Unlike all the other users on Cut Out + Keep, I am not a very creative and crafty person. I used to be really interested in making gift cards and origami but I'm not as into it now. The most creative things I do now are making friendship bracelets with threads and making simple jewellery and keychains using crystal beads with my mum. Otherwise, I am only creative when I want something really bad that I try to make it or when a recipe/how-to really interests me.

I'm not creative, also because I live in Hong Kong and there are quite a limited range of materials I can find. I also do not have a sewing machine or a microwave at home but luckily, I do have an oven. Even though I'm not crafty at all, I have joined this forum as a member because I'm really impressed with all these things people can make and so I hope this site filled with simply tempting recipes will get me moving Happy

Lots of luck & love,
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