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Why do I keep buying ruffle yarn?
Seriously. I don't like ruffles. But the lacy yarn seduces me every time... *sighs wistfully*
In an attempt to do something (anything!) with my stash of ruffle yarn, I grabbed a color that I liked and stitched them together into a shawl/wrap/scarf thing.
I really like the look of it; the weight pulls the piece into a nice drape and the fur adds texture and dimension. It sort of reminds me of the vintage mink and fox shawls that fashionable ladies wore... But of course mine doesn't demand the killing of animals.

Don't be frightened by the time estimate; most of that comes from my OCD about joining the new yarn (I laid the two ends over each other and lovingly sewed/crocheted every raw end to its neighbor), and having to untangle the damn fur from my hook every few stitches.

I literally laid the yarn out flat, slightly overlapping the top of the new yarn with the bottom of the old yarn, and crochet-chained over the lacy ladders of the yarn with my thread. I might have been able to use a sewing machine, but went with doing it by hand because of the greater control. Especially since the bottom of the yarn ruffle has that fur border.
I used the needle and waste thread in place of pinning it together (just weave the needle thru the piece several inches ahead of where you're working). I found it worked better, and made the project portable. Large safety pins, a stitch holder, or something similar would work as well.

Maybe I'll make another with a more normal scarf yarn. Then I could try the sewing machine, and the whole thing would go much faster.. I hope.
If there's interest, I can make a tutorial...

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