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Tutorial: Snowmen ~ Schneemänner
I just came across these pictures from last year, and I thought I should make a little tutorial for you. These snowmen are a cute accent for your flowers, or you might attach them to a wreath.

For each snowman you need: a wooden skewer, 2 paper balls (one must be a little smaller than the other), wood glue, hot glue, black fun liner / window color, felt scraps, orange pen.

Posted by Anke A. from Wernau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany • Published See Anke A.'s 15 projects »

  • How to make a snowman ornament. Snowmen Ornaments - Step 1
    Step 1

    At first, paint the tip of the skewer orange. Let it dry, then cut it off (about half an inch). With a drop of wood glue, stick it into the smaller ball’s hole. This will be the head with the carrot nose.

  • How to make a snowman ornament. Snowmen Ornaments - Step 2
    Step 2

    Attach the larger ball with a drop of wood glue to the rest of the skewer. With hot glue, attach the head (nose pointing forward) to the body. Cut a strip from felt and wrap it around the neck.

  • How to make a snowman ornament. Snowmen Ornaments - Step 3
    Step 3

    With the black fun liner, paint the eyes, the mouth and the buttons – that’s it! If you like it, please leave a comment.

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Kate W.
Kate W. · Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, JP · 9 projects
adorable! i'll have to try this sometime
artjunkie *.
artjunkie *.
They are cute! I'm doing story time at my library now; I may use this for the craft. It is sweet and simple!
Anke A.
Anke A. · Wernau, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 15 projects
Hi Janie,
thanks for your comment! Those thingies are made of cellulose, but in German they're called "Wattekugeln" which would translate to cotton balls. Here's a link to a shop where I found the term "paper balls":


I guess you'd really be able to form them out of paper mache.
Janie R.
Janie R. · Eastern, Kentucky, US · 25 projects
It's cute, but I don't understand "paper balls"-is that paper mache? If so, I see. But are they on a heat register?? Oh, my, they might melt, LOL. Seriously, they would really look nice in a wreath-with snow on it, too.

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