I love my life and I so love living in my own apartment. I became ill approx 6yrs ago and had to quit my nursing career, and go on perm. disability, i was not use to sitting around so I bought my sewing machine, scrapbook supplies, jewerly making items and just kept on buying, now I live in a 1 bedroom apt, with my little poodle Sasha, and we don't have a lot of room, so I have to use what space I have, I do all of my scrapbooking and jewerly making in my tiny dining room on a small table that I fashiioned out of 2 plastic drawer units that house some of my fabric, and the top to my bookcase that fell apart when I tried to move it myself. My bedroom at one end is my bed and at the other end houses my sewing table I now have 4 sewing machines 3 embroidery machines and 1 machine that only sews. Under the table I have the two remaining plactic drawer units that house the rest of my fabric, my dresser sits next to the sewing table, and on top I have two small plastic storage units holding a variety of items. I am so short on space I am eyeing the bathroom...LOL

Remember if you are not speaking to a loved one..and something happens to that person,your grief will be overwhelming for you. So call the person your not speaking to, and tell them you Love them and forgive tham.

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