I live in Biloxi, MS, and I've lived here my whole life. I was somewhat affectionately considered the AT Program Problem Child. And I loved every minute of it and will definitely miss it. There will never be another me in that program. The USM ATEP program will also never be the same after my class ('09). I had some of the best times with the best classmates ever and I miss them a lot. Dr. Ben too, who has a heart of gold and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor!
Yes, I'm coast trash and I'm okay with that. I am also a certified athletic trainer, so now you can call me Brandi Williams, ATC!
Birthdays after 21 are pointless. Having Landon is the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't imagine my life without him. Katrina was a bitch. My friends and family are everything to me. I have a million nicknames and will answer to just about anything. I've been blessed with the 4 best friends anyone could ask for...Brittanie is my twin and my best friend ever. Jordan is the other one, even though she's retarded but I love her anyways. And Drew and Jenn have become my brother and sister... I drink wayy too much Diet Coke and Diet Mountain Dew. I'm outspoken and I usually don't stop once I start. I love sports, but I hate basketball and I'm beginning to think soccer is pretty useless too. I can be really mean when I want to be. But it's funny. I don't start shit but I'll finish it every time. I like money and expensive things but I don't like to work. I'm a country girl at heart. I hate being cold. I used to think hurricanes were fun. I love the South. *Baseball is life, and so are the Braves* I want to marry Jeff Francoeur* I've been obsessed with Chipper Jones since I was 10. I love shopping. I've wanted to go to about a million different schools, but originally wanted to go to Bama. *I absolutely DESPISE the YANKEES* I can be really stupid sometimes. the number 8 is awesome. I believe in second chances. I love taking pictures. Miller Lite is better than Bud Light. "I drink alot". I like inside jokes. I laugh at everything. I do things without thinking alot of the time. I love my bulldogs. I like playing in the mud. I've played softball since I could walk and I miss the hell out of it. I'm really lazy. I like to sleep. I don't like cars, especially mine. I am extremely stubborn. My favorite color is orange. I'm easily amused. I can be kind of (okay, extremely) destructive, especially when it comes to vehicles (haha jordan). I loove being on the water! especially with my crazy friends! Now I'm just trying to figure out what to do with myself after being a professional undergrad student for so long...

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