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makes a great gift more awesome
Giving a bottle of wine as a gift? here's an eco friendly pretty reusable wrapper that looks awesome too. there is a lot of room for personalization here. you can gather the top with a ribbon, or a crochet chain, or icord.

this is my VERY FIRST pattern I wrote. please be kind. I don't even like to follow patterns so this is more of a formula.

Posted by Amanda M. from Northfield, Minnesota, United States • Published See Amanda M.'s 55 projects »
  • Step 1

    the base:
    1)make a magic ring, ch1 then 6 sc in magic ring. mark your last stitch and move the marker at the end of each round.

    2)join to form loop. from here on out we are working in spirals. inc in each sc around (12)

    3)(sc, inc in next stitch)around (18)

    4) (sc in next 2, inc) around (24)

    5)(sc in next 3, inc) around (30)

    6) (sc in next 4, inc) around (36)

  • Step 2

    now we're having fun.

    7)sc in each (back loops only) this makes a nice little ridge separating the base from the bottom.

    8)sc in each stitch around for about an inch. remember we are working in spiral here so no need for any of that slip/ch1 garbage.

    this just gives a secure little place for our precious cargo to sit.

  • Step 3

    Main body:
    go ahead, get rid of that stitch marker if you haven't already.

    so for the mesh area:

    9)the foundation row is ch3, skip next 2sc, sc in next stitch),all the way around. when you get back to the beginning you can sc in your first sc (beginning your first chain area)

  • Step 4

    10)stick a sc in that first ch3 space. then, (chain 3, sc in next ch3 space) around and around and around and around and around

    woo hoo!

  • Step 5

    until you get to the neck of the bottle. you might want that stitch marker again. or wing it.

    11)this time, go around and put 3 sc in each ch 3 space.

    12) (4 sc, dec) around. this gives it a little definition at the top.

    13) finally, slip stitch all the way around the last row, weave in ends, and weave your tie through the last row of mesh. ta-da!

  • Step 6

    I also made one with a handle which looks cute, all farmers market-y. but my prototype is missing!

    13a) bonus handle instructions: (slip stitch 14, sc in next, chain 25, sc in stitch before slip stitch starts -- that is on the opposite side-- sc in next stitch and then in each of the chain 25, sc in stitch next to sc on first side, slip stitch remaining 14 stitches.)

    I could really use a picture of this. well I will post one soon.

  • Step 7

    Thanks for bearing with me! I hope you enjoy your wine cozy!

    I like this one particularly because it shows the label of the wine. so my recipient is like... oooooh, crow river wine, yay.

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