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Tartan Skirt with lace embellishment.
I started making this skirt with a sort of punk-ish look in mind but I finished it today and there's just something about it that I don't like, but I thought I'd put it up anyhow to get a second opinion.

Posted by Eleanor from Whitehaven, England, United Kingdom • Published See Eleanor's 35 projects »


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fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
well, the fabric is great, it's what drew me into clicking on it Happy so it'd be a shame if you didn't wear it! i think you could totally make it rufflier if you wanted to, by just sewing the same length of fabric to each tier, and making the two seams be on the sides, that way you'd have plenty of fabric for ruffling. i'm self-taught with sewing, so i'm not gonna pretend like i know exactly what i'm talking about! haha! but that's how i'd tweak it. i've seen skirts similar to this though, with the longer layers, so it definitely doesn't look bad. you should pat yourself on the back ;)
Eleanor · Whitehaven, England, GB · 37 projects
I was originally going to do three layers but I did the top one too long so I couldn't get another one in whilst keeping the spacing right. I think that's one of the things I don't like. And I think you're right about the ruffling, it does need more, but this was my first ever attempt at gathering fabric, so I'll bear that in mind for next time.
fetisha · Mechanicsville, Virginia, US · 36 projects
hmmm, were you looking for more ruffling? i think it's a great start to a really great-looking skirt. i love ruffles, but i am not very good working with them, and mine hardly ever come out looking exactly right. what is it you're not liking? for me, i think the bottom layer is too long, but i prefer shorter skirts so maybe that's just my preference.

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