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Boot Covers
Turn worn out boots into boot covers

These boots have a design that lends itself to this. I will post a later version with how to Finish boots that do not already have a finished edge.

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  • How to make boot covers. Steampunk "Spats" Up Cycle  - Step 1
    Step 1

    Its all about the boots. These boots have a design that is LIKE a spat to start with the boot has a layer over the top of the foot. We simply cut that away. So we can continue to use the boot cover on other shoe/boots. Some boots like this will require you to flip them inside out and stitch the lining together where you cut it. Mine did not but others I have done did.

    If they are uncomfortable you may consider sticking Mole skin or similar soft panning like things in them where they rub or sit funny, *So far no issues but with the wrong shoes I could totally see it happening.

  • How to make boot covers. Steampunk "Spats" Up Cycle  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now the ONLY think one might need to add is a Strap that goes around the shoe. If your boots or shoes have heals this will help hold the boot covers in place, these fit my legs well and I wear very flat shoes so a strap or elastic band would just get dirty.

    That's it INCLUDING SHOPPING at a thrift shop it took 20 min.

    Again I will post versions for boots that Do Not already have a boot cover like design. So hang on to those old boots!

    If you Larp - you may be choosing between foot gear for traction and those of style. By making boot covers you can get both!

    If you dress people for stage, these will fit more people over a traditional shoe... so you can save a ton on trying to stock every size.

    These slid on over the foot and calf... may be easier to put on before your shoes if they do not have a strap. With a strap You may need to put them on over your shoe and that may not be easy. Consider trying to put these on the shoe first then pull on like a boot... I found some that unzip at the back so I am able to open them to actually tie my shoes. Most I have found PRE made like this have been for THIN calves. its a style thing

    DO not fret if you have larger legs - I will be posting some calf adjustments for boots later on. Do go ahead and get your boot covers started by removing the shoe and if necessary stitching the lining.

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