No DRAMA, please! I have enough of my own to deal with, and don't need to add your drama to it!

My children are the most important thing in the world to me.

I thank God every day for my wonderful fiance' Joe, who fills my heart with so much love, that I feel as if I glow. Happy

I love to ride my motorcycle.

I like to go fishing and camping with my kids.

I collect tattoo flash, and just about anything to do with tattoos, and the art of tattooing.

I also collect oriental things (even tattoos). I mostly collect all types of oriental weapons, antique kimonos, furniture, and other decorative objects.

I own a very large collection of personally autographed books and other promotional items thanks to my days as a professional editor and book reviewer.

I currently have several dozen books (from erotic vampire stories to children's stories) that are works-in-progress (when I get the time).

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