I'm a mom of two who has a crafting addiction. When I'm not crafting, I watch a lot of Anime. I am currently watching Code:Breaker. Here's more stuff about me:

What I Make:
Small cute handsewn items (like Cute Felt Food, Hair Accessories, Badges), papercraft, small dolls, small paper mache and wooden boxes, basically small cute stuff XD

Crafts I Want To Learn: sewing with a sewing machine, knitting, woodworking

Things I Love:
wool felt sheets, ooak (one of a kind) clothing, kawaii things, Bee and Puppycat, ninjas( Naruto), shinigami(Bleach), Pokemon, Hello Kitty, the world of Harry Potter, diabetic friendly homemade sweets and treats, homemade, all natural beauty products, Bento Boxes and Bento Accessories

Not a Dr. Who fan, I have never even seen one episode of it so I wouldn't get or understand anything from it
Allergies: Cats and Smoke

Favorite Bands/Genres: Modest Mouse, Washed Out, Mellow Indie, Dream PopC
Books: Anything by Etgar Keret, The Harry Potter Series, LoTR, The Hobbit, Great Expectations
Movies: Starship Troopers, Kill Bill Vol1 &2, Howl's Moving Castle
TV Shows: Naruto (original and Shippuden), Bee and Puppycat, Bleach, Switched at Birth, Korean Soaps
Colors: Pink, green, all light shades of blue down to regular blue (don’t care much for things past royal blue), teal, turquoise
Number: 42
Animal: Sea Turtle
Season: Fall

All Things HP
House: Slytherin
Wand: 12 ¾ inch black walnut, dragon heartstring, unyielding
Patronus: Cat
Character? Dumbledore
Class? Charms or Potions
Magical Creature? Snidget, runespoor, Ash Winder, Dragons, Unicorn
Magical Item? Model Dragon, golden snitch, Cloak of Invisibility
Magical Shop? Honeydukes, Flourish and Blotts
Spell/Charm/Curse/Potion? Lumos or Avada Kedavara, Amortentia
Book? Prisoner of Azkaban
Character I Love to Hate? Harry Potter… he’s such a self righteous tool

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