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Wind Light Geometric Shape
I love geometric shapes in my home. I saw this light in a vloggers film and disided to make one!

Posted by PienderZ from Delft, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands • Published See PienderZ's 3 projects »

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  • Step 1

    I hope you can follow for it is in Dutch. You can watch my tutorial here:

    If you like, pleace also give my youtube a tumbs up!
    For you all I made a little English Tutorialtext.

    Allso, In the attachments you can find the pattern I made for this project.
    Like Moui might say: Youre welcome!!

    - print the pattern and cut it out.
    - draw the pattern on your ikea Fiskbo picktureframe plastic with a marker
    - cut it out
    - draw with the white board marker the numbers as shown on the pattern
    - tape the patterns together, starting with the bottom.
    - when bottum taped, glue with gluegun inside the dish al the lines you taped on the outside.... still following? Let the movie help you out if you don't
    - Now tape on the larger parts on the dish and tape together on the long sides.
    - I left part 5 out, so you can fill you windlight true there. The pattern is inclusive part 5, so you can diside whitch part you would like to leave out.
    - keep on building and glue-ing till your done
    - remove all your small washi tape
    - Now put long pieces of tape on al the corners so it lookes like lead.
    And your done!

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Sreshta G.
Sreshta G.
I can't open the pattern design... I really want to try this out..please help me out

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