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Made on a whim
I made this skirt a couple of months ago out of some huge and rather shapeless corduroy pants that got passed down to me from my bf's boss/cousin. It took a while to make because I didn't have a pattern and made one up as I went along and because I sewed it by hand (sewing machine is scary and doesn't like me, sewing machine finally broke on me, is unfixable, and so on) The slit in the back got messed up so that's when I decided I would sew those ruffly things on, based on a skirt I saw someone wearing some weeks before that.
In the last picture, you can see how my cat "helped" me. He seems to think that whenever I am pinning or sewing something, it is code for "come and roll all over this and then settle down for an hour long nap."

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Amanda L.
Amanda L. · 1 project
LOVE your modification - and wanted to say that my kitty does the same thing. Must be cat code.

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