Hello All! I have been an artist since I was tiny. By the time I was walking I was carrying a piece of paper and a crayon or marker. It didnt matter where we went. I see the world differently and find everything amazing. Im always up beat and excited about things. Im a painter a photographer, a writer, and I Love to hear myself talk. Tongue

When I was eight My grandma asked me what I wanted to be when I got older... I looked up and told her I wanted to save the people that no one wants to save. Arent I cute Happy Basically WE ALL need to find ways to save ourself. I have been an art teacher and I have a counseling degree and major in alternative therapy where music and art working together to find our inner peace.

Be you're own Hero and save the world!!!!!

Enjoy my projects... When I get them posted.. lol Im working on it!

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