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stay cozy in an over-sized popcorn stitch infinity scarf
Winter athleisure trends predict puff stitch scarves galore. Save some money and use this simple pattern to make your own!

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  • How to knit a puff stitch scarf. Studio Infinity Scarf - Step 1
    Step 1

    Crochet main body:

    Row 1- Chain 5 ft, slip stitch to join, do NOT twist chain.

    Row 2- ch 2, *Popcorn, ch 1, skip a stitch, repeat from * around, sl st to join with 1st popcorn

    Row 3- ch 2, Repeat row 2, but stagger so that you make a popcorn stitch through the ch of Row 2 and ch to skip the popcorn stitch of Row 2

    Rows 4-8- Repeat row 3

    Finish Off

  • Step 2

    Edge Pieces - Make 2

    Row 1- Chain 5, turn
    Row 2- sc across IN BACK LOOPS ONLY starting in second st from hook (4 st), ch 2, turn
    Row 3- dc across IN BACK LOOPS ONLY, ch 1, turn
    Row 4 - ? – Alternate rows 2 and 3 until you have a 5 foot long piece
    Finish off, but leave ~2-3 feet just in case you need to add a couple more rows after you begin assembling.

  • How to knit a puff stitch scarf. Studio Infinity Scarf - Step 3
    Step 3


    Use the yarn needle and a stretch of your chosen yarn to sew an edge piece to the main body of the scarf.

    Make sure the right sides of each piece (the “popcorny” side of the main body, and the ridged side of the edge) face each other as you do this.

    Sew as closely to the edge of each as possible, as any overlap will result in a bulky seam.
    You may find you will need to add or subtract rows to the edge so that they meet perfectly- this is why I suggested that you leave a 2-3 foot tail when you finished off each edge piece.

    Once you’ve attached the entire piece, sew the ends of the edges together.

    Repeat with the second side.

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