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Detailed Picture of a Rooster
I was experimenting with new mediums and found this to be quite interesting for really colourful depictions.

Unfortunately I have now how to photos but I will describe what I did as best as I can.

Posted by Gingerbread1992 from Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom • Published See Gingerbread1992's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    First use your pencil to draw the basic outlines of your drawing.

    Then use the paintbrush and completely cover the entire drawing with Quink - don't worry, when the Quink dries you can see your pencil marks clearly through it.

    (Also take note that Quink is an ink that can be purchased quite cheaply in most Stationary shops or online. Do not use Indian Ink because I don't believe it works!)

  • Step 2

    Pour a very small amount of bleach into the container

    (make sure you don't damage any clothes or furnishings with the bleach and ensure to do this bit in a well ventilated area)

    Then take the brush (I used a very fine brush) and slowly paint over the LIGHT portions of the picture. (I.e. for this picture I painted the beak etc)

    The Bleach will turn the black into a golden colour before your eyes, so make sure you don't accidentally paint portions that should remain dark.

  • Step 3

    When you are finished filling in all the areas of light wait for the painting to dry and then begin to colour in with the pastels.

    The great thing about colourful birds/animals is that you can go over the top in regards to colour, and I found that the white pastel really gave my work a realistic pop.

  • How to create a drawing or painting. 'Rooster' In Quink And Bleach + Oil Pastels - Step 4
    Step 4

    I decided to scan and edit my piece using photograph software on my computer, just because I really wanted to make the colours to be accentuated. But this is entirely optional and frankly I prefer both versions.

    Overall I find this a simple technique that can create some wonderful, show stopping work :D

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Darling Chelsea
Darling Chelsea · Belmont, North Carolina, US · 54 projects
That's really cool
Gingerbread1992 · Edinburgh, Scotland, GB · 20 projects
thanks! Happy

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