My name is Brittney King. I am 25. I am happily married to my hubby of almost 5 years. I am artistic and creative and highly organizational. I don't have children yet, that comes later when my husband and I are completely settled down and financially stable enough to care for children, and once I have had the chance to grow up a little. I prefer to be at home more often than being out and about, but I like going out with friends as well. When it comes to my marriage, I guess you could somewhat call me old fashioned, since I feel it is my place to be the one cooking and cleaning and such while my husband goes out and earns the income. (But it's okay, because that's the way he feels as well. Happy) But I'm more "modern" with everything else. I have an open mind. I try to surround myself with positive energy and create a positive atmosphere, as I have a very low tolerance to stress of any kind. But when there's something I really want to do, when it's my passion, there is nothing that can stop me. Happy When it comes to religion, I like to stay quite so I don't cause problems with other people as I've seen happen so many times. Religion is a set of personal beliefs and morals and a way of life, not something that everyone must do exactly the same as everyone else... that's just silly. But I am Christian and strongly in love with The Holy Trinity (The Father/Creator, The Son, And the Holy Spirit). I am saved, but that doesn't mean I don't sin. That just means that even though I sin, Jesus and his Father forgive me when I apologize, and that because I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, I am saved from hell fire and I will live with Jesus in paradise forever. Happy Just because I am Christian, doesn't mean I will shove it down anyone's throat or try to "save" anyone. That is a choice each person must make on their own. It just means that I live my life trying to do good for other people. That's all. Happy But anyway, back to other stuff... I am just a fun-loving, caring, artistic person... and in that way, I am a hippie! Happy Peace!

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