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Tattoos made with sharpie
I was bored at school so I tried this out. I made stars on my wrist. If you are bored try this it's fun and it is not poisonous. After a few days it will be gone but if you want it to last longer when you shower don't go over it with soap and when drying with a towel only quickly pat it.
xx britt
p.s under here there is a link but that is not for this project but for another I made but I can't seem to fix it.

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Britt · 4 projects
oke thank you for telling me. But everything that says too is bad my mom told me so I won't be doing it often it may be nice for a party or something but not for everyday life. xx britt
Roslast · Cincinnati, Ohio, US · 5 projects
It's not "poisonous" but you definitely don't want to be doing this often. It's not good for your skin whatsoever. Looks nice, just be careful with sharpies and other toxic products near your skin...

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