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Great for parties or just dressing up :)
Made this for one of the little girls I used to look after, unfortunately I forgot to put elastic in the waistband so it didn't fit her for long :(

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  • Step 1

    Once you have all your measurements, draw out how you want the top of the dress on some satin, remembering to add a few inches on so they can get it on!
    Hem the neck, arms and waistline and set aside.

  • Step 2

    Get the longest piece of Tulle you can find and cut to desired length, (adding 2cm for the hem) you should be left with a very wide rectangle. Hem one side with a sewing machine.
    quickly hand-sew along the un-hemmed side, and pull the string to gather the material (you can do this sat in front of the telly :D)
    Repeat with a darker piece of tulle making it about 3cm longer (for the underskirt)
    Sew both gathered ends together so you get a layered effect.

  • Step 3

    Lay the chiffon out upside down on an ironing board and tack (or glue) the gathered end of the tulle to the waistline of the dress.
    Once the glue is dry, secure with a sewing machine.

  • Step 4

    Now fold the dress in half (so it's inside out) and connect both ends with your sewing machine, you might want to add a zip or some buttons though!

  • Step 5

    Now just go crazy with accessories! I embroidered a big 'E' for 'Emma' next to the arm, glued a ribbon round the waist (with a big bow at the back) and added some extra ruffles on the sleeves. I think the little star on the waistband is a nice little touch too :D

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Nisha  d.
Nisha d. · 3 projects
this is cute ^__^ check out the dress i made for my friend on my store http://www.etsy.com/shop/chevycoture
Create&Destroy · Chicago, Illinois, US · 2 projects
How cute. I made something similar for my friend's niece out of old t-shirts and pink tulle I had lying around.

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