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My Halloween costume for 2013. It was paired with a fox groom by my fiancé.
Silver Foxen Bride, Halloween 2013.
My lovely fiancé acted as the groom in a fox costume which consisted of a groom's outfit, a similar head, similar gloves, similar tail, and similar boots.
Mine and his costumes did not cost very much to make, since I found most of the material I needed around the house, or bought cheaply at goodwill or Marden's.

I created the head from a chicken-wire base and spray foam, faux fur, craft eyes, hot glue gun. The jaw was made from the same, plus genuine fox teeth and a leather tongue.
The digitigrade legs are a pair of high heel boots that I altered, turning them into heelless high-heel platform boots, using wood, two metal brackets, and covering the entire thing in faux fur.
I hand sewed the dress and created the veil.
The only things I did not make were the sleeves on the dress (which was fulfilled by a long sleeve worn under the dress), the gloves, and my tail. My tail is a genuine silver fox tail.
The jaw moves with my own jaw.

I don't actually know how many hours it took to make.

If you have any questions, please comment and ask away!

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