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Twisted Fohawk
A way to make longer hair into a sweet mohawk.

Posted by SilverFilmRoses from Charlotte, North Carolina, United States • Published See SilverFilmRoses's 5 projects »

  • How to style a mohawk hairstyle. Twisted Fohawk - Step 1
    Step 1

    Section out your mohawk and tease it. spray with hair spray. comb and smooth the outerpart of your hair.

  • How to style a mohawk hairstyle. Twisted Fohawk - Step 2
    Step 2

    Keeping bangs out, take your first section that you will twist. it should be shaped like a triangle because of your hairline. Twist and pin.

    I usually hold the hair straight out and start to twist it, laying in down as i twist. the easiest way to secure it is by taking a bobby pin, pinning it perpendicular to the twist and then moving the pin parallel(with the hair in it) and pushing it downward into the twist. it helps hide the pin and holds it well. hope that made sense.

  • How to style a mohawk hairstyle. Twisted Fohawk - Step 3
    Step 3

    take your next section. this one will be a rectangle. twist and pin. repeat until the whole side of your head is done.

  • How to style a mohawk hairstyle. Twisted Fohawk - Step 4
    Step 4

    repeat on the other side.

  • How to style a mohawk hairstyle. Twisted Fohawk - Step 5
    Step 5

    Tease and add more hairspray. Smooth your bangs and you're done.


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Spencer M.
Spencer M.
Smile Shock
Alisa B.
Alisa B. · 1 project
Oh my lord... I've been looking for a way to make my hair into a fauxhawk since it gets so hot in the summer were I live, and this tutorial is PERFECT! Happy
nina.horan · Paris, Île-de-France, FR
can you do it on both sides?
looks awesome.. i tried but i looked like one of those little gonks you used to get Happy
Eloisa *.
Eloisa *.
I really like this. I would love to try it; but, seeing how my hair reaches down to the top of my butt, I think this might not look as neat. lol
~*Sugar*Kane*~ · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 6 projects
Lady Shadow
Lady Shadow · Dillwyn, Virginia, US · 12 projects
I've tried this like 5 times and it never comes out right :/
Elle M.
Elle M. · Houston, Texas, US · 1 project
That looks awesome!
Domitila C.
Domitila C. · Boardman, Oregon, US
I love it!!!
Im gonna try it right now and post a picture of how it looks on me!
Thank you so much for the tutorial!
Jeanniece M.
Jeanniece M. · 1 project
This is so cute and versitile for different lenghts and hair textures. (I'm growing mine out.

Mohawks are cute, but then you want to change it up. Great "no cut" alternative. (and no funny grow out period)
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