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We head to Torino in Italy to meet Serena who has a passion for style, fashion, cupcakes, creating,cooking...and creativity.


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How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found CO+K while I was browsing looking for some "DIY" websites. I'm obsessed with any kind of cretivity, and I was looking for a place where I could share my projects and learn from other artists..and CO+K was perfect, so I joined! :)

What projects are you currently working on?

I'm working on a TON of Makeup Tutorials (I'll keep posting them all year long, not only for Halloween!) and Home Decor projects, New Plushies, Scarves... ( many ideas, so little time -.-)


October 4, 2012
Paris, Île-de-France, France
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What does your craft space look like?

My room is my temple! I have a beautiful XL-desk that my father made for me (yeap, creativity is a family-thing) where I can think-sketch-create anything I want! And usually it's full of paintings,beads,felt,polymer's all tidied up just for this pic :D

Which tool or craft supply do you use the most?

Needle and Felt! But I'd love to paint more! :)

What do you craft along to?

It's gonna be a superlong list... If it's music it's usually pop/rock, Muse, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, a bunch of italian rappers, Snow Patrol and Glee soundtracks. If I'm in a TVShow- mood I'd usually watch Glee, Dr.Who, Game of Thrones, Heroes, PLL, TVD, (I told you it was gonna be a long list) ...And if I'm in a movie-mood I'd go for a musical:Rent, Sweeney Todd, Moulin Rouge...

Favorite Craft

I don't have a "favourite craft", I know it may sound strange but what I really like about my creativity is that I get to decide what to make and which materials I'm gonna use. However, if I had to decide I would probably go for watercolor drawings, because they're what really makes me feel "talented" and Plushies, cause they always turn out supercute :D (I have a bunch and I can't sell them cause I think of them as my "children")

Serena's Top Crafts

If you could learn one new craft or make anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn Glassblowing. I've been to Venice and my mind was absolutely blown by how (apparently) easily those masters can create anything from a red-hot glass sphere.

Who are your crafting heroes?

My mother: she's the one who introduced me to the "craft-y" world, with little Christmas creations for my relatives and friends. And she always helps me out with everything!
My Grandma, who taught me everything about sewing, cross stitching, knitting and crocheting...and being patient and open to learn new things.

My Father, he's a painter and I always long for his approval, that is very difficult to get! This taught me to be strong, accept the critics and keep on improving my skills.