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It is actually going to be turned into a Dalek dress is why it is brown but this is a tutorial for a basic dress
how hard and long it takes is based upon how fast you can crochet. Overall its an easy project :D

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  • Step 1

    Measure from under the armpits(the top of the top) to however long you want it to be(if its not for a child take into account your chest)

  • How to make a tutu dress. Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade) - Step 2
    Step 2

    take the two (or one with two strands)color yarn you want your top. pretend its one and tie your slip knot.

  • How to make a tutu dress. Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade) - Step 3
    Step 3

    Chain a chain as long as your measurement you took on the first step with your larger crochet hook. just a basic chain nothing complicated. :)

  • Step 4

    once you get it as long as you want it then single crochet in the second chain from the hook(the chain back one) and all the way back accross)
    Chain 1 and turn

  • How to make a tutu dress. Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade) - Step 5
    Step 5

    when looking at your chain from the top you can see the front and the back loops of each stitch.

    *single chain through the BACK loops only all the way across.
    chain 1. Turn.
    single Chain through only the front loops across.
    chain 1. turn.

    repeat from the * till you get it as big around as you want.
    fasten off but do not join together(unless you want i suppose :P )

  • Step 6

    take one color of yarn and chain a chain about 2-3 ft. long.
    fasten off.

    take the chain and run it through the loops on the top of the top of the back of the top(man thats a lot of tops >.< )

    go down about 5 loops and cross it over(like a corset) continue till it gets to the bottom.

    this is how you will tie the back shut. basically a crochet corset top

  • Step 7

    take your tulle and decide how long you want your bottom. double that measurement and that is how long you want your strips.(i did it the easy way and just made it as long as the fabric was on the bolt and then cut it in strips)

    cut your strips into about 4in wide strips

  • How to make a tutu dress. Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade) - Step 8
    Step 8

    fold your strips in half and slip the folded part through the loops on the bottom of the top. there should now be a loop.

    (i just used a basic chain to show because i already am finished with the dress :P)

  • How to make a tutu dress. Tu Tu Dress(All Handmade) - Step 9
    Step 9

    take the ends and pull it through the loop.
    pull and it should be secure.
    continue around the bottom till you have a tutu bottom.

  • Step 10

    and there you have it!!!
    sorry my camera wasn't taking great pics and its hard to take a picture of tulle :P

    if i confused you on anything feel free to ask. like i said its a very easy project it just takes a while :D

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