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Swan Lake Whoopie Pies

These incredibly special little cakes will cause a sensation at any gathering. • Posted by FW Media

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  1. For the swan: 1 Add 2.5ml (1⁄2 tsp) CMC (Tylo) to 25g (7∕8oz) white sugarpaste. Set 6g (1⁄4oz) aside, and shape the remainder into a teardrop shape for the body. Snip ‘feathers’ into the body with scissors. Allow to dry. 2 Use half the sugarpaste set aside in step 1 to shape the neck, then roll out the other half and cut out two wing shapes. Snip feathers into the wings. Allow to dry. 3 Draw on the eyes and beak with food colour pens. Secure the wings and neck to the body with a dab of royal icing.

  2. For the lake: 1 Place the mints close together on baking parchment in a medium oven for 10 minutes, or until melted together. Allow to cool and harden. 2 Roll out the remaining sugarpaste and cut a 10cm (4in) circle. Moisten and fix on top of the whoopie, smoothing down the sides. 3 Spread the blue piping gel in the centre of the whoopie to form the lake, then position the hardened mints on top and push down gently. 4 Use 15ml (1 tbsp) royal icing to cover the edges of the mint and rough up the surface with the back of a knife. Use a dab of royal icing to fix the swan to the centre of the lake. Sprinkle with white edible glitter.