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Fimo Sakura Pasties for my Burlesque dancing friend.
Unfortunately I made these about 3 years ago and can't quite remember every detail so no How To I'm afraid. I do remember I needed a large flower shaped cookie cutter, a tiny 5 pointed star shaped icing cutter, a fake breast (made out of a circle of leatherette, slit down the radius then sewn together with about a centimetre overlap) and a not-quite-heart shaped stencil, but a teadrop shaped cutter would probably do the trick.

If you have a go at these for an actual burlesque dancer (rather than a present for your other half) please don't forget that these are held on by tape so DON'T MAKE THEM TOO HEAVY!!! They will fly off after a good shimmying if they aren't light enough. I recommend about the 3rd setting from the bottom on a pasta machine for the petals and maybe a 5 for the base.

These were one pair among many that I made but these were my favourites, my mate looked awesome in them too.

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Emily N.
Emily N.
Gorgeous, Love them.
HarleyHeartless · Syracuse, New York, US · 2 projects
Sooooo cute!

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