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Sweet Trees that look and taste gorgeous! Perfect for a present!
These Sweet Trees are so easy to make! This was my first attempt and I think it came out pretty good :)

I first filled up my plant pot with the cement and used the instructions on the packet to the right consitency and left around an inch from the top. I placed the spoon part of my wooden spoon into the cement so it is in the centre of the plant pot and leave it over night. This will be your 'trunk' of the tree.

Next morning I scrunched up some pretty tissue paper to cover the cement and make it a little bit more appealing to the eye.

Then I took my polystrene ball (the one above is 200mm but when I've done it again since then I chose a smaller size) and pierced each chocolate with the toothpick. Then gently push the toothpicks in the polystrene ball, with the chocolates attached, and repeat this until it is covered all over.

Gently slide the completed ball onto the 'trunk' and there is your tree. You just have to add a few ribbons and you are done :)

If you try it, please send through your pictures! It will be lovely to see others too!

Ange x x

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Caitie M.
Caitie M. · 2 projects
I LOVE THIS!!! Such a great idea, and looks absolutely fantastic!Well done!
Angela P.
Angela P. · 9 projects
Hiya Lisa, No I'm from Scotland so I found it in one of the bargain places for less than a pound Happy the whole thing is pretty cheap to make. The most expensive thing is the chocolates but since you can pick whatever ones you prefer you can decide how much you would like to spend on it Happy

Have you got any photos of your cupcake bouquets?
Lisa C.
Lisa C. · Shenley, England, GB · 14 projects
Is your pot from Tiger by any chance? I bought one for mothers day to make a cupcake bouquet. I wanted them for my easter gifts too but I went back and they had sold out Happy Anyways back to your project, I LOVE it!

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