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Travel Card Wallet

Perfect for your London underground Oyster card. • Posted by Cat Morley

You will need

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Medium wallet 1229734458



  1. Small 18525

    For this you will need a tube map (grab one for free from any underground station) and the original Oyster card wallet that it came with to make the template, or you can just wing it.

  2. Small 18552

    Draw around the wallet on to card.

  3. Small 18561

    Cut out the card template.

  4. Small 18562

    Trace around the template on to the tube map and on to some paper, which will line your wallet.

  5. Small 18569

    You should end up with two pieces that look like this.

  6. Small 18570

    Stick the map and paper together with spray adhesive.

  7. Small 18571

    Cut two strips of clear vinyl, big enough to cover the wallet and two more strips which are half as wide as the wallet.

  8. Small 18572

    Place the map in between the two sheets of vinyl and place the two smaller squares at either side, these will hold the cards.

  9. Small 18573

    Sew around the outside.

  10. Small 18574

    Cut around the wallet, trimming off any excess vinyl.

  11. Small 18575

    Pop your oyster card in to make sure it fits.

  12. Small 18576

    And your ready to go. Happy travels!