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Gross out your friends and Family.
I got my inspiration from a tile-saw accident! Make sure you use Medusa eyeshadows and dusts to shade because you want very strong pigments.

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  • Step 1

    1. Highlight your subject's cheekbones and occipital lobes with a good quality white cake make-up (I use Ben Nye).
    2. Shade in the cheekbones and temples with Medusa eyeshadow in Electric Black. Now you have your dead "base" to build your prosthetic on.
    3. Gently unwind your cotton ball into a line. Dip into your latex and apply to your subject's face starting at her chin and running along side her nose. Leave enough space for your "teeth". Using the back of your eyeshadow brush, press and manipulate the cotton so it blends more naturally into her face. (Don't worry, the latex will rub off your brush).
    4. While that dries (about 10-15 minutes), make your "teeth" by applying cotton to the backs of five small press-on nails with latex or spirit gum if you have some. Then latex on your subject, making sure to cover the lip so it appears to be sheared off.
    5. While her teeth are drying on her face, mix your blood with bread or cracker crumbs until you get a very nasty, scabby paste. Set aside.
    6. Line her eyes with a Medusa Black pencil. Then shade the corners liberally with Medusa eyeshadow in Electric Red or Pink. Shade the other side of her mouth with Medusa Black and Eyedust in "Maryjane" for a very rotted look.
    7. Using your stipple sponge, apply "Zombie Flesh" or your own grey/ green cake make-up mix randomly about her face to make rotty spots.
    8. Paint the wound with a deep red cake make-up(I mix red with a teensy bit of black and steel gray).
    9. Paint the teeth a brownish yellow mixture of shadows.
    10. Fill in the wound with your breadcrumb blood mixture.

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Antonio  L.
Antonio L.
Umm..this picture is really scary to look at, honestly. If you shared this picture at the https://www.bestbritishwriter.com/britishessaywriters-co-uk-review/ site right now, some people would curse you. I am not sure if that is the best thing you should be doing right now.
Jess W.
Jess W.
great!!! Happy
Yuck!! Very realistic
Dragoness · 28 projects
love it!
Gina D
Gina D · 7 projects
WOW. Love it.
Unicorn Reality
Unicorn Reality · Kendal, England, GB · 96 projects
That. Is amazing.

CO + K User

Kim H.
Kim H. · Tromsø, Troms, NO · 14 projects
Oh, gross! I love it!

CO + K User

Oh God! That's disgusting! I guess job well done! lol
Kirky · Sparta, Tennessee, US · 16 projects
very nice! I worked in the make-up dept. at a haunted house for quite a few years, and we never did anything like this! It's awesome!
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