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Twiggy: a mod tutorial
Von Moses before and after her Twiggy transformation

Model Von Moses has always been told she looks like Twiggy. Here, we transformed her into everyone's favorite 60s fashion icon! Our original inspiration was a close-up shot of Twiggy featuring a gorgeous blue eyeshadow and her trademark 'doll' lashes.

Troubadour, Top Hattie, Dragon Scales magic dusts; Cosmopop lipstick

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  • How to create a pin-up makeup look. Twiggy - Step 1
    Step 1


    The mod look emphasizes the eyes. Twiggy is wearing strong eyeliner, sharply defined crease and white pencil on the inner rim of the eye. Prep the lids with Eyeshadow Helper to ensure crease-free, lasting results. Draw a line with a brown pencil well above your natural crease (it doesn't have to be perfect) extending it downward. Pop bright turquoise eyeshadow like Troubadour onto the lid, below the crease line. With a thin brush, deepen the crease with a brown eyeshadow (we used Dragon Scales). Work over it with a brush lightly but don't overblend -- we want it to be nice and sharp! Fill in the space under the brows with white eyeshadow like Top Hattie.

    Apply 3 coats of black mascara to top and bottom lashes. Draw thin 'lashes' on the bottom lid with liquid or gel liner. Drag eyeliner across the top lid making a fairly thick line (don't forget to color in those spots between the lashes). Finish with a pair of falsies on top lids only.

  • Step 2


    Von Moses' eyebrows are naturally dark and we didn't want to bleach them for just one shoot. So we covered them up by brushing some concealer through on a spool brush, and setting it with a light brown eyeshadow. Twiggy does have a pretty high, curved arch so do your best to achieve that shape.

  • Step 3


    Twiggy had freckles which she often didn't cover up with foundation. We recommend spot concealing only wher necessary. Instead, focus on beige or peach-toned blush applied directly to apples of the cheeks.

  • How to create a pin-up makeup look. Twiggy - Step 4
    Step 4


    60s makeup calls for a pale lip -- paler than your natural. You may go for a nude to further accentuate the darkness of the eye or opt for a funky pastel! Doe Deere chose an opaque lipstick in Cosmopop, a pale orange, which complemented turquoise eyeshadow beautifully. Apply directly from the bullet or with a brush. Voila!

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So beautiful
Mary S.
Mary S. · Chicago, Illinois, US · 5 projects
How did you change your background wall photo?? I've been trying to do that forever!! P.S. I love your tutorial, it's great!
Virginnia E.
Virginnia E. · Santa Ana, California, US
Your face is beautiful.
ModernXDayXVaudevillian · Houston, Texas, US · 8 projects
OMG You are Twiggy XD! You look just like her Love!

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