Hello [*] My name is Colleen and I first started knitting in 8th grade. I quit knitting for my first couple of years in high school but picked it back up again Junior year. And here I am getting ready to start my Senior year of high school. I'm pretty antisocial for my age and like small groups of people which makes knitting an ideal hobby. Unfortunately, throughout my entire high school experience I have yet to find someone in my grade who shares a passion for knitting like me. My 2 younger sisters give me a hard time and say knitting is a hobby for old ladies, but my parents think I'm very talented. I am usually proud of my finished knit projects, but I never saw myself as talented. If you read a pattern it tells you exactly what to do; I don't see how reading requires talent. Anyway. I really enjoy knitting and am actually in the process of knitting my first sweater. Up until this point, I stuck with knitting stuffed animals, hats, and doll clothes because they don't require as much time. I love to be able to give homemade gifts to people that I know they will actually use rather then paper cards or flowers. It's also more fun then just going out and buying something too. Well enough talk about knitting, I'm also a huge fan of anime and manga. Which is another reason why I have few friend in high school. I just so happens that everything I like is what's considered weird, like eating raw oysters or ranking #4 in my grade. (You never get in trouble and make straight A's and suddenly everyone's calling you the Golden Child....) I'd give you a list of my favorite anime/mangas, but there are to many to list. Feel free to e-mail me and we can have an awesome conversation about anime haha! Happy Or you might think I'm crazy just like everybody else. -Thanks for reading, Colleen
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