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Totoro Bed

One of the comfiest and cutest set of bed sheets you will ever own! • Posted by Ivy M.

Ever wanted to nap on Totoro? Now you can!

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Ever wanted to nap on Totoro? Now you can!


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    You can either buy fabric or buy blankets and towels to cut and sew into your shapes for Totoro

  2. Make your own simple template of *Eyes - 2 different sized circles *Nose - Rounded triangle *Ears - Tree-type shape *Paws - Circle and Long triangle *Stomach design - Rounded triangle

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    Cut the grey blanket to fit your long pillow, and sew on the ears, nose, and eyes. Make sure to leave an open side to insert your pillow and sew close afterwards.

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    Finished result of pillow

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    Cut triangle design to sew on stomach (large white blanket) and circles for feet. The claws on Totoro's feet I made only sewn on the base so that they can move freely.

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    Once you have a set of grey bed sheets, your Totoro head pillow, and your fluffy white blanket belly, the fuzzy friend you always dreamed should start to come together. Hope you try this! Thanks