My name is Sarabi Nikolanna Eventide and like many others my age, I have rockstar dreams. The difference? I'm determined to make them a reality. I like to fuse practicality and careful planning with whimsical-type creativity. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I think I'd like to describe myself as a tad unpredictable; I have my habits but occasionally I say and do things that come out of nowhere. They always make sense to me.

Creatively? I like to save money, obviously, but I also like unique things. Things that perhaps are similar to other things but always different in their own way.

What else? I like France and the French language. I also enjoy England and all things union jack. I do believe I have a bit of a rock style- studs and vibrant hair. Perhaps my love of hair colour is related to my love of all things Crayola. Colouring books! Let's see how well I keep up with this site...

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