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Elviraax · 5 projects
WOW MY DAD IS FROM HUNGARY! anyway, thanx for faving my cushion cover Happy
violetta · Temerin, Vojvodina, RS · 208 projects
Boldog szülinapot! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, yes that right.LOL about the avatar, but in the beginning it was not her.LOL It was only me, I had to draw my self as homework and i maked me like i was a cartoon , and the therapist don't like it.LOL
so i had to do it over again-S and i made it with more lines so it looked like a sketsh but it was the same. LOL
and she was glad by that. Stupid, but okay sometime you must fool others.LOL
A time after that someone asked me to draw their comics and i had to find very fast a new cartoon figure, and i thought hum i can use myself, but with an other name.
so it set most people on the wrong thoughts.LOl i like that.LOL
In those storys its not me just ...LOL
my avatar is just me. I 'm to thin and weare always a big heart as earring and red and orange colours of cloths. because my old chairs are red. but thats a too long story for now.
awesome the lazy days on school , i liked them too.
you learn your teachers in a differend way. When i met Gerard he had an other position then now and he was behaving nice and kind but not so freely as when he becane in the last postition at my home. I know now the whole family.LOL
and i've he don't tell the family storys i hear them from Karin his wife. LOL
sometimes its difficult but we all managing to be good friends.
so i whish you a lot fun on those four lazy day at school;-D
much love , greetings and XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi my dear friend;-D
hummm sounds very interesting that place.
No i've never been to your country. to bad. but... i learn a lot from you.LOL
A friend of mine her partner her friend comes from your country so i hear from her and on picts they have made too a lot.;-D

I had allready an almost broken neck, thats why i'm a wheelie.:_D
thats okay i'm just to that. Only they must ride. thats an other problem I have two wheelchairs, one for in home, my little chair and a big elektric one. for long distance and outside, my house isn't driveable for the big one.
but the small one is now for a year broken and i have to need urgently a replacement, but that will take some more time.
all things are going wrong, they had lost my in a computer and so on and so on.
so i try to be brave and a nice patiend girl.-D
but sometimes i'm sooooo furious. but it don't help me.

In March i had got my seccond whiplash and in May the third and its going very bad, and worse i don't can't ride outside or travel so the last time when it happend again , about 14 days i had to take all the strong meds, and i don't like that, so i had called my md and told her about the stupid neurologic md and they called each other and my neurologic said sorry she must make some xrays and tomorrow i will heard the news
it doens't help because i know he can't help me, i'm agree on that, but i know then whats wrong. and adjust to this situation better, i'm still hopeing now for a mirrical but that not happening.LOL
so ... thats why my friends and care people are so worryied about me at the moment. My too.
but i try to go on like before only doing less things then before because the damaging isn't gone.
I know this because of earlyer times. -S
but i'm strong and must do it with what i can and use my creativity to sort out new solutions.
I'm used to that.;-D
But thanks for your best wishes. I like that.;-D
About my home page its my own all kind of work is on there, not the new work . only old work. to bad, but i have problems there, i can't move my allready working website to the hosting site.
but you can take a look, ooo, its all in dutch , because all the things on there are published in dutch magazines.LOL
Underneat my avatar, you see a link personal site, when you click on it you jump to it.
about the picts i don't have make one yet , if i have i send you the link;-D
Much more fun and sunshine and and lazy days. and ... all kind of good things and love and greetings and much hugs and kisses;-D

Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood · Lake Elsinore, California, US · 108 projects
Hello my friend,
I took the picture at Pixie Hollow
at Disneyland, California!
violetta · Temerin, Vojvodina, RS · 208 projects
Semmi baj!Remélem nem gond,csak beugrott mintha láttam volna valahol...Üdv! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi my dear friend, thats awesome that you have found it and thought of it to send it to me.
soooooo sweet and kind of you. I liked the other paterns too.
but tooo less time. i'm with other projects still busy, LOL
I'm making of milklids a curtain for my new to be appartment.LOL
I thought about that a long time ago and yesterday nicht suddenly i know how i must make it. But i have promised Sheila a lot of them too, so i have make a dicision of not using them all.LOL
I had bought a year ago or tow years a kind of tool and i didn't do nothing with it, but suddenly i thougt i know to use it.
I can't upload anything on cok because the other cumputer don't work anymore-S
but mayby i can set it on my own homepage and send you a link.
I only make now small parts because i don't know the measures of my windows.LOL I can make them later finishing in a large piece.
i think its rocking.LOL
But how is your vacation? and did you have nice weather too. Not now i think because outside my window it looks sad the weather.LOL Hey i'm a little bit in a hurry because Karin my friend comes to visite me because i'm still not beter, they have finally make some xray of my neck and on thursday i will got the results
so i'm a brave patiend girl.LOL
hey hope you have still an awesome great fun weekend.;-D
much love, greetings and hugs with kisses;-D
Leo R.
Leo R. · Thurso, Scotland, GB · 14 projects
Thank you for the fav on my voodoo doll pin cushion! Happy
manabunga · Vientiane, Vientiane Prefecture, LA · 7 projects
thank you so much!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, thanks for asking, i had written the wrong letter.
so sorry. i mean not wize but wise. thats an like clever smart but more it is about life lessons . but mayby imake it know more difficult , if you don't understand it keep it by smart , clever.
ooooh other langueses are some time sooo hard. but i love it that you asked about it. I can make mistakes LOL and i don;t want to hurt an other. so thanks.
Hey have a nice evening i must go to my couch too to rest a while.
much love and greetings and hugs and kisses.;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, hi,
your grandmother is a wize person. I does the same when i'm learning a new trick with a machine.
but i have learned from my art academy teachers that its very dangerous when you don't use your concentration at those machines.
So work an half hour, set the alarm, when it rang think how concentration you still have or do something in between.
Yes i will warn you. first there will come a tute with the others figures. and then the stand. I must work on two computers to upload so it doens't go to fast.LOL
be gentle to your self when you learn such a new machine, its not only to use the machine how its works but too of how you must sew. so its a lot at the same time!!!
take your time, he don't walk away.LOL
My neighbours told me the same when i had to learn how to ride in a wheelchair, i didn't had the mussles at that time, so it was soooo heavy , they told me every time they saw me wrestle with the chair to drive on the street, Jet little kids has to difficultys too with learn to walk it cost you some time too. that was helping me.
I' m now used to that and is a normal thing for me , i always forget that when a person like to try in one of my chairs. I have two of them.LOL
Hey i love your carnation sooooo beautiful and simple woooow well done.Hey till later, much love hope you have a great fun week, much kisses and hugs!;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi agian, thanks for letting me know you don't mind my long answers. ooooh so sweet of you to asked for the pattern of the cat !
love it. you can easily make beautiful things of patch work on the sewing machine. Or did you mean that too.
its not so hard the sewing machine only you must pay attention of your job, because otherwize you can hirt youself to badly.
so try to concentrate and try at first not to go to speedy,lol
when you becoming those skill the world opend to you.
i draw with my sewing machine on paper too. its soooo awesome.
hey good luck and much succes with it. lots of XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again .LOL
see just now that you have givven my he is only posing a fave and a sweet lovely comment. thank you very much.
awesome. Yeah they are sooo sweet and adorable, there will come later on more projects of this. I make a how to of the others to show what you can do more with it, and the stands for them.
I have finished my first one of the blue rabbit and almost a stand with a real swing. love those tiny projects.
and making things from scraps around my house thats making me so smiling so its good for my mood too.LOL
Now i jump to your new project. hey agian much love and much XO's
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi again, LOL wooow i love it that we are just friends. Yeahhhh.
awesome, hey i see you have some new projects.
i love the pearl mushrooms soooo cute and pretty.
an i think that i love the cat too. so i must jump to them, i love the seahorse too, but i have not so much with fish at the mometn.
mayby later.
silly i tought that we were still friends, but better now then never. Yesterday i heard that a dutch person was translating some proverb in a differend langues, so they didn't understand it at all.
it was really funny i do sometimes the same, like this one better now then never .
mayby you understand it.
O i'm always write to much but thats me, i've you don't like it, its okay too, you don't have to answer all my mails.
hey have a fun great weekend. hugs and kisses and much love;-d
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Kiristina, you're very very welcome, thanks for give the message of me to your mom, LOL she is a good mom!!!
But you make toobeautiful crafting projects! I love them!
Hey thanks for making a how to! thats really awesome!
Have a great fun nice weekend.xxx
Susanna P.
Susanna P. · Rome, Lazio, IT · 43 projects
hello krisztina ^^ thanks for the fave, I'd really love to see your version!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Krisztina, thank you very much for the great how to of the paper flowers, sooooo lovely and adorable.
i like it now much better. You've made nice awesome projects !
have a nice great fun day;-D
Susanna P.
Susanna P. · Rome, Lazio, IT · 43 projects
hi Krisztina! thanks for favoring my pomme pochette ;)
V-I-O-L-E-T Z.
V-I-O-L-E-T Z. · Scottsdale, Arizona, US · 39 projects
Thanks for favoring my Cute Little Hanger project

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Thank you for the fave on my picture frames! Have a nice day!