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Based on Sakura Blossom Lampshade by Sok Song
This is my first creative craft project inspired by cut out and keep!
I made this Sakura Blossom Lampshade I was completely obsessed in completing it as I made 30 of these components using pages from a children’s book. The paper is thicker so it won’t tear as easily but my light bulb is very weak (economy) so it’s not suitable for a lampshade but now I’m inspired to make lots of origami creations and hang them from my ceiling. This project can cause a lot of frustration, I had considered filming myself doing this but I made soo many mistake, it took me a whole day to make this and by the end my bed was scatters with lots of staples. I would advise using staple to strengthen where each component joins and if you make a mistake you can bend the staples and take them out. I’ll try to make another one again as it was good for me, I was feeling stressed and it kept me busy and eager to achieve something so beautiful and hopefully make a video to upload to YouTube. I think the most complex origami I've ever made is a northern star so I’m very happy I kept trying & trying & trying!

Published © 2022 Sok Song / Potter Craft · Reproduced with permission.

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