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Create this rose from polymer clay and wear it as a beautiful ring

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  • How to make a statement ring. Rose Ring Diy - Step 1
    Step 1


    Take a small block of polymer clay and split it into 6 chick pea sized balls.

    To make the petal flatten the ball between your thumb and finger until it's about 5mm thick.

    Work the edges between your thumb and finger until they are as thin as possible without tearing, keeping the middle slightly thicker.

    Do this to all 6 petals.

    Take your first petal and roll it up in a spiral.

    Take another petal and wrap it around the first. Make sure the edges don't meet to give it a natural, organic look.

    Build this up placing the outer layers further up the body of the flower and delicately folding them outwards.

    Using scissors gently cut off the excess from the bottom to create a flat surface to stick your ring blank to. Use the extra clay to make another petal.

    Follow the instructions on your polymer clay packet to heat and harden the rose. Mine took about half an hour (actually a bit longer because I forgot about it...) in the oven on quite a low heat.

    Using a strong glue or glue gun stick onto your ring blank and leave to dry.

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