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Plastic Water Bottles into a Water Wall Center for Kids • Posted by J.Mad

I wanted to create a fun water station for my daughter to play within the summer, and here it is.

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I wanted to create a fun water station for my daughter to play within the summer, and here it is.


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    You will need: Plastic Bottles, String, Tape, Scissors, I used 3 wire grid panels to create a movable Water Wall, this way I can set up the water wall in any location and put away in winter.

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    Cut out each of the bottles in half-ish. (Note: if you are concerned about the sharp edges of the cut plastic bottles, then you can take the tape and cover the plastic edges.) The funnel half you can leave the cap off and just let the water gush through. If you want a more slow sprinkle effect, then you can put holes in the cap with a nail and hammer. The non-funnel half, you can cut slits at the bottle for the water to fall through.

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    Another aspect of the water wall is the water slide, this part catches all the water and puts it back into the large water bowl, so that you can keep reusing the same water. To make the water slide, you will need to cut the bottom of the cups or bottles, then cut them in half the long way. Tape the halves together to make one long water slide.

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    This next step is a fun one to let the kiddies do. Paint and decorate the bottles. I used paint markers.

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    Deciding where and how to place the water bottles would be half the fun for older kids. Let them experiment with the movement of water. Asking questions like: If we wanted to make the water get to the bowl the fastest, how should we arrange the bottles? slowest? longest route? shortest route? Setting up “water traps” might also be fun. I used the red tape to adhere the funnels to the metal grid wall. Place the bottles in the decided locations, and PLAY~ Notes on play with toddlers: The Water Wall is most engaging at eye level. Encourage mixing media, water color paints, sand, rocks. You would be amazed at the observations and questions that arise when rocks don’t move in the same way water does.