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I have an obsession with Saints Row because of it's comedic humor in every cut-scene and conversation. Making myself in the game as the games protagonist I felt it would only be right if I just make something to show off to the world for being the gang leader of the Third Street Saints.

All of this was planned ahead, but sometimes mistakes happen if you're not careful enough.

*Behind the Fleur-De-Lis "patch" is the crappy version that was originally just painted onto the back of the jacket. I had messed up badly with fabric spray paint. It didn't work well the spray paint just soaked up into the jean material. So I got a different vest that didn't fit me well. I stenciled the Fleur-De-Lis again, cut it out, and sew it onto the jacket. Just know that you can just paint the logo onto the back, there's no need to do what I did. I messed up badly and had a back up plan. If you happen to like how I fixed my unintentional mistake you can reuse jeans or get jean material, paint the stencil, cut, and sow it on.

Also when you're doing this this price varies to person to person on this project. Both of the jean jackets were given to me for free. You'll have to do some searching in thrift stores or even online. For me this was cheap because I just had to buy paint. I made the stencil at school during shop class, and used the school's laminate to make it last longer and reuse it for something else.

Please, feel free to use your creative side! If you don't like Saints Row you can just do a different logo like maybe your favorite band? Don't feel limited, think outside of the box!

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  • Step 1

    First step is to make a stencil. My stencil on my jacket was printed on a B size sheet of paper. At school there's a giant printer in my shop class. Not a whole lot of people have a giant printer so get some poster paper and free hand your own logo!

    This requires some artistic skill. If you like math it helps to draw some sort of grid on your reference sheet and poster paper to help you know where lines start, end, and meet. Then once your done use an x-acto knife and start cutting out your stencil. Work slowly and be careful!

    For the Fleur-De-Lis I had to have two different stencils. One for the white background and the other for the actual Fleur-De-Lis.

    If you don't have anytime and are a total badass you can just skip this step of having a stencil and free hand paint it on your jacket.

  • Step 2

    Alright you're ready to rock. Get your jean jacket. Lay it flat on a table and it's best if you have cardboard underneath the jacket just so you have an even flat surface to work on.

  • Step 3

    Get your paint, I highly recommend FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint. They come in 2 oz. bottles you can find any craft store. I got mine at Walmart for $1.00- $2.00. I got lucky and had enough to fix my mess up. But if you want it's best to have extra just in case!

    Once you're done painting and it's done air-drying for 24 hours. To set it you can use an iron or just turn it inside out and throw the jacket in washer and the dryer and it should adhere to the jean material.

    Do not rush when using a stencil, that was my mistake before I rushed and got paint in places I didn't want paint. Use duct tape to hold your stencil in place and hold the places you're painting over. Take your time! This project says it's done in forty-eight hours but in reality this project took me a couple of weeks because I had to figure out how I could fix my problem but mostly had to do with my procrastination.

    if you see cracks in the paint when it's dried, don't worry! It won't peel or fall off. I've had my jacket for five months now and it's still good as new!

  • Step 4

    Optional: Fleece Sleeves or Hoodie
    easy enough, just get a hoodie you don't like or wear. Cut the sleeves off and sow them onto the jacket. If you're adventurous enough get some snap buttons and make the hoodie or sleeves replaceable and detachable!

    Feel free to be creative!

  • Step 5

    You're done, be proud of what you made!
    I got a lot of compliments from people about this and it's really nice to wear it and be recognized for my work.

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