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Stenciled with bleach pen using freezer paper method
My fav pair of sweatpants were very worn and faded, so I tried to revamp them into something that looked like it is suppossed to be distressed, so I decided to decorate them with a "Shaun Of The Dead" theme.

I got the images from the following on Stencil Punks:

This is my first attempt at using the freezer paper stencil method (place the freezer paper over the image, trace it, then cut out the inner image, then iron on the fabric to hold it in place) and I used a bleach pen.

I had expected it to bleach it somewhat white, but it turned out a reddish brown sort of dried blood color, so I decided to go with that and added "blood" spatter and freehanded "You've Got Red On You" above the image.

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Kepi · Los Angeles, California, US · 49 projects
What a cool idea!
Ginger Snapped
Ginger Snapped · Sacramento, California, US · 31 projects
YEAH ROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE LOVE this movie!
Miss Kat
Miss Kat · 3 projects
I must say i really like this project!
shaun of the dead is an amazing film
i love it when things you dont expect make the project look so much better!
a little bit of fate was holding itself for those pants!
beryl · Apache Junction, Arizona, US · 36 projects
I love them= one of my favorite movies!

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