed i think only ride on the street on sunnyshining afternoons. I must make drawing from that.
I must make more drawing of silly situations, i had promised the salesman of my big electric chair that give me a big sales for -700.00
euro thats much money that i was greatfull and that i make a cartoon of the C350 . So i think of a picture of people that see onlly some bright colour jet, and wearing sunglases.LOL
i try to make now more altered journals , its making me happy and i don't have to do tiny things. and i becoming to clean of all those old magazines too.LOL
a strange way to clean your materials off, its still the same problem. when i try to clean i see a lot of new ideas to make of them-S...LOL
o, o, its all about jumping brains that will in turbo drive.LOL
A shrink that has such brains too is working with adhd children and in his book he told how i explain to the little ones what the problem with their brains. He asked a little boy you know about enginering in cars huhh? Yes said the boy and then he said you know some of them has turbo motordriving in them, yes i know ...
Okay , did you know you has turbo brains in your head , the boy answer wooow awesome, and the shrink thought huhhh? i don't nothing of turbo engenieering but okay!LOL
and he with turbo driving its all about having great braking mechanism. Yes said the boy ! and the shrink said thats the problem with our brains i have the same turbo brains like you, but we haven't good brakes!
Its soo great and beautiful explanation about what is differend between the normal brains and the turbo jumping onces.LOL
My sis must told the little kids often the same problem to them and she uses now the same story.
And because a very importend person tell the story to a little one it makes all the different.
Mayby we can hold the world record off the longest pje commen crafting wifes of the whole world.LOL
You're right about Jeroen, he was a very well know person, thanks of the compliment that you think i'm the same.;-D
In a way i'm. i love to go on public too, but not for all the issues anymore, i like to be sometimes an unknow person, sometimes i misses that soooo much, but... its all about differens of commen and other ways of ... Okay you will understand this i hope.LOL

Okay hope you having a great fun day and think of a chotic plaster on your broken wing. You know that wings you not always can fly out.LOL some of them need to rest and ect.;-D
I will do the same tomorrow;-D i let you know about my day on sunday. much much gentle hugs and hi's and kisses;-D
to your furry s too;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awww so sad that you have allready itchys, don't like that for you -S
And three week-S You have luck its not summertime and really hot, thens the only thing i can think of to cheer you up and yes they see that you have really a broken wing, LOL so they will be more kind and carefull witlh you.
this morning i had the screening interview, Gerard was with me;, and helpt me, but Wolfje was aweful, she noticed that the woman reallly liked her and she steels the show she behaved like a doggy and Gerard and she and i had trow all her toys awasy and has to stroke her, after all she smell now after Gerard after shave.LOL
Which i don't prefere.LOL
It was a very strange interview. she said too that the rebuilding was to expensive, but two elektric wheelchairs was still a big problem.
She talk about the squad rugby team she was managing in Utrecht and i asked , mayby you know Jeroen Muller, and she said yess its a wonderful nice close friend of mine, i must email him this month.
And Gerard and i looks flabber gasted and we told her, you can't he is gone he died two months ago, she was suddenly sooo sad.
I 'm too, strange, but living on wheels is a very tinny world so ... and some people like Jeroen were well known.
I was sorry that i told her the bad bad news, and she said no, i'm glad to hear it, and to that i told her that it was a beautiful rememberance service for him, but she couldn't make a good interview anymore.
Gerard said too , i've i had heard this too, i had called the office or the other clients of mine to call off. I hope she did that.
but i don't know i've i got a new replacement. she told me that she had to talk with her md on the office and she will calll me back.
so more time to wait.
Not much fun, and not too with Gerard, he wasn't only to listen and give me support and nothing else, and after she was gone he read my letters, some news about the appartment in Haarlem.
I will tell you later more of that.
Then i have done food shoppings and to much bumbings so i have again more problems, and a lot of headages.
Last night i didn't sleep too, because i had a fever. Allergic of the homeopatic meds. -S The lady s didn't understand why i was so bussy and didn't like it, all the time light on and off.
Yes i heard and saw it too the voting in your country, i keep my fingers still crossed for you.
ooooh so n ice of your ladys to stay up during the night to watch with you.LOL
I have yesterday made some pictures of muis and wolfje i will send them to you , not all, because some were not okay.
and i have made pictures of the spring outside the window, i think you have only seen the winter by me so its sooooo differend.
That woman like wolfje too of her fur, and she liked her make up.
wolfje has a black line around her nose and lips and eyes and black feets, i've she has make her selfs beautiful and at the last minute it went wrong and the bottle felt down the ground and she jump in to it.
When the first birmilla in holland was by my first breeder and friend of Muis and the gone sister of her, i was sooooo fallen in love of the beauty, but we had already chosen Indy and when Joke later has kittens and we saw them too, John said ooo this is beautiful i like them.
but two cats are enought.
i must wrap the present for my sis, i hope she likes it.
and i have bought a plant for outside.
so it was a very very strange day i don;t know what i must think of it. The woman was too flabber gasted that i din't have the new big one, but... i told her that the community had give me the money to late, and on the wrong bank account and that i sill must wait when the dealer has received the money , i think this will be next week or some bit later.
so its okay, i can't do still not to much so i didn't bother me at all.LOL
Gerard liked me little figures that i had made. i told him that they come in a terarium , he liked that.
so ... thats my story but after all my house is cleaned up!!!!!
Gerard was too flabber gasted and very very pround on my so i have scored.LOL
And Gerard told me that i only must listen to Wouter and asked him what will you do about your situation. nothing more.
i think he's right. but i know that don't work not at all for Wouter he only will tell me i don't know , he isn't so creative.
sometimes a boring bold fellow.LOL
He's the opposite of mine he misses the H in the adhd story of his brains.LOL
Karin my little sis is coming to get me, and then we go to her house and of we go to the movies or we will do something else, i like to go to amsterdam. again.
and i will see her big big new dog. It has the size of the bigest dog i know. Judith has chosen him as a puppy but she is to ill to care for him so Karin must do it, so its more her dog now.
okay thats it, i hope to do on sunday some crafting work. but i think i will be to tired but then i can watch my not seen soap serie.LOL
Hey , thank you so much for letting me know of your plaster broken wing, mayby your kids can draw on it or make a beautiful art craft on it, with funny pictures from old magazines, and make it full of glitter.
Karin my sis had a kitten with a broken behind leg just like muis, but this cat had plaster on his leg, it wasn't so badly as mine muis.
and her kiddo's make it every time with a special theme to make it beautiful for the cat, so the cat has a Sinterklaas theme, and a xmastime and so on. LOl it was funny to see, the vets liked it too.
Muis has only a zebra coat on for a while and her vets must laught about it too. Now i know it doen'st help her so she may walk without clouds. LOL
I had a time so housecleaning helper and the boy said ooo are you such a person who likes to cloths her pets, and i said of course you're sooo right she has a head and skirts and dresses and a trouser. He believed it too.LOL
The coat was only for her to don't make her bleeding so you could see it wasn't for the beauty or fun. Cats are without wigs and cloths beautiful of their own.
Okay its began tooo long my writing for you.LOL
hey i'm not crumpy i'm the same happy person, you know, i'm a tought coockie LOL
hey be gentle to your selfs and much much gentle hugs and much kisses of mine, but not wet onces.LOl
have a fun less painfull and not to uncomfortalbe weekend, and try to find it fun that people will help you now.;-D
do only things that you like such as thinking of poems or other thinks you can do without making it worse.
LastKoalaBear · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 33 projects
thats awesome! now i can say crazy in Hindi Happy lol
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL yesss that the word i was looking for,
awesome your mistake in the deaf langues. LOL
but so sad your shcoulder is casted-S So sorry to hear that, i hope its for a few weeks?
And i hope it will not tooo itschy! And don't scratch with a knitting needle. you'll hearting your skin and become ugly scars.
but mayby you like them?LOL
I hope it will work for you.
Its wize of you to rest, i'm very proud of you!!!
i following your voting days too, because you have mentioned i hope it will be good for you !;-D
I have finnaly connect with my little sis, she is next sunday having her birthday so she was hiding herself for my mom.
She becomes 50 and my mom had planned for her a big party which she didn't totally want it.
so she is hiding before her birthday and on the day itselfs.
I come on saterday to her, will try to go to the movies.
I hope he is showing still, other wize we must do something differend.
I'm trying to rest like you, but you've win the first prize.LOL
I'm on the fourth place.;-D
And we must think of a behaviour welll mannerd class for furry friend , this ins't pleasent anymore.LOL
Sooo and then we must give them self bows and bells when they were bad or well behaving. LOL
Like the AA group of ours to gome of our addiction of cok.LOL
But i htink you'll love them still?!!;-D your furry friends.
I do, ony they having now at the same time a battle.
poor muis she is has a hard time with the youngster Wolfje!;-D
But i'm too. only i can smile because i know she will become older and calmly and not so jumpy anymore. only a matter of time.;-D
I try to more cleaning in house and i have made my points ready for to morrow. and i must phone to the bank of the money is received on my account to buy the yellow chair of mine;-D
I will make a before and after picture for you!!
hey much supporting of mine, its not fine to be plasterd, so i will think a lot time more of you.
much softly and gentle hugs for you to eased the pain and the itschy and the imcomfortable plaster , much love and kisses too.;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Heyi dearest you...!
have you missed a lot, hope you're doing alright or not worse;-D
I have to tell you something awesome, yesterday they called me of the shop were i ordered my newest big chair, and hes arrived. and they told me he looks sooo cool and awesome and tought. LOL
but i didn't have still the money so i must wait a little bit more;-S
not to worse, because friday the will come to screen me -S and then its not so good to have the new one.
so i must look for a solution to go without to many bumbings and jumpings to the centre to buy the oilcloth fabric.
And i have endly managed all the things that was in the walking closet back, it was too heavy for me, but then i must wait much longer, because this friday Gerard and i must talk to that woman-S and we haven't time to do that together too.-S
but now i did it myself, everyday a little, so i'm tired but happy;-D
Its not to good for my body but , this wasn't either good, because i didn't know were everything was so i maked a big chaos in my house and it wasn't so good because there was a lot of dust in between , i have asma so that is not good and muis has to much ithchys too-S
I hope this wil help us both a little more-D
Today not all the institutes are closed some of them , i don't only not which one so i have maked it myself easy to tell me everything was closed so i didn't have to call institutes.LOL
Muis and i begun to get bold, i always are looking for a sort of solution. When i was studying at the social academy for creative therapist in my final year i had to do a creative project for a group.
We choose women in the transition period , its not the right word i think but i can't find an other word, its when the periods of a woman ends. And there was a lady in the group were we (four students) talked with to know some more about them and to make a great party with some theater plays of the item we have chosen.
she was the only person with long hair in that group , they had all cut of their hair, and she told us, don't do that too, because eveybodoy has the same short cut. I noticed this still around myself.
so i don't like to cut it off or shave myself bold, so i must look for an solution. And muis ... i hope her itschy time will be soon over or eased down. It do al lot of that problem but the spring time isn't so nice for the both of us.;-D
but i like it, sooooo beautiful.
My mom had till her 70th long hair, and then her neighbour has cut it off, she is acting like a hairdresser, so she had used i think the wrong solution so my mom got a allergic reaction and then the neighbour said she do better to cut her hair off, and my mom believed her and now she has the same haircut like all the others elderly people.LOL
I waering now much caps when i'm outside, and do my hair in a ponytail so you can't see the bold pieces, LOL everybody looks down on my hair-S thats too bad, so i have told myself jet you must look for an other kind of solution. and i m ust can do itmyself. .
tomorrow Gerard is back from his vacation , thats a reliefe for me, its too silent. only wouter is calling with his stranges problems, i only listen to him, nothing more. but its going very wrong in his family. strange!
Happy that i don't live there too.lOL
But i had stand up for myself, he don't dare that?!!
tja...okay i see its feeding time for the ladys, o, its colder here, so.. the ladys like to sleep a little longer , so happy that they let me sleep a hour longer.LOL
I have a solution of my knitting steeling cat. I let all those knitting part on the yarn and don't cut it of and then she don't like it.
and i stop all the things now in boxes, but its still very difficult i had made a knitted necklace of small parts , and i have losed them all. LOL I think wolfje has got themLOL
Hey hope that your therapy was okay and have some profit of it.
say hi to all your dearonce and stoke those furry friends of yours.
O... and pay attention , i have noticed that to much flying animals makes that your cats thinks too that they can fly.LOL
Like worlfje ,LOL
he love you and big big gentle hugs and kisses.;-D
lenaa · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 1 project
thanks !!

Bluebee · Francestown, New Hampshire, US · 6 projects
you're welcome ^^ it's wonderful
Krafty Kokatie
Krafty Kokatie · Orangeville, Pennsylvania, US · 20 projects
thanks so much on the kitten help, he seems to be doing much better since I took over, I think he just wasn't getting enough of anything for him to thrive. If I hit any road blocks I'll message you for sure, thanks again!! Much Love!!
LastKoalaBear · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 33 projects
no problem :3 im gonna have to try and make one soon! i do believe that when i run around yelling "cheese" in 4 different languages that i may as well be yelling "i'm crazy" lol
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow awesome that you send me a copy of your poems, Love it.
LOL i had to laugh at your story , you're right i had did the same. good for you girl!!!
i have good news i have called the community worker and she told me the money is send to me, so i can pay for the new big chair, so.... endly he will come to me.LOL
and then the work to pimp him more colourfull.
I'm had a pjee day , i'm feeling a bit more better, but its still not over,-S so i called Afke my md, and she said go to the economic therapist, i don't know why , but....???
i willl try that, i can't still against bumbs in the road and there are to many.LOL
but i see better far away things, not the closed things , then i must still searching out wich of the four it is.LOl
I have made the little person fisnished, now i must do something with it.
I was comfortable on the couch and ... o o Wouter was calling.
His partner had called the police, about child abuse, that wasn't done, she is going crazy, She is never at home, wouter is the nanny
of her sons. stanges. so he was so afraid and chocked about the whole thing, so endly he has called Afke the md. We have the same md. to get some help.
I hope he will got that very soon, but i'm afraid nobody is available on such short notices.
So i must eas down now too. Not very fine, My furry friends are thinking that the early sun is the time that Jet must go out her bed, so they do more fun toys on my pillow and the pull on my hair, without a sound.! its hard to be a human with those two ladys LOL
Today i have told Wolfje she must call the animal saving institute to complain about me. LOL I don't like to play with her the whole time, she is thinking that that is my job.;_D
its cold here, so sometimes i have two cats under neat my sweater ,like a kangaroo mom.;-D
And i have done some administatives things and send the bill , the right one of the economic ... to the community worker of mine.
Jippieee . and ... then i thought i had planned much more to do, but okay it didn't turn out that way i think i planned to much -S for my body, Afke told the same, not very new news.LOL
I like to do more, but i was forgotten that i have a very old inside.LOL
Hey you can tell that you have your excercize done to the physio on your work.LOL
Awesome that you can talk the deaf langues, i always like to watch this langues but that very inpolite, so.... And when they aske me something i always forget that i don't turn my head when i answer.
I only think help, help i do all the things wrong. LOL
And because of this clumpsyness i making more mistakes. LOL

Yes i have heard from an other UK person about the bank day, i don't understand it, why are the other office then closed?
but thats the same in my own humble country. LOL we aren't humble thinks the Belgium people, they right.LOL
they are much nicer and polite and so on then the impatiencend dutch people.LOL
We have strange free days this week too, i don't understand them neighter , because not everybody has a day off, so i can't explain it.
And Gerard will come on Friday and the screening institute.-S
so i did some homework for them too today.
I try to clean my materials, but i make more chaos at the moment, i think that Gerard don't like it.LOL
i hope that i'm able soon to go out to the city or to therapy, i miss that too much. i don't like it to much those staycations times. i like to try to work on my artwork.
i was suprised that Gerard said what about that artwork Jet? and i said its not art, but he told me, you're wrong its art , only you don't know that yet, LOL but he's right about it, i always forget what my art work is or my crafting work. but silly i don't must make a border between them to strong.
When i had a big exhibition there was something like what Gerard said it was art work there too, and everybody was agree that that was an art piece, but i had make that only for the fun. !!!!!?
hum i don't have much funny storys to tell you , its to late i suppose for my head,
O ... Wolfje things that crochet too for her is, she had almost stolen a little piece of that too, so i cried out lout no thats not a knitting part, i have it now in my pje pocket, i hope i don't forget it.LOL
Hey sleep well, i hope that the more days off you will help to eased the pain,
O another story, about not coming to far for a button to ring the bell. I had only for the first day on my big wheels a kind of lift to come up hight, so when i had to go for something physicals i had to ring the too hight bell so i thought awesome i can go up to that.
So i ride towards the wall and go up, and rang the bell, but i must first go down to be able to drive to the door, but it went to slowly, so when i was down to ride, the door was agian closed, so i had to go upwards again, and rang the bell, and went down, and was again to late,
I thought after the third time awesome i'm a grown up person who's alowed to ring over and over the bell as a game.
When i was a kiddo we did that and we got always punishing of our parents.LOL but now i may!!! One of the big benefits of being a wheelie.LOL
hey sleep well , have much beautifull dreams and stokes for Just and Ava and hi's for the kids and your dear hubby.;-D
And for you gentle hugs and much more kisses not such wet onces, so you don't have to dry your face.LOL and much much love ;-D
Samantha M.
Samantha M.
Thank you for posting it Happy it's gorgeous Happy
Krafty Kokatie
Krafty Kokatie · Orangeville, Pennsylvania, US · 20 projects
THANKS!!!!! Love Alice !!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning girl:_D
thank you very much of your kind comment and of course the fave of my angelpiggy ect.
Its still much troubles to uploud a project on cok, but okay for now its a sulution of this problem, i must clean my computer and begin with a fresh start, but .... o oooo to much work . so i haven't done it -S
its here again a pje day, but thats okay, i think i will try to paint my little people i have maked of my paste mache and then i will make a thing for it, like my birdcages i think thats makes it really sweet.
I always want like you to much, it makes me often sad, but Gerard told me write all the small things what you have done on a paper and then look again, its helping to keep my good mood on.LOL
And i always forget that my body is really old so ... thats stilll the problem. but after a year i think i'm glad that i have done all those things, but i don't must look to healhty people they can do so much more things,
people don't often understand that, they only think okay your ride in a chair, and thats all. but okay. I have done stupid things too.LOL
i don't like it when stranger come to me and asked me everything of me in a bad way, i feel when its bad, so i always give them a very strange answer/LOL
There was a person she live nearby and she asked why i read on wheels, so i told her i having in sore in my arse. She didn't like it at all, i had to laugh about it.;-D
And there was a taxidriver who asked me how i did it with sex.
after asking i have a friend, so i ask him do you have a partner.

huh.... and he didn't asked me any thing more.LOL
When you know people better is an other thing, but ... and it how they asked this sort of things.
hope i have made you smile, so sorry i have told you my present, but not how its looks.LOL
so ....
hope you will get it now soon, its very clowded and grey weather, but i see a lot of fresh young green of the tree in front of me, its so beautifull after all those bad white winter days;-D
so this must be it.
have a funny great day with less pain, i have learned that are your mood is okay, it helps the band to bare so you will have less problems, i have learn of the zen lessons that i have to smile when i stand up out my bed and it make a special stuff on in your brain thats helped you to feel less pain, okay its not a miracle, but...
its helping a tiny bit.
so... mayby a smart thing to do to tell you this too. but don't expect that you are free of pain.LOL
i have hang some pictures of baby feets to watch at on my wall, its keeps me smiling and polar bears make me smile too. I have drawed them often when i had to draw in the zoo.;-D
they are so huges and so fluffy and they can lay down so comfortly and peasfully when they took a sunny bad, wooow its give me a lot of insparation when i see them like that, i 'm often try to do that when i must rest and i try to think of that image of the polar beer years ago and try to acht like her.
I thought then it was a he, but later on i heard it was a she.
She is dead, she was bitten by her partner for breeding . and they didn't see it, it was in the inside of her ear and she became badly ill so thats was a bad ending. but she is stilll in my memorys.
okay i have to look after more mail.LOL
its always a long story for you. LOL you know i'm a big talker.
hope it makes you smile, i keep all your beautifull pictures too.
and the video too. so funny and awesome.
May i hang your poem on her on my wall with your name ?
I thought later on oooo Jet you must asked that.-S so pretty,please may i?
till later and much big gentle hugs and a lot of kisses (okay now you don't have to wash your face.LOL) and strokes to you furry friends.;-D
Its gorgeous! Im a newbie so im frightened to take on a corset though :p
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow you're early awake and up!!! oooow so sorry for you that you haven't received my real mail. its a not commen envelope, so mayby thats the trouble. My mom here in the same country living only an other town, only 30 km away had the same problems.
I have drawing about years on my envelopes like they were art , but some mailman didn't like it, they were always (on the east side of my country , much more farmers.LOL)complaining that i didn't have stamped it, i did only the stamp was a round and a part of my desing. LOL
So that friend had asked me over and over please stop with that, i have to pay for that, stupid. but...
now i'm trying to do other things with them.
I understand why Ava likes that, my cats do the same, but they steel the food too out of the bags.
One of my helping persons didn't believe they would do that, so she let her bag open and free in the livingroom and when she came back after her work and picked it up her food was gone.LOL
My cats were sick of it. they puke all out that time only the floor.

Yes your right about the spoiled food, but muis has an allergic reaction of most food too like me, so that can be the problem too. i was so greatefull to her, so kind and nice of her, to puke on me. wooow thats a real best friend,!!LOL
Your hubby is a nice fellow! funny too.LOL
about that they always like to jump in something, i'm so afraid of the washing machine, i don't trust wolfje, so i always cointing my cats before i starte the machine.LOL

Hey thats sweet you're comment and thanks a lot for the favouring ( have learned from you that word.LOL) Hubby too. i learn a lot more new words from all those mails. like that, so thanks for that too.
and much much love and kisses ;-D

that tim
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi and goodmoring, but you were allready awoke, what a strange aweful story. Such a relief that after all Terry didn't become something of it, only sworing a bit. Wooow thats clever of you, that you had fix it.
I have done a study of art quilting for two years, there were only women , and they all did the same about mans work they told everytime i can't....?
silly, i can fix a lot too, so why they not, only when John lived he always want to do those jobs for me, so... when he become to sick i had to do it myself, I had to learn again all those special technics . but i've they are not to heavy and perfect and to tiny i try to make it.;-D
Did you like the thing i had maked for you?

a funny story for you.
I have on the walls some shelves near to the ceiling around the kitschen wall in the livingroom, my cats are playing there always, they climb to it with a thick rope. there are some edges in it, when they go's around the shelves.
Wolfje plays there always, but yesterday she was forgotten that she was there and she run to fast so she couldn't make the it to go around the corner, so she was flying in the room.
She was flabber gasted i think when she was landed because she looks behind her and came to me to tell that she can't fly.LOL
she is telling a lot still, i like that, Muis is a very silent cat, its not about ages, she always was a silent one, she can miaow very loudly, but she don't do it often like my other cats, but she purr too not, or so softly that you ear must put on her body.LOL she don't like that.

I have a neckcollar, only a hard one it wasn't in the insurance the soft one.LOL
We have all stranges thing about what you must pay for it. A very strange story again.
i must pay in advance for my adhd meds then i must send the bill to the insurance, and i will become it back, but for all the adhd persons that very difficult, i have the same its a lot of money monthly and i can't alowed to lost the bill, but i have had forgotten it often too, my sis has more problems with that, she had to offer them 3 bill of them, for her and h er daugthers i think they do it on purpose, LOL so they don't have to pay your back. They know about jumping brains , so ... very clever of them.LOL Gerard must laught about it too. He heard a lot of those bill complaines of other clients. LOL

I have managed to make one of my project finished on Johns computer on cok.
But its not the solution. but... i have done it.LOL
I'm making a knitting project with using to your paperclips when i'm working with them , its making me happy and smiling. Its almost of you are here , so i think a lot of you, still hoping that you're well some day. Like a mirakel.
o i know an other story, when i became my first wheelchair i could stand a little bit , i had a forgather with my sis in amsterdam, so i went by train to amsterdam , and they had to hold my out of it, with a strange driveable brige, its like a circus attraction. so everybody is watching at that moment to me.;-D But my bag became to my wheels, , my sis couldn't free my bag handle so i became stucked, LOL
So i jumped up and did it myself, my sis had to laught about it so i asked why she was laughting she told me about the flabber gasthed faces from the other people that were still watching me. So i called loudly oooo i'm cured, i'm cured its a mirakel. it have worked !!! Thanks Jomanda!!! (at that time there was a person that said she could heal all the people i've they were believing here.
My sis could stop no more with laughting so when had missed a lot of connection with the metro.LOL
I'm resting still a lot , today all people are having a day off, so its feeling a sunday morning, so when i read about your late to work and school i had to thought a lot of it. LOL today i don't weare orange. i don't go out, i think i must having a pjee day.
Yesterday evening i thought to go to bed early, but muis puke all the cheese she had eaten above me, so i had to change and wash myself and a lot of other cleanings and i still smells it.
so ...
my flour paste is my thing, i have noticed. so i will make a project for cok of it.
Yes i'm still working only not to long and still not to tiny, i see strange things with my eyes, i can't adjust to it. -S so when i see that i must rest and i still have the strange headages, so yesterday i was sick too, and puke like muis only not on them.LOL
Hope you have an nice day and after that you have weekend.!!!;-D
so have a fun great lovely weekend and i hope i can see your project ;-D
much much hugs and kisses .and all my love;-D
Jill K.
Jill K. · Oshawa, Ontario, CA · 2 projects
That is awesome! halloween is my fave holiday Tongue
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hey LOL i read just now your poem on your profile , it so funny love it.
I will print him and hang with it with your name to my wall or door, wooow awesome so cool and strong.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmoring, wooow thats good news that you've allready the tens and that its helping. i have had acupunture too, but it worked only for a few hours by me, so ... and i had to pay for it so it was to expensive, for me, but somepeople have much profite of it, i hear of Gerard that too.
And hydrotherapy is great, i don't want it, but thats a differend problem.LOL
I heard a lot great reviews of that too. so you're doing it all right girl.LOL
I'm happy with that.
I'm working on a paste paper mache recipy , with other extra glue in it, and i think i have mayby found the solution. It looks like ceramic beautiful, only its too heavy on weith and fracile, so i must experiment a little more.
And i haven't still found out how i must lay it right, but it keeps my from the road and out of the bar.LOL
I have found out that i can add on cok some things on Johns computer, but he doens't work so great anymore. -S So i'm too stressed on it working, thats not very much fun. so ... i don't know, mayby more time to think for a better solution. but i keep on smilling.
Today its a cleaning house day and go for shopping, Friday its the celebration day of our queen. she rules 30 years. But she is very old so... i think her son shall be installed this year, he is my ages very old.LOL
O, o, i don't feel that why but when i see him, i always think that, what a old fellow he is, and all those little childs , the are breading well.LOL
All of them. Okay, its strange i think that they everybody don't must have so many children any more and they are making them like a breading machine.LOL
I had hoped to hear something of my sis but she is again silent. To bad, i know she has to much problems, so sad , but she has helping hands, onlly i misses her to much, We look alike twins about this feelings and connection. Karin is one of a twin, and has the same wit her sis.
But ... o, i having again problems round those replace wheelchairs. i hate it, i try to be calm and polite and so on and be patiencens but this is very stranges so i'm waiting still to long for a good replacement.
Lately on internet i saw knitting on adjust to sticks for walking. beautifull, so i thought shall i knit for my new big one too?
Only they will quickly become very dirty, so ... i don't still know of i must do that, but i like momentairly to knit of my sight problems,
Yesterday i heard from a person that she had heard the same troubles of bad and stranges sight by a wiplash, so okay i must wait longer and take a deep breath and be patiencend like a sweet brave granny.
I 'm knitting now mustaches i 'm thinking of making a necklace with paperclips of them.LOL
only for women.LOL
Hey thanks of letting me know of the others having to the same problems, thats making me not to lonely.LOL
I have had a few years ago a pioen rose, i don't know the english word of it, and after all ways one flower, this year there are three flowers on it, so beautiful and pretty, yesterday they were only a bud and now they are big open en full of clory. wooow thats a big present to look to;-D
so ... it will be hard work to day for me,;-D
hey have a nice fun day again, and i hope you will got my mail from the mailbox soon, or did you have received it already?
i had given Gerard some thing to give to Karin and he was forgotten it at all, so last time when he was here, i asked , he told that she like it very much, but o, o.LOL he was forgotten it totally. LOL
I thougt so because allways Karin write something then back. to me. o. o i making strange linges. i'm having a jumping brain.LOL sorry for this puzzle.
Hey i try again to say goodbye, have a nice day with much fun and all other goodthings, be gentle to your self and so on. he till later much gentle hugs and kisses;-D
Jill K.
Jill K. · Oshawa, Ontario, CA · 2 projects
lol I Love the mad hatter he is on the t-shirt I'm wearing at the moment Happy And you live next to a graveyard! *Jealous*
Mina · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
'Course! It's striped, lacy, and cute; what more could I ask for? ;)
Mina · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
'Course! It's striped, lacy, and cute; what more could I ask for? ;)
Mina · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
'Course! It's striped, lacy, and cute; what more could I ask for? ;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi and goodmoring, i think thats better that your physio is searching for other ways to eas the pain, and you can think too of asking to go to the pain md, there are elektric supplays that helps too, In holland they calling them TENS its a small box with wires that you must put on your nerves and with medical advice to use, Its helping me, but i'm too allergic, so ... and i can't do it without help, and thats why i don't use it anymore, but you have kids and a hubby;-D
About what you write, i understands it completly, John had the same problems, and i allways forgot to tell him that i was worse then he really knew, but thats the story of all patiends and family, The patiend feels and knows all , and the friends and family rocks behind them.LOL
When you have adjust to the new situation they have still to do too.
Thats making the proces you are in so difficult, so please talk , talk about problems in home were you bumb on it, like the washing machine, and the bike of your daughter.
My sis her daughters has the same problems with food like your Robert, very difficult, i don't know what to say, only my sis has never force them against their will to eat, they had to sit and try one bit and okay, they h ad to stay on the table till everybody, that was all the time my sis was ready.LOL
My sis has raised them alone.
She knew about the food problems in her own childhood to good, my mom did this, thats why we all have problems with eating.LOL
I understand what you're saying about your own problems, but try small bits too in between, or eat candy you're like . I have had a time for tree months that i didn't dare to eat, and after a time, you don't can't eat no more, thats what you're body is doing now too.
Gerard and my md Afke were thinking with me to come to solving the problems, so thats why i'm addicted to liquorice.LOL
The salt one!!!
an operation, i hope for you that they will operate, but most at the time, they don't like it, so i really hope that you make procress on your own.
Its a very heavy operation, so you will have a long time to recover. They will not operate me, i thought after my whole neck was damaged they give me an operation and i'm fixed again.Yes,,,, but now way, they told me that i had to break my spinal cord and then...
Thats not fine, so i try to behave ...LOL and live by the day and so on.
but i hope when they can't help you by physio that they will, i really hope so.

Yes i can do something more, but too tiny i still can't see enough. and i'm very tired still and dizzy, but i becomes better,
I have thanks Karin of the savings for you , it was a fun time. Their doggy Boemer didn't come with her, because she is afraid of elevators.LOL
So Terry is right of being afraid of everything is a dog.LOL

I thought i will watch movies on the tele, and of course Wouter was calling me till 23.00 Yeaggggg. But i think thats are friends for too, so i have listen to him and said the same things to him. and so on, and so on, i was soooo tired out after he called me, that i had to watch tele again to eas down to go to sleep.

I think i must do something with my computer programme, i can't do nothing at cok, only post comments and some buttons to accept or fave, nothing, more, i think i'm a guest at cok, thats what its feeel for me.
I had show karin the little experiments and she liked it, but i had to have patiencend about that too. Yesterday i received endly for to much time a bill for the occupation worker for the fitting of my big chair, and it was again wrong. I had to pay for things that my health insurance institute had to pay.
I think they had allready paid it, but okay, so i called the person after i send a mail to the occupation worker too, and i called a really strange rare person, she thought that i was a child, so i did the same, O, o, and it wasn't a nice call.
after a time she told me i don't understand it, and i had to tell her a number, so i asked her over and over what don't you understand? she didn't listen, so i repeat like a broken record the question, so endly she told what she didn't understand, i again i explain it to her, and told her what she had to do.
but no ,.... again i had to give a number i had allready give her, but i told her , nooo i don't give you that, i have told you how you can fix this problem , so please , please do that. And it became very silend on the other site, and then i didn't know what else to do, and call off.LOL
And it worked!!!! Yesss, my occupation worker had mailed me that she give her the right directions and i must become an other bill. Yippie.
She had asked do you have your chairs, allready, so i told her that i din't have the money yet, because the community worker had forgotten before she went on vacation to sett it free, so i must wait longer.
Okay i was forgotten that its my job to let behold the others their job, Social of me huh?!!LOL
hey have a great time, and i like the picture you give me of the two old laydys in the office, LOL
please don't be to tought and strong share your problems and sorrows and pain it makes it more understandable for others, i make to much jokes about my health too, so nobody takes it seriously, and i hate that too.
but its always about what i don't can anymore, so telll too what you can do still. thats making it for you and others bareable and easyer,
but take it please very seriously, i try to do the same, i'm your big fan !!!
You're still my VIP LOL
its a beautifull day, so i try to do something on my balcony.
I have made some drawings to make of your paperclips for a project on a envelope that i like to make of it, i will make better onces and send you them later on on the commen email.;-D
And are you too increased go to your md and asked for little advice there are some food suplays that helps too. I have those too in my fridge, only they don't come out!!!LOL
my md Afke had give me a recription of that, yummy, and hoeray?
hey have a nice fun day, and be a good brave granny;-D must gentle hugs for your broken wing and don't fly away, eat some candy.LOL and more kisses;-D
AluminaX · San Francisco, California, US · 10 projects
thank you Happy
i like your profile picture
Kitty A.
Kitty A.
Thanks! And they're both beautiful pieces- hopefully one day I'll get good enough at crafting so I'll be able to make them!
Lea Joy
Lea Joy · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 3 projects
oh and btw thank you for faving my pillow and my cups
Lea Joy
Lea Joy · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 3 projects
oh yeah and if you love the shakespeare the more you will love her book. its so poetic!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning, waking up with your mail is very pleasent, my fave thing to read ;-D About a hour Karin will come, mayby with her doggy, a small plushie thing, to little for man to walk with Gerard allways telling me that.LOL
And now Karin has bought for the dog a raincoat, so he allways when he must walk with Boemer take a look when the rain is over , she had to wait a little longer, Gerard refusing to walk with her with the coat.LOL
A member on the choire has the same with that.
I will say thanks for you to Karin.
About our royalty family, The Belgium and Germans people think we are very rare people. I think too.
Our royaltys are very impopulair , yours are more sofphisticated i think, more not like commen people so the have a more distincition from your people.
Our prins does do a lot of stranges things on sport we are commen with that , on the 30 april, the celebreathing the queen and her family go to the people in a town they have choosen and must hear all sort songs and music and watch old jobs demonstrations and silly old dutch games, the younger onces of the family allways will try to do it, but everybody knows they all hate this .LOL
But its the atmosphere thats make it funny.
And all the old things that everybody is selling on the street. Specially in the big citys.
Its a people party.
thats too bad, mayby you can set your laundry on a trolley, i can't lift too not heavy things, so all the things have wheels, and so do i .LOL
Very handy, wheels!!!;-D
My kitchen is too a small thin room , so i understand it completly.
Or you can ask that the door opening can move to the other side to open it.
On some it can!
About eating, thats my problem too, so i allways eat when i have some relaxation such as a book or now the tele . But its too the adhd meds.
did your son hasn't that problems too? My sis her kids and she has the same.
And we all forget to eat. LOL
Its a cheap sort of live.LOL
Or try to eat little things between the meals. Yach i'm like a dieetiste. ,sorry.LOL
but they are telling me this allways.
I have used the first paperclip on a project.!!!! When i can post it, i will make a notice of it that he is from you send from UK to holland.LOL
Hey hope you have a nice working day, and having fun with your colleagues;-D
Okay this will do , i send you allllll my love and thousend tons gentle hugs and kisses;-D and wish you has less pain!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmorning;-D Yes i had a very nice calme day yesterday, not a felting day, it was not so beautiful weather, i tryed to make some things again, i had made before, for later a new project on cok. Its was very calme and easy job, i like to do it again. and i have had some time before an old engined from old broken stuff from my sis and Gerard has helped to open it, and now i hold the copper wire of it, its a lot of calmly job. Its so beautiful the copper wire i now i have a lot of them;-D Still not finished.LOL
And i have washed my laundry in my new machine, i liked that he is really awesome and more quitly then my old one. A big door in front so its easy to put all laundry in and out it.
Today most people has vacation time, you too?
Wensday our queen celebreathe her birthday, its not her real birthday day, but then its winter, so she held it for her people on the old day of her mom.
We have then always freemarket and people are selling all their old stuff, and everybody wearing orange cloths, silly.
Last year i was selling too my craftings and one person asked me of i had my chair specially bought for this day, he is orange and red.LOL
stupid but i could laught at it, its to expensive for one day to buy such a chair.
My sis is saving to lids for you. I aks everybody to save with me, LOL
No all like it, but my sis had said yes so she will do it too.;-D
And the next week there are free day too of the remmemberance day of WO II do you have that too? i know you had more troubles too with WO I , at that time we weren't in war. other country were-S
I don't understand those things, all those stupid useless violence and useless lost of young and old persons. -S
Yesterday i was hiding for Wouter, i don't feel like it, to hear all his bad things , so i didn't answer the door and didn't take the phone ;-D
its to much, he has more friends and family, and i thougt i'm sick too.
but i noticed that i'm a little bit recouvering, thats great!
My sis is coming this week or next week too, and Karin is coming tomorrow on the thee. Not like your thee. Karin don't like all those cakes, she is trying to become thinner.LOL Like Gerard.LOL
Sometimes i give her something, but they eat more things that i don't alow to eat, so i always give it to them when they go home, and they aren't always glad with that, i know why.LOl
so its only thee and nothing, only cozy to see again each other, i really misses her. so i must clean this day a littel bit, when i 'm alone i allways forget to clean my materials away.LOL

Stupid the paste was yesterday unsound , i had read that, but i thought , thats silly, but the smell was worse, and i didn't was okay anymore.LOL
so after dipping my doll i h ad to wash him off and dry him again..
but when its okay the paste it works out super.
so mayby i make today some more.
Hope you have a fun day at work or a free day at home ! be gentle , my case manger told me always so , he's right so it try to be it, and try to act today like a granny. hope you are recouving is still , wish you more better soons too and a lot of gentle hugs and kisses;-D
SyntheticStars · Eastleigh, England, GB · 31 projects
Ooooh, thanks for replying!

Guess what, they've got little umbrellas on their website still, and ON SALE! http://www.hawkin.com/find/keyword-is-umbrella/product-is-09980

Roll on pay day - this is a definite winner. Have you got any fabric recommendations? Is a nice quality cotton sensible enough or would you think something synthetic would be better?

J x
SyntheticStars · Eastleigh, England, GB · 31 projects
Heeey, thanks for your message. I love your umbrella tutorial - I'm a bit pale, and worry about burning in the summer so have wanted to make something a bit more me to protect me! I think it's got a lot of potential.

So, the umbrella frame from Hawkins Bazaar... d'you reckon they still have them? Happy xxx
Tea&&Muffins · Milton Keynes, England, GB · 1 project
Haha! I guess you're right! Hahaha! A graveyard? awesome! =P
Tea&&Muffins · Milton Keynes, England, GB · 1 project
Hi! Noticed you were an Emilie Autumn fan and it is always good to befriend fellow plague rats! I love your projects, I may have to attempt some of them! xxx
Lea Joy
Lea Joy · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 3 projects
and i also love emilie autumn. I leave a kiss for you muffin
Lea Joy
Lea Joy · Berlin, Berlin, DE · 3 projects
oh you're welcome =) i also like your other projects<3
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i had to laught a lot of the story of Charlotte, and you 've catch my why i have specially bought this type of washing machine,LOL
I'm making only now things of and i try to make pictures of a new project.
I have seen it on martha steward, but it was to much expensive that why.
I know not all persons have a big size wallet full of money. I was writing only a big size wallet, but with out money its avalible to all the people.LOL
so i have maked a version thats more cheaper with all the things a normal crafter has around the house. I was trying out a flour paste papermache, its working great too.
so i think i made of those little terariums too. or in a jar or whatever.;-D
My sis her daughter was 4 years and she saw for the first time, Karins new friend, she hadn't legs and was a wheely too. Karin was at that time sewing a lot of cloths for her, so she knew all about measuring of fabric,
When she saw the new friend of Karin she said hi, my name is sjoanne, thats very handy for you , you didn't need to much fabric for making a skirt.;-D
The friend had to laught too.
When i became a wheelie she was fond of it, she liked to ride on my lap too, and she wanted to have one too, so i saw that she always tryed to sit in the buggy and try to moved the back wheels on hand, and she allways asked me jet this look like yours he?1!! they had leaned a lot of Karin to asked i've they can help but never are disapointed when somebody say no.
And they always have fun with my chairs. I like that of them,
When Judith broke her feet , a horse was steped on it, she borrow my sport chair, and she maked it at school, she was suddenly the most populair child off all the kids there, she was just 9, and she try to do all things by her selfs, she had seen that of my, loved her for that. really tought kiddo.
she is now 17 years and has a bad year, Karins oldest had to leave after molestation her sis and her mom the house, Karin had stand it for to long, 5 years. Judith has now much problems, it makes Karin sad, i understand it.
but i love them all and i really hope that Sjoanne eases down and become a nice kiddo agian, and the same for Judith, she has now help. so she will.
Karin is a nice kind mom.
My mom is the opposite of us, she always complains, i allways forget to do like that thats why people don't understand the serious thing now not.
Only Karin of Gerard, and Gerard and my md are taking it so seriously, its so strange for me, i told them everytime, this is the seccond time that i having these silly problems, its only neurologic because of the damaging in my neck at C4. In my whole neck is the spinal marrow to small and almost a passages but .... i think there is more problems now.
when it happends the first time i was hopitalized, and they didn't take it seriously. so strange, thats why i don't understand it.
but i try to behave like a granny i do all knittings for Wolfje.LOL
You know why.LOL My mom has a inflammation in her leg, but when you hear her speaking its of they will cut of her leg.
Karin and i know this for a long time, and we are agree with each other when she talk like this we didn't have to took it to seriously but when she didn't complain we must make it much seriously.LOL
Yes a balcony is soooo great to have, i had when i was twenty a small garden, but it was too much work, so i like this a lot, and it much handyer for me, because all the things are so on high that i give them much easyer water.
I work at my balcony often. its a fun place, its like a jjungle its a very large balcony. To day Gerard son i s celebreathe his birthtday, and Gerard disliked to sit inside, i asked haven't Kai a balcony, but it was a too small one, only for four standing persons, and all the smokers are there.LOL
but he has vacation so it comes okay, with his outside time. i know he is always when he works inside a house.
I can't type nomore, i can\t type any more because they try to sit on the typping board, they are hungry.LOL
so tilll next time, much love and i see forwards for your post mail.
like it a lot. much kisses and hugs.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi an goodmorning, hope it will a great fun weekend for us;-D
I have solved the disagreement with Gerard, he had misunderstood me and when i write that back he was sure about it that i was right, thats why he didn't write about it back. so it was not a problem for him, and he saw that i had done very much;-D We still are okay with each other, he is know on vacation, and the next time i have the indication office at home to talk about my seccond wheelchair, they had been orderd to look i've my home isn't to rebuilt more so that its more driveable -S
thats take to long time, and its not okay. but Gerard written that to me too.
So i must make a list again for having this chair. And it takes to much time allready, i have said that to the worker that called me.
Its not helping, but they are allways complaining about time and so on, i was after that a little crumpy, but thats over.LOL
Yes its hard to understand for thoset not very creative people, but Gerard has the same brains and is very creative too, so thats why i can deal with him so great, not in crafting, but in music , he performes too. And he is much older then I'm.LOL
I like that , he is a rocker, he playing great music, he works now on a new band, his son is a drummer and an other friend of him, the olbees are gone.
He was very sad about it, but sometimes things aren't be solved anymore.
But he can now play more modern rock.LOL Like that of him.
Not hanging in the oldtimes. but changes all the things;-D
But his trick makes it for me possible to do less then my brains like to work.LOl
I know they still kept and i can look for them i've they are really smart projects, later on. And its okay because i may pick out the pick of the week.LOL
And i 'm alow to do still things, but the calm things, so... you must search for things thats you can do, without to much damaging. and try to calm down the tempo of it, don't run, like a lovely dear sweet granny.LOL
Yes your right about those silly md's i only think at that moment am i really so bussy and wrong. But not all people understanding the problems that you have with jumping brains.LOL I think you understand them too because of your little one.;-D
I think i do today some with my balcony and my plants, they are growing to fast.LOL I like to felt this weekend on the balcony. Only make some small fabric to work later on futher in the washing machine;-D
I have endly have the seccond book of a great dutch felter she had found out this methode you can felt then 3d, i have made some own solutions by my self but hers are much better and much less work.
I can't felt to long either like you, to havy for my arms and neck. I saw that some people took their feets but thats not for me possible, so i have to work with my arms and the washing machine, he is to big -S he stoods to far inside the kitchen so i can't turn with my wheelchair anymore. With the little one i'm able to turn, but now i have to drive out of the kitchen and then i' can turn.LOL
I'm like a circus artist,LOl
I like that of your friend that he knows so well about sufering and give you great advise. ;-D Not much people understands it. My choire members take my absence so seriously either, but thats because i allways make jokes about it. I know that,LOl But i hate it when people allways tolk only of which i not longer are able to do, i'm more then that, i'm using only a chair to make live more mobilized and thats not all of me, i'm a creative humourist and kind (mostly) person too. When they look at my site, they allways very suprised about that i make such things. so... Its alll about changing their thoughts of wheelys , thats why i'm a board member of disability affairs.LOL
I like your collegea's very nice that they are so willing to help you to do your job. Not all the persons are such like them here in Holland. But i think thats Utrecht, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and Leeuwarden its much better.
Yesterday by the paydesk i was setting my food things i wanted on the treadway and a woman asked me to help my, i told her very kind no thank you. and i saw she didn't like it, so i said very kind too. but thank you for asking me and i like that very much. and then her faces was endly smiling again.,its always when i say no then i hurting people, so i try to make to eas their pain, so they willl help others they need help. And sometimes i'm happy with their help too.
Its like tip too-ing but then on wheels.LOL
I'm so glad that i have a new washing machine, yesterday Gerard and i where try to work him out. He don't make to much noise, you know that my kitchen is a small blok in my appartment just in the middle so he stand almost in the whole space of my appartment, just only two walls are making them apart from the homeroom. My old one maked to much noise so i was eager to find a silent one.
Yesterday Gerard and i found out how i could make a only a part backup to a other disk. He was afraid of it, i have asked him for almost a half year for that.LOL And when it worked out , he was so happy, so i said to him why take it so long this time, i had done so long before all my homework.and he told i'm like you jet.LOL I have some problems too with new things.LOL
I like that of him, not to be tought but honestly come for it. I try to do most at the time to do the same. without being a helpless girl.LOL
Hey enought of me, i hope you have a great fun time, and much luck to find new ways of doing things without hurting and damaging. Its all about controlling.LOL but please be gentle and .... okay.LOL much love of me, and i hope you getting my packet on the mail very soon, my mom told me that she saw jet flying.LOL I have seen them yesterday evening too.;-D
say hi to all your dearonce and much much gentle hugs and much kisses.

Nightmarequeen · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 12 projects
Thank you for the favorite on my Flushed Away slug, I'm glad it gave you a smile.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi goodmoring,
i must allway laught at your story's , you have a wize friend, thats soo true what she told you, i thought you knew this allready;-D Yes thats right that all the hurtings things you must do or do it to quickly and so on will pay back on the night without much sleep.
Gerard had learned my the trick of allways first draw or write some words of new idea's in a little notebook and after a week i may pick a pick of the week project of him, its helping me to not do hundreds things or projects making at the same time. It helps me too to don't act the whole time too.
And give a resting calm head or brains.LOL
Now the eye md couldn't do anything, but thats not a problem i must be patiencend LOL. Still wainting, the six weeks aren't over, or done. Thats was when it was gone the first time, he had given me some meds but they were too expensive, so i thought its not helping so i think i wait with the them too.
I have only still problems wiht the liquid of med they put in your eyes, so i can't see to much, its an allergic reaction so i have meds for that to take.LOL
Allways the same,
Not a pjee day for me, next hour Gerard will come, i'm sitting still in pjees. LOl
so i have to hurry a little bit, but i know he will come to late, we have a disagreement, so i don't like it at all, he 's coming.-S He didn't write to much to me back he only told that he didn't write it all back to me, he will tell it to me this morning-S
but i'm sure we all we come to a point of okay and go on with each other, but i don't like it, its about my case manager , i was very dissapointed about the shrink but.... He don't do nothing about this, but okay i have to deal with her only a few times and then i'm gone .LOL
Thats wize of you to be patiencend but do the things that you like, thats helping too, only a little bit slowlyer and carefully, laughs and smiling helps too to ease the pain, ! Okay you will get it back, when you did to much, but it keeps you happy. I always go for the quality of live and not for the quantity of live, that understand not all my friends, only my wheely's but they do the same.LOL
But when i had gone for a trip and had a fun real good time, i always lay the other day in bed to recover with a smile and all my magic remmeberings and trofy's i had bought and lots of great inspirations.;-D
I will tell Gerard that he must say thanks to Karin about the lids, LOl But i think he forget it , i had given him for Karin last week a present to give, but i think she hasn't got it yet. But next week she is comming so i can tell her that.;-D
Have a nice day, here's the sun shining too, and my cats are take a sunbad on my couch. Very clever, I learn a lot of them, they are so clever and calm....?
Only Wolfje not. LOL
Her brains it too jumpy like mine, the md yesterday had problems with that too. -S Its his problem not mine i always telling myself, stupid persons.LOL
He have a nice fun day , till llater and much XO's ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi, thats awesome news you're telling me, i very very glad with it, but try to do it calmly.LOL When i have some improvment i allways try to run faster, so its not one steps forwards but two back. LOL
I 'm very glad with my new washing machine i had to srew things in each other and clean my kitchen things back to the kitchen, i can go bed without a big jump toward my bed.LOL
Happy with that too.;-D
I didn't had time to try it out, but i hope today, first i must go to the eyespecialist, but i don't think he can do anything, its a neurologic problem. but i will go to see what he will say to me.
And yellow LOL like it funny, do you get everytime an other colour?
You can save them too.LOL
My froggys are still waiting on my for the next move for ... but i had to do other experiments and i thought they have to wait some time more, they are now okay, i must think of the next step. but i will something with a terarium.
but i've there will be reall plants in it, i'm not sure about that.
I must clean myself and pull some cloths on , stilll in pjees and i can't go out like this.LOL So i must be hurring a little;-D
Yes i have still problems and can only write my friends, but nothing at all more fun, And i can favouring other members there projects , but thats all. I can't ask people to be my friend ,LOL
So i'm glad that i have a lot of them allready.LOL
I hope Tom can fix it... I try to be patiencend like a brave crafting girl like to be.LOL
Hope you have a fun better day again, much love and much X)'s
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi and goodmorning, wish you a fun day , sounds like a bussy day, take good care about that. and much fun with the fysio;-D
I'm waiting on my washing machine.LOL very exciting, and adventurious, i always afraid of that they don't take my old one with them and so on.
I think its a woman thing, Karin told me the same, LOL
I will thank her of the lits but you must still wait on them.
Hope it was a very silent night, not tooo silent, i have lived as a kiddo next to the tram rails, so we heard them always late at night, but when there was something wrong and they didn't ride i always awaked about the missing soundsLOL
I have had that to with the trains rails and trains .LOL
so mayby its the same with aeroplanes.
have a goodday too and do it calmly and easy , much hugs and kisses with my love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yes Karin mentioned the same about the silence of not flying Jets!
In Utrecht they fly to high to hear them, i only can see them, Only years ago their was a military airport in my neigbourhood and in the summer they fly to low over the flats, its was awefull, but its gone, so i never has to complain about it.LOL Only when i'm moving to Haarlem i will complain too, but i was used about it allready when i lived in Amsterdam. their was allways the noise of planes to hear. so sleep silent.LOL
I hope that they will stop more time, for you, only you must wait a bit longer on my mail.LOL
Okay thats why i didn't heard anything from you, great that you can work a tiny bit, thats okay to see other people only be gentle on your self and take good care about your self! I will tell Karin that you're very happy with her collecting milk lids. LOL She does this always , when she heard something special she willl share this with the whole street and they all must help her.LOL
But i like that of her. she has done too my laundry, but gladly i don't have do this any longer, i can wash it myself tomorrow.
Okay now i really go to the coach i saw something which i had to read on the m ail, and then i saw that there was a new comment on my profile page, and thought yes this must be Sheila, and Yeeeeeaaaaah i was right.
Glad that i have talk to you.
A very silent and sleep tight night, and hope you have a good day tomorrow;-D much hugs and kisses, and some stokes to ava and just and give Charlotte a hug too eas the pain and i really hope she will be friends someday again.
Telll her that after a while Ava will be more a growing up cat and will be more eased down. Your's are still young i saw like my wolfje.LOL
Like that ages but sometimes.......LOL
hey again hugs and kisses and lots of love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear friend, i have send the mail on the post, so may be next week you'will find it in your mailbox;-D Hey have great news, Karin my friend (to the wife of Gerard;-D ) is so exciting of milk lits so the whole neighbourhood and friends too must save them too.LOL She hasn't much yet, but thats great news though?!!!
To morrow will come my new washing machine, i have almost clean all my kitchen things of, and they only must free him of the water, i can't do that on my own. Karin had bought some things too at the same shop and was telling me that they are very kind and willing persons, i have asked this too on the telephone at the salesman, but he told me too, don't be afraid, they will do that.;-D
I must only do some little things for to morrow, and must jump out my chair to come in my bed.LOL there are to many boxes in front.LOL
but tomorrow they will be gone so its only one night.
Karin will come to me the following week on the thee, like that, i hope i will have a better day, but thats a week away, so mayby i'm much better.
I hope that everyday but i must be patiences and more resting .LOL
And Karin like to go with me to a special event of ergonomic things. She never go to that sort things, i knew this from Gerard, but i told her we pick all the free stuff and have a big funn time. So she likes to see this, i knew she will like it, she has problems too, only she don't want to know the whole world.LOL but ... she is like me not say anything and go for it. And laughting about it, thats why we are fond of each other, just i 'm fond of you;-D
I had to laught today about Wolfje, i had to water the plants on the balcony, but she always was in my driving way when i must took water inside and when i was riding back she was again on the balcony in my way.
but when i was finished i called her and she jumped from a very far away table just on my lap, awesome. she was glad that all was done, she likes water, but not on her head with cold water. LOL
Now the are sleeping on my bed together, like mother and daughter, i know when its ten oclock she will come to see me and asking for some food.;-D
smart animals.LOL
Hope you like the lids saving story, okay thats it for today, i will go to my cozy couch to try to watch tele. Have a nice evening and sleep well, without pain and much beautiful dreams. big gentle hugs and some kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Glad to hear from you, better news too;-D
i had a bad day, headages and more sightproblems, but...
i must do less! i do still to much, yesterday i have started to clean, i saw that muis had to m uch problems, so i thought do that for her.
So i had, its not finished, but today i will do some more, ;-D
Yes you'r right about that, but birmees cats don't can live to long without a wellknow person, they are more person cats then house cats. Thats why i can't leave for to long, specailly for Muis, Wolfje is still to much a youngster, she behave like she can live without me, but when i'm to long inside and she is on the balcony she must look i've i'm still there.
Elswhere she begins to cry out loud for me..LOL
she is a very noisly cat, and a great big talker.;-D Sometimes i think ; ooooo please stop, but most at the time its funny, and i must smile.
LOL my cats are shoulder cats too. They jumped on your shoulders and then you must carring them around, they jump always too on my lap to ride with me trough my house.:-D When the are at the point were they want to be, they jump of me .LOL
I'm like a bus.LOL
My first cats were afraid of the noises of the wheels, but these cats are adjust and so only the fun of it, but they think that only i must care about tails and legs, they don't pay attention at all.;-D
So i always must be careful. I have made finaly my gift for you finished, know i will send it , but i still hear on tele that there aren't fly ing aero plains.
so... i think you must be patiencend.LOL
I have today too headages and bad eyes, so i must be hold it shorly, thats for me tooooooo dificult.LOL
Wooow that lovely that you had a friend and were smilling hope you have the same better day;-D
I heard from an other friend she has the same problems with cok, so i'm relieved a little bit, but i hope that Tom can fix it.
Hey have a fun smiling and less pain day. much gentle hugs and kisses and strokes for Ava and Just, P.s was Charlotte hurted when Ava jumped on her head? You know Wolfje does the same and she wakes my to tear on my hair everymorning, she takes some hair in her mouth and pull at it, she knows that she makes no sounds, she knows that this will work allways.LOL
o, o cats, they still lovely but, they are there own boss.LOL
take care and be gentle lto yourself, i will do the same;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Glad to hear from you, better news too;-D
i had a bad day, headages and more sightproblems, but...
i must do less! i do still to much, yesterday i have started to clean, i saw that muis had to m uch problems, so i thought do that for her.
So i had, its not finished, but today i will do some more, ;-D
Yes you'r right about that, but birmees cats don't can live to long without a wellknow person, they are more person cats then house cats. Thats why i can't leave for to long, specailly for Muis, Wolfje is still to much a youngster, she behave like she can live without me, but when i'm to long inside and she is on the balcony she must look i've i'm still there.
Elswhere she begins to cry out loud for me..LOL
she is a very noisly cat, and a great big talker.;-D Sometimes i think ; ooooo please stop, but most at the time its funny, and i must smile.
LOL my cats are shoulder cats too. They jumped on your shoulders and then you must carring them around, they jump always too on my lap to ride with me trough my house.:-D When the are at the point were they want to be, they jump of me .LOL
I'm like a bus.LOL
My first cats were afraid of the noises of the wheels, but these cats are adjust and so only the fun of it, but they think that only i must care about tails and legs, they don't pay attention at all.;-D
So i always must be careful. I have made finaly my gift for you finished, know i will send it , but i still hear on tele that there aren't fly ing aero plains.
so... i think you must be patiencend.LOL
I have today too headages and bad eyes, so i must be hold it shorly, thats for me tooooooo dificult.LOL
Wooow that lovely that you had a friend and were smilling hope you have the same better day;-D
I heard from an other friend she has the same problems with cok, so i'm relieved a little bit, but i hope that Tom can fix it.
Hey have a fun smiling and less pain day. much gentle hugs and kisses and strokes for Ava and Just, P.s was Charlotte hurted when Ava jumped on her head? You know Wolfje does the same and she wakes my to tear on my hair everymorning, she takes some hair in her mouth and pull at it, she knows that she makes no sounds, she knows that this will work allways.LOL
o, o cats, they still lovely but, they are there own boss.LOL
take care and be gentle lto yourself, i will do the same;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmoring, wooow sounds super , lol your spellling is still okay, i make a lot of more.LOL and your cats are really like mine, or its all a cat thing.;-D
I have feed them already and brushes them, Wolfje has to many hair, its thicker and longer then the normal birmees, she liked it when i plucked it by hand, brushing her isn't a great thing she always try to tell me, mayby i have find her solution. Muis has a woollen fur-S and has an envirement allergic like me so i must brush her everyday, she can eaily becoming a felted fur.
thats a bad thing. She like to be brushed and she always ask for her medication, its a real awesome sweet cat. But i allways give her because of the bad taste a candy.;-D
We use the same medicans for this allergic reaction.but its not to much helping her, i have the same in the spring summer and autumn, only a few months we aren't itshy.LOL she bite herselfs so-S i try to help her always, but,
till she bleeds, but i know i do all the things and al friends are asking why don't you let her die, but i told them that i don't want to die about that too, so why must she died. silly, i watch her always very carefully to look i've she is still happy, so i know when its her time. And she is not the whole time itschy like me.
Wolfje has happily still not those problems. Wolfje is a funny cat, she was so happy that i'm knitting, she tought wooh jet makes my toys.LOL
okay have a nice day and without pain, or a comfort pje day with happy thoughts of your bargains.;-D hugs and kisses.
Samantha  Darling
Samantha Darling · San Diego, California, US · 8 projects
Thank you & I already have started posting my "remodeling" touches up! Happy
Minnie B
Minnie B · Hertford, England, GB · 20 projects
Thanks so much Sheila! I am having a lovely day! Happy
Hank · Wirral, England, GB · 10 projects
Ah, thanks for the comment Happy
it's pretty difficult to be around melted chocolate without wanting to just stik your whole face in the bowl, eh?
Mucho gusto ;) x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL your sooooo smart, i don't use a handbike, only backpacks, so... i must think of on other smart solution. ;-D but i have only more then ten of themLOL only of my furry friends.;-D
they are now hungry and i didn't want to stop so they look to the beautiful fiew outside the window and make little pieks of my if i'm a better friend of them, i see that wolfje don't wait any longer, she is now by my on the computer, helping to make typing mistakes.LOL
so this will do , and i give them some food;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yes you're right about that, i think they are feeling it in their own pockets.LOL
Or they will be discounted on their wages.LOL
And i have many of measuring tapes,LOL Gerard knows were they are, blindly.LOL i always try to hide them for wolfje but it don't work out to great.LOL
i'm not great in finding hiding places, well when i was a kiddo , i always hide on the wc.LOL they didn't look there.LOl
smart kiddo huh i was.!!! hey greetings and much fun;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yes i know, but grrrr , but i must be polite and friendly and behave like a good girl.LOL Its about money, i heard from other persons the same.
So they try to give you less then you need, its a tiny bit comic, because the chair which i could stand with , was to expensive, because i had a litle chair because my not so driveable home;-D its strange, i've they had given my that one i had to have less hours for help and care, but... now they will only to look i've i need the little one and they like i think that i must give them a show, i 'm not willing to do that. they have seen that last year allready. its all about measurings and they must work for their jobLOL
do you think too.LOL?
i'm looking for their job , they must be very pleased with me, such a social type like me.LOL its better that Gerard is there too. He knows me to well.
I had last Friday done some stupid thing, he was chocked about it, i 'm too.
He had written me back that he will look to a solution, Its his weekend of, so i 'm try to be patience about that too.
I 'm beginning such a well behaved gril.LOL
Hey thats a n ice idea of yours to make of the boxes little picture frames.
Very awesome and smart !
Let me know what you have bought at the market. You know i'm curious.LOL
i have done endly some at your present, i was forgotten were i put it when Gerard had to come-( Its always the same with my chaotic brains.LOL
but i have found it, now the next and last thing so i will send you it a little bit later, i let you know about that.
Yes smelly thinks are great crafts. And felting on the balcony is a great thing too.;-D But Wolfje must adjust a little more about my balcony. so i wait a little time more with that, and i like to have then my washing machen.
i have send friday my bankorder, so it will cost some days.
Okay there is something chaotic now, i'm writting to you on two differend places.LOL here and on the mail.LOL
o, o, so i stop here, and go to the mail back. hey have a great market , are you going with the girls? Having a fun time there, and big hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning, LOl reallly funny you had the same with forgotten pjees tops.
glad to hear that i'm not the only one.LOL
Like the walking along of Ava , my little sis her cats doing the same, she are walking with her when she walked with the dogs, all her cats do this, And that in bussy Amsterdam. ? Its a really strange but very nice face or must i say sight./ view?
I think you will understand it.;-D
but very kind that you were walking with her back to the cemetery to your house. ;-D I'm always afraid of falling down cats of balconys . My other cats has driven their upside neigbour cats mad so they allways yump to my window and were sadly falling down to the garden, so i had always tell this to my neigbour, but the first times, he didn't believe it, but later on, lucky y, he does, and later on after four times he make a goose wire around the balcony like i have.;-D
I don't have any neigbourcats above me, only downstairs. But my furry friends are climbers, so i have much climbing ropes and shelfs they can walk on. but its allways better to walk on forbitten things. Specially wolfje, but she had to learn stilll to behave. Gerard isn't costumized yet about this.
So he always afraid of her jumps.LOL
But she don't heart any one, only me, ;-S
But when your limps are still growing its very difficyult to not be a clumpsy cat.LOL
I 'm clumpsy of my innerproblems, so i understand a lot;-D
But i was glad that friends make a lot of jokes of them, and it maked it easy to buy special things to make thing easyer to handle in live;-D
But i'm glad that all things in shops are big at the moment, so i can use them, and don't have to spend so much money , because those equipment are often expensive and very ugly to see.LOL
i'm looking always in gift store for nice things to use, so i have for hospital stayings a cuterly what looks like screwdriver.LOl
I allways got a lot of comment but silly thing make live much funnyer.;-D
Today i must go cleaning i have thought, but i don't do nothing. at all.;-D
i think i will onlly craft a little bit.
and do other things. i had yesterday when i was comming home a mail from the brother of Jeroen, i love him, a good fellow, but all his family are !
He had asked to fill the place of his brother , and asked i've i wanted to asked the board about that. Its a solution, but i've its the rights one.? I think we must talk about it a lot, so i have send the board his question to think about it, and we see each other in person . Bert has asked us too. I have told him for to make an appointment for about two week.
I hope my eyes are much better and my headages to so i'm a much better
mobile person.;-D
i'm still waiting on the money of the counsil;-S for the new chair, i think i must call them, to hear when they are making the money free for me.
About the litte one i've heard still nothing of the indicator institute. =S
But that was to be expected. they allways are too late, and very wrong persons are there working. One day there was a man in my house who was telling me that i was a lieyer? so i was so angry so i started to cry and he did his appolizes, but he was a wrong persone.
So after his visite i have asked for an other persone , and she was just the same, Gerard was with me, and told me the same about it.;-D
but i think i must always try to give them a change.;-D and give myself a change.
So i'm very patiencend LOL
I don't know what i will make of the stamps but they are sure so beautifull.
so i must thing this over.;-D
Specail things need special treatmenst;-D
Its a beautifull day again, so i will work at my balcony, making smelly crafts.LOL
My neigbours are the whole entire day smoking sicarette above me, so i give them their ugly smells back.LOL
I'm making a lot of plastic recycling beads , i have discoverd how to make other shapes of them. When things don't go better for me on cok i will give you the recipte too only without pictures, or i make one for you and mailed it to you on your gmail acount.

And i will listen today to my Gerard music, he allways brings new music for me with him. mostly alernate music, i like that. ;-D
so give you hugs and hope you have a much better day, take it easy girl.;-D
be kind to your self and be gentle, i try to do the same.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL thats why i don.t buy any white cloths any more.LOL Only as a mistake, i had bought a silly white thing, and yes i washed it with a black trousers, so its grey. -S
but its underwaere.LOl i only know that i 'm dressed wit a grey thing.LOL
i hope that after a while it become white again, you know i'm pataince.

Hey , hurray, i have got your mail!!!! Beautiful and soooo pretty, and the stamps aren't not to much stamped. I'm happy with them too.;- so beautifull, i have maked something for you i will post it soon, i think after this weekend, i must do something with it too.
And then its finished, and yesterday i've bought special stamps for you.LOL
I will let you know what i did with the paperclips, they are funny, and lovely colours.;-D
You have made my day.;-D
thanks a lot. I haven't much lids , i'm waiting on Karin, her collection.LOL I didn't forgotten it;-D
I will send a picture of the angelpiggybag to you on your own mail adres, I can't post it on COK. but i 've mentioned that before.;-D

About fake pj days;-D
I have fake pjee days. you only change of trousers, and on your pj coat you were a sweater or a coat, and you can get outside.
Only don't forget that you have your pj coat on.LOL I have had those things .LOL i was really trapped.LOL
I wanted to try a sweater in a shop to fit, and did my zipper downsite of my coat, and thought : shit i've got a pjee day.LOL
so i pulled the zipper upside so fast as i could, and said o, i must have some helping hands, so can i try this to fitt at home?-D
Mostly the are okay with that.
but when people asked me to drink something with me in a bar, i have to think deeply too;-DLOL
so its not allways smart;-D
And when the mailman comes upstairs in the afteroons he looks strangly too, so i act i've i really been sick.LOL
And of course they will believe my.LOL
I'm sthinking of a chewing gum necklace. I have made from chewing gum that is chewed by my malls, i had wanted to make them of real chewing gum , but thats not smart, i 've found out, so it must be fake ones.LOL
I've bought some fimo colours thats like chewing gum.LOL
It was outside pretty and soft, i have bring some books back to home, but i've i can't read them? i will try that out too;LOL
But i'm not longer nausea so that much better, only my eyes and my neck and head does hurt a lot. but i try to use at that too.LOL
Gerard always must laught about that too.
He knows about pjee days of mine, and didn't understand it, but when he had a pneumonia he had them too, and letting me know why he liked it too. It was soo handy you go out of bed and in the night you don't have to change.LOl but we know that allready.LOL
Hope you have a great fun day, and its smart of you to look after the colours, so that your girls didn't wear grey underwear too.LOL
but fine to hear that Terry helps you, say hi to your family give the furry friends some strokes, and much love and hugs (gentle ones of course ) and kisses.;-D

bezoek ook eens:

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning;-D Yes i have found a washingmachine, uhmmm Gerard had found him on internet, very strange to buy a big machine on internet, we couldn't buy it directly on line so i must wait a week, but i have more time to clean of materials in the kitchen, i'm in this staycation to chaotic, Gerard had noticed this yesterday too.=S so i have some time to free my old washingmachine.LOL
And some time to filling my savings to my normal bank account;-D
I only hope he willl wash well, yesterday i found a paper mache paste recipte on internet, i'can't wait to try this out at home.LOL I have bought a big packets of flour, the other things i had allready, so it will be a mix of my own.
LOl i hope its what i want,
When it works great, i try to uploud it on cok, i still can't upload anything on cok. so mayby my chenille was my last project.-S
because i had to save money for my moving i can't buy an other computer and so on. my old one, its to old to small for a new main computer programme.
But i happily still chat with you!;-D
Its a sunny day in being today, so i will go to the library. Hey the right word!LOL
About those we called them too rol mops (the dutch word) funny you're using the same words. for that, but that one is the sourich one, the one i told you is the salted one, thats more tastly and more fresh!
But i love all those salted food. When my mom her seccond husband was living with us, he had a problem with the normal salt, and it was very difficult to buy the other salt.
So my mom was cocking all the food without salt.
so on the domestic science school on coocking lessons i was coocking very salty.LOL Poor teacher of mine.LOL
They had always to taste the food you had coocked.
And now i 'm still love salt to much , but i 'm alowed to do so, i have to lower blood presser. LOL
So i'm addicted on salt liquorice juice.;-D
i'm a happy addicted girl.LOL
Hope you having a good day, and pjee days are fun time, you know;-D What do you do with the boxes, are you making them only beautifull of the outside, or do you do something with the inside too?
You know me, i'm very very curious.LOL
hope you have a fun day with less pain, i willl think of you and sending you alll my love and hi for your dearonce and some comforting for you, and lots of hugs and kisses.;-D

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi ,hi, goodmoring, hope you had a quiet night, but i think you had, you''ve much better raised and well educated cats then i have.LOL
No attacks?LOL
I see that Wolfje has stolen again my knitting, now she has a all wooll, -S
but i must clean them better away.LOL she knows were my hiding places are.LOl
Hey thats great that they have made paper with newspaper print to wrap the fish and ships in. I don't alowed to eat fish, but i like it, so i try to avoid all those shops with fish.
We have here raw herring that you must eat with unions too raw.
and the raw salted one, i like that to much. but when i eat it i become very ill, i'm allergic of it.LOL
Its called too fresh herring.
And its wrapped too in paper only white paper.
I'm in tiny bit in a hurry because Gerard comes, he was teasing me , he told yesterday, you will see us tomorrow. LOL Us, because the sight problems.
LOL I must allways laught about his silly jokes. But i do the same by him.;-D
Yes i will look at an easy door closing .LOL
Hey have a great fun day with less pain, much cheering up thoughts and have a fun staycationday, i try this too;-=D
And much gentle hugs and kisses, not to much excersize ;-D and hi and strokes for your dearones;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hope you sleep well tonight,
Its was here a sunshining day, i had makes more of my shaped plastic bottle beads, i can't still anything uploading on cok. -SSSS
So i have only editing a lot of my photo's on the computer, my froggys aren't wolfjes fave, only my knitting parts. I must laught of your words.LOL
I have looked for making a mushroom but the plastic shapes were to big.
I think i must make it of other materials , and not in a jar or a other closed thing.
i didn't clean anything, i wasn't so great today, but better news my md, called me she has made for next week an earlyer appointment for the eyespecialist.
I'm very happy with it.
Funny that you have too such a word of bibliotheek like us,LOL
Fish and ships very uk! In newspaper wrapping? When i was in londen for my study i always wanted to buy that in newspaper wrapping, i had seen that in too many movies of your country. But it wasn't wrapt in newspaper.LOL
but i had promised John that i would eat more healhty food, so when he came over to join me, i had look to several restaurants for healhty food, i had found one, in the neighbourhoud, and we eat there one time, it was aweful. but it was the first time for me after a long time that i had a proper hot meal.
so i told the waiter that it was dellious, John was flabber gasted, and he know that i didn't eat to well.LOL
I was glad he was with me, i had missed him to much, it was my first time i was going alone abroud, it was very excititng, and because i wasn't staying with my other students i saw much more of the uk people;-D
but it was tooo expensive Londen, i heard that from them too.
So we told leverybody go to Amsterdam its much cheaper.LOL
Only the artbooks were much cheaper by you. So we came with many art books with us backwards.;-D
Oh the meds weren't for the pain, for something else, i know them because i have taken them for years, but i had to stop with them, now i will have the same dosis again. Its helping a little, the other works tooo well. so i got much difficutlys.LOl
Tomorrow is Gerard coming we have planned to look after a new washing machine, and some other thing, and he had some reading to do for me.
I still can't see to good=S Wolfje is often now on the balcony, but i must stay in her neighbourhood, Muis liked that, because she becomes a resting time.
She is soooo friendlly to Wolfje, Wolfje attacks her, and she only growl a tiny bit, but wolfje doen't care about that.
she is happy to get all the attention. Now the lay on my bed close together sleeping on each other. beautifull picture, so peaceful.
when i go to bed, they are fighting for the best place on my bed or next to my head on the pillow,-S You know how happy i 'm , with wolfje playing and jumping next to me.LOL
Happily i have some bandage next to me in my bed.
Hey hope that it was yummy and gentle hugs and much kisses.and for later beautiful dreams, i like dreams and specially the happy ones.;-D i hope you have them too.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i'm sorry i thought for a lazy moment that my bibliotheek in your langues was the same, your right its library.LOL
when i had to learn this word on school the theacher was saying it for my ears very very strange. Strange that cats have such differend characters, i've had so much cats before and no one had the same , they are all differend.
Indy and Brutus were still my fave cats, but muis and Wolfje are too fine onces.
I think that you're right of what you are telling of your cats they llike mine;-D
Funny that they thought it was a coffee cup.LOL The same persone thought like a big heat i had made for John too it was a cup of thee. LOL
But he does the same with things that are finished, it must be real look a likes i think. , its a boring person, kind but not a bit of fantasy in his mind.
He has the opposite brains then i have.LOL boring to dead.LOL
His wife had my brains too, so i said every time when he told me that i was too busy that he must used by that now because of his wife and her son.LOL
And that he must used about this because thats me. and its much better now because of all the meds.;-D
he is crumpy i think , and boring ;-) but he is still kind and that very lovely of him, i say that Gerard liked my great news. and that he look forward to come my chaotic house on Friday.LOL o, o i must began to clean.LOL
but for now i go to sleep, sleep tight and have beautiful dreams. till next time, gentle hugs for the pain and more kisses and strokes for just and Ava and hi to the rest deareones.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow that sounds better, in water its better to move and excercize, i hate water, because of my childhood, but i heard of others very good reviews.LOL
So i hope it will work great for you too. And beeing good friends with your fysio thats sounds like i allways do.LOL Its not always the same.
Some of them think that i'm hugeable are, i'm not, so they give me to soon kisses and strokes.mmmmmh-s
Hey i have great news, i have called my housing compagnion and they will make more things for me driveable in the flat, i asked for to look at the size of the mailboxes, now i have one that is in some way to feel in, not to look, but the worker was happy with my comment so...DDDD i 'm happy.
He was a little afraid of having a fight with me, but when i did let him do all the talk and a tiny bit from me he was okay.
He would like to have a paper again of my md. I told him , i'm thinking that i have the duty to keep other still on their job.LOl but he didn't like my joke.
But thats okay ...;D My case manager must laught at it.-D He is agree with me.
I've god my old medicans back.-D very happy with.-D My md not.LOL
And the mailman came but only my own order. not yours. I'm still exciting.
And i have been attack again last night through wolfje, she don't understand that i must sleep in my bed, this time it was my nose she felt on when she jumpt on 'her' knitting toy.LOL
Today i have tryed to make pictures of my angelpiggybag, but they weren't okay. to dark, and later on, still a problem. but i hope to make tomorrow some more, on the last one there were some to edit.
I have still problems with uplouding on cok. Its a handy thing all those tools, but its not working on my computer. i can't save anything, and loading pictures such a problem.-S
so i don't know what was outside, i had a pjee day, and a staycatrion.LOL
Wolfje and Muis are fond of me, I have worked the other beads out, i think i can make the tute. Its a trick that i had to learn a little better to write the how to. but i'm very happy with.
Mayby silly, but when i think about changing things a tiny bit more, i 'm glad when it work great, and not just for a lucky time, but all the time.
so i had melted a lot of them. Tooo very addicted.LOL
I thought of the same with the froggys about muschrooms, but make little kingzise chairs is too funny. The froggys are very funny now.
to funny, from the others when i have done them too, i will make a necklace or a bracelet.I'm still working with the busniscards, they began much prettyer to look. so funny to see of stuff thats not longer useable to make something with that is fun too look.
I told Wouter of your cats their necklaces but he understood not what i told him, silly, but sometimes he is.LOL
I had maked a 2d cake as a quilt of paper and plastic spoons, but he thought it was a kitchen apron-S its always the same, when i maked three dimensional cakes of quilting technic with lamps as candles he didn't understand it either.
He could only said a cake shape looks not like this. -S
So i don't like to let him see to much of my work when its not finished yet.
I only tell him some of my plans of the gurtains, thats funny, but when i let him see some of my worked out plans in being, he don't understand it.
but he is kind , if he hasn't to much problems.
so... i'm patiance with him an d try to tell him my borders.
My furry ladys are at sleep on my bed, on ten o' clock they will come to the couch to let me know that i must go to my bed and give them some food.
Its only food.LOL And they are still my alarm clock. LOL
Tomorroe i must do some shopping and i must go to the bibliotheek not for reading books but i have to much books of them so i will bring them back.;-D
reading isn't smart, i see still double. it makes me clumpsy, so i admirred all the persons who know were the middle is of that sight problem.LOL
I 'm still not in the middle with gessing.LOL
Poor ladys, they get still to much hard strokes and so on. Only Woflje talks all the time to tell me that i'm wrong , muis is a silent lady, Wolfje is telling the whole day me what she likes or wants, very funny, she was outside on the balcony so i looked where she was, and she begun to start talking very loud to me, i had to stroke her, and then she went to the balcony back.
She does this the whole time, like a little child that every time must go back to his parents to see if they are still there.LOL
Funny that animals do the same.
Okay this will do it for now, have a great evening and sleep well, much beautiful dream;-D and of course gentle hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, goodmorning dear;-D about the bumpings, you can asked a trick for that at the fysio, i have learned that i must hold my head in a special position and i always try to look forward on the road, so i can see the coming soons bumpings so i can do my trick. But what is okay for me, isn't nessecary good for you, so please ask.
I had yesterday a new medican, it was horrible, more headages and more worse sight, so i have asked my md to call me back so i can have somethings else. About bending, and cats, i know that too. i always go out my chair to sit next to them by their food, you know that they have differend food and they aren't alowed to changes, so thats why i must stay with them. Clever ladys.LOL and sitting on the ground helps me, bending is at the moment not to pretty.LOL
Today is a day at home, so a pjee day.LOL With a sweater for my body.
I'm thinking of the frogs to use not as a necklace but in a terrarium or something like that, they are too funny. Gerard said that too.
He has told me we will look together to a new washing machine. I think thats better for me. Yes i must try more to rest your right, i always get to late
for some resting time, when everythings is too worse , mostly i can't see no more, D so then i go to the couch.-D A friend of mine who knows me to well told that i must be carefully because i can get more permanent damaging.
So i think i will set a alarm clock. A coocking alarm.LOL
I have learned that from gerard. i always forget time, and i must work with to do list again. Too a trick of Gerard.
I'm making notebooks from milkcartons with old not longer up to date busniss cards.;-D And of course they are a little bit glittered and kistschy.LOL
I have made one for Gerard too, but less glitters, because its too much for him.LOL For Karin more and more of them.LOL
And for my little sis, i think she need some more glittering in her live at the moment.LOL
About the keys of the neigbour student. We were fantazise of it, that later much later, in the future, they will be found and think what is that for cart on it (one of the supermarket has a special card to become discount on some products. On it there is barcode, so the future people are thinking what that, is that a key to open your front door or to call with , and so on, because the future people will think that we are very ancient and very stuped.LOL
I have had a book from John years ago of a motel which they found later and of a bra they think too very strange, it was much fun , so when he was telling this , i told him of the book, and so we maked it more strangly.LOL
i try to make very tiny dolls, but it doens't work great. much to discover.LOL
but thats okay.And i was yesterday to ad on cok a how to, but i can't upload a picture. so .... i must wait. and be a brave granny ,
wish you a happy fun day with less pain. and much comfort, gentle hugs and kisses with plenty of my love;-D

Jodi C.
Jodi C. · Panhandle, Texas, US · 4 projects
You're welcome! I've heard of that before, but I've never seen it before. Clowns are pretty scary, but I got to laugh at one before because it was my brother in clown makeup. XD
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Oh wait, I found it! Thanks! Happy xx
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Hi Sheila! Happy
Thanks so much for your advice! I can't wait to get started once my exams are over! ^_____^
Thanks very very much for the link too! The pictures of other people's hats look amazing Happy Where on the page can I find the actual tutorial though?
Thanks so much for your time! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl hi, hi, i have something funny to tell you, when i was leaving the flat, a young neighbour his is still studying, was very glad to see me, he always hide his keys in the greenpart for the flat. But when he wanted to pick him up , he saw a tractor, with a gripper that picking the green part away and his keys too.LOL
So he couldn't go in the flat and their appartment, he is a funny fellow, i always must laught at him, he is very kind to me, and i to him, sometimes i give him some motherly advice.LOlo.o, but he is in the early twentys, so ... i 'm alowed to do that. I hope.LOL
i hope you like this story.;-D much gentle Xo's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi, my again.
Yes i have song the whole time when i was driving to the homeopatic.
The receptionist knows me too well, she is very kind for me, she asked me how i was going, so i told her , and she said Jet you must telling this to Maria, she is able to give you medication for this.
Huhhh.? i thought but i told what was happening ( ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]= wolfje has typed this for you)LOL. and that i had stopted the other once of her.
She said that very wize of you. well done, such a relieve, i always be a tiny bit afraid of getten an angry peron for me.
She has given me something so i must try it out.
She told me to rest more time, Karin and Gerard were pushing me too much, so i wasn't resting at all no longer-S
She told that i had to try this. Just like you al the people are very ancious and took it soooooo seriously.
Strange, its my seccond wiplash. LOL The first one nobody took it seriously. So i'm glad all your person does the same.! Thats making it more easy for you too to try to take it seriously.
The ride to her, was too much for me, to much bumps in the road, pooor neck and head. Today i see again less-S

but i'm smilling , and still having fun;-D
When i was back at home, Wouter called me, so i had see him again-S
I can talk a lot , but he doesn't do some action. So, its not okay, This was the first time he asked how i was doing so i told him everything but he doens't care too much. I know i'm to happy he is thinking,-S
But his story was much more importend. But i told him when you don't stand up for your self, it will getting worse and worse, and i've you can't do that search for some help.
Later on wolfje wanted to play again with a knitting part.LOL i give it up my strange doggy cat. And so Wouter had to smile too about her behaviour of a dog. I was forgotten to tell him that is was just at home, so i wouldn't make tea or else, i had only old one, i told him that. he didnt want it, so i thought thats okay with me. I'm tired of you.;-D
I have only told him that he don't beat a other, specially not Cecile.
the other things must be waiting a little time more, i was to tired to be nice to say something about the last time.
Gerard and Karin told me to make with him some bargains how often and so on. i certainly must do that. but then i must not have so much pain ect.
My neigbours are thinking i have a new partner.-S Stupid, certainly not with him. LOL
Hey i have the crowns ready. they are pretty, i will glue them today on the froggys. ;-D So i haven't a nice funny story, but later on, i think.
I've send to Karin more instructions about your lids.LOL
I must call only my lilttle sis to asked her to save them for you;-D
Oh yesterday i have bought three tiny dears.
and some beads, in the center we have a beat shop, not the one i like, its to fancy not the commen beats , so .... and very very expensive.
so i always look to only some special ones. i don't know what i will do with them. but i 'm happy with my new trendy beads.LOL
I hope you having a better day and much fun , its here beautiful , the sun is shining and thats much better, i see that the envirement become more soft fresh green.
much hugs and kisses , p/s the gentle ones.LOL
Lie · Lacey, Washington, US
lol I hadn't really noticed that the fascinator was also by you xD You know what really caught my eye in the corset page? the way in which you answer people's questions. Not only do you seem really knowledgeable, but also very nice, so, really, I bow to your overall awesomeness :]
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Wow, that sounds like a great idea; thanks! Happy And how would I make the actual tall hat part of it? Sorry, I've only ever made beanies before! x ^_^
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i think i can managed that, my big chair is totally bright red coloured just like myself.LOL
And i smiling around a lot, thats make people laugh too.
You have done your excerzises again! well done! i 'm only make some crafting projects, i had a lot of bussnis cards that weren't right anymore.
so i try to do something with it. I was okay , and i thought why not a how to for cok. so i had to make more, and much prettyer and so on.LOL
so i t hink this is very stupid. i must do other things., but now i make hopefully other people happy. i hope so;-D
I can give them away as small gifts, not advertising, but my cards are funny to see and pretty as wel, so i think most friends will like them.
i haven't make my answers ready for the md.LOL i hope i do it this day.
i had thought that i had worked on the froggy's but, its always the same, i think o, when i finished this i can clean my materials, but it don't work that direction because now the whole floor is covered with material, i can't ride in my living room.LOL so i use my skateboard, thats my excercise this day.-D
I saw something yesterday i thought a lot of it, its was pretty to see, but it was too much of the same. Like a tric , on the art academy they warned us don't do that, you can have your own handwriting in your work, but don't hang on your tricks. I see that too much too of other arts directions. In music and so on. Such a pitty, its telling the story i can't do anything else, i'm stucked to my own succes. Kiddo's do the same, but grown ups that are profs, can and must pay attention on this and change.
its here clowded, and not warm , i haven't a drying machine, i hang it too on ropes. i like the face of it too. Such dutch thing, but thats n ot true,LOL
I had a clothlinge on my balconey but the painters had removed it, and didn't remake it. its just likel my front door from the flat, about a few time, i can't get in my flat on my own. -S I have had this before, they had removed my driveable plank on the front door, so i couldn't drive in my house, i was furious about it and later on they had to remove their wooden buildding.LOL
they didn't like it, because of my they were very late of finishing their project, but i had warened all of them, so i wasn't sorry about it LOL
wheelyers are in Holland still 3rangs people. I always tell my mom, that she didn't raised me too well , she had learn to live with discrimination.LOL
Karin s kiddo's are better of, they now too how discrimination feels.
I like that, its sad that people do that, but when you are discriminated you know how to deal with it. I had that to learn when i was much older.
Sometimes when my mom walks aside me she daren't push me, nobody is alowed to do that, or i give permission.LOL she is always opset about it, how stranges people behave them selfs to me. And i must always pull her back.LOL
When i look at your profile page i must laught its mostly our talking that you see.LOl
when you didn't like it no longer, please tell me.
I will go with Karin of G to a event of disabled materials, Karin don't like that before, but i told her, its a lot of fun, you must score all the free things. LOl
My sis like the event too, she does this, and she try out all kinds of wheelchairs and bikes and so on.
She had maked me so mad that i was lifted in a stupid bike which she had to drive, i was soooo ashamed, so i asked her don't go their, and their, and we did , Disabled land is very small so everybody knows a lot of persons who are the fighters, its a very small group . I belongs to it, and thats why i don't like the silly things any more. LOL i like it in a strange envirement were nobody knows me.;-D
Last time there was a shop that give away very good pens we go a lot to it, to pick some more.LOL All the people did the same.LOL
And you could make a foto of yourself, so we did this too. its was free too.
I always have free cards. But i always look too seriously of new products.
okay that was my story so far.;-D
hope you had a nice day too, much hugs and kisses.and all my love and good thoughts to you of me;-D

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl my again, wooow you do the same like me, i sett all my friends on too save your materials and you does the same.LOL
Like that!;-D
I will send your answers to Karin. When i first asked without why she thought o, no Jet i don't like to save them for you , you have already so much materials.LOl but when i told her all and why you need them she become enthousiastic. LOL
funny two people who only know each other by cok and become to do the same strange saving projects.LOL like it.
he dear be a brave granny today.;-) much hugs and kisses again.;-D
p/s o, o you will be wett of all those kisses.;-D LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
I'm sooooo exciting that you have send a package, when he will is arived i tell you that.
i have again a strange bad day, but i'm not in a bad mood so its okay. It was helping to be again a smiling person that Gerard had come and later Karin. She had heard of Gerard that she had to visited meLOL Tomorrow i must go back to the homeopatic md. I 've stopted with her silly meds. It doens't work, only for things were i still swollow pills agianst, and much more problems.
Afer 4 months ist over. I must tell her that, o.o.LOL
its a hour riding-S but okay, i will sing all my tear yearkings songs loudly when i drive to her.LOL
When i sing them i must every time laught about the sadness and the crazy thing in the songs and of myself too.
It must be looking very stange to see a wheely sing those songs when she ride on the road.LOL
So i must think about this for tomorrow and being some lazy and boring again.lOL
have a nice fun daymuch gentle hugs ans kisses.;-D
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Sarah Marie Sparkesy
Heya! That's ok! ^___^ Thank you for posting them, I love them! Happy x
Elizabathory · Frankston, Victoria, AU · 5 projects
Perhaps I'm just your friendly neighbourhood Cut Out + Keep Stalker? *lol*
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yess you're a lovely great sweet brave granny.!!
well done, tomorro again?LOl or more a staycation.LOL
I must try to do like you.i enjoy in my thoughts your day , Were sooooo brave LOL jack but mayby its better, but not toooo brave. but you have done you're excersize as well, very proud of you;-D
i'm still working on a special wallet, i think i h ave finanly the patern made. its from a sojacarton I had made something differend a time ago, and Karin said when you make it with outside flaps i can use this as a creditcard holder, i thougth you're right i had thought the same , i have made a lot of version to find the right handy wallet for them, but mayby this is it.
Tomorrow i will go try it out. I have an elektric motor bike, i must fix my foots on the pendels and set it on, and i bike trough the motor.
I hate it, but Gerard ask my everytime use him, its for a lot of things improtend, i become so small legs because i don't use them, and my blood veins becoming worse i have of my own very bad ones and for my stomac and so on its better,
I have bought him myself, but i don't like it. so boring, so i told Gerard, i always try one rounds slow and then the fastest stand so i'm very quickly done. Smart huh?!!!LOL He had to laugh about it, he said yes jet you're the right adhd-er all my clients does the same.
Some relief because sometimes the shranks telling me that i 'm not a adhd-er.
I always thanks them a lot, by telling them so i have learn a lot to behave, and don't forget i use the meds.LOL They don't understand it, but later on , when they have change again all my meds, they get the change to see my in action.LOL
very tiring for them, LOL (for myself too-S) but it helps to get my meds back.LOL
Gerard always tell my okay jet then let them jump with you , then you have a fun time too. LOL i can't watch tele i'm too restles, and poor muis she wants badly laying on my lap, -S but i think she will again get some food. they are so smart, when i turn my head the change of food, -S Now wolfje gets other food its more attracted then her kitten food for Muis. . I had made some plastic beats of old plastic bottles, i try to make an other shape, but i must try more out. i'm not all happy of how they turned out. so more investigations and more experimentals. when its all okay i make a how to of it.
Yesterday night i thought of an other experiment of the fabric chenille but then in a free form. for a necklace, i like to try this out too.
Emile always telling me that i have a freely independed brain what is in a dependable body, i know but it don't help me to know, i knew that all ready, i always thank them for his wize words.LOL
i must stop my furry friends are fighting, very ugly , sleep tight and beautifull dreams, i always try to remmeber them, but often i forget ti.
for tomorrow a fine great fun stayvacation with your family without pain.;-D
much gentle hugs and you know i have a lot dutch people for you set up to save the milk lits. LOL (question: may they have colours, some of the milk cartons by us have colours, Karin asked me the same , I will get your answer and they have differend sizes , thats okay too?
sleep well till tomorrow;-D my dear sweet granny girl.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL funny story i'm feeling with you pain on bear foods too.but its too funny , my mom told always i had to wear socks or slippers as we trapped in something -S So i think that your Ava willl try you some educating as well.
Thats very handy a self suporting cat Well done!!!LOL
hey have a nice cozy evening with the family;-D much gentle hugs and some resting time after all your excercizementLOL gentle hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm i saw that i have send two of one kind letters, but i had made an other part, i don't know what i had written on the last one, but okay.
i think it was something about confusing of that people telling me you will have a lot of pain, but when you have like me always pain, what is less or more, so i thought that i must be pay attention about the sight problems and the bad headages, and the best part it wil be over, some day.
that makes it beareable, to act like you do to as a granny.LOL
hey i 'm having not so pretty days, but i'm smiling a laught much.
Give you all my love and very gentle hugs and kisses and much more greetings ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey girl i'm back , yess they are right, because when things are not better of your neck it cost a lot of money and a lot of other things of more care you need and more suplays later on, keep this in your mind;-D
The people of an excident or a victum has a better budget to spend then the people like me that is only suffering of bad genetics problems.
So think of this, and your right it not helping of thepain you're having, but later on mayby you can have a more comfortable time. but it was much more better ,when you didn't have this falling thing at all.

i have again a bad day. but first my rescue team Gerard has set free my laundry.LOL and Karin told Gerard take it with you at home , so we can wash her laundry, so lovely and kind.
I see badly i have noticed i see not double, i see fourtimes double. Each eye looks double seeing. but i try still to act like a granny too, so i hope it will be better, and this sort things are always will be over about some times, so i 'm not to crumble and try to behave me as a brave patient.
And granny are often crafting a lot so it will be fun on my staycation.LOL
But Gerard and i have decleared that the washing machine is dead, but afte r18 years hard labour that okay. Its was his age.LOL
Karin had brought my laundry clean to my backwards soooo kind,and she was only for the thee, and lots of fun, but she has helped me with to cut of the too long nails of muis, she walked not too good, i hope i have solved her problem, or its a age thing too, but then i must go to the vet with her for knowing it for sure.
Both had to laught about my froggys. specially the littel crowns.
My sis was frightened about my wiplash, so she understand that we must wait some time to go together to the movies.
Big news to you , i have asked Karin too of saving lids, and when she heard the story why you need them , she became motivated to asked neighbours too.LOL Only they drink not much milk, but she will try to do her best like me.
It will be an international saving lids project.LOL
Yesterday i saw that the money will come now quicly of the counsil for my new yellow chair. I hope i have him in May.
and the other one.... i try to be patiencend.LOL
okay that was part one. thanks for your concerns. and good other things, you help me a lot too , dear friend.D
much gentle hugs and kisses and have a great sunny day, dear granny of mine. LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey girl i'm back , yess they are right, because when things are not better of your neck it cost a lot of money and a lot of other things of more care you need and more suplays later on, keep this in your mind;-D
The people of an excident or a victum has a better budget to spend then the people like me that is only suffering of bad genetics problems.
So think of this, and your right it not helping of thepain you're having, but later on mayby you can have a more comfortable time. but it was much more better ,when you didn't have this falling thing at all.

i have again a bad day. but first my rescue team Gerard has set free my laundry.LOL and Karin told Gerard take it with you at home , so we can wash her laundry, so lovely and kind.
I see badly i have noticed i see not double, i see fourtimes double. Each eye looks double seeing. but i try still to act like a granny too, so i hope it will be better, and this sort things are always will be over about some times, so i 'm not to crumble and try to behave me as a brave patient.
And granny are often crafting a lot so it will be fun on my staycation.LOL
But Gerard and i have decleared that the washing machine is dead, but afte r18 years hard labour that okay. Its was his age.LOL
Karin had brought my laundry clean to my backwards soooo kind,and she was only for the thee, and lots of fun, but she has helped me with to cut of the too long nails of muis, she walked not too good, i hope i have solved her problem, or its a age thing too, but then i must go to the vet with her for knowing it for sure.
Both had to laught about my froggys. specially the littel crowns.
My sis was frightened about my wiplash, so she understand that we must wait some time to go together to the movies.
Big news to you , i have asked Karin too of saving lids, and when she heard the story why you need them , she became motivated to asked neighbours too.LOL Only they drink not much milk, but she will try to do her best like me.
It will be an international saving lids project.LOL
Yesterday i saw that the money will come now quicly of the counsil for my new yellow chair. I hope i have him in May.
and the other one.... i try to be patiencend.LOL
okay that was part one. thanks for your concerns. and good other things, you help me a lot too , dear friend.D
much gentle hugs and kisses and have a great sunny day, dear granny of mine. LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yess you right about that, i see in movies often big mistakes too, and i think then the same , there is to learn a lot still, but thats great, i like that , because you always see that too in your own work.;-D
I was in an history park and there was in the medieval part a shoemaker but he maked the wrong shoes, there was a right and a left shoe allready, so i told the worker thats not right much later there become a differend in left and right with the making of ,but he didn't want to hear it, stuppid but okay thats his own thing, i like it when people tells me that, so i can change my view and i can fix my mistake. ;-D
i think history is much fun i've you do it in a much bigger view with the culture and art too, but thats not how history lessons are given in holland.
And in your country there is much to see of it. I have discoverd that when i was in Londen for my study.
Okay i saw too things that was really bad too , but thats everywere to see.
only sad. but i know i'm too sensitive, so i think thats why i see it, not everybody sees them.
I have n oticed that when i was in Portugal, it looks then i've i was in a afrika town. and its a EEG land too.-S
i hope that you smile a lot of my mustached wolfje.; much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmorning girl!;-D wooow you're very technical!LOL
my machine has a button that you can turn and then he must open too, but i've it don't work i will tell Gerard your trick, mayby it is the filter, i had aske wouter a time ago to help me with that, but he wouldn't so Gerard said he will look at it and i've nescessary he cleans it too. very nice and kind.
I 'dont have much slept last night, wolfje was playing on my pillow with again a knitten mustach, and she trow it above her and she jumped to it, but it felt next to my face and she felt on my face, so i had a lip that was bleeding and my chin, so i see i've i have beaten down. LOL
Sillly yesterday i had make the knittings part sewed together, as a mustache and i saw her walking with it in her mouth and it looked as i've she has a mustache on her chin growing, soooo cute, i had to laugh, i have given it up her bad behaviour, i can laugh of it and its silly but i hope later on when she is a growning up, she wil be calmer like muis now , they have a struggle with each other, Muis don't dare to lay by me when wolfje is there too.-S
I must help her again to stand up for her selfs.
my little monster is really a wolf! Wolfje drive muis again of her food away. so i must do something again of it.
Muis is the oldest and she must learn to respect her, but i adore them both is there nature and i like them very very much. but you know that too.;-D
i think i will have a bad day, but with much smilling, i hope you have a better one with of course much smiles and laughter too.;-D
okay i must run now because Gerard is comming next hour, and i'm still dressed in my pjee's i don't like to weare them when i become a visitor.
Or they must be really well known friends.;-D
much gentle hugs and lot of kisses and say hi to your dearones, and stroke to your furry friends.-D tilll next time;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
sounds much better, i had a worse day, i only could cry on nothing, i don't understan myself. so i have spoken very firmly to myself, it helps all the time, now not so much but i have called the council, my flat is sold for the half and so we have owners and less renters. Gerard had read that my elektric door will gone for all times because of a better looking entre.
so i'm not longer able to go in and out my appartment, so i thought i must do something thats why i had to know what the law said about this, they have given me some trics but i will be again a battle.
lovely neighbours=S they aren't very nice those owners, but i have to deal with them, so i must stand up for myself. I hope for not tooo long.-S
And when it came to worse i can go for help to get to a special institute for a free advocate , i hope it would have to go that way.
And i have asked my md to call to the hospital i must wait too long for the eyespecials, i hope she can get my a earlyer appointment.
i had done a lot other things, but was still to sick to go to the city, so i have done some work at home and posted my repeating recipes by my md, to bad i was forgotten them to bring them with me, yesterday.
and i had to ride to the petstore for buying food and litter for the ladys.
Wolfje is n ow eating growing up food, she liked it, she found the kitten food to small, silly so she was eating very strange, and muis loved her food to much so they moved to change of each others food. Always when i forgot to watch them. Muis has kidny problems so she isn't alowed to have wolfjes food. but i know and understand it to well, all the grass is by the neigbours much greener.LOL
i'm glad that they have fixed your arm again, to bad that you had to wait to long , your nevers and musculairs and other things had sitting on the wrong position and that given you the sore, it had has to work to hard of that, i really hope after a while it getting better.-D
will think of that and sending you a lot more of nice sweet thoughts.
i have made little tiny crowns. LOL they are painted so the frogs wear still them not.LOL i'm curious, i look after it, i hope too that they don;t do their job too well.LOL
I save them always, i hope to do something with them, but... i don't know what.LOL Only saving. Karin willl come to me saterday, she told me that she has missed me too much , so sweet, and i've Gerard can get open my wasmachine she will wash my laundry, its no almost a week, my wasmachine doesn't work, but i could not open the machine its a trick which i can't do by myself, Gerard will try it for me.
Kind of him, he comes tomorrow, i wasn't to glad about it, but after all i understand now why, my case manger wasn't to glad with it either, i knew this too well, so i have mailed him that gerard will come , and he mailed me back he was relieved. so i have do a nice thing for them.LOL
i'm too tired but.... and my oder board members will write the piece of paper of Jeroen. i was relieved with that too.
but they will come to gether very soon for a meeting, i can't , i must talk about it with gerard what i have to do about all those things i must do, and can't.
he will think with me about those things-D thats really helping me,
so i have to morrow to do much more, but i've i can do it, it will a big suprise for me, i try to live by the day.
When Karin comes i will asked her to save too the milk lits, I have asked Wouter too, but i think he forgot it , and i drink not milk so i must have it from the yoghurt, i 'm allergic to lactose, so my savings skill aren't too not so big and fast, and i will asked my sis too. she lives with her youngest daughter and she will asked the parents of her kiddo's in her class too of saving them. She has done that before too. so please be patience.;-D
now i will go to my cozy couch, LOL
I try to watch tele but i think to see all the time double it make me to tired.
so i won't see to much tonight too. I'm happy to have so much friends;-D
thanks for that, and for your comfort and understanding and all the fun.
i try to act like you to be an granny, but i must do all the knitting over and over because of wolfje my little hiding knitting thief.LOL
She always knows were she must search for them, i don't have found a good hidding place for them.;-D Muis like it too, she thinks its really interesting , but she dare not the steel them, she always act more calmly then other cats, but she likes to watch too, i saw in the petstore nice necklaces for cats, but not such a crazy beautys as yours , i thought silly that cats always must weare those sweet necklaces and not some tought onces.
okay my neck is calling for rest, so i h ope you have a nice evening with the family , i 'm very happy with this news, and please take care, tell the police that you have much pain so that they give you a comfortable chair and so on and that you can do it tiny bits.
i have learned this too on the hard way, so thats way.
sleep well and nice beautifull dreams, i see you tomorrow. big kisses and gentle hugs and hi to all your dear ones.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning to you too.;-D yesss sounds as a movie!
I love those story s too, i had reading them for my art study, to reconizes all t he storys in paintings. We had culture history at the art academy.
I like that, it was history lessons in a much wider view so all thinks came together, and of course i will cross my fingers for you for beholding your job.
You know we have the same problems, but we haven't still to vote a new parlement. Its silly because under this prime minister all his parlements were gone down. Thats a thing to think of, but he doens't only his own members are crumbling .LOL
some people don't look to their selfs.-S I heard of Wendy of cok that having an vacation at home they call them stay-cations, LOL
i like that. I had tryed to call Gerard off, but he didn't wanted so i must do some cleaning today-S and i must do some shopping and looking for a new washing machine. so it willl not the lazy day i had wanted. but i try to be a brave girl and try to behave like a granny too.
Do you knew that their are much clothing solutions as well , i can give you a few online tips when you will have them.
I have much boots with laces and other things that wasn't lately smart to having them in your cloths so i don't use all of them with opening every thing go's over my head with one arm the other don't do so well too like you.
but i have learned that tricks of my occopattion worker, and too of my wheely friends. so let me know, i will think of you today, be nice to your self
and much love and much hugs and kisses. have a great fun day;-D
teaRs-dOn't-fAll-x · 5 projects
That's okay, i think it's an awesome idea Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Much fun tonight, enjoy !!;-D
Ha ha i understand it. about tomorrow, do the undressing slowly, behave like a granny please, because you must keep in your mind that you have bad and gooddays, and this will be a bad one because of all the clothing on and out, gentle towards your self don't overdo. i forget this everytime too,and be too tough and after all it don't go to well back at home.
thats the last one for to day. but i 'm making me a little bit worries about you
but more fun at work , have a great fun time tomorrow and for later sleep tight;-D much hugs and kisses.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
You 're sooo sweet, thanks for your kind words and comforting.;-D
It does me real good! Yepppp cloths problems.LOL Thats why i always put my gymmy boots on, raining boots, they have a zipper too, but i don't use him too.LOL But i always asked them to help me, i have to train tehm a little more, but when they know me a little better they will helping me and doing a good job.;-D
And you know i'm smart i say in a critical way thank you, so they know its only a polite thing which i mentioned.LOL
So they know i don't get the help for granted but they knowing too that i find it normal that they had to help me and letting me feeling normally without losing my selfrespect.
I have learn it over years and read a lot about how others did managed it. and speaking too with my wheeling friends.;-D
i had to write some piece about Jeroen, but today i have send the question to the other members i've they will take it from me to write something.
So i hope they will do it, and elswere i must give it back to his family.
Yesssss i was tired , still, but too of headages, i have try to do something on my froggy's they are still frogs they don't wanna change LOL
stupid of them, but i saw today i don't like my first design, so it will be two necklaces LOL I always want to much.
sometimes its okay, but not this time.
Its was really soft weather and warm too, with a sweater and...much cloths, wolfje wouldn't sit on the balcony she was afraid that i would close the door with her outside, so she jumpted the whole time behind me, i had to give my jungle on their water. LOL
Now they lay on the couch close together sleeping. Wolfje tryed to day her new trick again and again, jumping behind my bed in the gate i told you before. But i din't help her anymore, so i hope she will become not a acrobate circus cat, but a nice reall cat.LOL
i will go to them shortly after some internet work.:-D
i think it will be for me more vacations days at home, i 'll joining you.
Hey for tomorrow i cross my fingers again, you had to go to to the md?
i will send you more good thoughts of me and a lot of thinking, ask for help you must go home too and have more to do then being a vancation girl too, tell them you have a family at home. it helps , when you tell something more,
I didn't and when they saw the xray picture of mine, at that time much worse then nowedays, they were suprised about what i still did, and i told them always i must do this too at home , because i must take care of John , he was at that time very sick, and i was the most mobile person.
John didn't want to use a wheelchair like me, so i did all sort of things for him.
Not everybody knows that you 're very driven person , they always think in the other direction of doing nothing at all. Only the people that knows you.
Okay i 'm like a crumpy mother, but... mayby it h elps.
For later, much sweet dreams and gentle hugs and kisses. and al my love.;-D
Sailorshame · 11 projects
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, goodmorning, though, ... almost in Holland afternoon , i've been back from my md, and she wasn't glad, but... she is thinking its a whiplash, why not? And for the security i must go to the eyespecialist. not very happy with.
but i will go.
I'm now very tired so it will be a lazy couch day. not in pjees, because i had to put on some cloths this morning.LOL
Its stranges i have had this 2 years agoo to, but it was happend in the hospital were i was staying, and they won't look at it.
so i knew allready this cost my a lot of time and much patience.LOL
Yes i know by now you're very smart and creative with solutions, so it don't suprise me that you can knit with one arm.LOL!!!! very very smart, but resting is a better job , sooo i hope do the same for today, don't forget we are still on vacation at house.;-D
i'm go for my couch day, gentle hugs and much much kisses;-D be a nice and kind girl for your self;-D
JossieAyame · Pretoria, Gauteng, ZA · 150 projects
Yeah I also thought we were already friends. Oh well, now we are xD
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
thanks for lettting me know that you behave like a nice sweet lady, not all of them are knitting.;-D!!! don't do that, at the moment not a smart crafting project for you. Or try to knit with one arm.LOL
I have learned that on occupation therapy. but... not my thing.LOL to slowly.
Hey when you read a book like an old granny think about old craftings.LOL
Hey so sweet to tell my that you niece like my projects too. ;-D
All my froggys having now eyes, and some glitter, i have stopted the vacuum cleaning, i ve gotten migraine again.-S but now i have a great excuse to be absenct again.LOL
smart girl though!!!LOL
i had to pick up my wolfje she was fallen behing my desk and bed, and couldn't out the small gate, she try this every night again, to climb in that gate, but she like too to act like an acrobate, i think she wants to be a showdog at the circus.LOL
Indy who is died this summer did this every night too. i knew when she was fallen it good be worse, so every night she got my attention,
thats why gerard like my moving to much, because i will have a bedroom with a door.LOl Now i don't have that at all. I have one big room with big large slidingwalls, but they are too heavy for me to move.
One time i was stucked with my hand between the sliding wall and the real wall. And i was stucked for almost 15 minutes. i had to call for help.LOL
so thats why i don't try this again. very dangerous for my;-D
O, i see Wolfje try her trick again.=S
so i m ust stop, You're a very nice interesting, inspirated old granny to me.LOL
have a fun time with Henriet and say thanks of me , and thanks of your comments of Wouter, i willl try your advice out on him;D
much gentle hugs and hi to eveyrone and kisses for you;-D
XxXOh DorothyXxX
XxXOh DorothyXxX · London, GB · 4 projects
Your welcome Happy
XxXOh DorothyXxX
XxXOh DorothyXxX · London, GB · 4 projects
Your welcome Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi , i 'm happy that she has given you more meds. Did you k now you don't must wait till you got pain, you must take them on a schedule and on time, i have learned that from my md of painspecialisme.
LOl smatt huh?!!!
I hope it will eas the pain a great. , but you must still pay attention to act like a elderly like i try to do.LOL
Today i, don't know, when Wouter came later on i thought shit he is gone to far ....S I saw something he picked up some handkerchief of mine, but i didn't know i've they were mine, so i forgot to asked him,but later on he said Jet i take one more of yours. Its not about the hankerchief, but the not asking things, and he jump a statue of mine to the ground, and didn't do it right, thats why i later thought is not good. I only had to think but tomorrow my cup of thee smelt of him so i wouldn't drink it .LOL
Thats maked me thought of it, when i was a kiddo and i was angry on a person i always told your smelling badly, so i have something silly with it, and thats why i thought what is happenend with wouter and my.LOL
Okay i must give him some education agian, i think he don't know my borders and he is still angry and sad with his friend so i is a little rude (
There were some storys that i din''t like either of him. but ... i must think about that too.
but i still like him as a friend. but i would like to work, i had yesterday a much better day, and i couldn't do anything, so...(
Now i'm trying to do all the things just at once.LOL Jumping Jet. LOL
It don't work out so great.LOL but the frogs has got eyes, and the whole morning Wolfje comes to me with all my knitting parts i just had found in my bed yesterday. LOL i must think of a better hiding place.
LOL i had to laught very long about your cats with the bread they like to recycle tooLOL you have raised them very green.LOL
Hey thanks for telling me about the tall and the old girl, because i had change them with each other. Pretty girls.!;-D
I love your little sun, so funny loking a bit nauthy too, my sis love those children a lot. Lately my sis had a boy of 4 years in her class at school with the same problems, and he had again an silly accident, just accidentally, so my sis had to laught about it and told him okay just clean the mass, he did, but he was confused, later on he went to her and asked Karin why aren't you angry with me, and Karin told him why not, and he was more flaber gasthed.
He told the same , which Karin and my too , always had noticied over and over again, that people always get mad or angry upon those things.-S
But i like my sist that she change it, and give him a better schooltime then we had.
Love that he dare to write, i has still problems with it, because of all those red understiped words. When i give it , it was only blue the words, but when i got it back it was most red. I think thats why i love the colour red.LOL
I must go to the rehoirsel of my choire, i don't like it, but..... i still have problems with my eyes and headages, and the other things. but...
i must go , when i don't go i have the next week more problems of going-D
i must try to socialize a tiny bit again. ;D
Its here beautifull spring weather, pretty i like it.
Okay i don't have to tell you much more at the moment i think i must try to vacuum clean my house a tiny bit more., like a woman duty .LOL
its not my fave housecleaning. and i have learned that on a special study.and later you knowt again. so i''m tooo good educated in that LOl
Yes i heard it too, on the tele, but we 've the same too.LOL
Its bad and not good, but, it was silly when our coverment was got down, all the dutch people only talk about the dutch skater.LOL
that was the issue of the day n ot all those coverment prolbems.
Dutch people are sometimes really funny to follow;-D Haar is in english Hair.
so you go to md Hair.LOL
its a commen family name by us. My name not , is rare, i'm in my city the only one with that name, Thats why the pronouced it every time wrong.
my sis has the same, so we always give an reaction to the wrong family name, because of that. I make a lot of joke about it, when they asked my name i tell them its mead and a knife and then togehter.
but most peolpe write it as with double n, n. so it looks like its always troubles with Jet. so i tell them it isn't so bad with me, LOL
not every body can laught about it, so when i had to speak for Jeroen, and they pronouced my name again wrong i thought okay, that will do.;-D
My friend his name was well pronouced because he has a turkeys family name;-D
Okay vacuum cleaner is calling me.LOL i must go to the md next morning for my eyes and headages ect. so it your turn.;-D
have a good resting time;-D and lots of gentle hugs again and ... kisses.
queen of the weirdos
queen of the weirdos · Midwest City, Oklahoma, US
your welcome
Prinz3ssDoku · Lake Wales, Florida, US · 16 projects
no problem ^-^ i thought it was awesome ^-^
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear, thanks for the kind and sweet comment, i had a bigger answer, but i wasn't able to send it, so it got lost, thanks to for the fave of the chenille.
yesss bright colours are the best,!!! i had try to make the paperclips much awesomer, i tryd to give them sripes on them, with permanent makers but it didn't work , so ...its only just coloured.
i love all those coloured paperclips, but n ot all are good to bend , i had bought three packets so i had bring two back to the store, the third i didn't dare it.LOL i'm not always a big hero.LOL
have much crafting fun at the office.LOL with the making of.;-D much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi, i sounds better to me, i will think of you on those md days;-D
wooow thats awesome that you saved them all the time, are dutch ones too okay, give me an mail adress so i can send some of mine too!
We have with lids, i don't know if'they are okay for it, but.... all lits count , LOL
Thats sounds funny for me too.LOL
Such a group LOL for addicted crafting girls, with all those projects.LOL

Hey just now my sis called me and asked to go to the movie to watch the allice in wonderland version, i like it a lot, she is now phone the movie in her neigbourhood, in Amsterdam their is a theatre were i can sit too in the row with my chair, only you must tell them before you will go to see the movie.
but thats okay , its much safer to sit in a row then in the darkness next to the door, i have done that before, but very scary, i had more attention for all the walking persons then for the movie.LOL
And i didn't have seen my little sis for such a long time . She is depressed at the moment, so i must cheer her a little bit up. She is like me a jumping girl.LOL
so we have always much to laugh about, too of the sillynes of the adhd things. and i will finaly see her new youngster dog, its a very big one. i will asked her which brand he has.LOL I don' t know that, but that he is big she mentioned that to often.LOL
Cleaning, it didn't work out too this day, only some small things. Mayby thuesday, now its more Jet cleaning time, i must wash my hair, i allways wash my hair on the shower, but i always took all my energy. so thats it for to day.
so again have a nice resting day and much gentle hugs for the pain and a lot of more kisses.;-D and have a great fun seccond easter day.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hi again, are you a little bit impatiencend?!!! I've got two times your comment, thats funny, i have often the same, so i try to be patiencend because there will be 3 or more of the same on the screen appereancend.LOL
Yes i'm not longer sad it was only friday and then i said okay Jet give your self a better job to do and be your selfs. Thats always make me smile again and thats helping me to be brave.;-D
I'm to addicted on cok=S The whole morning i was searching and surfing on cok and saw suddenly it was 12 oclock, o, o...
Mayby there is a sort of AA support fot this site? (for all those addicted crafting girls)LOL
Now i haven't a great day, still a worse headage, but i 'll try to get used to double seeying with my eyes,;-D
I had some knitting fabric maded this morning but its wasn't okay, so i try it again, Wolfje liked it too much.LOL
Little thief!;-D
Awesome such a big knitting project! I have done such a job too, but its still unfinished.LOL Karin is flaber gasted off all those unfinished projects that are allmost ready. she hadn't seen this before.LOL
But i try to do better;-D
Most people don't give me a deadline, thats my big trap , i always think oooo i have still plenty of time to finishing it, and i can do somthing else;-D
and surfing on the www, isn't helping either, i see to much LOL
but today i try to clean my house, its little by little working.!!!!!
I'm proud of my self, but it must be in a elderly tempo.;-D
A few years ago when people asked my ages i told them that i was 82 and i was counting years after a years was gone, but people didn't understand it, so i stoped with the joke!
You are too kind for your furry friends too.LOL i hope you will have a nice resting day, and becoming more energy and less pain, do you still sufering of the accident? I told Gerard the story and he said too Jet thats sounding horrible she must go to a md, and take good care of her self. I hope you will do so.
but thats not our first thing, how did the event goes? did you bring the weight with the lids? I hope so. Are those the tin onces or the plastic once?
We have here a very small brands of milk with real glass botles, most of them are the cartons of milk and they have now all plastic lids.?
I think that they did that for me, because of my curtains project.LOL
It just like the crown lids i always find them on the street, thats okay with me, but not for all the people, your country is much cleaner, when i was in Londen for my study , everything was soooooo clean,!
There were workers of the theather that disliked all those paintings of graffity on walls and other things, we said bravely that we didn't like it either, but most of them are really cool and awesome, we liked it a lot as students.LOL
I think we weren't to brave. ;-D
okay i must do again some other things i h ad promised myself, so till next time;-D have a lazy pleasent day!!!! and lots of gentle hugs and kisses!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, and goodmoring!, yesterday i spend all my time on the computer, not okay, i was only waiting on when my new project was appearing on cok.LOL
I thought o, nooo , its again an exercise of being paitance.LOL
But finally yesterday at the end it was there.
So the whole rest of that day i had to rest on the couch and i felt in sleep, o, o the wrong place, LOL it was the whole day a raining day here, and now too=S
But i have planed to do a lot of things, i really hope i will do it., you never can't tell this with me.LOL
Mayby or i finishing my angelpiggy or i will go to the frogs, and i must do some cleaning, so its hopefully not such a boringday after all.
And i have listen yesterday to the music which Gerard brought with him for me. Like it a lot. And old music of my hippy time. LOL
Because i been raised in Amsterdam i was at that time too a hippy, when i had to go for exercize my education as a teacher on real schoolkiddo's they were all ways look at me, with their mouth with open and the bigest compliment i heard was hey you're hippy.LOL
My parents didn't like it at all. All those youngsters were lazy and didn't work, and so on.=S But thats often i think with parents, i hope you are not like mine;-D i'm knitting a icord for my new bad glasses, i must do something with knitting, again all my knitting parts are disapeared by Wolfje.LOL i have given it up, with her, she has won this beatlle of knitting projects. Yesterday i saw how she steels them, and too of the knittingpens.LOL She now sleeping by her aunt so lovely to see;-D
I don't go to well with my head, but i can see something more , or i'm adjust to the double looking eyes of mine.;-D but still dizzy and fuzzy and headages and sick. so i must try to do it peacefully and calme and resting a little bit. i do a lot of mindfullness excerzises, its from the zen boedisme , it helps me a lot and too with my heating scarf pillow, i hope your lame work out too.;-D
The froggys still don't change in prins , but that because they still haven't a crown on their head, this evening i will watch i hope i don't fall in sleep to the movie of Harry Potter, its the one of when he got the book of his bad teacher and that the director will died at the end. very cheerfully on easter.LOL
but it s almost like the real easter story.LOL
I hope you have got your resting time too yesterday and for to day some more, i'm glad i don't have to go out to find eggs.LOL
I hope when you must find them, that they are very colourfull or like jet gems. some stroke for your furry friends and have a good day today without pain or less and gentle hugs with plenty of tons kisses.;-D
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
silly huh, but I do it too!
violetta · Temerin, Vojvodina, RS · 208 projects
Im planning to make some kind of pillbox hat or fascinator for a wedding,but i have trouble figuring it out.And your hats give me so much inspiration!Happy
I want to make something small and attach a netlike fabric to cover a part of my eye on one side.I dont know if that kid of hat has a name.
Cant wait to see the big hats!Im planning on felting a witch hat in camp this summer.But I think it will be only decoration in my room,because I cant figure out where to wear it.Happy
Im so happy about the kittens,I keep running out to check them every half hour.Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi , yep i understand those jumping restless issues too good!LOL But congreatulations, you have finished again a project!LOL
I 'm still sitting with hondres unfinished projects.LOL but mayby it come to a finishing state.;-D i'm having my home vacation.LOL

thanks for the lovley words and again many gentle easter hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear, i try to type you some answers, but, i 'm attackted by my furry friends, i think they will have food only not my attention of being a nice person.LOL
Yes to bad we don't live closly because i had jointed your event and go to the measure ring thing, to let you win the wheelchair, i hope you are able to get one, and i had saved a lot of them too, i want to make a curtain of it.
but i like to gif them away too.
but now it must be a curtain. thats only one idea.LOL
Bad news i must wait longer for my replacement little one chair. They didn't want to replace him just like now. I must be screened again-SSSSS
The community worker told me that i didn't are alouwed to have two chairs?
And when i told her but my house isn't still driveable for a big one, she told me okay they had to screen that too._S so i was very upset, Gerard told me that i must write a letter to an special organisation, because she had told me i had to replace him and must look for other options, 3 monts ago!
And now it isn't curtain?
But i was alouwed to spend the money they had allready give me on paper to buy the big one.
so i must be glad, and if something is better for my healht is doens't matter them at all. But i knew this sort things and issues allready. It must not be upset me anymore, but it doens't work this way.
so i'm a little bit moody, but better news, Gerard liked thet angelpiggy bag, he told it him self, i didn't have to asked or look at his face.LOL
We were to agree that it wasn't heavenly.LOL
Okay that make me smile , i must look to those issues and become not a crumpy old lady. there are to many of them still here in Utrecht.!
I knew that by my self, but one person told me that lately too. She said the north Hollanders are much funnyer, happely there are still my roots.LOL
Hey i like your little hat too. wooow you'r a really great talented crafter!
I have still migraine so after the easter i will be go to visit my md again, so nice for her too.LOL
Yesterday i saw that my best glasses are too broken, i have lost one of the glasses. so i must wait to look with two eyes to go for new ones to the opticien. So i have bouth yesterday a cheap non supscribited one, not the colour i liked to much, there were many nice ones, but not for which i had to use. so i do it with the same boring which i had bought before, but i will look for the better ones too. ;-D
i will work on my frogs again this easter time, and i think i must have some other vacation time too next week, so thats fun. okay not the best reason, but having a resting time is okay, i think of a lot of creativity things to make later on, and thats good and try to be smiling and having a great time at home vacation. Yesterday Karin mailed me that she like to come for a cuppa , i liked that, because its boring silend , i don't see much people at the moment. It was fine that Gerard was yesterday by me, he read all the importand letters, And saw that the buyers of appartments did have stranges planes again, so i must be standing up for my elektric door again. I couldn't read the whole letter , so i was glad that Gerard did this for me, and that we maked a plane too. and we had a lot of fun together.
He had bring a cd of Frixkes with him, its a belgium band, very great music, so i have a great time at the moment.LOL
Hey have a great fun easter time. i hope all things go well, and till next time , ps thanks to for your explanation of the words stroke and rubbing.;-D
plenty gentle hugs and kisses from me and all kind of good thoughts and love;-D

:) missy K (:
:) missy K (: · Grantham, England, GB
Your welcome. I absolutely love it Happy
Ebaa72 · 1 project
Thank you so much for a birthday wish Happy
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
of course sweetie, I though we already were friended on here, then I was like, we are not! well we must now. Happy
Josephine · Wirral, England, GB
no problem! i normally hate tiny hats/headbands, but your mad hatter one is awesome, i shall definitely be givng it a go Happy
akirelashe f.
akirelashe f.
hehe! no prob! Happy

i love your works btw,

have a good day! ♥
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, hummmm i was worried about that, falling and hurting thats not good, and you have to pay for all those things with extra pain.=S
but thats really nice and kind of you that you go to work to say goodbye to your friend. LOL o, o thats sound like to much coffee and beer in the pub;-D
i hope you will see her still often , LOL choclate. I like that too much too.
Wolfje i good too my bill with the computer .LOL she sett the screen always dark, LOL
or give her typing responses to the person
i try to write, okay now she i fallen of the desk. she is angry on me, i ignore her, i don't want to play with her.
The bed story, it was fun, i had have this before, so i regonized the same thing just in time. Yes,,, wolfje is a to clever kind cat. Lol
but she is still thinking she is a doggy. Karin told me to ask for a change in a other animal, like gender operations, but i think the vets aren't so far yet.
She must do it with her cat body.LOL
I have the same with clothing, thats why i don't change of pjees when i don't have an appointment that day. Or they must give me support and helping hands, that why i will moved too, my head and eyes are stil not okay, so i must go back next week to the md.
Hey better news i heard of the commynity worker that they will pay the bill of my bigest wheelchais, how sweet=S LOL but the little one is still a problem, they donn't understand why i need him. I have told her that over and over.
but, okay i'm a very patience person.LOL and i'm still polite.
oh thats why you can use the old victorian glasses , woooow thats awesome, all those proffesrions of yours, you're a very intresting person you know.LOL
you are a Vip!!!LOL
I have given the frogs a kiss but it didn't worked, but hey hadn't have a crown on their head, i think thats why don't you think so?;-D
i must try to make them this day., the angelpiggy is finished with the heavely colours, but now still the other things.=S
but it will comes towards a ending.I'm making a punkpiggybag at the moment too, with black rubber, it becoming the cool look i'm searching for.
but you will see it later on.
oh humour and laughting helps a lot to eas the paint too and sex, i heard, but... Okay i must be behave like a neat well educated girl.LLOL
i must do something more then only writting back. so i will stop now.
I wish that you have a better time today and again be nice and kind to yourself.i try the same.
My cozy couch is calling me.
and others things too. hey give your furry friends rubs too, i didn't know the right words for it, so thanks a lot, for the right one, and of course gentle carefull hugs and kisses .till next time.;-D

Miho S.
Miho S. · 28 projects
Thanks very much, I really appreciate the help *^_^*
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmoring dear! iewwww thats very bad, which happened, so sorry to hear this. =S Its always the same, i suppose i've you are vulnerable people always do stupid things that hirdting you. I having the same.LOL
The next time, please tell the police that you will talk to them later, there is always time enough later on, they don't understand what it is to have a damaging neck and other things. so please stand up for your self.
LOL i have that too, but i have a eating disorder soooo i know Gerard pays a lot attention to that. And all the others persons too.
thats why i'm sooo thin, LOL I try always when i'm to bad to eat something, but... i do like Gerard told me i eat only the things i really wants, such as choclate or drink food.LOL
Thats good to, i don't eat because i can't no more coock hot meals. I don't have feelings of hot and cold and sharp and ect in my hands and fingers.
but thats handy too.LOL
Yes i'm resting, i was a wize person, yesterday i have called my perfoming off.
=S and today i don't go to therapy its in an other town and i have to trafel with a taxi in a taxi bus not in front so thats not good for my this moment.
I looking still wrong with my eyes and the only glasses which i can use, is broken yesterday. I didn't see it laying and i lay on it, and it said crack.LOL
I'm doing not much , i listen to a englisch hearing book about the stifed elephant. It makes me smile, its really neat spoken, so it remmembers me of other things too.
My bed was that night a catastrophe, I have a speciall matras for bedsoresm and i had it set on the flowing stand and Muis and i were endly laying comfortable, and suddenly the ear wasn't coming back and i sunk to the hard bottom of my bed.LOL Huuuh , so i listen to hear the airpomp but i didn't hear anything, so, i was afraid he was broken, and then i thought oooooh now.... Wolfje.
Yes !!! she had shut out the electiricity. LOL
so i was waked again and i had to spend a lot time again for laying with muis again comfortable.
i sleep a lot on the day too , but thats makes me better, i still an elderly of 90 years. LOL i hope it will be beter soon
But i hope for you too, i not please go to the hospital, just for a check up for the accident, or call you md.
and meds, are making always people fuzzy , only later one when you used by them no longer. I've you use the med longer then 6 weeks asked i've you may visited a pain center,there are many more solutions about paincare.
Only not for me because of my silly allergic reactions.
so i 'm using the wrong ones, but it helps me, and it makes me to go one with my life. I'm addicted to them, thats not okay, but there isn't an other solution. One time i had to stop with them, that was a very bad time, and they told me that after i was clean of them i was better of, no way. I was becoming worse, my md told me please use them again , you're not any longer Jet. I had to smile, but it was sucking that i had all that time used to be clean and then i must used them again, okay i h ad again a live i liked more, and becoming Jet again, but...=S
Gerard told me, no you must looked at that time, you have proven the md's you were right at the beginning, they had to listen to you, and now you have proven it. And you have letting them see that you was able to stop.LOL
But i knew i can be a tought person.LOL And there was a nurse and she told me you can't managed this, so i thought huhhh i shall prove this to you.
so i was very stimulated. LOL but it wasn't good for myself.
One thing is about it well okay, i using less this moment then before. and i may visited a group to learn about managing the pain, only i was feeling not happy in that group, all the people were saying that they were the worse then all the othes, that kind of competion i don't like .
It makes me tire to listen to those storys so i asked them about the things what was still good, but they couldn't talk about that anymore.=S
So sad, so after a while i was stopping , but i knew allready much about to handle pain in a good way. I'm a prof!LOL
I think you are doing it okay just right now. But please tought lady be nice and gentle and kind towards yourself. I think you are a little bit like me, we go on till the end, and thats not good,
thats way i try to rest and be a very good compagnion of my cats. They like me now more then when i'm jumping.LOL
today i will go out to buy a cheap glasses so i can see with one eyes what is writtten,;-D
I have still migraine headages, its silly i thought that it must be worse, because my mom was acting always that she was dying, its worse but i know sometime it will be over, that why i'm so calme about it,
but my mom did a lot of things strange.LOl It was always very exstreme.
My sis has the same , when she got migraine, before she beliefed that she suffered from it, she asked me , was it really that, and i said yes, and she told me about hers, and i said to her, yes that the same, and she was suprised, and said but i don't have the feeling that i would die.LOL
So we asked always each other about her health, i've my mom complains a lot , we know it not seriously, but when she told nothing about it, than we must make us worring.LOL
but my mom is old it her ages i think, or her generation.
I hope i don't become like her.;-D
i hope today i'm able to do something, its a beautifull day, at this moment the sun is shinging.so later on i go out to score a new glasses.
have a nice day and rest too, give your pets strokes and you got head strokes from my ladys';-D
much gentle hugs and kisses. and a lot of thoughts and love form me;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, your sooo sweet and kind, thanks for all the comfort and the cheer up talk, i had to laught about your story. LOL
I was only looking in the mail to see i have got a message from Gerard, and saw that i had a new comment, so i thought woooow this must be sheila.
Yeaaaaaah, so sorry about your news, but we are great tougth strong womensLOL Only short looking ,but...
and we can celebrait more vacations time, we are very happy people, only its not feeling like that.LOl I always hear people complaining of all the less time they have to spend, and we have lots of them.;-D
I have now one of my heatings scarfs on my neck , thats helping a lot, now i will go with meds to bed and setting my airmatras on the flow stand , not very comortable, but i can lay the whole night in the same position, like i'm on a sea.LOL I 'm feeling llike i 'm already seasick.LOL
but mayby i can sleep the whole night. I hope so for you too, Mayby thinking of my frogs thats are be withched LOL
I heard that in UK a lot of children are sick of kissing frogs because of the new disney movie? Is this true? i too funny, so sad for the children butokay i must laught.LOL but these are really prins don't you think too,?
Hey sleep tight and beautifull dreams. and gentle hugs with kisses for easing the pain. ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear, i hope your md was able to help you after she become of her shock.LOl Mine didn't like my condition too not. Its from my damaging last time i had performed the brain fluid in the spinal doens't work to great so thats why i have those silly headages and the disyness and so on.
Its a sort of migraine but much to long , so i have had some meds to feel something better, but i must be very quiet for a week more.=S
She hopes it will be over about a week, i told her the first time i had this over 6 weeks, she told me thats far to long, don't be to patiences.
So ... i'm try to hold an other vacation week at home;-D
but i'm very sick at the moment. I'm sleeping a lot and the ladys love me again a lot.LOL but... I can't work, i must close all the time one eye to see only one and not two. its tyring out. so i 'lll try to rest agian. I hope you have had some better news. I have thinking the whole day of you;-D
About your lauthing i know , its a kind of game of trying it again and again to do such si mple things.LOL i have the same, thats why i work on the flour.LOL
And i don't feel anything with my hands , very handy when you must pick out a piece out a pan which is on the fire. and ironizing your fingers. it doesnt' hurt.LOL I have most at the time when i'm working with sharp materials blood on my projects.very beautifull when you like horrors.LOL
Ohhh poor Wolfje she tought a hotgun was a toy i was using him and she give a beng on it and her paw was full of hot glue, put not to ugly, it was almost over, the most of it was in her fur. Happily. ;-D
Hey have a nice evening, lots of gentle hugs and kisses.
Samantha Christine
Samantha Christine · Morrilton, Arkansas, US
your welcome! such a cute idea!
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
hey hon, I am back and forth. My new venture is keeping me busy and I am watching cheesy horror flicks right now. and yes your mad hatter head band is amazing
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dearest friend;-D
woooow sounds great and awesome, i love them, and i've you can use them woooow great idea, They look always very pretty, i like old stuff. and to recycle them or use it anyhow is the best part of it.
No my eye is still a big problem, i'm feeling sick of the headages, dizziness, nausea and crossed eyes loking, i'm not much fun at the moment i'm still trying to do something, but after two minutes its begomes worse, so ...=S
I'm playing for Wolfje a toy game, i must trow her fave toy away and she runs after it and bring it back. and again over, and over.
I don't like it, but she is thinking that it is my duty.LOL
I've i don't she jumpeds at Muis, and bits her a lot, Muis isn't glad with her friend, so i must take care of her too.
The angel is becoming better, softer and heavenly coloured and i think i most do a tiny bit more and then i finaly can glued the inside and make him ready for taking pictures.
Things which were all right had to changes too of colour, thats always the wore thing to do. but its almost done, so i must not act like an grumpy old lady.LOL
I will call my md, my own is working tomorrow so i think she know the improtency to give more medicale care, I''ve had contact with Gerard and he was worried too, i had to take contact with him because of Karin, she always comes on monday, and again i must call her of.=S
But Gerard told me, she understand it, he too.
I' ll like to make things at the moment, i have bought a lot of plastic froggys
I'm thinking of a necklage with frogs with crowns on their heads to make.LOL
Like my Mice necklace. ;-D
But i must wait and having rest and and try to behave like and elderly.LOL
But its not the best job for me to do.LOL
Its not pretty weather, its clowded and cold, without the sun.=S
I hope you are having much better wether. I'm listening to music thats great too. Gerard mailed me about Fixkers, but i have to old mac programme, so i can't hear it.=S but the dear friend make a cd for me.So lovely .
I have made a chenille necklace, but i must make some more pictures of it.
I love chenille, its so lovely bright colourd and soft looking, When i was a child i love chenille too, but... my mom founded so vulgar looking, so when i'm using all those things which she founds it was bad and vulgar i love it and it always make me smile. LOL
I hope you have a fine day, rest a little, tomorrow you have a heavy day, i will think of you and hope they can help you.
Or give good advice, I'm glad that you have an accopation therapist at work, but there is a big differends of them, the first time i had one , i had to learn again all the things i had allready learn on the domestic science school.LOL
I told that every time, i had to learn other things so i could finishing my art study, but she couldn't
Years later i found a great one in the rehabilitation center, that was awesome, i learned much trics too for the computer and things that i needed in my work or later on could used.
And of course keep in mind you must adjust to the whole thing. That take a lot of time, be patienced with your self and be gentle and kind towards your self.
I'm seeing a lot of bad words when i can't do the things in the beginning of a project which i could do before easely, but it helps me too, the inconvenience is then less later on. I must eveytime adjust to it, but the anger is going away.
When i was a starter with all the problems i had a compagnion with pain too, it helped me a lot to talk about all the issues of pain and finding a lot of solutions togehter, she was a strong lady too. After i while we didn't needed it anymore so , that was okay too.
I tell you about it, because people always thinks that things go very fast over, and give you to less time to adjust to the new situation, over and over in my case. So i write now about it with Gerard, he will come on friday to me, i will asked him to read all the importend letters. LOL but its always fun and cozy when he is around me.;-D
hey i don't have much to tell, but i give you all my love and sending you great nice thoughts and better soons, and gentle hugs.LOL and of course kisses,
Hey i loved the scateboard story of yours too. LOL
I saw on internet some with cuhsions on it, of leather. wooow mine is hard and isn't comfortable, so mayby later on i make something like that too.
Mayby from mexican oilcloth.LOL
hey much succes with the md appointments!!!! and again much normal XO's ;-D
*Witchy Rachie*
*Witchy Rachie* · Holon, IL · 70 projects
thank you and thank you! i had a feeling you might respond to it. Happy

happyliltoaster · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
thanks for remembering Happy pretty well i think! i just have to ship it out in a couple of days!
Amaya K.
Amaya K.
lol Thanks you the messages
I love your projects!(if you can't tell by all the favs XD)
Pandora C.
Pandora C. · Norwich, England, GB · 12 projects
Thanks for the welcome message. And the compliment. I'm still looking around the place at the moment, but I hope to be a bit more active soon. And on the subject of glasses:

My Doggie Don't Wear Glasses by John Hegley

My doggie don't wear glasses
So they're lying when they say
A dog looks like its owner
Aren't they?

*Witchy Rachie*
*Witchy Rachie* · Holon, IL · 70 projects
haha! it just means we are storytellers. ;)

i havent made a how-to yet, but i keep thinking about it. maybe i will with what im making at the moment.... Happy
*Witchy Rachie*
*Witchy Rachie* · Holon, IL · 70 projects
no problem! i love it. i only have one corset these days, and its not even a real one--the "boning" is plastic. -.- i used to have another one that was part of one of my ballet tutus--not a real corset, but it was part of a professional costume, so it was still nice. ;) idk why i left it in the states....

anyway, short story long, i love your corset! maybe someday ill make one.... or pay you to make one for me? ;) who knows?

have a blessed day. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow awesome , congretualtions again, they are soooo right to featured it!!
Very pretty and cool, mayby in all the bad things it makes you smiling a bit?
I hope so!!! Sounds bad, i don't believe in praying, but sending you a lot of comfort thoughts, and other kind thoughts. Some friends were telling me that they praying for me, but because of my history as a child i can't believe in those things anymore, more zen boedistisch.
I have the from C4 till C8 all the problems , all the in between vertebra are dissapeared and the left over are towards my spinal, so... the spinal is very small and the worse at C4 so i know about your pain.
I only can tell you , you can learn to live with pain a pretty good life too, only its hard work everyday and its an other live then the healthy people has.
And yes thats the tyring out problem too by me. I always forget i have headages and other pain because i 'm able to think the pain away, its like toothpain. its there but ... not on the surface.;-D
Its a mental trick of my childhood, that was neasty and i did the same to survive. but thats not okay, i know, i have more help from to go with all my attention to the pain and take it of, of make it weaker and more bearable.
My eye is a problem still, its because of my neck damaging last week.
Shit, but... i have to deal with it, i hope its getting better, but i must weare still my wrong glasses because i couldn't see with my right eye.LOL
Silly, and i'm trying to work with it, its tyring but mayby an half hour is okay too. i must do something, because of my jumping mind.
Its back.LOL One of my care people said to me, sounds boring jet, not like you at all, please go jumping.Lol Its feeling much better and i can handle more sounds and other things so i willl try to do more fun things;-D
Oh, you must ask i've you may go to an occupation therapist, there is soo much of tricks thats works great and make you real happpy, thats why i'm still able to work on my art. I don't know i've you like this advice so please say stop don't do that, but it took myself a very long time to fix all those things out on my own,
so thats why i'm telling you this, but, i know its your process and it takes a lot of time to accept this and go on , so please tell me , stop or aske me things, i know you're commen witht the medical care proffesionally but its differend i've its yourself, so thats why.
I will give you all my love and a lot of comfert and i still hope you will be better soon, some its going better, but you must be mentally strong and tought, not to tought!!!!! Please be nice and gentle and give yourself a lot of compliments that you are still a lovely kind humourist girl!!
think of its only your body part not the whole you. Thats helping me, i'm still Jet only i'm more Jet then before!Because i 'll always must be strong and keep paying attentions of my borders which i want and which is better for my body, and sometimes i go all over them to have some fun , i know that it cost more time to recover but i have had a great fun time, and the feeling of i did it and it was awesome.
I hear of karin the same storys so i think that normal.LOL
I'm still working on my angelpiggy, i saw he was to heavy blue, not heavenly.LOL
so i try to make it lighter of colour but now i must change all those things.=S
But he becomes sweet and softer , you know it, it was when i was painting him a rough time for me. n ow its going better.
My head is jumpy i will do to much, yesterday i had to go to my md, and thats why i didn't go to the town, its n ow to crowdy to ride on the mass of people , or i must be slow driving and take all the time, i can't so i mustn't go now.
I found a one euro shop with a lot of animal toys, i have bought to much.LOL
Poor Karin, i thought only at the cashdesk.LOL
but its fun , i will make many cheap necklaces and other jewels, not like you with gems, and silver, but this is good too.
I eat a lot of children dessert for the hidden toys.LOl they are sooo lovely i think of using them in the rememberance closet of Jeroen.
I must do something, some time ago i drived with Karin in his neigbourhood and i told her, her is Jeroen living, =S
so thats why i must do this, so he will get like john a place in my heart.
the trip to the center must be waiting for later, that okay i have a nice trip later on. ;-D
So i'm proud of you about your good craftings projects and all you humourist projects too, don't forget it. I must try to order my chaotic household, Karin will come next monday, and its very bad at the moment, i have told her that, but she said oh i'm used by that , and i said nooooo its worse, so i hope she don't jump out of her head.LOL
Its because of the walking in closet all those things are still not moved backwards, so its very small driving roads in my house, but i'm always works on the ground with my skateboard, thats a great thing, when people see the board they must laught about it, but i'm very handy with it, and can't jump like the boys, but i can move quickly , not least xmas but the smas before that, i hadn't a driveable wheelchair and i had a flu and i had to go on my bottem to the wc and all those other things, it was heavy sport time.LOL
gerard must laught too about it, at that time, i'm not, but after , it was good that i was sick so i had to spend a long time on the couch and my bed.
I love my couch its my fave place at home. I think of many friends of my too.
So take good care and see your resting time at home like a sort of vacation time for your self, think about what you can read or watch or ....
I hope you able to go online, so i can send you a lot of better soons again.
Okay , i must do other things too, so again send you tons of love much comfort and nice gentle hugs with thousend more kisses and strokes for you furry friends;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hoi again, do you know your on the top ten list, on the fourth place!!!!!
wooow awesome , congratulations, you really did it girl!!!
i hope it make you happy and smiling;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning, and of course a goodday.;-D
yeap he/she did keep me bussy, i don't go out this day with Karin, but thats better, My head becomes better everyday, uhhhm a little bit boring but with keeping in my mind that i'm on vacation it will do.
I think its better to make him okay so it will be finished not today but later on. But there are much things todo allready, i 've been called in the center of my town a shop had orderd some tiny deers and i must go their to pick them up. And i want to look to miniature grass and trees. Their is a model railway train shop , i think they sell those things.
Okay i can make them too of glay but thats not the same, I don't like that look it must be much softer look like. And mayby later on i can use it for my artwork too. I' have an idea, for an altar to make for Jeroen, so thats way i want the special look.
Today i can't work my right eye don't work to best, its because of the damage in my neck, i think on C4 its allmost broken the spinal kanal, so, yesterday i thought o, o i can only see with the wrong glasses on, not with my better glasses, i think its because of eye migraine, only in my right eye, silly.
I can only wait but i don't want to wait.LOL
so its a sort of solution to go out for shopping, i just my eyes in a differend way, then when i want to work. /and i can look for my mexican oilcloth for the new big wheelchair, i hope i found a nice hurrable bright piece of it.LOL
Hey have a nice day and a very fun great weekend, take care of your self , P/s my cats love you for all those hugs , they like them a lot!!!LOL
to your fure compagnions many too and for you more XO's and all my love.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey Sheila, i understand finaly what you were talking about of the featured project, i saw on a comment on the birdcage about it, and thought huuuh?
so i have two projects.I'm sooooooo happy, and i saw just right now your madhad is featurerd too. Congretualations!!!!
I'm proud of both of us.LOL Hey have a great fine evening.!!! much love and more XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmoring dear;-D thats better, smart to have a double appointment so they can organised the care you need. And good job of yours!!! I have learned that when you become health problems you must stand up for yourself, you did it. ;-D
I hope they can work it out with you for a sort of solution. Yess thanks i was very pleased only i didn't know what it means, its seams something special, Gerard didn't understand it either.LOL I'm stilll working on the angelpig, the wings become on the backside white, its always a strugle to make things finished. I had that problem when i was studing on the art academy, we had a big loom to make your own weaving creations on the meter, it must be something artistic with all kinds of stranges self maded yarn,;-D
I didn't like it because you didn't see the whole thing , only at the end and then it was done. so i was always waiting for weeks. My teacher reconized it too.LOL I was more a free loom weaver, i read years later an article of her and knew she was talking about me.LOL She told that there was technical studends and more the drawers that where more free , i was one the last one.;-D But she admired that. Only in the class when i draw my sketches and let see her the idea, she always asked how do you want to make it, you must think more technical, i have learned a lot of her.
But i must not to work on it too long, but every time Gerard comes and i watch his looks i think ooooh its not good, but he don't say what he don't like about it. LOL So its still my struggle, but the wings on the back side white is more what it must be.
I will try this day to fix the inside. but painting and glueing isn't smart to do.LOL
I must be patiantce.LOL
Hey must gentle hugs again and i hope you will have a better day;-D
and of course much love of me for you;-D
Hissyfits ///_^
Hissyfits ///_^ · Mechelen, Flanders, BE · 31 projects
You're welcome, good work deserves the credit Happy
Maribug · Port of Spain, Port of Spain, TT · 35 projects
no problem...its awesomesauce Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmoring girl,;-D i will keep my fingers cross, but i've you don't find it feel good tell them to stop. You are the only one who knows how your body is working.! take care of your self, i must call of all my appointments for to day, but its too early.
I think it will be again a beautiful day., i think because of my vacation.LOL
Have a fun lovely day with less pain,;-D gentle hugs with kissen ;-D
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
haha, cheers me ol mucker
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dearest friend. its a wonderful springday, i have set open the balcony door, and Wolfje likes it outside, its very interesting she thinks , but she must keep an eye on me too.LOL she wants to have her food.
So she can't choose.LOL
I have made both parts for the inside on the sewing machine i must now add it in the inside, i have given all the plants a lot of water.
They drenked in it.LOL
Poor downside neighbour, she always complains about me, and my plants, i'm the only one who has plants on the balcony so she must be crumpy on me.
Sad woman. but.... i behold my plants.LOL
your sleep well has worked! i sleep for almost 4 hours, thats very long for me.
And i like my vacation a lot, i only must letting know that i don't go to therapy. and do some other tinny things like to run after a bill for the bigwheelchair, and had to call the md for the pain he had subscibed a wrong med i uses morphine but less higher dosis, they promised me to fax an other to me, very nice. But they are very nice and kind people.
Hey hope you had a great day too. send you tons of gentle hugs for the pain, i've you want i can give you more advice to learn to live your life with pain.
Let me know, hey have a great fun evening, much greetings
Alyssa R.
Alyssa R. · Buffalo, New York, US · 41 projects
You rock! Thanks!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow i'm proud of you, its hard, i know it.LOL to be a quiet person.
but i have managed this too.LOL
I felt a sleep on the couch without waching tele. I'm always fel a sleep when the televion is on.LOL i tryed the read but i didn't read any page.LOL
after that i promised my self to sew my recycle bags, but i had not enough material so it stucked again, i will began tomorrow to sew the inside of the angelpiggy bag. I hope that i do it....
but having this vacation is fun, i don't mail Gerard and other persons. only Karin, but she had sent me a letter with all kind of questions, but she i my friend so thats differend.
I'm falling almost to sleep again, so sleep tight and well and many sweet beautifull dreams. :-=D much gentle hugs and kisses;-D
Alyssa R.
Alyssa R. · Buffalo, New York, US · 41 projects
Hi, thank you for posting! I posted a reply, but your ideas were very helpful! Thank you for always replying to my topics =)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hI, hi, goodmoring and a good day, you're so sweet and kind to me!
thanks! i hope it will be a better day for you.
I'm having my vacation day today;-D I hope you have a great fun one too.
much hugs and kisses;-D
Nefarity M.
Nefarity M. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
Yup ^-^
And every charm has like a mini background story as to how I got it.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
yeaaah you did girl. He is awesome, so i'm not suprised and the best time because of the movie.!!!! I 'm happy that you've got so much credit of your work, i'm proud on you!;-D
Sounds cool to walk slowly for finding a pretty bench, when i was searching i was a slowlyer driver too.LOL Much slowlyer then i normaly do.LOL
Hey sleep tight for later, we are one hour later then you, so i must make my moove to my bed, beautifull dreams! and i hope you find your branch early in the morning in the quit park with all the birds, sounds inpiring!
much hugs and kisses ;-D
Candy Fairy
Candy Fairy · Nederland, Colorado, US · 3 projects
It really sound amazing! A specially because of there no more police them normal.
I've looked up some pictures, al those people look so beautiful! I don't think a can make an outfit that looks that good, but I'll do my best!
Candy Fairy
Candy Fairy · Nederland, Colorado, US · 3 projects
You're welcome! I really love the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland!
I'm so jealous, I first heard about the Withby Gothic Weekend about 3 years ago, but I have never been there, but I definitely will one day! What is I like? Can you tell something about it?
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
how strange that the keyboard don't like hot tea.LOL You must give him/her some education of taste.LOL
that allways can happen , good idea to go back to the md, i had the same problem in the beginning but they did something wrong by me, and after i had visited the md he told me to stopt, i'm much better in haptonomie, me and excercizes isn't too good, i always forget to do them, and when i go they are telling me ooooh you have trained very good, and i only think oh so i don't have to do anything to be okay.LOL
and after the appointment they are given you more to do, that don't work either. LOL
my md knows my problems so she always tell me to go to the homeopathic, therapist much comfortable and nicer.LOL
and its helping me a great deal, i have learned there more about myself then all those silly excersizes. You learn to go with your thoughts towards the pain and so you can better stand the pain, sounds stranges but its true.
I always do this trick to stand the worsted pain, so mayby its something for you too. You're too a jumping girl.LOL
and jumping people has to be handling wich more care, do you think too?!!!
No i'm not scared, only this night, and i only thought ohhhh nobody will believe me, its again too soon, i h ave seen a month ago in front of the children hospital a shoting down, and then nobody believed it either.
My little sis said only jet you must move, but mayby its the same there too.
Only its a better town, all the right wellknown amsterdamer go to this city.
Only i'm not richts, i'm well known because i'm differend.LOL
You're right typping with one hand isn't fun, a little story, to cheer you up. Jeroen had a spinal damaging very high so he couldn't write at all.
Once he was without a job and had to fill every week some paper, he called and asked to do this digital, but no that was inpossible he had write it by hand, and else he must asked his neighbours.
Jeroen thought i'm behaving like Jet for the solution, so he write the paper by hand, and he was called why he write it onreadeable, so he told her that he couldn't write because of his high spinal problems and she told him, huuuh you're not out of a job you're sick, and he answered her calmly no i'm not sick i'm without a job, nooo she said your sick you have a broken spinal, yes he said i have but at the moment i don't have a job, i'm not sick.
we had laughted a lot about this, so , mayby you can find a other way to typpe your letters.LOL
John didn't write at all, we only draw pictures towards eich other, so after two years we had maked a comic. LOL
mayby it makes you smile, have a nice vacation, please take care of your self, but you will i know.;-D much gentle hugs and kisses to from my ladys.;-D
PaigePancake! ?.
PaigePancake! ?. · Broadus, Montana, US
really hes so cute im even looking for things around the house to see if i can try to make one like him
Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
Haha I'm sure I'd survive =P although I'm not really gothy, more punk than anything else, I suppose.
Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
Mm I'm thinking about that, now I'm local.
Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
Aaw that's awesome =) I went when in 2005 when I was 13, then in 2006, then 2007 I went for one day, and 2008 went for the weekend again, but last year I went to Glastonbury instead. This year I'm working at Download and got tickets for Sonisphere. You headed anywhere?
jonesy · Cheshunt, England, GB · 58 projects
cheers for the fav Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
oh one thing more, ask after some resting time to get some physiotherapy to stenght your musculars , thats helping too;-D
much more love and hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL sounds like pjees weekends like me. i have those problems too, so i choose to weare them only, its not a right choice because of the problems but i've you make it a choice is more comfortable. i always be glad at the end of the day that i don't change of cloths.LOL
Its feeling like vacation or a holiday, no i'm still having a jumping stormy weather head , so i'm cleaning my kitchen.LOL
but thats okay too, but not in a rusch a elderly tempo. I'm acting like a 90th years old person, LOL
Give your cats a stroke, and please be gentle to yourself, i'm trying too;-D
My cats are walking over the typingboard=S so its very hard to type.
he have a great relaxing week, with much things that you love. i will think of you and send you all my comfort and hugs (gentle onces for the pain, ) i'm relieved you didn't had problems with my sugestions, i'm always feeling like a parent who is crubling. but i try to help you, sounds lovely a heating sheep, in your neck.LOL and minty is a sweet smell refreshing, like a summner vacation.LOL
okay more, hugs from an other pjee lady far away ;-D kisses and much love;-D
Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
Ooh sounds fun! Yeah unfortunately I'll be stuck in Bristol by then =( could have stayed longer but all my friends are going home in June, and I need to get back before Download and that.
Knittin' Kitten
Knittin' Kitten · Liverpool, England, GB · 32 projects
Thanks for the heads up Sheila but I'm unfortunately not going to be in York from June till September =(
MaybeAViking · 16 projects
No probs. =) I thought it was so cute and creative, I'm planning on making one myself in the near future.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, and goodmorning,
Its here 8 o'clock in the morning, strange this happend this night, at 2 o' clock there was a big fight outside and at 3 i heard shooting of guns, I jumpted out of bed to look of i must call for help, but i saw nothing, i only can see the backside of our flat, not the rest so, ... strange, i hope others have sent for help or ...
Last time i was a witnes of shooting too near the children hospital, and it was schocking too, In my neigbourhood there are shooted down some people.
Two of them were dead, so strange, i know in the VSA its more commen, in Holland you're not allowed to have a gun...
Hey i have an other strange story, of yesterday.
Our forerunner of the choir is always talking to much between the songs, we have told her that many times, she did do it yesterday again.LOL
Our choiremaster begon everytime to play on her arcordion when it was too long, Its didn't work, because she didn't stop, At my lift at home Cindy drive with us to home and she told what she did to stop the frorerunner we had a good laught about it. Its now a resting day, The ladys are calmed down, yours too. I think your right, it was a cat squarrel day.LOL
Its again a boring rainy day here, but thats making it helpfull to be calm and resting.LOL
A tip: resting is mostly a bad boring thing like puniching, so you must think like wooooow its a present i 've got i must celebreathe this. Make your resting place a good place with good books and music your like and tele and magazines you will read or only look to the pictures and think of your vacation dreams. It always helped me. Ohhh and tell everybody its your celebrating time or vacation time, so they can help you to collect you helping materials to gether, and brings some thee and coockies to you and other drinks;-D and food of course.
Mayby other things you like to do, or think about new designs .
I saw that muis is to allergic at the moment, so sad she bite in herselfs to stop the itschy,=S and everywhere is blood now, she has fave spots to do so, she becoming bold again, i give her always meds and cambed het, but ...
I have the same problems, she likes and love me strokes, but not too much because the itshcy comes back, i know her body langues too good to understand what she wants, . Last night i couldn't sleep at all, so i'm still in a flow=S I always have after performings on stages this problem, Gerard has the same, he told me ! All the adreline of being on stage.LOL
It feels good for that moment and after, but please not so long ...LOL
I've thinking i take an vacation this week, from all the carehelpers.LOL
Karin and Gerard don't like this, but they understand it hopefully.;-D
Friday i go with Karin to a art fabric day in Leiden. I have seen many greet artist will come too, so i 'm exciting to go.
Hey i hope the advice helps you, ooh one more, with those nerve pains you can use my heating scarf project, i helps a lot, allways heating will help you.
I've you lived nearby i given you one of mine, but i hope you have a hot waterbottle with some wrapping in it or some other heating thing.
Much gentle hugs for the pain and have a nice and happy vacation time,
Good luck, tons of hugs and kisses with greetings form me and my ladys.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi sheila, i'm back, of course, you're very welcome!
Hey were tough woman.LOL learning to get help is difficult, i know, but i have accepted now just a little. But i'm whitout gratetude. because some helping is commen, but some people disliked that.LOL
So i say thanks but in a way that its not thankfulness. Clever huh!!;-D

We have missed one performance, the first was bad, we hadn't public, and there were some elderly who were eating their food and didn't watch us at all.
Silly , and rude, but ... okay, the next place was in a new part of Utrecht. that part big like Utrecht itself, so ,,,, nobody finds the adresses there.
We too not. We were only driving their and nobody couldn't find it.=S
So we decided that we must go to the third adress to performe.
That was much better we got some food and we give the first great big performance for our audicance. They like it, they sing with us alonge, and they show us that she loved us.
I was glad too. We began to like it as choire too. and of course we had to hurry to the last performance again on the other side of the city.
That was the greatest and best one. So great, and i knew the words the best.LOL
I was a little bit proud on myself. Only i always get arms and elbows on my head, =S but i didn't stop.LOL
At the last performance we sing much songs we were the last group to performe so we could spent more time, they love us.
Only a man came later to me and said =S are you sick and i like your performance because you aren't healty.???=S
I don't like that at all, but okay ...
Now i'm in a flow i know that so i must go rest, i'm going to the couch and i think i will watch some tele. boring so i will falling in sleep.LOL
Today Muis and wolfje don't like each other, hummm=S i must play for buffer zone.LOL the new songs were great too. sounds beautifull only ,boring songs
so give you again much love and hugs for the pain and be nice and kind for your self. and too kisses.and greetings.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
uhhhh so sad that its that problem, please be gentle and kind to your self!!!
I having those problems too , only in both arms and fingers, so i know by myself you must taken this seriously, Please,
I didn't knew that then, so it got worse and worse, and using new my wheelchair because of the spinal problems, its a genetic thing , so thats differend, but ... please listen to your body.
I had to be a crumpy old lady mother i thought , but seriously, its not okay this, i'm sad to hear this, but you're a very strong person and you are able to stand it. You have the homour and thats a great and wonderful thing to be able to stand it.
I know about curlling and cats when you are much quitly.LOL
O h by the way thank s a lot for the fave and your sweet comment
I have yesterday spoken with Gerard that i only do silly things that are nice to do and be calme and resting a lot, its almost agian something better with my head, its always the stress that makes it worse.but i'm a strong person and singing not words only moving my mouth is fun, but i know by now the others doen't now the words too.
I must still picking my cloths for to performe and still sitting in pjees on the screen (LOL to addicted to cok!!!) I was flouvered ( my helicopter project) i saw it yesterday, still flabber gasted and still so happy and glad,
I told Gerard, he didn't understand it, but he was happy for me, i'm still with a mess in my home, =S
we cleaned a to tiny bit in the closet, its a walking closet for storage ,but next week i have promised myself, ;-D
Oh my xray were okay, it was still the same, so i was glad, but they don't know what the problem is, but this is good news
I have chosen the chair which i had tryed out, Its was a scary driving try out,
silly and to big for me so i looked like a little girl.LOL
It was a pleasent view, i think it always make you more disabled looking, when a chair isn't fitting . But its was fun and now i can laught about it.
okay i must go and stop because otherwize i'm to late, LOL
I have had this alltimes when i come to early because of my wheelchair taxi, they come to early to pick me up and i wil come hours to early on my appointment and i allways forget the time and comes too late.LOL
This moment wolfje had stolen my knitting work.LOL she is playing with it, i must take it , but its better for Muis she needs her rest to.
Hey take care of your self, be friendly and nice to yourself, and please let others help you(i have troubles with that still.LOL )
and much comfert and gently hugs for the pain and for resting reading some books and watching video's? and okay.
I will sotp. but much more better soons and give you a thousend tons of hugs and kisses , and all my love and so on.LOL have a nice calme weekend with your lovely furing compaingnons;-=D I'll let you know how the performance were!!! ;-D
happyliltoaster · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
That is an amazing idea! Thanks for all the help Happy
maguiretron · Ireland, Indiana, US
Hey no probs looking forward to giving it a try!! =]
Cecilia M.
Cecilia M. · Oak Park, Illinois, US
Thanks! I'm hoping to get back into sewing this summer! ^_^ the "gathered bustle" project is definitely one project I'd love to try my hand at Happy

thanks again for welcoming me to CO+K Happy

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Sheila, what told the md about your broken wing?
I hope good news, i'm send you tons of loving thoughts and hugs for the pain. I'm so happy its almost weekend, I 'm not to well , i have noticed i must rest more=S i'm not great in that.LOL to jumpy.LOL
Gerard noticed it too, but i'm behaving like a not adhd person, everything must be quiet? Strange, but it works better, my cats love me no more, they like to lay on me.:-D
i'm excitited i must performe 4 time tomorrow on stage , i hope it goes well, i don't know the lyrics to well, i have tried to learn them out of head, but=S I always forget some words and make my own insteade, i know the others don't know them well either, embarrasing.LOL
But i think it having a fun time tomorrow, mayby it given me energy.
We are only with 4 soprano's so.... hard work.LOL
Hey i wishe you much better soons and hugs with kisses and a great fun weekend and take care of your self;-D
Sissela E.
Sissela E.
You´re welcome! It´s really cute Happy
Toxic Tea Party
Toxic Tea Party · Olathe, Kansas, US · 14 projects
Awww thats really cool!
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
You're very welcome honey, it's stunning!! Oh dear lol I'm sure the pain and discomfort is worth it though Tongue
Nefarity M.
Nefarity M. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 6 projects
No prob! I love the way you managed to curve the base. Adds a cool spin!
Nightmarequeen · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 12 projects
You're welcome, your projects and drawings are great.
Toxic Tea Party
Toxic Tea Party · Olathe, Kansas, US · 14 projects
That movie was soooooo pretty!
happyliltoaster · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US · 5 projects
Seriously amazing! I completely loved that movie! I'm actually making an Alice themed basket for my friend's birthday, so I might give your how-to a try Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hi, glad I made you smile. Think that's my calling in life to bring a little frivolity. Lol. The quote is one of my own. My poetry book is called 'Walk This Way' the last bit of the quote is because the way I dress ;-D
Beads Unlimited
Beads Unlimited · Brighton, England, GB · 97 projects
Thanks for faving my pearl and chain necklace!

Your quote made me laugh by the way. I used to have an old art teacher who always used to say "Walk this way. If I walk that way i'll get arrested!" It took me back ho ho!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning girl!;-D i hope they can fixed your broken wing, i send you all my goodtoughts. And slow down, thats te problem by all people, its not much funn when people told you to do, but, i think you take allready good care of your self. It took by me to know what was wrong 4 years, so, don't give it up to early. ;-D
My xrays pictures were okay, n oting was changend at the first look, but they told me that they will look better. I hear it from my own md.
And Karin and I had much fun i had bring for her all my fave magazines and she liked it a lot, i was to early back she told me.LOL
They will come to hold up the trying chair, i will have this one, but their must be many changes. After i was back at home the safing wheels were come. I thought only. LOL to late. I was sooooooo tyred out. Of all those changing clothes .They only stood to wach me, i don't like that. When i was stucked on my earring the heart she told ooooo look out. I was flabber gasted, so it took a lot of time to free me by my self, and after had problems with other cloths i had to ask but she didn't do anything.
And i found her rude, but... i only think Jet please play the easyjet. !
Its a joke of Gerard. ;-D but it has two subscribings. so i must asked still what he means by that.LOL
I love the hat , beatiful and so funny and too abaut the comment you write that you leave him at home when you saw the movie. It looks really wonderful to me too. Sounds much better .
Okay i must go on, i wishes you a great day with better news. send you all my good toughts and love and of course kisses and hugs;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
I had a nice calme weekend, only at the end, a friend was come at my house, he was so sad, his girlfriend had told him after 4 years of happynes that she was fallen in love=S He is in big troubles now, i have helped him with listening and make a plan for to day, to call for help. Her youngest sun couldn't stand this, my friend is concerned about him.
And i have bought materials for new idea's for crafts, and tryed out the new wheelchair, i look like a child in the too big wheelchair, it was a little bit scary too, because i didn't have safety wheels, but mayby i looked then more a child!
I like the chair a lot, he has good powers and i must adjust a little more , but i think this is my replacemend.LOL
Today i go with Karin to the hospital, i must go to an other hospital because they have the old xray pictures, and they wouldn't share them with the hospital in my neighbourhood. Silly =S
Its just to be sure, but don't worry, i know already the problems. and they will not do anything.LOL Karin has offered me to drive, she is a sweety.
I love it when she comes, much fun.LOL
Hey i hope you have a good week, and less pain, much better soons and hugs with kisses for that, and more for the commen once;-D

Ps i love your mad matter head, so pretty, how was the movie, i have seen the trailers, soooooo awesome, but i can't go in Utrecht to the movies, i only fit in the m ovies in Amsterdam, they have more wheelchair driveable movie halls. But thats great so i will see my little sis again.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
o, o i did it again. i work my messages email box from the last to the top, and didn't see more of yours.LOL
A well know fact, i see a lot of us does the same.LOL its funny , is it some women thing? I really don't know, i heard of one of my board friends that he always look at the last incoming messages and forget to look at the last onces.
I have asked Gerard how he looked to the mailbox but he told i look first at the most importend onces and then i jump to the last and work to the newest one. but he was agree with me, that did din't work either.
I think i 've getting to much mails , but i like it to much. You know i'm a girl of many words.LOL
i'm doing still better, everyday. Only still tired but .... i have more pain. I'm used to that, and i always forget that thats the problem.
I had to think about what Gerard said yesterday when he was leaving, he told please take some rest and i said yes i will take a luch time. He looked flabber gasted to me, and said no, i try to tell you please take some more time.LOL
So i will do that, i was sitting on the couch my fave place at home and was planning my day. to much to do.=S
but i will try, yesterday i was the whole night reading some books, i'm not a great sleeper, because of my jumping brains.LOL
As a child i had this problem allready. John had sleeping problems too, so it was everytime we sleep together a cozy night.LOL
But everybody thinks that i'm still okay, because of my big smiles and jumping way of life.LOL
I don\t like it when i'm crumpy to others, i makes me sad too.
i must learn lyrics by head, 4 new ones for my performance next week. They are stupid, and hard to learn. Its from the 60ths. To much childhood.LOL
We must sing them with exsorbitantly well mannered dutch langues=S
Thats that time, i know it still, its so neatly and absurd that i only could laught about it. Els is on vacation so we must sit together to talk about we must do to make the song much funnyer.

there is a song about a mail coach and Els thought that we must make some horns, i things its much funnyer to make some slide trombones, and i think too of a bride veils, because the girls want to marring the fellow on the caoch.
silly and stupid, but when we make it funnyer its really funny and much to laught about.!
Okay i go on my work, thanks a lot for the fave of my helicopter, and i saw somebody had made a comment, but i can't see it , i've you the one,thanks too.much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL thats funny;-D i try to think that we must glad with the wrong picture, some of us, didn't have any pict at all, and when you jump to the project page they have pictures. i think the programme is begin to get crazy with all the members.LOL
I will be easy, Gerard told me to behave like an easyjet. LOL
I know the danger, with me first sport chair, i felt backwards too, and damaged my bag. It was so stuppid a lay on the ground in the elefator between Johns and the salesmans feets.LOL
I was trying to show them a trick of mine.=S So John told me to buy those safety wheels. i must not be such a dutch person.LOL
My cat alarm was early this day.=S wolfje is soo good in wake me up, she jumps on my face.;-D and when i put my face on the blankets she begin to make noises like grumbling.LOL Muis is a more silend cat and she has more patience with me. But wolje is still a youngster, and they must try out that no is mayby a yes.LOL
Yesterday, i had to laugh about Gerard, Wolfje jump in the windowsill, Muis was laying there allready. Wolfje jumped on Muis and she begun to bite to send a way muis. And muis became angry and she begun to fight too.
Gerard scouted good girl muis, go on. i like you.
wolje looked suprised to him, huuh why do you support her, i'm much more fun.LOL
Poor Muis, but she stand up for her rights much better, and she comes more time to spend with me more time. she is a lovely kind gentel furry compangion.
I hope you be better today and can make some crafting things. I always looked to your knew projects, but i haven't seen any? only the rice, and i don't like food. so sorry, i don't like to fave them.LOL
Be nice and gentel to your self, and have a great fun day. much hugs too for the pain and of course a lot of kisses.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, goodevening to you too.LOL
I have at the moment a wheelchair to try out, the one i like, Gerard was with me, and like the try him out too. but then i saw there was no safe wheels behind the chairs, i need them, so i must be very carefull with riding. I will go tomorrow try him out on the street. He is to big, for me, but thats always with a try out one.LOL Or i'm to skinny.LOL
Gerard had broken down my workingtable to get more space for all my storished materials. I didn't like it, but he was right. And we had a lot of fun with the breaking down. We always have, we had to do it, because in my big walking closet he must be empty for a workingman for a new heatingwater thing, and they will fix him, he is broken for years. So i'm glad with all those helping hands, i have to many idea's for making curtains, i m thinking of paper too. but water souluble fabric is great too to work with.
I have safed a lot of plastic caps and i think about them too. Poor Karin she don't like my safing things. She always telling me Jet isn't it still enough?
But she is safing too, materials, for her care children, she is crafting with them, i understand why they are fond of her. LOL
I 'm much better already, only still tyred, but ... i think its too of the pain, i have more troubles with my body. =S I told the md too, but he couldn't do anything so we were agree about i don't change my med for that.
He was chocked about my fingers, but i told him i was ajust to it allready. I like that of my brain, i noticed i do a lot thing in a differend way to do the same as before. Great of a mind hUh! I have read a lot of articles at my art study of the brain and after finishing a lot too.
It makes me happy to know that a brain is able to adjust so easy when you want to do so.
To bad, i had maked a beautiful pict as main picture for cok, but this is the seccond time that cok choose a other one. but .... you look still diferend and a lot of us too. LOL i'm adjuste to that too.
Hey have some rest this weekend and a good night, sleep tight and nice beautiful dreams. and much hugs and kisses ;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmorning to you to.;-D
it was a bussy day yesterday but a good one, I have worked on Johns remember closet i have stick the "wallpaper" in the inside of the doors.
Like there were much old layers, my therapist like it too. After that i always talk with my case manager. I like him , he me too.
And we were agree about the importantcy of Gerard. LOL And that i'm going on still better. I can deal much better with my illnes, i can deal with going worse. Thats super okay! I have much effords by Zen . It ends all the suffering.
When i heard from it years agoo, i couldn't understand it, but now, i see its working and it helps me to go on.
today again to bussy, i must go to the hospital for a normal visite , for my struggles about my chronic neuropathic pain.=S But i like the md, and he couldn't do much for me, but its importend to talk about it.
And tomorrow Gerard break down a table in my "workingplace" i don\t work there any more, so i must do a lot of setting things away. Hummm=S
And gather all his materials for tomorrow ready. I'm almost finished the closure of my angelpiggybag. I 'm happy with him very much.
Yesterday i have draw a lot of suggestions and idea's for my curtain project for my new house. I have to many plans.LOL
But i think i must first try out my experiments. Mayby i share them on cok.
now i must stop i must go. Hey have a great fun day with less pain and much hugs and kisses.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow sounds much better!;-D hope you have the same today.
NOw , i'm waiting when he comes, but mayby i can measure things of my old chair. That one become totally red, the bright red!
But the firm were he comes from didn't want to help me, Paulus is a nice fellow, but he don't understand mine bright colour wishes. LOL
i'm going today to creative therapy. I had to do much things before i go.
i have made yesterday some wallpaper desings at the computer, i must print them out. They will comes on the doors inside, a sort of collage.
And then i can fix picts on it of Johns art work and on the other inside door pict of his face. He had many faces. LOL
I went yesterday to the rehoursel of our tear yearking choire, we must performe on stage about a week, there are to few high voices.=S We must go the whole day on differends places, its the day of care.LOL I don't understand that sort special days but its good to performe, i always like it a lot.
One of the memebers has a big car, which is driveable, i can ride with him and our choire leader too. she said o thanks then i'm endly on time!
I thought ;no , no we are always too late too.LOL
It makes us very important.LOL
And we have always the atributes with us too. but now her too.LOL
My sis was a member too, but she is stopted, its better for her,
It will be a hard day for me, so i give you much hugs and kisses ( to bad you didn't make picts=S) but sometimes you make more of them, thats by me always the problems.LOL) hey have a great fun day and take care of your self.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning and of course a good day too.LOL
Hope you will have a better day. greetings and hugs.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hummm to bad! Having pain isn't great, it makes everybody so tired out, and feels not good, give you hugs and kisses for standing the pain!
be gentle to your self, Emile my therapist told always me that, so ... i'm telling you too.
I had a nice day, Karin came and we had make a lot of jokes and fun, and Wolfje was so nice to jump on her leap, wolfje is too young to stay a long time, but she tryed.LOl
sound beautiful, i like black stones too, when i was in Londen for my art study i saw many of them. so beautiful and i love silver and white gold too.
I have only silver jewelry. only rings and earrings.LOL I was glad to know that i knew allready the Jet gem, but only on the name in Dutch.;-D
so thanks a lot of the link you send me, i hope you sleep well and tight, and wake up much better.
I'm stilll tired out, but my head is more calme down. Only i must do it calmly and easy. Gerard mailed me just the words easy jet.LOL Its a game of words.
easy is too a flying company. LOL i know what he means and when i must do ugly or nasty things i always think of easyjet and i'm in a better mood.LOL
Okay i must go to my bed , to rest a while too.
till to morrow and sleep well and much more better soons!;-D and much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again;-D i have looked on the link! woooow so beautifull, i know now the Jet too. But we called it git. I know the story and Jewelry of queen Victoria of my textile history lessons. I like it, it a very strong stone, i like the jewelry on the site too. Mabyby when i have mooved i will save for a ring with Jet.;-D
but thats for later, i understand why you're fond of it, i'm too!LOL
hugs for the pain, take care;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
goodmorning, thanks a lot, i will jump to the link;-D
Afer i will tell you about it.;-D about a hour Karin will come to help me, so i'm a little bit in a hurry, have a great fun day! and XO's.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again ,;-D i have the same when i planned to make something, but i always make so skechts of my ideas i know only what i want to do with that. So its not a problem when i got out in a differend way. My trunk doggy bag had the same , the shape was okay, bit it was the first time to big. I like to think big.LOL So it doesn't work out like i wanted, so , i put the saw in it, and it became half size before i started this project, and i didn't work either, On that time i was working for a half year on it, i became frustrated too.;-D and trow the thing away and started again only this time just on the first steps, and it became much tinyer and much better, i was happy again.
I like those strugles i always learn things from it. so that way i always draw sketches of my own idea's with some tag words.
I have allready cleaned my bathroom, now i must clean myself.LOL
My sis has called me, hummm to many problems, my head it turning over.LOL
so i was glad when she hung up, i love her, i'm fond of her, but i need better times. I found in the paper much pictures of Jeroen, i was glad, but a little sad too. And i have found much more projects for my new home. gladly.
funny that you have the same with your own work.
Like that, Now i have started the knitting i had bought a few time ago new boots, glitter shoes. I was soo glad, the where to heavy glittering.
I saw it on the faces of the other costumers. LOL they look with ugly faces to my new glitters shoes, i only thought i must have them.LOL
Now i'm sure about it, but at home i hadn't the colour socks to wear my new boots.LOL so thats way. and it helps to calm down my head.;-D
Last year i went to my fave museon, i'm for my life friend of it, and there was a art knitting exhibition, woooow a great, much fun.
there was an guide she told us all about the artists and their work. We stood next to a other art work, it was a movie loup, there were men too, and all the men didn't listen to the guide they were only loking to the naked women in the movie. the were loking with their.... LOL i had to laught about it.
After a while she noticed it too, and we had to go along with her, to bad for the men. There was a movie loup too of the calm down effect of knitting , with knitting sounds, but it hang to hight to hear it, my sis told me it was boring. so i had fun too.
At that time i learned again the word avatar, i thought it was a comic movie at that time, but know i knew the word to well.LOL
i asked about it, but nobody give me a good answer. there were great things to see, for my new home i will knit tags for on the balcony's LOL so people can see from far that i live there.LOl
so i hope there is enough space for it. I will make a knit tag on the door too.
That place you want to move sounds lovely and the jet stone too. Ria a cok member told me about the Jet stone too. I didn't know he was black. likes beautifull, i have search on google but i couldn't find it. to bad.
I still love my name, he is like me, strong and bright, and very old. My family name doens't work for me, i have had to many differend family name in my childhood. It was only the big question on which family a member had bring some cloths or other things to a cleaning shop for later on holding it up. I had often asked for it, with 5 family names. It was always the last one of the list.LOL
So when people make mastakes with my family name, i haven't problems with it. I'm used to that.LOL Its a rare name, and i don't have much feelings with that name.
I must go cleaning myself, have a great fun week, and rest too and take care and better soons and much hugs and kisses again.;-D
Jet H.
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Hi again dear Sheila, sounds beautiful the fabric and all the other materials, love the colours of paint you've bought. ;-D LOL about the jumping into people story!;-D
Awefull al the resting time, but pleace be gentil with your self. Okay i sounds like a mom, and i'm not, but i know by myself that its importend to heal!
I like the names of your cat, i didn't know about the secrets that go's with their spirits. Sounds lovely. Things by moon has always strenght. this morning when i opend de curtains i saw the moon still, he was cut of in two.
i had to laught about the pict of it in my thoughts, a small tiny person who tryed to clue him the whole night but it doens't work out.LOL
Mayby time for some drawing, I had a week ago bought some box making systems, Yesterday i had make one of old magazines for to give as gift wrapping, it looks great. My friend liked it. And he liked his wallet too. I had asked Gerard what i had to do, in such short time of making a present, and he told me, why not given him one of your wallets you've made.
And i had bought roses orange, he is an old fashion man, so i told him you never got flowers, so i'm the first one.LOL And he was happy.
But all the manhood were ugly talking about women, i don't like that. so thats why i'm always stand up.LOL
His partner liked it. so we both were standing up, it was the first time that i noticed something about his problems of his youghthood religions, to bad,
Its always suprises me how much damaging others can give that way.=S
So i told him, its just a beautiful pictures of a woman and nothing more.
I hope he can hear it.
His father with his youngest brother were their, thats way the tolk about women so ugly.
He was shocked when i told him about my moving plans, first he was glad, but later he was sad, but i told him you must come to visite me and stay for a while and its near the sea. And he like it a lot more. I loved it that he was sad to go away, but i'm not leaving for good.
But they have a very cold house, and i was getting so cold, that after i was there i had to use a lot of blankets and heating pillows.;-D
Everybody always comlains with the cold in their house. Its a very nice house.
its in the better part of my envirement. I live in a problem neighberhood.LOL
We are adopted by the coverment. thats great because their is much money for culture, but it don't help to be better the envirement. In my neighbourhood all the people are to quickly died. and they all went ill.
Strange.Its proved. But i see all those things too around me.
But thats not what is happened with me, i had bad genes inhired from my dad and mom. LOL

i will work this day again on my angelpiggybag, i like it when he/she is finished. I saw something about it what must change too, it wasn't the right colour, it was to intensitive the colour, i must look for a softer colour.
Strange that after a while you noticed all this things, i thing when i painted him i had a other mood.LOL
And again i must try to clean my house, tomorrow Karin will come. I heard from Gerard that he found my house to chaotic.LOL He don't see that at loud but i hear by the questions he asked.LOL
But he's right, its chaotic at the moment, but i'm too, but much better.
When i must take some rest, and can't work, i always write my idea's down and make drawings of it. mayby its a solution for you too.
I'm knitting socks. LOL i always do that when i'm like this, it keeps me calm and makes it easier to rest, because its so boring repeating.LOL
But i have difficult knitting patterns for the border.LOl
okay i must stop i must do something. its a bright sunnyday here, it makes me smile;-D
Hey have a great fun day and take care of your self, and be nice to yourself;-D
much better soons and for the pain hugs and kisses, greetings and love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, I'm back at my home, it was not so cozy, but when my friends partner came home it was.LOL We were the only younger women in the room so i stand up for her, LOL
And my friend was glad to see me, so it was good for him;-D
My cats does the same, i always tell people i've they have food in their bag to put it behind doors, once a person didn't listen and all my cats had eaten her food,LOL
It was so great, because they trow it out,LOl but i like it. they are no sleeping , i'm going to the couch and i will try to watch tele, yesterday i haven't seen anything, because of the tele its making me tired and i always fell in sleep.:-D
Its my sleeping med.LOL
i will craft tomorrow, i have bought some white nailpolish for my angelpiggybac for the closering. I want to make it white.
I saw yesterday Gerard face of my first solution of my handle and the fixation on the piggy. I thought he don't like it, and later on i thought i don't like it either. LOl I don't have to ask for his oppion, he face is telling me;-D
Karin tells me directly if she finds it okay.
do your cats have family names too. My ex husband had given my first tommy cats their family names, and after that i have given most cats family names too. I think to make name tags for them on the front door in my new home later. oooo i will do so much ,to much planes =S
to much creativity. LOl
I h ope you have bought new great fabrics in leeds.
and having a great fun time.
he have a nice evening. and till next time, much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi again, Yes they do in my homee!!!LOl I have maked a statue of a flying pig he 's hanging in my living room i ride because of my small length there, and everybody hurts his head on him.LOL
Much fun, i always tell them you must make a wide move and you will not hurt your head. LOl but they always forget that.LOL
Much bombs on heads.LOl There was a time Wolfje tought she could sit on him, but she have learned that when she moves she lay down.LOL
I have given her yesterday a family name. she is calling now, miss D'Hond.
translated it is the dog. so like wolfy the dog.LOL she knew allready when i call her that she must come, Muis is her family name is de Bruin. ( the brown.
Because her colour is blue and its looking grey and sometimes brown.
And she loved her family name too. silly cats.
But cats don\t fly.LOl people and birds and piggs can fly.LOl
Hey thanks a lot for your commend and the fave. He is at the moment much nicer, he is painted softly blue and yellow and has cloths on.;-) Its cold in the air.LOL but only underwear. LOl
he much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL hi , and a goodmorning to you!;-D
i always must laught at you, like that. Glad to hear you're doing better. Flying i like that picture, but ... with you broken wing...LOL
A have saw great catbeds just a moment ago on internet, the were make of felt like a bag, but smaller hole in front, so they lay in a hole. and on the top of it there were things on growing of felt, beautiful, last night i saw that Muis like to sleep in a plastic back with fabrics , she couldn't sleep in it, because the bag was too full of fabric, so when i saw something like this, i thought this i my summer project. John has made in my house for all the cats we had, shelves on the whole lifing room and kitchen near to the ceiling and they climb to that with a big rope, they are fond of it.
I will like in my new home something like that too, yesterday we looked to the bigger appartments but Gerard and i where agree that my seccond appartment choise is still the best. I like that still the most, More light, and much better divided rooms and roomyer.
Yes you're right i always get friends with my care people, with Gerard not, we like each other, but we may only have a working relation, with my md its true we are friends. LOl And with Karin i'm friends too,
I'm going better too, i have orderd my new big wheelchair, the yellow one.LOL
Next week i must do some new work for the little one, but i know the steps.
Poor boss of yours but a healthy worker is much better then a sick one.;-D
And you get some more time off. ;-D LOl My sis when she had to go to the hospital for the examination of cancer, she had a big fight with her boss, they told her that she don't was alouwd to go, and that she was wrong.
the following day my sis called her with the message that she had cancer and she had be gone for a year. Her boss told her that she hadn't cancer at all. and that she had make some poor excuse.?
My sis was flabber gasted.
Now she works in a better place, too as a teacher, And she is still going well after all the bad things. I think she is like me, strong and full of power,LOL
Only she has a bigger body.LOl We are the opposite of each other.LOL
I must go this day to one of my friends his birthday party,=S
But i must go, and i will. I like to have a pj's day.LOL

when i was studing on the art academy we had to learn a stupid things of fabric, it was for having a shop and you must learn things which fabric was better to use for that project or for something else, but we learned on the academy the opposite of fabric, silly. so i had learn things that i didn't like, but i like to have my degree of that study. And behalf of the silly fabric use, i have learned much of fabric behaviour and terms of it. so i m glad i have done that.
I do at home still funny grazy things with not commen fabrics. LOl
No i don't have to stay i will care for that, i'm not happy in the hospital, most people know about my issues against it.LOl
And there is in holland very bad situations and care for wheelys. I come every time in a hospital and they can't examinated me, because of the examination table isn't driveable for me.LOl I 'get allways my examinations in my chair=S
And the last time i needed some special care for an neasty examination, but nodbody would give it to me, so i couldn't have the commen examination like others. =S i hear a lot of the same storys like mine.
so... and i have often the problem that i must go to something, and i'm not alouwd to go on better times, because they didn't have the care i need, they told me. then, Jet like to go for the better times.LOL
I always get it done. But they don't think about it before. With Jeroen i was a a big party and we didn't were alouwed to buy our food and drinks, and we were the only persons in a wheelchair that do so later on.LOL
i think they must learn from me and my friends,;-D its often a comical situation. and after we had to laught a lott.
When i will pay in the shop with a paycard i can't see the screen with text. So i asked the person behind the saledesk what the screen said to me, and i always tells that i'm able to read.They don't laught about it, but i do!LOL
Hey have a nice fun lazy day.;-) and many XO's
TrixieRocket · Oxford, England, GB · 2 projects
Thanks Happy
Toxic Tea Party
Toxic Tea Party · Olathe, Kansas, US · 14 projects
Thank you ma'am!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Sheila, goodmoring;-)
wooow i like to read your early in the morning messages.LOl
I hop its getting well the appointment in the hospital, i will cross my fingers and think all the good thoughts for you and send them with a buch of all my love.;-D Mayby it well help you.;-D
About a few hours Gerard comes to me. I happy, it makes me smile. but i always smile, my md had to laught about me too , yesterday, it was what i had allready thought about, i must go to the hospital, but its not to go in a hurry she told me. So Gerard must make the appointment, because when i phone for a appointment i always become in a fight for a better time, and they don't give me that, and after i haven't still make the appointment.
Thats way i don't went to that hopistal anymore, but they have the old pictures and they wouldn't share them with the other hospital. =S
So i must go again to give them a change=S
Its always the same, Gerard has some struggles with his own hospital too , he understand it too well.LOL
And, i will make some of plastic , but not woven, sealing or stiching i have make several things at the academy of those materials, but.... I have the same problem with my furry compangenions=S So perhaps i will work with plastic spoons to make fabric of. I like that too, i have make a lot of plastic eatingtools, when i was studying art quilting, but i was on a other level as my class. Not everybody like that to see things made in a differend way.
But i was the only student that had studied on the art academy.=S?
Some of them appriciate it well, and the teacher too.
We have the same problems with increasing well trained people in holland=S
And the people that need the care, got to small budget to hire better personel=S I need Gerard, but he is expensive for my budget for help, but we have made some solutions, so i can hire him. I 'm lucky for that.;-D
I have bought a lot of trunk for crafting projects, (sheap toys, and others small silly things.LOL So i like what you write to make of all those leaflets projects too. I'm working on my angelpiggybag, i will put the how to of the feathers making of fabric on cok today, i think, but... he likes now much more Jet. More colours and happier and funnier.LOL
i hope you have after your appointment a happy fun time in the cafe.LOl
big hugs and kisses for the pain and for all you as person too.LOL
till next time.xxx
Kasey Kasket
Kasey Kasket · Ormond Beach, Florida, US · 25 projects
Youre welcome! I dont know if Im ever going to have the patience to MAKE the corset but..well see Happy

I do like True Blood though. Second season started to get borderline soap opera but I love blood and sex and REAL vampires... no sparkling over here. Yummy sexy exploding when they hit the sunlight not 18 years old vampires Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Sheila, goodmorning ...i'm doing much better, i hope your broken wing too;-D
I have talked to the salesman of the yellow wheelchair, and they had offered me a new offer, with Gerard i will check out this new option. but thats wonderful, the other little chair i will start next week with action, now i 'm doing my best to stay calm and rest a lot, hummmm so boring.LOL
do you reconize this.LOL Yesterday i had to vote , it was my fist day without a pj.LOL but its importend i always vote, because the struggle of becoming those rights for woman its just so short ago when we become these.
And i may only of myself crumble i've i had vote, otherwize i must be silence.
But i'm not so crumpy.LOl Laughting and smiling keeps is much better but with a creative way they will think too about my issues.
Its at home so chaotic at the moment. i must do something with cleaning, i have tryed this all the week.LOl but , hummmm.
But tomorrow Gerard comes to me and he and Muis and i are allergic, so i always tell Gerard i have vacuum cleaned for you and Muis, he always knows its my big joke, but it works!LOL
I'm must go now, i have an appointment with my md. We are fond of each other, she is a artist too. So we talk always not about health but about our other job. LOL I had to stay one time in the hospitall and the md asked what did your md said to you, and i thought , hmmm i can't tell anything, because Afke had bought only an artwork of me, and by the way she told you must stay in the hospital i make arrangements. Normal people don't understand that. LOl So i told him. she didn't like my health thats way i'm here.;-D
i like it when you can share other things with people of your self, and not only the bad sad things too.
so i like to go to her. I know she can't do nothing much for me, but she must know it , because of the stupid institutions who must decide what i must have of care or tools. The people there are so stupid , i hear it a lot from other who are depending on that too.
so don't worry i'm much better i must only show myself like a modell.LOL for them.
i let you know i've the offer is okay and i can get a tiny step further.
so when its okay, i will jump to the center to buy mexican oilcloth, the bright coloured one. I like that, i had seen too plastic crochet fabric, you could buy it on the meter, i thought thats a smart idea for my new windows. On one side there are people walk outside my windows, and it know it don't work when i have open windows without curtains so, this is mayby a great idea,
or i must make my own fabric, i'm thinking of that a lot too, but.... i must have time for that, Okay must to talk about and much to think.LOL
Hey have a great fun day.and much better soons and hugs and kisses for the pain.
I have put my draft project yesterday on cok. I'm working now on a feather project of fabric raveling.
Okay. this must be it. much love and much hugs
maria s.
maria s. · Greece, New York, US · 42 projects
ohh...thank you so much i didn't see it...thanks for letting me ask for your help...if i have any questions i'll let you know...thanks again
Aries Crimm
Aries Crimm · Austin, Texas, US · 6 projects
Thanks for the favorite, you're the kewlest x3
The AfterCraft
The AfterCraft · Victoria, British Columbia, CA · 59 projects
LMAO!!!! hilarious!

CO + K User

You're very welcome Happy! I loved it too, I was so happy to see they were keeping the old themed and not making him something else.

The AfterCraft
The AfterCraft · Victoria, British Columbia, CA · 59 projects
No I didn't know that!! lol it's also some kinda sex toy!!
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
I usually look like my profile page or the alternative bunches project. The one thats coming up on comments is how I looked for our pagan handfasting ceremony, a bit more mother earth Lol :-D
Käpt´n Toasterkopf
Käpt´n Toasterkopf · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 53 projects
Oh, I know the strange feeling of looking normal ^-^
Two years ago I had a partly shaved head and pretty multicoloured hair (blue, green, pink and orange :3). I felt nearly invisible after letting that look go.
Thank You for the tip! Thou I plan to use lace and make it a sun parasol - I might be re-thinking that again ;)
I'll sure post some pictures when I'm finished ! Happy
Käpt´n Toasterkopf
Käpt´n Toasterkopf · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 53 projects
Hm, hindi sounds like...something I´ve never heared in my life XD And difficult.

Oh, pretty new picture :3
I really loved it and absolutely have to try making one myself some time ! Thank You for posting it Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Oh,o,o thats sounds really creepy.LOL I must make really fast some protection, or are they kind? LOL
Lovely idea, I have a flatscreen so they can't sit on the top.LOl
Mayby thats good enough as protection? LOL
but i like it, XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Goodmorning to you too.LOL
thats wonderfull, i had only make some jokes next to my compliments but i think it great to get comments on your projects, !, its a great protject do you have it still? Hey for you the same you, and again much XO's
and of course all my love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Oh i understand it about the cloths, like them to much allready without seeing them.;-D ooooh thats laughting what you're telling about your dauther, i hope she didn't read it, its i think always the same about clothes and older kids.LOL i hear from Karin those story's of her children too.;-D
Their son had shaved all his hair of, he had awesome long hair, beautiful, so his mom didn't reconized him when he came bold back to house.LOL

about the green man,s let me know i've you could read it know , i will make a sort of version again for you , i heard it from a other member too.=S
Later that evening i could reach no longer my own user profile page, i saw a lot of strange avantars that day.LOl
Hey i hope you have a less painfull week , have fun and lots of rest, i will do the same, i willl think about you , much better soons, and hugs and kisses for that, and the commen of course too.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i like the story of your fat cat. He is lazy of his fatnes i think. So sad, on our country there is on sesame street a picture book about Dikke Dik its a lazy fat red tommycat, he is so awesome, and in a ladys magazine, there is a fat red cat too, i always must laught about that.
tine has made as a present Dikkie Dick so you can see him .LOL
I ike him a lot, so nice of her! But not everybody knew him, its a typical dutch and Belgium thing i suppose.;-D

A few years ago i must go with my furry's to the vet, and there was a dog, i didn't reconized his brand, so i asked for it, He had long hair a tiny dog but he was just so large as long, they told me it was a dash dog!!!!!
He didn't want to walk any more, he was on a dieet and had to go to the vet for his dieet.LOL
I had to laugh but it was really sad for the animal himself. So i love that you give him more excercize, Don't overwork him.LOL
My cats like to much their food too, but Muis don't want to eat with in the same place like Wolfje she is to nervous then, And they 're to smart, they have different food, Muis had a kitney problems so she has her own special food, its no so pretty i know from my oder cats , but.... its for their best.=S
So...when i turnd my wheels to do something in the kitschen the run to each other food and they changes. I know they don't like on each other, but they have the same lengt allready, so after they did their trick i always are to lat.eLOL
Cats are really smart.LOL!!!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow thats great! i like that! i like the style, but is he approuved allready?
i hope soon, I will fave him! I think you are just like me addicted on cok post projects. but with a broken wing i completly understood why you want to do such things.LOL
i 'm still editing the picts of my project, i have made a draft project of recycle materials. LOL And i saw a lot of picts of Wolfje i must editing them too for the breeder of her. With the breeder of Muis i have still a awesome contact, with wolfjes breeders its less, but they told me that they like to see some time pictures of her. She is still growing=S I'm worried , she must not become to big, because i must put her with Muis in one case on my lap to bring them for the usual checkups to their vet.LOL
Thats too why i love those kind of cats. ;-D
i'm cursious when i can see your victorian corset and the the jabot for your daughter, i thinks she love you.;-D
is it like you made for the horse? that was really great, how you made his cloths ! You are a gifted sewer!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi agian, i have noticed it too, everybody has an other avatar suddenly..LOL
Hey i think they like to be us sharp.LOL
or it because we getting bored.LOl
Yes to bad, i dislike it too, but i think that people see all the creativitys not as a real talent and work, its just a tric that you are great and best in.
I had sold a very large statue , for less money , the woman who wanted it, would less pay of it, so i told her that she was lucky for not paying my hours, i had worked on it for ofer a year.=S she had only to buy my materials. so she did understood it, you must explain sometimes why thinks are so expensive.
that helps.
it was a fave statue for me too, but i didn't have much space for it, so she was so happy with it, and that great too.. I make always a differend of people are wellty or not and i've its an rich organization or not.
and i'm lucky because i can't life from my art because i'm not healty enough.:_D so i 'm only glad that i have some money to buy my materials and tools.
i have learned in my study to recycle , so i find a lot of things on the street which i can use. LOL
And i 'm used to be a poor person, so i don't need much.LOl
Yes people find it much importent that you are got a importend job then an artist, so ... i like to be differend, (hummm not allways) ;-)
but i'm glad with my work and it keeps me happy and peaceful so i like it, and how other people things or want to live, its their choice.
but i m lucky i have found on cok a lot of the same like me. that make a great differends.:-D
You 'r e right about my avatar, i always noticed it too when i'm see him.LOL
But i make a lot of grafs too for free as presents, its nice and good too.
but not for all of them. i've they aren't like it, they don't get them any longer, its to much work., but Gerard and Karin like it always, so they get a lot of crafing projects of mine, Karin had have the flying heart for her birthday and she has hung him on her backsack , i like that.;-D
And i have maked a ipod wallet with special costumized paper which i had made for her on it, all her dauthers young friends are like it too. so she asked many times Jet please set it as how to on cok then i can give them a link.LOL
love those things. it makes me smile too.

Hey sounds beautifull you'r fabric, hummmm i can't wait , i'm much too curious, but i will be patienced and i will think about what you can make of it.LOL
take care of your self and much soon betters.;-D
with the much XO;s again and all my love;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Wooow thats sounds great, all the fabric, did i mention you that i will pimp up the big wheelchair with mexican oilcloth, Karin of Gerald told me that great idea, First i like to design ?make my own fabric, i do that a lot, i have learned that on the art academy,but i do it so proffesional that nobody believes that i have make the fabric of my chairs. LOL
Karin have seen a lot in my house allready so she beliefs me. i will call her of i think for tomorrow, but she is on a vacation and will come home lately.=S
I'm very curious of your plans with the new fabric you' ve bought. We have a market of fabrics only on every saterday. i like it a lot, there aren't many fabric shops in this town. They were, but they are all gone, except one, but its sooo small tiny shop=S Not much choice.
Thats great to have good family parents in law. I'm agree some peoples are so wonderful and great that it is awesome to know them so closely.!
i must still clean.=S it doesn't work out alll my plans for to day.

Hey Lol that you do the same, i work in the large sizes too on the ground and i had asked for a much better wheelchair that good lift me to the ground and again in the chair, but the organisation found that to expensive and i had to learn to work on a table.LOL I had try that i've you are a artist it's not the best place, but my art work they told me was just a hobby.LOL
Creazy people, so i told the local counsil that it was a silly solution, because i had done a whole study of it, and i had work in the museon, so i wasn't a amator with a hobby. but everybody in my country which dealing with this organisation has the same issues. =S
With Jeroen i had a lot of joke on that too. At his front door there was a bike, a tough one, Jeroen had a high leasy so he only could use his arms a little bit.
And i asked him, wooow is that yours? He said : ssst sillent please, yes but don\t tell the indication organisation about it.LOL
He had heard on that moment that our organisation was a hobby too.LOL
so they didn't give him permission for a new car. So,,,, i'm not the only one which' s dealing with this silly stuppid madness.
I have learned to work on the ground on my school time, i seat on a montessori school. And it was commen to work on a tiny carpet on the classroom floor. or did i tell you that before,
My cats aren't calm, wolfje is still a kitten and she doens't understand it that i haven't a thick furr so she must told that everytime.
Mouse is much calmer, but they love my art work to well=S :pecially my big projects with felt. i'm not fond with that. but they are cats, and they love felt and woollen fabrics and yarn. so i must learn to deal with that.
My fist birmees a brown one like it a lot too, i was at that moment just begon with my study on the art academy, when i had to weave at home we struggeld a lot which yarn i was using or she, I think she had a great new home become.LOL she was a lovely cat she was kind and love all the children on my floor and like to play with everybody, but she could be crumpy too, when i was searching for a new birmees and saw Indys breeder i asked her how is her caracter, and Joke understand the cumpy thing, they had a brown america,n birmees too with the same crumpy thing.LOL
She was the first that was agree about it, all the others denied those things, but everybody has some bad things so why not mentioning that? but i still fond of my furry compagnions, they are trying to type too on the computer i think they will have some food, but they must wait , because they are now on proportions, and i've i given them to much they aren't and thats not healty.;-D
hummm , i always forget what i have shared allready.LOL
I have seen plastic "crochet' fabric on the meter, i like that to uses them as curtains for my new house. Or i must make things like that my self, but not crochet material for real, i think on other materials.
i'm still exciting about all the great news.
hey much much kisses for the pain, i have always 24 hours pain, so i know what pains does to somebody. I'm thinking of you!
send again all my love and better soons and much love and again much XO's
almost boring.LOL
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOl oh thats why, you look on this avatar too cool to my;-D
but the others which i knew of you, its too great.
Oh thanks for telling me, i had some problems too, but i know on other site i have more problems, so ... i'm with those one on cok okay so far.
tom is still testing.LOL
I have finished my project just, i'm downloading the picts on my computer, i had try to make drawings on it, but it wasn't great so i have cleaned them off.LOL
this is better, it more one colour and bright and i will use him in my home, so he must be not to jumpy, thats my duty i think.LOL
My sis and I went year ago to the pictures, it was a winnie the pooh moovie. Its was too childest, =S but i like the drawings , so i told my sis which carachter was one of hour family persons, so we had so much fun, all the kiddo didn't understand were we laughted about, they didn't like that version either to much.LOL
so avatars and pictures are much telling others something about the person too. I have draw mine years ago, i had to draw myself for a therapy sescion, i was sitting in my wheelchair for the first time, i never had draw myself in that before, it was a meajor step, but the therapist wasn't ready for that, she disliked it and i had to draw myself again. I did, but i wasn't agree with her.
I disliked her a lot, she me too.LOL
When i draw my self i had my first sport chair, awesome a orange red one of course.LOL
Later when i had to draw a comic of Pleun i hadn't much time, so my avatar became Pleun ,